Fusion of Horizons (Chapter 3)

My room was now furnished to accommodate both of us. I had managed to sneak into an extra mattress that Mary often spent the night with me in my room. I had prepared things for our usual oral sex, but Mary’s idea about anal sex came as a surprise. From what I had heard, anal sex was often painful and many couples did not dare to try it.

“Are you sure, Mary?” I asked to unbutton my shirt.

Mary was in her black bra and panties, sitting on the chair next to my study.

Don’t be a. I want to try it and don’t dare say no,” she said.

“Your call. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you later.

“Blah, blah, blah…”

I unbuckled and unzipped my pants, revealing my bulge. She was watching and my erection in my boxers and getting down on my knees helped me with my pants. Pulling my boxers down, she grabbed my limb and started licking it. After playing with my erection, she reached out to her handbag on the table and pulled out a packet of lubricant.

“Here, use that,” she said, handing me the lubricant.

“What am I doing with this?” I asked.

Taking off her panties, she lay on the soft mattress spread out on the floor, giving me a view of her cute and her bare back.

“Use your dick and my crack, you idiot,” she replied.

The sight of her excited me. I couldn’t resist grabbing her cheeks and kissing them, which I had often done many times in the past. Placing my hand on her waist, I bent down to kiss her buttocks. I grabbed one of his cheeks and kissed the other, which made him sigh with pleasure.

“A lot of flesh here. It’s so soft, I could use this as my pillow, I say.

Mary did not respond. She appreciated the comments I sent on her body. She often found it sexy and she admitted it was a trick on her. She purred as I gently stroked my and thighs. His warm fleshy white cheek was so tempting that I gave him a gentle bite, which made him shiver and utter a gentle moan.

I poured some lubricant on my hand and started working on my dick. Playing with Mary’s cheek had made me hard, so I moved to get her hole ready for penetration. With my thumb and forefinger, I pushed his cheeks apart and poured a generous amount of lubricant on his crack. The excess amount began to drip onto the mattress and to avoid that, I began to spread the excess around her, trying to push a little inside her. Again, a gentle sigh escaped Mary’s lips.

I brought my head between his cheeks and pressed it against his hole to allow him to feel my hardness and warmth. She took a deep breath as I began to tease her hole.

“Put it already, but be gentle,” she said in a low voice.

Placing one of my hands on his buttocks, I gently lined up my cock once more. Gradually, I pushed myself into it, taking my time, inch by inch, leaving her to get used to the new substance entering her. I saw her squeeze the mattress and hold her breath.

“Baby, do I have to stop?” I asked in a concerned voice.

I said, “No. Don’t stop, Steve. Keep going,” she replied.

As I entered, his hot flesh began to wrap my hard cock which gave me immense pleasure.  As I continued to push into its tightness, she gasped and let out a gentle moan. Although I was having fun, I was worried because I didn’t want happiness for myself to be a source of pain and agony for her. When I was halfway to her, I stopped to let her fit my limb.

“Steve! Give me your everything.

I grabbed her hip firmly with my hands and began to push into it slowly. As I approached, Mary’s sigh increased. I was afraid that our moans and moans would be audible in the next room, but the pleasure I was experiencing at the moment outweighed the fear of being caught. After a slow push, I was entirely into it.

Once I was all the way, I began to withdraw, which led Mary to sigh again. I was still not convinced that this piece was nice for her too. Nevertheless, I started to get in and out of it, maintaining a slow and steady pace, which was much easier than the first push. With each push, the pleasure would accumulate and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Mary… I won’t last long,”

“Steve… a little faster. Please.

“I… I’m about to enjoy, baby.

“Just a little…” Mary cried.

I was convinced Mary was enjoying it, too. I knew she was in pain because she had clenched her fist, but at the same time, she told me to fuck her faster. I folded a little to find his clitter with my right hand, and I started rubbing it.

“Fuck … You’re making me sperm!

When I found out I had reached my limit, I withdrew from Mary and started working on my cock which finally made me pull my seed on her ass cheek. After doing this, I collapsed on his back. We stayed in this position for a while and finally I took her in my arms and we cuddled. I kissed her forehead and thanked her for allowing me to experience the pleasure of anal sex.

“I just want you to know that you have a lot of things for me,” Mary says with her eyes closed as we huddle. “And breakfast, lunch and dinner… I want to have it in my room tomorrow. You make arrangements to take me to my room and feed me too.

“Why, baby? Do you want to have another one go tomorrow? I asked that I moved my hand to caress her belly.

“Your dick was in me, darling. If you don’t want the whole campus to know that you fucked your girlfriend in the ass, you better comply with my request. I’m going to end up walking like a freaking zombie.

“Does it hurt, baby?” I asked in a concerned voice.

“Hell, yes. But we’re doing it again. It was painful, but I liked it,” says Mary in a sleepy voice.

