Fresh Meat…Ganged And Banged! (Kansas City Rendezvous)

Ava and I woke up at six in the morning and then had a few cups of coffee as we talked about what might happen tonight at the “Freaky Friday” party.  She then told me a secret that surprised me, but told me not to let anyone know, including Barb. Before leaving to return to my room, we thought how surprised we were at what happened between us last night.

As we kissed goodbye, she said: “Tonight at our party, I am sure that anyone who thinks they know me will be shocked by the “new Ava” because it will not be what they normally expect from me.

As I opened the door to our suite, Linda was already dressed to return to her room to get ready for the last day of the sales conference and Barb stood there naked looking out the floor at the ceiling window fingered her own consceau. Linda and I kissed before asking Barb for the answers to our invitation to the party. She said there were fourteen people who said they would definitely be there, but wouldn’t give me their names.

She asked me to call room service to order breakfast for us and then told me she was sad that our time in Kansas City would end the next morning. I reminded her that our trip to the nudist station would be just as exciting for her and she agreed. After our breakfast, we showered together in preparation for our eight-hour trio with Bob and anything that could also happen during the day. As we left out the room, Barb reminded me to bring my camera so we could take pictures for him as he had requested.

We knocked on Bob’s door exactly at eight o’clock and he was already naked in anticipation so we quickly stripped off clothes before getting into bed with him. As he and Barb began kissing and petting, I took several pictures for him to share with his friends at home in Omaha.  As I lay the camera down, Barb said, “Bob, was lying there while we were both playing with you, but don’t cum until you fuck me.” I then handed him the camera so he could take pictures of us.

Barb started sucking on one of her nipples while playing with her cock and I sucked on her other nipple while holding her balls. At one point, Barb moved to kiss, lick and suck his hard cock and I joined her. We take turns, alternating between her cock, her balls and her asshole until he begged her to sit on her face, which she did without hesitation. As he loved his and his conscutians, I kept him edging but made sure not to make him enjoy.

After Barb had her orgasm as she used her face as a sex toy, she crawled out to ride her cock with her pussy in a reverse cowgirl position to claim her sperm reward. Once she started humming it, I licked them both for at least five minutes before he pulled his load into his belly.

After they recovered, she offered me her cum by sitting on my mouth while Bob sucked my cock and my balls while he fingered my ass. About ten minutes later, my dick exploded like a volcano in his mouth and swallowed every drop.  As I recovered, Barb uploaded all the photos taken on his laptop so he could share them with his friends after we left his room.

When we opened the door to our suite, it was only nine-five and his cell phone started ringing. She answered, began talking with the caller, and after about two minutes of conversation ended the call. She turned to me and said, “It was Chad. Our trio left because his father had a heart attack and he had to go to St. Louis to be with his mother.

I asked Barb what she wanted to do next. Her eyes became “wild,” then she let out her signature laugh that she would do every time she was still excited. She finally replied, “Let me shower before I tell you!” and then she disappeared into the bathroom.

When she reappeared naked, she smiled, walked to the room phone and called the receptionist to report a major “plumbing” problem with our toilet. I started laughing because what was going to happen seemed pretty obvious to me, suggested that she use rubber for everything she had planned in her mind and she agreed.

About ten minutes later there was a blow to our door as she was lying on our bed playing with herself and I went to answer it. He was the same maintenance man she had teased in the elevator two days ago and it was clear he remembered me. Once he was in the room, his face burst into a smile at the sight of Barb fingering his cunt and he said, “I thought you checked the hotel or forgot about me.”

Barb laughed before he said. “I haven’t forgotten you! The problem is that my “plumbing” really needs a lot of work, so I’m afraid that maybe needs emergency help to solve the problem! I think someone needs to ‘snake my drain’.” He smiled and asked, “How much help would you need?” She replied: “At least two assistants so you can uncork all my pipes!”

He smiles as he picks up his walkie-talkie, then he says, “It’s John, we have a major plumbing problem in room 730 and I need you both to help me with him.” He then received answers… one from Jessie and one from Patrick who replied that they were on the way.

