Fun with the New Neighbor

I was sitting in the yard by the pool when I noticed a moving truck pulling down the driveway next door. I knew the previous owner had recently sold it, so I guessed my new neighbour was moving in. From a distance, I noticed a seductive brunette, probably at least a few years older than me, but no sign of another significant one. A few guys from a local moving company were helping him unload his belongings.

A few days after he moved in, I went to introduce myself and welcome him to the neighborhood. After ringing the doorbell, I got an incredible view. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt that accentuated her generous breasts, and a pair of tiny shorts that allowed her gorgeous to peak on the bottom. She was sinuous in all the right places, and I realized that she was not only attractive; She was fucking gorgeous! Long brown hair at the shoulder perfectly framed her beautiful brown eyes and slightly pouty lips. With a closer look, she seemed to be at least ten years my senior, but still incredibly sexy. My cock started to swell immediately, and I shifted slightly to make it less obvious. Fortunately, she did not seem to notice. There does seem to be a mutual attraction however, as I couldn’t help noticing his eyes taking me in.

“Can I help you?”

“Hello, I’m Daniel,” I said, “I just wanted to come and greet you in the neighborhood.”

“Hi Daniel,” she says, so subtly, “my name is Cindy. I just moved to the Long Island area.

After a few minutes of conversation, I learned that she was recently divorced and moved up state to start over with her professional photography career. It was in the middle of summer and very hot that day. She had a slight burst of sweat on her forehead, and it was clear that she was unpacking and settling down.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” I asked I hope, while in the back of my mind thinking I’d like to help him get out of these shorts. “It must be hard to do it alone.”

“Thank you Daniel, I can just take you on your offer,” she said with a slight smile. “Just warn you though, the A/C doesn’t work, and I haven’t had the chance to have anyone take a look at it yet. I have beer in the fridge to help us stay cool.

“Sounds like a plan! Let me go change into an old t-shirt and I’ll be back.

As I returned to my house to change, all I could do was think about my great chance of being invited into the house of such an amazing older woman. Of course, I was just helping him unpack a few boxes, maybe moving furniture; but a guy can hope.

I wonder if I have a chance? I thought to myself. She seemed to be checking me..

Within minutes, I was knocking on his door. As I went inside, the oppressive heat suddenly struck me.

“You weren’t kidding, it’s hot here!”

“Tell me about him. My shirt is hanging from my body, it is so soaked in sweat!

Of course, after she brought this to my attention, I couldn’t help but notice the wet line running on the back of her t-shirt. You are welcome to remove it whenever you want, I thought with a smile. After taking a glass of water to keep hydrated, we got to work. Over the next 2-3 hours, I helped her move almost all the furniture in the house. By the time everything was where she wanted, I was hot, sweaty, and exhausted.

“Thank you again for your help! How about that beer?

“It looks amazing right now,” I said. As she went to the kitchen for two beers, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and face with sweat and grime.

A moment later, I went back to the living room, and I was amazed by what I saw. Cindy was sitting on the couch in nothing but her shorts. Her breasts were even better than I imagined! I guess they were about a 36C, with no noticeable subsidence. Considering she was probably in her mid-to-end forties, they seemed too good to be true.

She must have seen my eyes almost coming out of my head as I entered the room.

“I’m sorry Daniel, but it’s so hot here. I couldn’t stand wearing that shirt for another minute. I thought it would be ok since you’ve been looking at my since the moment you came!

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” I answered.

“Yes, but I don’t mind. In fact, I’m flattered that a handsome young man like you finds an older woman like me attractive. It shows that I still have it,” she says in the blink of an eye.

“It’s an understatement if I ever heard one, you’re gorgeous!”

“So what do you intend to do about it?”

I didn’t need any further encouragement as my mouth immediately found her left nipple, while I teased the right with my hand. His skin had a salty flavor of his sweat, which only added to my excitement. As her breathing became deeper, I slightly bit down on her nipple. It wasn’t enough to hurt, but just enough to work it even more. At the same time, I started gently pinching each other.

“That’s right, bite my nipple! It’s so good!” she gasped. “Bite harder!”

Who am I to refuse his request? I squeezed on his body a little harder than before, then moved on to the other and did the same.

“Oh my God, yes!” “Your teeth feel so good on my breasts!”