I moved my hand to massage her breasts and rolled her nipples under my fingers. She grabbed my arms and pulled me closer. It was a day and a half when sleep finally passed me.

After we graduated, Mary and I, as agreed, were employed in my uncle’s office. We managed to get an apartment in London where we shared the room. Adapting to a new place, a new lifestyle and freedom came with it, was a sweet challenge. Soft because, it gave us a lot of time to explore our relationship and challenge, as we had to work on our relationship despite our busy schedules. After a while, things fell into places that we adapted to our new way of life.

We slept on the same bed together, cooked the food together, went to work and came back the same way. Without realizing that we both become a part of each other and according to the other colleagues in our workplace, we were a cute couple.

Mary’s dynamic personality drew men to herself. Her leadership status did not go unnoticed and she quickly became a popular member of the company. With his personality, his physical beauty was a icing on the cake. Some more competent men wanted to get closer to Mary and that always threatened me.

One evening, I decided to address the issue and told him about my insecurities. When we were in bed, I decided to speak my heart.

“Mary, there are so many men who are better than me…” I said I was wrapping my arms around her.

“… and why did I choose you? These men want to get into my pants, that’s all. Turning to me, she looked me in the eye and said, “You are different. You never give up on the one you love and you are ready to settle things.

I wasn’t convinced by the answer and the puzzled look on my face was read by her and she continued, “Don’t worry, baby. None of these men will ever get their hands on me. You have won my heart and we belong to each other.

I looked at Mary’s dark eyes and smiled. I felt reassured and safe. She always had the gift of calming me down whenever I was troubled. I moved my hand to caress her face and her hair. Closing her eyes, Mary kissed my hand and smiled back.

“And sir … you are also popular too. I hate it when Emily talks to you. She wants to put on your pants. I hate that bitch.

She reached out to my boxers and grabbed my semi-hard cock and said, “This belongs to me. Don’t dare you share this with anyone.

Her grip tightened around my cock as she kissed me on the lips. Let go of my dick, she turned around and pressed her ass against my hard limb. “Cuddle me,” she cooed.

As I cuddled her, I was surprised by Mary’s revelation. Just as I felt threatened when I saw her among the company of other men, she also felt threatened when the ladies approached me. I wanted to deal with our insecurities. Taking a deep breath, I said, “Tomorrow I’ll take you to visit my mother.”

My mother was always strict and wanted me to follow the tradition of the Catholic family. I was nervous, but I decided to go ahead and introduce her to Mary and the reason was to get rid of the insecurities we were both facing. It was this same insecurity that made me visit my mother in Norwich, to perform what I had in mind.

June 15, 2013, Norwich.

We managed to hire a taxi and drive on the familiar road to my house. The reader brought me the faces of my old friends, rivals and my crush as we passed some of their houses. As I rested my head on the seat with my eyes closed, I began to repeat the ways of presenting Mary to my mother.

I was lost in thought when I felt Mary’s hand on my hand. she shook my hand and a sense of self-assurance rested on me. Once we reached our destination, we separated our hands and got out of the taxi. As I paid the taxi driver, Mary removed the bags from the vehicle and began to look around, as if to study the surroundings.  After paying the taxi driver, I helped Mary carry our luggage as we walked to the door of the house.

Every step we took home, made my heart beat faster.

What am I going to say? What if my mom gets angry? What if she disapproves of Mary?Although I was nervous, Mary, on the other hand, was excited. She was the one who rang the doorbell and waited for my mother to arrive.

I heard footsteps approaching and the doorknob turned to open the door. To my surprise, the door was opened by my uncle, my branch manager and my mother’s brother. There was a big smile on his face when he saw Mary standing next to me in front of him. My mind that had repeated the words and phrases I would say to my mother left me with only three words; ‘whore!

“Am I not happy to see you both? Steve, my boy, come in,” he said.

I looked and saw my mother looking at me with a face that was clear of any facial expression. From what I was able to analyze, it was definitive that the two siblings had a long conversation and I had been the subject of their discussion.

“And I’m so happy to see you too, Mary. Looks like the man from the house brought his girlfriend home to introduce her to his mother,” he said.

Fuck fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Then I’ll take my leave. I have important things to deal with. As for my mother, he said to me, “What if I joined the three of you for dinner? I’m sure Steve will stay here for the day.

With this, my uncle left the house by the same doo, we had just entered. The clumsiness was immense and it was one of those embarrassing moments that I couldn’t handle. I was visiting my mother after seven long months and her usually happy face was now replaced by a face I couldn’t decipher.

“Hi, Mrs. Daniel. I’m Mary. I’m a friend of Steve’s,” she said as she walked up to greet my mother with a handshake.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mary,” my mother replied with a handshake. “Sit down.”