About five minutes later, Jessie and Patrick arrived together, so I opened the door. As they entered our room only to see Barb undress John and they quickly took off their clothes to join them as I grabbed a rubber box before throwing him on our bed.

Barb said, “John, you were there first to get the first choice!” John pushed her on her back in the middle of the bed and began kissing her as her assistants joined by sucking on her breasts. As they took turns giving him theirs, John handed me his cell phone and made me take some pictures for him.

After about ten minutes of foreplay, Barb went into his total slut mode and said, “Dad, why don’t you go down to the pool and I’ll call you when my pipes have been fixed.” I obeyed him, I changed into a bathing suit and I headed for the pool. When I got to the pool there were only three others relaxing in the sun, so after lying on one of the loungechairs, I fell asleep while enjoying the light breeze.

I don’t know how long it took to hear a female voice asking, “Excuse me, but I wonder where are your two friends?” When I opened my eyes, it was the girl in yesterday’s red bikini.

As she sat in the chair in front of me, I looked at her and said, “One of them is working right now and the other is having sex in our room right now.”

Her facial expression told me that her frank answer surprised her, but she then asked, “Is one of them your girlfriend?”

I told her the truth, “Barb is my girlfriend and she’s the one making love right now. Linda is our girlfriend, we both have sex with her and with others. Suddenly she spread her legs allowing me to look at her pussy covered in bikini and my cock started to get hard.

Her eyes noticed my hard on before she asked, “What do you think makes your cock hard?”

Again, I answered honestly, “I’m thinking of watching you have sex with Barb or Linda.”

She laughed then said, “I played with myself in bed last night thinking about the same thing, except that you were also fucking me while I licked Barb.”

At that point, I asked, “Have you ever had sex with another woman?”

She replied that she had two experiences with other women and that she loved it. But it was what happened next that brought the conversation to an early end. She looked directly at the front of my swimsuit before asking, “My name is Patty and I wonder if you fuck me if you had a chance?”

I looked at her eyes for several seconds before saying, “Yes, but if you’re really excited, it would probably be better if you call Barb in about an hour for a little sex phone, since I need to help Linda with her work in a bit.” She looked disappointed before saying she had another idea she would call Barb.

As she was about to leave asked, Do you like my? I laughed before I told her that I would like to lick him for hours that seemed to make her happy.

After he left, I sat there until my cock softened and got a call from Barb telling me to go back to our room. When I got to our room, Barb was on the bed recovering from what turned out to be a brutal fuck session with the three employees of the hehTel. Her ass, her cunt, her breasts and her neck all had handprints on them. Apparently, once I left for the pool, she urged them to be extremely rude with her and she got exactly what she wanted.

As she rested, I called Ava to see if she and Linda wanted me to help take down their sales display so they would have more free time before getting ready for the Freaky Friday party. She asked me to join them at one o’clock to help them. When I finished the call, Barb told me before calling me that she had already called Jasmine and Angela to coordinate the plans with them. She had also told Jasmine to skip our room during her housekeeping rounds.

I then talked to Barb about meeting Patty that made her laugh, but said she was certain Jenny wouldn’t actually call her. I agree with her before reminding her that we had to make some plans for the rest of our time in Kansas City. The first thing we agreed to do was give Angela five hundred dollars each for her tuition, which would bring the total to three thousand dollars.

Barb quickly checked on his computer to find the nearest branch location of our two banks, then we got dressed and went to withdraw the money. As we were at the hotel, her phone rang and she had received two nude photos of Patty followed by a text message asking if she could call her. Barb thought quickly and replied, “Patty, how old are you?” As soon as a text from Patty said she was eighteen years old, Barb replied, “I love your body, call me!”

Barb then turned her phone on to the “speaker” mode so I could hear their conversation once she called back and the phone rang in less than a minute. Patty asked Barb if I had told him about our conversation at the pool and the details of it. Barb replied that I had spoken to him because we have no secrets from each other. Patty then told Barb that she would like to see her and Linda naked.

