Her Needs Fulfilled Road-Side! – oral anal nipples teasing love outdoor

Ann and Will were an older couple who loved sex and explored their fantasies. Since they met on Lush several years ago, they had gone from cyber-lovers to physical lovers. As they became physically connected, they had found many ways to enjoy one another. They never failed to try something new in their relationship if either wanted to try it. This had broadened their sexual appetites in many ways and found them always pushing the boundaries of what the other would do.

Will had been gone to work for a few weeks and Ann had to stay behind for a change. She had a few doctor’s appointments and also needed to be around to take delivery of some furniture they had bought. She was disappointed that she was forced to stay. Will as usual had just rolled with the bunches of it all, which had irritated Ann to no end.

Sex while traveling with Will was such a thing almost every day, so she just felt a little too excited for her cock. Although since her encounter with Will, she had begun to experience new and more exciting aspects of sex, her masturbation still descended to most of the time her fingering and teasing her clitoris until she exploded into orgasm. Will had bought her some vibrators and dildos, but she never got comfortable using them. She had never had them to get comfortable with before.

So Ann thought that if she were to be excited, the least she could do was keep Will as excited while he was gone. She would send him MIs at any time of the day with GIFS attached or sexy messages. She was relentless and for her part, Will was a good sport and sending her things in response. The thing he didn’t know was how excited Ann was without him or being with him on a trip.

Will could say at the end of her two-week absence Ann had become a mess. She sent him a constant stream of posters, photos and GIFS of all kinds of sexual acts and insinuations. Trying to think about what it takes about it was another question though. He didn’t want to let her down for all the teasing she had done to him.

After careful consideration and a little planning, he decided she needed to be teased until she could no longer stand. So Will got on his plan of action and he luckily let her send with his messages teasing him.

Will entered town about two in the afternoon, but didn’t run home just yet. Instead, he called Ann and told her that he would be home at eighty strong and that she needed to be dressed to go to dinner, they had reservations for five at her favorite Italian place a city more. Ann moans and moans about wanting to stay home since Will had just returned home after two weeks.

Will did not move and told him that he had been craving Italian all week. So she changed her attempt to persuade her to get out of dinner by asking him if he didn’t need to shower first? Will was ready for that and told him no, he would take a shower at work and change into his beautiful clothes that he wore with him for emergencies. Disheartened, Ann finally gave and told her she would be ready. She didn’t say for what!

Will arrived home exactly at 4:30. Ann had been on the lookout for him and set his plan in motion. She ran to Will’s favorite chair in the living room and sat down.

Will came through the back door and called, “Are you ready to go Ann? We have to move forward!

“I’m in the living room, come here, I need your opinion on what I’m wearing,” she replied.

Will walked into the living room and saw Ann sitting there in a sexy babydoll outfit in her chair. He studied it for a minute and his determination weakened in his plan of action, but after taking it in a few heartbeats stiffened his determination.

“I love what you’re wearing, but the restaurant might frown on it.” Turning away from it, he looked back and said, “I’ll go through my mail while you dress, but be quick so we’re not late.”

As he disappeared into the kitchen to look at his mail and hide his hard work, he heard her say, “Fuck, double fuck!”

Then he heard her get up and walk towards the room. He was sitting at the table sorting her mail when she returned about five minutes later wearing a medium blue dress that was coming down just above her knees. He hated telling her, but she was sexier now than sitting there in the baby doll outfit. It might have something to do with the natural color in his cheeks to be upset because he ignored it in the chair.

“Are you ready to go?” Ann whistled at Will.

“Of course, baby!”

They headed to the door and since Will’s pickup was parked behind the car, he went to her and opened the passenger door for Ann. She wasn’t happy to take her truck either because there was no way to reach it with the large center console. Ann didn’t know it, but it was also part of Will’s plan. He did his best to deny him any chance of physical contact that could lead to other more intimate things.