While I was working on her right breast, my right hand slowly followed into her sexy stomach until I reached her navel. I then slowly teased her around her navel with my pinky and she started squirming. My hand then traveled up his shorts and blindly felt for the buckle. A moment later, I had opened the button on his shorts and started sliding them on his legs. Underneath was a pair of plain white cotton panties, leaving just enough to the imagination.

“Sorry they’re not sexier, I wasn’t expecting the company today,” she says with a smile.

Rather than answer, I slipped a finger into the belt; and slowly began to lower them. Now, all this time, I had been working her breasts and hadn’t really looked down; so imagine my surprise when my fingers moved between his legs and found a glorious complete bush.

“You have a bush!” I exclaimed after I took my mouth off her nipple.

“Like that?” he asked.

“Like that? I love it! There is nothing I find hotter than a woman with a hairy pussy!

“I tried to shave it once and hated it. I want to feel like a woman, and a bush is so much sexier.

With that, I couldn’t help but dive right into it. Just for the pleasure of it, I ran my tongue all around its sexy, making them nice and humid.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you liked bush,” Cindy said with a laugh. “Now stop fucking and lick my pussy!”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied with a smile.

The first thing I noticed was its perfume; a combination of sweat and excitement. He was musky and I found him absolutely intoxicating. I started by teasing her outer lips, slowly licking up and down on each side. Meanwhile, her breathing became faster and she began to squirm. I could tell I was torturing her and she wanted my tongue in her now. So slowly, I opened his lips to discover the treasure inside. I was in the pure sky with my face buried in the sleeve of one of the sexiest women I’ve ever been with. Her was wet now, and I couldn’t get enough of her taste and smell.

As I tongue deeper and deeper, she began to moan. “Yes, right there! Your tongue feels so good in my comquine! Taking this as a sign of encouragement, I start to fuck her faster. I feel her legs tightening around my head, as if she were clinging to life. I then slipped my tongue up to her clitipeux, and she suddenly stretched out. I thought she was going to make my head implode with the way she tightened.

“Oh my God! Don’t dare stop! I’m almost there!” After a few seconds, she came with a scream. “FUUUUCCKK! I’m coming!

The way her convulsed body almost got my back out of the lineup, but I wasn’t done with it yet. I let her orgasm fade, then slowly starting licking my way down. His legs were bent back now, giving me a much better angle for what I had in mind to do next. I licked the length of her lips, but instead of going back to her clitipus, I continued to travel south. I took it slowly, not knowing what his reaction would be.

“Oh you’re a naughty boy, aren’t you?” “Why don’t you make it easier for you?”

Elle then turned on his lap, with his in the air beckoning me. I could bring out his thick plabes sticking between his legs, which slowly tapered as they approached his little creased. I stood there watching this incredibly sexy view for what seemed to be minutes, until it broke me out of my daydream.

“Well, stop looking and get in! I want your tongue in my ass!

I pulled my shirt over my head (I was still dressed all this time quite amazingly), and dipped in. I pulled her cheeks apart and was overwhelmed by an aroma that I couldn’t resist. Between the sweat of our earlier work, the smell of her juice, and the natural scent of her asshole; I couldn’t wait to stick my tongue in his beautiful brown-eye.

“That’s right, put your tongue in there! I want to feel like you’re licking my sweaty, dirty asshole! You love him, don’t you? You dirty bastard!

I slowly discovered how dirty Cindy was, and I loved every second! As my tongue probed deeper into her asshole, I start finger fucking Cindy’s pussy. I started with one finger, then added another, and finally a third. Between the stimulation of my tongue, and the fingers in her, I could teElle was close to another orgasm.

“Yes! Continue! Right there! I’m so close!

I dipped my tongue and fingers as far as they would go, and that put it on the edge. This one lasted even longer than the first one, and I was just glad my head wasn’t stuck between her thighs this time!

“It was fucking amazing!” “You are very skilled with your tongue. I think it’s time for me to return the favor.

She leaned over and started unbuckling my belt while licking her way into my chest. My cock, which had hitherto been neglected, reappeared in life in no time. Once my belt was taken over, she pulled my shorts under my knees and went to work. She began by teasing the tip with her tongue, while a hand came down to caress my. His tongue grew from time to time in and out of my pee split, and his circles grew larger around my mushroom head. She then slowly licked the underside of my tree, paying special attention to my super-sensitive frenulum, until it reached the base. It has done so a few times; go up and down my dick, until she finally took her head in her mouth. It was amazing and I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.