Barb laughed and told him there was no problem as long as it took place at an hour in our room because we had other plans later in the day. Patty then stopped for about 30 seconds before asking if she could play with both. Barb said it was a certainty as long as she left the room by two and a half hours and she agreed. Barb gave him our room number and finished the call.

Barb was clearly excited at the prospect of sharing “fresh meat” with Linda so she quickly called her to see if Ava could let her leave the sales conference since I would be there to help her pack it all up. Ava told Linda that wouldn’t be a problem, so we rushed to the hotel to get ready.

It was almost noon when we walked into our room so we took a shower together and put on my casual business clothes to help Ava take her stand at the sales conference. Barb was busy responding to the messages we had received either about the party or the trip to the nudist station tomorrow morning. At noon and back, Barb couldn’t wait any longer, so she called Patty and told him to come to our room.

Five minutes later, there was a blow to the door of our room and a still naked Barb answered the door to let Patty in. As soon as the door was closed, they French-kissed for more than two minutes as I looked. Barb took her to our bed, ordered me to help her undress Patty and then pulled her to our bed.

Realizing that I had to leave soon to help Ava, Barb wasted no time in pulling Patty at her in a position of sixty-nine after ten minutes of intense foreplay. As Barb licked Patty from below, his hands held his cheeks open and the temptation was too much for me! I immediately started kissing, licking and tongue-fucking his as if it were my last meal.

I had absolutely no choice, so my fingers found their way into Patty’s and after a few minutes I decided to suck them and lick them. They were so delicious that I gave them to Barb to lick and she loved the taste as much as I did which made me grow further for more flavor.

As much as I wanted to claim her ass with my hard cock, I had to go help Ava so I left both of them to enjoy each other. By the time I arrived, Linda had already left for our suite, but Ava was waiting for me. Once I joined him, we had all the display items and canned sales brochures for shipping via UPS in less than thirty minutes that the hotel staff would handle for the vendors.

We went outside for a short walk to smoke while she told me how relieved she was that this would be her final sales conference and we discussed New Mexico where she would be looking for a home to start her new life. I told him about a friend of mine in Albuquerque who was a real toy agent who ran a nudist bed and breakfast out of his house on the edge of town near Sandia Peak. When I told her about the underground pool, the high privacy fence and other details, she asked several questions about it.

Before returning to her suite, she asked me to bring Jasmine, Angela, Barb and myself to her room thirty minutes before the announced time for the party. She thought it would be the best time for Barb to give Angela tuition money without embarrassing her in front of others.

When I returned to our suite, Patty had disappeared leaving behind Barb and Linda who were both sitting on the bare bed. I told them about Ava’s request so Barb called Jasmine and without telling her a specific reason, was able to convince her to leave her shift at six and a half to meet in our room with Angela. Linda decided to pick up Ava to help get ready for the party.

Once Angela arrived to join us, it was almost three o’clock, so the three of us went out for a light meal together and then we went back to our suite to prepare for what would be a memorable evening of perversity. When Jasmine arrived to join us, she took a hot shower before the four of us were ready to leave for Ava’s sequel after Barb grabbed her little backpack that contained a lot of lubricant, her bracelet with some sex toys .

As Linda opened the door to the massive suite, Ava sat on the couch totally naked as she arranged a few bags on a table. The other thing we noticed was a housekeeping cart in a corner with lots of towels on it. Once the four of us sat down, Ava looked at us before saying, “Angela, you had a very real impact on Barb and Kevin. They’ve also changed Linda and me over the last few days, so I’ll let them talk first and then I’ll add my own comments.

Barb then looked at Angela and Jasmine then said, “Kevin and I have learned to trust our instinctive instincts when it comes to people. We both almost immediately agreed that you have tremendous potential to be someone who can change others, but you are a little held back by working in housekeeping here to pay college tuition. We both believe in you and this envelope has three thousand dollars in it to help you pay for the university.

Barb handed the envelope to Angela as she started sobbing and Jasmine broke down crying as well. They hugged each other while we were watching, and then Ava said, “Angela, Linda and I believe in you too, so we agreed to equal the three thousand. Before I leave the party tonight, I’m going to give you a check for her.