After closing Ann’s door and going around to get in, Will leaned through and grabbed Ann by the chin and gave her a tongue-dancing kiss. As soon as he felt his inclination and try to make more of it, he walked away and straightened in his seat still leaning on the console. Starting the truck, he backed out of the driveway quickly leaving Ann watching him pout.

They arrived at the restaurant and Will parked. Before he could get out to open the door and help Ann, she was already walking towards the restaurant doors. He knew she was angry with him, but also knew she would eventually recover.

They entered and the young hostess sat them in one of the small romantic cabins along the walls. Ann slipped with Will right behind her. At first, she kept a little distance between them. Her way of saying, “I’m mad at you,” but as they settled down and ordered drinks and an aperitif, she lay down closer to Will. She finally gave in and snuggled up to him as they sipped their wine and shared the aperitif.

Will decided it was the perfect time for some of the throw-in on the teasing front he had been getting from her over the past two weeks. He slid his hand down to his left knee and gave him a slight pressure. As he did, Ann snuggled up tighter to him. He slowly worked his hand up his knee until he massaged the top of his thigh. He slowly worked her around until he had slipped it under her dress and was on her bare inner thigh, inches away from her. He could swear that he felt like a heating oven, she was so excited.

Ann spread her legs a little more from each other to give Will access to her thigh. She was not worried about being seen, knowing that the table had a floor length tablecloth on it. She tried to place her hand on Will’s thigh, but he moved away slightly. Not sure what he was playing at, she decided to just enjoy what he was doing to her.

Will continued to work for his hand along his thigh. He slid all around until his fingers were curled underneath, but he stopped just before reaching her each time. Ann cooting down into the seat trying to make her play with her. He kept getting closer and sound, but never touched her.

On a few occasions, he was just grazing the very outer edge of his sex. Ann was going crazy by the time dinner came. Will continued her teasing of her throughout dinner and even though Ann loves dessert there, she refused dessert by trying to get Will out of there and at home.

Will continue his teasing ways that night ordered a huge slice of cheesecake and ice cream to enjoy. He slowly ate while taking the time to continue rubbing Ann’s thigh from time to time. Never quite reach her very hot, almost smoking.

Finally finishing his dessert, under Ann’s eyes, he asked, “Are you ready to go home, my love?”

Ann looked at me and just her eyes said, “Are you really asking Dickhead? But she really replied, “Yes, I’m ready to go home and fuck your brain!” Gently smiling all the time.

They got out and got into Will’s truck. Did that to help Ann in the truck as he usually does, could not resist rubbing his as he stimulated her. This earned him a bad outburst from Ann, whom he was waiting for, reaching the end of his tolerance with his teasing.

As he left the restaurant parking lot, Will looked at Ann and asked, “Are you excited enough to fuck anywhere?”

“Stop and you’ll know,” said Ann.

Will didn’t tell him anything in response, but instead continued to drive home. He came to a tronçone of the road where it had a small side road parallel to the main road. He took a cut on the smaller road. Ann looked at him and wondered where he was going.

Will continued until he reached a small sweater off that was ideal for what he had in mind. It was surrounded on three sides almost to the road by trees and opened at the front towards the side road and the main road. Upon arriving, he swung the truck around so that it was facing the pavement and deep enough in the pull so that you could not see the back of the truck without being just above it.

Looking at Ann, he said, “I stopped and I’m ready to find out!”

Ann’s eyes are big with that. “You must be joking? This along a public road for God’s sake! Ann was almost screaming as she spoke to Will.

Will, being the patient guy he is, just sitting there until she went to bed before talking again. “You have teased me for the last two weeks without mercy. I’m not going to tease you for two weeks, but I’m going to call your bluff. So, set yourself up or as the saying goes, shut up! With that, Will opens his door and gets out of the truck.

Ann just sat there for a minute, simmering somewhere between being pissed off and being so horny that she could have fucked for a week. Finally, being excited won. She opened her door and slipped out of the truck walking backwards. As she rounded the corner, she could see Will had dropped the tailgate and there were a couple of blankets laid on it. He was lying against her waiting for her. She realized how serious he was about it. He really intended to fuck her here along the road.