“Your dick tastes so good!”

Now, as I said before, I’m not huge in the dick department; and it can sometimes work to my advantage. Many girls are able to throat me deeper easier than they could a monster dick, and this time was no exception. Cindy had my dick in her throat and her lips brushed my pubic hair. She began to move her head up and down my tree, gradually building the speed. I was tempted to start fucking her face because it felt so amazing, but I didn’t want to pull my load so soon. As if reading my thoughts (that she was probably since this was obviously not her first rodeo), she slowed down and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I was torn between wanting her to continue the incredible pipe, and my desire to hold on.

Cindy was extremely intuitive though, and quickly started working her tongue in my tree again. She kept going down this time and started licking on my. She then took them in her mouth and I gasped with pleasure/discomfort.

While working with her mouth, she was generating a lot of saliva, which is good because what she did next took me by surprise. She took a finger and rubbed it in the saliva oozing between my legs, and started pressing her finger on my asshole! Now I’ve experimented with anal play a few times while masturbating, but no one else has ever touched me there. It is not something that a straight man will generally admit to appreciating, but it has obviously not been deterred. Oh my God, it was amazing.

“Damn!” I gasped after maybe asshole penetrated, “That’s fucking big!”

“Of course I am, I’m stimulating your prostate,” she said knowingly.

Cindy kept her finger up my ass, moving it slowly in and out, and started working her way up to my dick again. She took me back into her mouth, and I experienced pure happiness. Once she started making love to my cock with her tongue, she turned her body so that her pussy was right on my face. I buried my face in this beautiful cunt again as she continued to give me the best head of my life. This continued for a few minutes and I felt closer and closer. His moans were growing louder, despite having a bite of cock. She got ahead of me until I’m on the edge of the abyss before I pulled my dick out of her mouth.

“Too much, eh?”

I just nodded to one of them, while I allowed myself to calm down a bit. After a minute or two, I was ready to fuck her without fear of coming immediately.

“This pipe was amazing, but what I really want now is to fuck this beautiful hairy pussy!”

She smiled from ear to ear, then resised with her legs apart. What a beautiful show that was! I stood there for a moment, just taking her everything, until she waved at me with her finger.

“I can’t wait to feel you in me. Come fuck me now!

After multiple oral ministrations, her was extremely wet and sloppy, and I had no trouble sliding right in. “Oh my god yes, you feel fucking amazing, ” I say while slowly beginning to move in and out. I started nice and slow, wanting to do the latter; but soon she urged me to go faster.

Come on, me with that dick! Stronger!” she asked. “Give me a real fuck!”

I started to push faster and stronger, and soon I was beating away to her as there was no tomorrow.

“Yes! Like this! Fuck my juicy pussy! Give me everything you’ve got!

With her words that feed me, I began to kiss her even harder. I was driving her body deeper and deeper into the couch, and all the time she gasped and moaned.

“Keep it up! Right there! I’m so close!

I kept slamming my cock into it, and amazingly I was able to control myself to go beyond the point of no return. I could tell she was close, so I leaned forward and bit down on her right nipple. That was enough to put her on the edge. She came violently this time, and her juice was squirting on my dick.

“HOLY SHIT! I felt like I was having a seizure, it was so intense.

“I could say; squirted you at me! I said with a smile.

She bent down and took my cock in her mouth again, cleaning her juice until it was spotless. I could say that she liked the taste of her own excitement, because she kept licking all around my ball bag and groin. It continued for a minute or two before moving away and turning around.

“I want you to fuck my ass Daniel! I need to feel your dick stretching me. I have lubricant in the box next to the end table; go get it!

Now, at this point, I was sure that I had died and gone to heaven, because this woman was my ultimate fantasy. Did not waste time, I mixed with the box she indicated and started digging for the lubricant. I found out it was her sex toy stash, and she had all kinds of goodies in there. There were nipple clamps,, handcuffs, a rabbit-shaped vibrator, a medium-sized butt cap and an 8-inch long dilet with a harness. Hmmm… I was wondering, but the thought was almost forgotten once I found the bottle of lubricant at the bottom of the box.