Angela and Jasmine hugged, kissed and wept together. We also started tearing up a little bit before Ava suggested that she hide the envelope inside the piano until the party was over just to play it safely. We had about fifteen minutes before the others were scheduled to arrive, so we all undressed and had a cold beer.

Once everyone had arrived and took off their clothes, Ava told everyone that she wanted to say a few things before things got too crazy. As she sat on the couch, she looked at us all, then said, “There’s a little bit I mean, but I’ll do it quickly so that everyone can still have as much fun as possible before we finish at midnight.” Today was my last day of work for a pharmaceutical company and I was delighted because I am finally free to be myself. Tonight I’m starting a new life and I’m going to start with all of you by being an insatiable slut. Before sex starts there is something I need to say… but I want a real kiss from my daughter-in-law first.

Everyone was totally calm until Linda got up, walked up to Ava, sat next to her and then French kissed for almost two minutes. Ava then said, “Now we can begin the party, I need to eat some ass before someone fucks my ass!” Ava’s invitation must have sounded good to Peter, Michael, Devon, and Charles because they all approached Ava at the same time.

As they lined up in front of the couch, Ava lay on her back, while each of the four black stallions took turns to feed her for several minutes. As Ava enjoyed the buffet… Kim, Linda and Barb served as “fluffers” the three waiting to serve Ava their donkeys.

As I turned around Jasmine and Angela had become weird together so I approached to join them. I knelt down and started licking Angela’s sweet black. About a minute later, Bob knelt next to me and started savoring Jasmine’s cunt while fingering her. In less than a minute, I felt a pair of hands spread my cheeks and then a tongue began to probe my fervently. I felt so good that I really didn’t care who it was!

Steve then positioned himself on Jasmine and Angela by offering them his huge cock so they started sucking it like a tag team. As I fingered Angela, I quickly turned my head to see who was rimming my and it was Bobbie, who looked like her/he was in a state of lust. She stopped riming me, placed her clitoris against my and slowly entered me. Bobbie started slowly, but once she realized my ass was ready, she started to “fuck power” me for about ten minutes as I moaned with pleasure.

As she used my ass for her pleasure, I could hear Ava enjoying one black cock after another in her ass while Linda, Kim, and Barb got fingered. Looking my way, Jasmine started sucking Bob and Steve repositioned Angela to claim her directly in front of me as I licked her from behind. Suddenly I heard Kim whispering in my ear: Kevin after Bobbie gives you his, I’ll clean your while you suck his clitoris until it’s clean! I moaned and said yes.

Less than two minutes later Bobbie released his charge into me with an explosive orgasm while grabbing my hips hard. Slowly she started pulling her “clit” from my ass as Kim positioned herself on her back, and then as soon as Bobbie got up for me to clean her, I crouched on Kim’s mouth so she could “felch” the sperm load out of me. As I expelled it into her mouth, she swallowed it down and then her tongue dug her way up for more! Bobbie was definitely enjoying me sucking and licking her own.

Once Bobbie was clean, she kissed me deeply when Kim finished slurping my. Bobbie caught three beers for us as we watched Ava receive her fourth black up her shithole while Linda and Barb were cleaning up the duty on the two previous cocks that had made sperm deposits in her. As Peter added her load to her sperm wash and began to withdraw from her, Linda immediately pulled her stepmother on her face so she could suck the four loads from her gaping.

Everyone in the room was covered in sweat or semen, so we decided to take a much needed thirty minute break of beer. Almost as soon as the rest of us, everyone opened a beer… Peter, Devon, Michael and Charles announced that they had to leave. As they said goodbye, Ava handed each of them a bag that contained a T-shirt that said “Pussy Posse” on the front of them that got a big laugh from everyone.

After they left, the conversation took a different turn when Barb said, “Jasmine, I’m worried about you and Angela coming home with all the money tonight. Since neither works tomorrow, why not spend the night in our room and Kevin can sleep on the couch?