Giving him no more time to think, Will held out his hand in his arms, kissing him hard and deep, sliding his tongue between his lips to dance with his own. Ann responded in a nice way, letting her tongue dance with hers. Will’s hands slipped from his waist until he cut off his. He lifted her up and sat her on the tailgate of the pickup truck. As they continued to kiss Will let her hands wander over her breasts, kneading them through her dress, teasing the nipples. This left Ann moaning in the pleasure that was building in a fire of need in her heart.

Will, tired of the dress, reached behind Ann and slipped the zipper down her back. Ann in her state of excitement never protested as he pulled the dress out of her until it was grouped to her waist leaving Ann naked from the waist up. Will wasted no time enjoying her topless. Leaning forward, he sucked one nipple and then the other into his mouth. He continued alternating between them, taking his time to twirl his tongue around each nipple. He would retreat and lick on each nipple before returning to suck them. Ann had her head tilted back groaning with ecstasy as she clung to Will’s shoulders to stabilize herself.

Will began working his way down Ann’s belly until he slipped his hands around his hips, pulling his closer to the edge of the tailgate. Having her where he wanted her, he kissed along his belly until he was just above the bundled edges of his dress. Needing to take it out if the way, he grabbed the bundled material and gave it a hard tug. Ann realizing what he wanted, took her off the blanket and Will removed her dress completely, throwing her into the bed of the truck. Now Ann was left there completely naked for someone to see.

After throwing the dress on the bed, Will wasted no time in going after what he wanted. Reaching Ann’s legs, he raised and separated them by making her pose on the blankets. He placed one leg on each shoulder and lowered his mouth to her wet sparkling. Will ran his tongue on his glittering bet, tasting it, enjoying the tangy flavor. He slowly worked his tongue on his lips up and down and back, leaving the part of his ever so lightly. On a pass, he flattened his tongue and washed his clitré like a dog drinking water.

Ann was now wilting on the covers in the ecstasy of Will’s actions. She might have cared less if she had been on a stage in the middle of the road at that time.

She just needed more and wanted cum so bad that she begged with Will, “Please fuck me baby, please!”

Will heard her entreaties, but wasn’t going to let her reach that point until he was good and ready. He worked his tongue deep into her, performing it on his sensitive flesh each time. With the help of one hand, he began rubbing his clitoris forward, feeling that it swelled even more under his touch. He continued to kiss her tongue as deeply as he could, but Ann groaned so badly, it took a lot of effort to hold her hips still to keep eating her pussy.

Deciding it was time to let her enjoy, Will slipped several fingers into her, pumping them hard and fast. He replaced his fingers on his clititon with his lips, sucking and licking in time to his fingers pounding in and out of her. He could feel her orgasm approach and that was all he could do to keep her still as she was almost bouncing off the truck bed in her excitement.

Ann finally stretched and arched her back, forcing Will’s fingers deeply as she began to cumming. Will felt his juice running on his hand and he pulled his mouth away from his clitoris. He tasted it on his lips. Looking at her, he could see the good of need to empty himself of his body. Finally passed, she collapsed on the blankets breathing heavily.

Although Ann’s needs have been met at this time, Will had not. He slipped his pants down freeing his hard cook. That’s when he realized he couldn’t fuck Ann laying the bed of the truck. He decided it was not a problem. He reached out his hand grabbed her legs pulled her towards him until she was standing unstable on the floor in her heels and nothing else.

Will kissed him and said, “It’s my turn!”

With this, he turned it over and leaned it over the tailgate. He folded her at just the right angle for Will to step up behind her. He rubbed his cock along his ass and between his legs enjoying the sensation of his skin on his hard cock.

Ann felt that she knew she was about to be fucked hard in her favorite position. She always liked being taken from behind and when Will was more forced about it, the better. She knew it wouldn’t be sweet here and now.