I went back to Cindy holding the lubricant and what was probably a crappy smile on my face. She had placed her face on one end of the couch, with her beautiful sticking in the air beckoning me. I have her right cheek a gentle slap, which elicited a little cry from Cindy.

I didn’t hit you hard, I said, gently rubbing his.

“It didn’t hurt, you took me by surprise,” she replied.

To get back to the task at hand, I could not resist another taste of his back door invitation. I slowly began to lick all around his rose button, and gradually began to push my tongue beyond his sphincter.

“Yes!” he said.

I stuck a finger in her still wet for some extra lubrication, then slipped it into her tight pucker. At that point, she was really getting into it and started pushing against my finger with every push. I then added a second finger to stretch it a little more. It was a bit difficult, so I pressed some luron on his and rubbed it. Now that she was nice and slippery, two fingers have easedslipped into his tight hole.

“Give me your dick! I need you to fuck my tight asshole now!”

Knowing she was ready, I pulled my fingers out of her ass and placed the tip of my cock at her rose button. I slowly began to exert pressure and his sphincter welcomed the new intrusion. “Oh my God, that’s all! Just go slowly until I get used to being stretched.

I continued to soften my cock in his ass; every inch greeted by a groan, until my were brushing against her cheeks and my balls were slapping her.

Your is so tight Cindy! It’s unbelievable!

I still held her to fit my cock in her ass, and it was only a matter of seconds before she slowly began to move. I started sliding my cock in and out at a moderate pace, and soon I could tell she was really having fun. As I gained speed, she began to rub her clitipeux, and her moans growing louder and louder. Soon I was hammering his ass the way I did cunt earlier, and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Fuck! Kiss! I’m getting closer!

“Don’t stop! I’m fucking my ass! I’m almost there!”

God knows how, but I managed to hold just long enough for her to have a screaming orgasm. By the sounds of it, it was probably the most intense of the afternoon.

“HOLY SHIT! Kiss! Keep baby going, I want your in my ass!

That’s what put me on the edge. I reached what was probably the best climax of my life, and pumped his full of my seed. It lasted about thirty seconds, and then I almost collapsed from the effort. My dick slowly slipped out of its now gaping hole, and I flopped again on the exhausted couch. Thinking it was one of the best afternoons of my life, I thought we would soon get dressed and have those beers that we neglected.

To my surprise, Cindy had more in store for me that afternoon. She then did one of the hottest and dirtiest things I’ve ever seen. She stuck her finger up her, moving it around a few times, until the semen began to leak onto the couch. Once there was a beautiful puddle, she leaned forward and licked, not wasting a drop.

“Mmmm, your sperm tastes so good Daniel,” she said with a smile.

“You’re really a mean woman, aren’t you?”

“Just wait and see what else I’ve planned,” she smiles with wickedness.

Something about that smile made me a little nervous, but at the same time extremely excited. I sat there and caught my breath for a few more minutes and fed my now hot beer. Cindy went to the bathroom, probably to pee and clean herself up a little. When she came back, she was still completely naked and sexy than ever.

Since you did a wonderful job in lowering my, I thought it was just for me to return the favor.

“Uh… Excuse me?

“You heard me,” she said with a smile. “I know you saw my strap-on when you went to get the lubricant. I’m going to fuck you up with this.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done that before,” I replied.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take your hand-at the beginning.”

She grabbed the strap-on from her box of goodies, and put it next to her at the base of the couch. With it out in the open, I was able to get a better glimpse of the dill. It was flesh-coloured, about eight inches in length, and a year and a half thick. I couldn’t tell if I was more nervous or excited about her fucking ass with her. To be honest, the idea lit me up!

Cindy sat down on the floor, and beckoned me to come. I approached her and she turned me over so that my was in her face. She spread my cheeks and started teasing the area around my back door. She licked from the base of my ball bag up to a top of my crack, and backed off again. It was amazing, but not as amazing as when she started talking about my.

“Oh my God, it feels good!” I said. “I had no idea it would do me any good.”

“Wait, I’m just getting started,” she replied.

With this, she began to push her tongue deeper and deeper into my, loosening my sphincter muscles for what was to come. She fucked my ass for a few minutes with me moaning all the time, getting louder and louder. Once she thought my was slippery enough with her saliva, she pushed her finger up my to the knuckle. With no resistance, she added a second, which also went smoothly. I moaned again, and asked for more.