Before Jasmine could answer, Ava said, “Jasmine, Barb is right, but you two can stay here in my room so you can go to your bank to deposit the money and my check in the morning from Barb, Linda and Kevin will leave early for the nudist park.”

Jasmine looked at Angela before saying, “Ava, you’re probably right not to take a risk with school fees money for Angela.”

As Ava smiled, Bob said, “I’m not trying to be intrusive, but can I ask what you’re all talking about?” Angela and Jasmine then explained to her what had happened, including Ava and Linda’s “corresponding contribution”..

Bob smiled, but had a strange look on his face before saying, “I forgot something in my room, but I’ll be right back if that’s okay.” Ava assured him that we would still be there when he returned.

While Bob was gone, the rest of us discussed staying in touch with everyone after tonight. I told everyone that my house was only ninety minutes drive away and whenever they wanted to visit me they were welcome. Barb said she would be happy if none of them would visit her in Chicago if they were in the area. Linda said she lived in Columbia, MO. and would love to have one of us stay with her. Kim told us that she, Steve and Bobbie would like one of us to stay with them anytime.

Finally, Ava said, “The next three to six months will be crazy for me, but after that, any of you can visit me in Albuquerque where I plan to own a ‘nudist bed and breakfast’ that will have a pool.”

At that point, Bob knocked on the door and Linda let him in. After undressing, he sat down with us and asked if he could say anything. Ava said he could say or ask for anything because he was with friends who made him smile. He then asked, “Angela, how much do you have to deposit tomorrow for college tuition?”

Angela said, “Six thousand dollars and I still can’t believe it!”

Bob remained silent for about thirty seconds before saying, “I came here to Kansas City to visit relatives, but this trip changed my life because met friends who actually changed my life by being honest about themselves and open about their sexuality. Since my wife died years ago, I’ve only slept with myself and I haven’t been open to my friends about who I really am until now. Angela, as soon as you put your name on that check from me, you’ll deposit a total of nine thousand dollars for your education.

Angela and Jasmine began to cry again as they hugged Bob, who also began to cry. We were all tearing up at what just happened when Kim (after whispering to Steve and Bobbie) said, “Angela, we don’t have regular jobs, but we’re going to add five hundred dollars in total.” You’ll also have three local friends to lean on or just hang out with whenever you need it.

The tears continued until Ava said, “Can anyone take each of us a beer before I do what I was going to do before we’re done?”

Linda and I gave everyone a cold beer as Ava had requested. She then stood up and said, “The last few days have been like Bob told us. I started a new life and at my age it’s a big challenge. I’m looking forward to my adventure, but I want to thank two special friends for forcing me to actually be the real me… it would be Barb and Kevin. She then hit under the couch and pulled out a plague. The inscription read: “Barb and Kevin, thank you for helping me become a real slut.”

The beer break continued with only sporadic sexual activity mainly consisting of drinking piss because of the beer because it seemed, at least to me, that everyone wanted to connect with each other and not just sexually. At one point, Kim ordered me to follow her to the second bathroom, which I did without questioning her. She locked the door behind us and told me that what was going to happen was just a “tease” for what would happen in a month where she and Bobbie would stay at home for three days in my little hometown. Without going into detail, she was extremely verbal as she told me to beg for what I needed her and I did.

Afterwards, we joined the others until the party ended at eleven o’clock, but there was on the final humorous surprise. As everyone started getting dressed, Ava announced that she had gone shopping at an adult toy store earlier in the afternoon. Everyone received a “Pussy Posse” t-shirt that she advised against wearing around the hotel lobby which made us all laugh. She had obtained a leather slave collar, ball gag and strap-on for Linda. I got a big metal cap with a big bottle of lubricant. Barb received a very large, realistic and expensive “doggie” plumb that made him tell everyone a hilarious story.

As we made our way to the elevator, Kim handed Barb a backpack from her backpack that contained pre-rolled marijuana joints and other “party favorites.” The next morning, Linda, Barb and I left together for our next adventure at the nudist campsite.

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Fresh meat… Ganged and Banged! (Kansas City Rendezvous)