Will slipped his cock into her pussy and pushed hard and deep in the first shot, pinning Ann to the tailgate. He pulled his cock from her pussy and repeated the hard entrance over and over again, hammering Ann hard against the tailgate with each push. Ann loved it and the feeling pushed her to another orgasm quickly.

Will wasn’t slowing down his assault on Ann’s at all, but he wanted her to feel how excited she had made him. He slipped a finger along her picking up her juice on her. He began to rub along his anus which was nicely exposed with his bent on this way. He rubbed it around the edge of its opening, teasing it. As his finger would dry, he re-wet it with his juice and continue to tease his anus until he finally slipped his finger into it. By giving him a little pressure, he slipped it into the first punch.

This put Ann on another hard orgasm. She stiffens and her pussy tight on Will’s cock. Will could feel his juice running along his balls and along their thighs together.

Will, knowing that it was not going to last much longer, wanted this night to end in a special way. Pulling his cock from Ann’s pussy and his finger from her asshole, he placed the head of his cock to his tight hole. He pushed against her causing Ann to gasp. They had been building towards anal sex for a while, but Ann would never have guessed her first time would be along a busy road in plain sight.

Will kept pushing until he passed the outer ring of Ann’s anus, but knew that the hardest part would be to go beyond the inner ring. Ann growled and let out a little cry of pain. Will continued to apply pressure until he felt the tighter inner ring give way. Ann shouted again, but never asked her to stop.

Taking his fingers, he picked up some juice from Ann and rubbed it along his cock as he continued to push into his tight asshole. Ann groaned, but he could feel her pushing against him too. Will finally got his whole dick buried in Ann’s asshole. Her sat against her. He stood his ground, leaving Ann to recover from the entrance.

After giving Ann a few moments of recovery, he began to slowly work his cock back in short easy shots. This triggered Ann moaning again, but this time in a fun-filled manner. She stood up to Will to work her hand on her. She slipped her fingers around her clitbole and began to caress him in time to Will’s movement.

Will slowly increased both the speed and length of his shots in Ann’s. He was shooting nearly three-quarters of the exit before slide deep with each race. The sensation of Ann’s asshole hugging his cock brought him to the edge. Every push was Will’s paradise.

Finally, unable to hold on any longer, Will let out a grunt and slammed his cock into Ann’s asshole letting go of his accumulated load of cum. His cock pulsated as he emptied deep into it. He clung to his hips while standing in it.

It was too much for Ann. Pinching her clitoris into her fingers another orgasm torn through her as she felt Will’s filling her. With Will holding her, she couldn’t do much more than tremble as her third orgasm of the evening torn through her body. When it finally shrunk, she just landed on the tailgate totally passed, hoping that Will was too. She did not know if she had any more left.

Will, finally regaining his composure, slowly pulled his cock out of Ann’s asshole. Ann moans a little like he did. As he slipped, a little trail of came with her. When he looked at him, he knew there was more in his than that. As he backed away, he pulled Ann up and turned her over to face her. He could see her makeup was a wreck, but she looked like a well fucked woman on her face too. He pulled her into him and hugged her, then gave her a long, persistent kiss, but not one of need, but of passion and love.

After the long kiss, he asked, “Are you well?” I didn’t hurt you, did I?

“Not stupid, I’m fine. Maybe a little painful, but that was to be expected. I think we need to go home. I feel like I need a good hot shower.

Ann turned to look for her dress and saw that it was all the way to the front of the bed by the cabin.

Will, seeing what she was looking for, grabbed the lower blanket and rolled it around her. “It’ll get you home.”

Will took a moment to pull her own pants up and then drove Ann around the truck and helped her get in. He returned to the tailgate, throwing the other blanket higher up into the bed before closing it. That’s when Will saw the car parked on the front edge of their traction. Thinking, “I wonder how long they’ve been there?

Seeing him looking their way, the car quickly took off. Will shrugged his shoulders and went to the driver’s side and ginled.  He looked at Ann and she had her head back and looked asleep. Starting with the truck, he slid it in a hurry and pulled away smiling at himself. It was a good night.

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His needs have been met on the side of the road!