“I’ve heard so much of you, Mrs. Daniel. Steve told me a lot about you,” Mary said as she sat on the couch. My mother was sitting next to her and the two of them started conversing together.

Turning her face towards me, with a polite smile my mother said, “Steve, be a dear and take Mary’s bag to the upper room.” Looking at Mary, she said, “I hope you stay here for the night. We have a lot to say.

As my mother and my Asian girlfriend continued their conversation, I climbed the stairs and made my way to my room. I was surprised to see it well cleaned and maintained, just like it was when I had left the house. My loving mother had been tidying up my room from time to time.

As anxious as a few minutes ago, I was just as happy to see her. All I could think of was the kind of conversation that the two ladies who had such a big impact on my life, were having down. I panicked and tried to escape the situation by leaving Mary to make conversation. What a mess this mess is. I let my girlfriend introduce herself to my mom. Be a man, Steve..’

Wanting to put the situation back in my hand, I gathered a little courage and went down the stairs. I was surprised to see my mother and girlfriend laughing together. Once they had noticed me, my mother decided to taunt me and said, “So when you intended to introduce your girlfriend to me? Am I the last to know?

“No, Mommy… I…. I…”

“He’s still afraid of you, Mrs. Daniel,” said Mary, holding her smile. “Then I’ll leave you two to talk, while I’m going to freshen up.”

With that, Mary let us go to her room. I came and sat next to my mother who now had a serious expression on her face.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I…. I wanted a good time… a good time to introduce you to Mary. I’m so sorry that you had to find out that way, I said in a nervous voice.

Before I even finished speaking, a big smile appeared on his face. “Honey, I’ve known you for a long time. I know when you’re lying and when you’re not. I’m your mother. And I appreciate the fact that you didn’t want me to feel bad. But I’m still your mother. Whatever happens, I will always love you.

I immediately hugged her for the comforting words. She hugged me and said, “My son has become a man now. Remember, son, I want you to be happy. If you like it then I’m not going to stand on the way.

As we broke our hug, she added, “Remember, Steve. All I want you to be happy is happy. I don’t want my child to be hurt in any way.

I was surprised by my mother’s reaction. My mother had been very conservative and traditional in my upbringing. That’s why my father decided to leave the house. He was a man of logic and a person who valued his career more than the family. Despite the pressure of the family, my mother and father had decided that they would not divorce each other and they had agreed to work together for my upbringing. It had been almost nine years since I had seen my father.

Since I left home for my studies, I have noticed that my mother has become gentler towards me. It gave me sufficient freedom that I had missed earlier and her imposition of the rules was relaxed. She treated me well every time I came home and tried her best not to hide her emotions when I left the house. It made me appreciate it.

In the evening, Mary and I decided to spend some time exploring my childhood whereabouts. We went to the park where I spent most of my childhood telling him about the funny incidents behind each place.

“You’re funny, Steve. I like you. You, Mom, were so welcoming,” Mary said, heading to Mother Julian’s chapel.

“It still is. I’m surprised at his reaction myself. “I didn’t expect her to be gracious when I welcomed you home,” I replied.

“I guess it’s because he misses you. The house is empty without you, and she feels lonely, I guess, says Mary.

As we walked, Mary grabbed my arm. “I love this place. It’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s so peaceful here.

We arrived at Mother Julian’s chapel and upon entering, Mary left my hand to observe the paintings of stained glass. The chapel was empty and the silence gave the place a sacred atmosphere.  Looking at Mary’s face, I saw something beautiful. The color of the glass was reflected on her face as she marveled at the beautiful work of art.

I sat on the bench and began to admire his facial expression. It was the expression of a child seeing stars at night for the first time. A drop of tear fell and a gentle escaped from his mouth.

“It’s so beautiful. What I would give to spend my life here,” says Mary.

I got up and made my way to her. I reached out to my pocket and pulled out a ring. As I snorted with one knee, I saw Mary’s eye widen with surprise. “Steve…”

“Mary, I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who understands me so well. I have no words to say, because we have known each other for a long time. So, do you want to travel with me for the rest of my life?

Mary, who already had tears in her eyes, knelt before me and kissed me. Her valves were open and breaking the hug she kissed me. “Yes, Steve. I’m going to.

Things changed quickly after that. We announced the news to our mother, who was surprised and timeuse at the same time. She told Mary to call her mother and Mary happily agree. At work, we were congratulated by our colleagues and some even teased me for finding a sexy Asian girl. I didn’t know that I had enjoyed my share of happiness and the storm that would change my life was lurking around the corner.

It was mid-July when Mary got a call from home. Mary, who usually seemed calm and at ease, to my horror, was shaken. She told me that she was being called home for something urgent. Given his emotional state, I felt it was necessary for me to accompany him. When I suggested that she go with her, she hugged me.

“Don’t leave me, Steve. Come with me,” she said in a trembling voice.

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Horizons Merger (Chapter 3)