It’s not the first time you’ve had your played, is it?

No, I like to play with my sometimes when I masturbate, but this is the first time someone else has done it, I replied. “The fact that it’s something I like wasn’t something I wanted to admit, I guess.”

“Looks like you really missed it. Luckily I came along!

She fucked my ass with two fingers for a minute or two, then grabbed the lubricant bottle from the ground. She squeezed a generous amount on her fingers and started working the lubricant on my pucker. The cool sensation of the liquid made me suck my breath, but it quickly warmed with my body heat. Once I was nice and lubricated, Cindy wrapped the harness of the strap around her waist and inserted the dildo. The speed with which she was able to accomplish this led me to believe that she had some experience with her.

“Don’t you like my dick?”

“I love your dick Cindy, you look sexy as hell.”

“Okay, now suck it, bitch”

I slowly took the tip of the dilet in my mouth to get an idea for it, and gradually started taking it in.

“You can do better than that! I want to see you deep throat my dick.

I’m not going to lie, the thought intimidated me a little; but I nodded and took more in my mouth. Once he hit my throat, my gag reflex started, and I almost spit it out.

“Relax your throat. It will be much easier that way.

I tried to do as indicated, and after another minute I finally managed to swallow it up to the false balls at the base.

“It’s a good job for a first try; I’m impressed! Now, are you ready to get your ass fucked?

With my mouth still full of fake dick, all I could do was nod. She took the dilet from my mouth and beckoned me to turn around. She placed the tip of the cock against my pucker and slowly started applying pressure. I felt my sphincter muscles being stretched more than they were used to, and a slight pain began to build.

Relax your muscles. Push as if you had to take a piece of shit, and it will help the dildo get in.

I pushed as she said, and finally I felt the mushroom head slip in front of my and into my rectum.

“Holy fuck! I feel so full there! I’ve never taken anything this big before, I say. “Just take slow to begin with.”

She slipped the rest of the dildo into my ass and held it there for a minute while I adjusted to her waist. Once the initial discomfort began to subside, he began to feel good. I started pushing the strap, and she took that signal to start moving in and out. It started quite slowly: easing almost all the way, and all the way back. It was amazing! With each flare-up, my prostate was stimulated, and the intensity continued to grow the more it fucked me.

“It’s so good!” I screamed. “Faster! Fuck me stronger!

She started to fuck my ass like a man fucks a pussy, and I loved every second.

“That’s right, take my dick you bitch!” “I know you like it. Scream for me!”

“Aaaaghh!” I grunted for her as she pounded my again.

“Flip over. I want to look you in the eye while I fuck your ass.

As requested, I turned on my back and held my legs in the air. Not the most masculine position, but once she pushed the dilet in my, I couldn’t care less. I looked at the look of determination on her face as she fucked me and thought it was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. Sweat began to flow from her forehead, on her face, and between her breasts, finally dripping down my stomach.

The new angle really seemed to get my prostate, and all of a sudden I was getting a strange new sensation, quite different from what I had never experienced before. It was a strong tingling in my rectum that became stronger as she pushed. I think I was about to have my first orgasm!

“Holy shit! I’m coming! I screamed. “I’m almost there!”

With this, I felt the most orgasm intense of my life, which runs throughout my body. I had no idea you could have an anal sex orgasm alone, let alone how mind-blowing it is! As I pulled my load all over my stomach, Cindy caught up with me and had her own orgasm. Once she recovered, she slowly slipped the dilo from my, and I had a strange empty feeling. My was hurting a little, but in a nice way. She then leaned down and started licking all the sperm from my stomach until I was completely clean.

We collapsed on the couch with his head on my chest. We stayed there for a while, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies. I was completely spent, but completely filled.

“It was the best sex I’ve ever had!” I told Cindy. “I think I’m in love, where have you been all my life?” I was joking.

“I don’t know love, but I’m happy to have you as a new neighbor,” she said. “I just came out of a bad marriage and I’m not looking for a relationship, but we can still have fun can’t we?”

“Yes, we can …”…” I thought I fell asleep.


Author’s note: This is my first attempt at writing, so please feel free to comment with any constructive criticism. This is the first of what I hope will be a three- to four-game series.

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Have fun with the new neighbor