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Knees still curly, with toys still hanging in my and, I grabbed trembling the faucet and turn off the shower. The vibrations in my intensify the fullness in my, and the pleasure is almost too much as I recover from the mind-numbing orgasm that just rips through my tired body.

As I stumble into our bedroom to dry, I realize that it is now dark outside. I turn off the vibrator but I keep the two toys still inserted in their small holes satisfied. I’ll pick up my phone and smile as the screen lights up with your name.

I know you’re visiting your family, so I want to keep my PG answers. I can’t hold back though, and I have to confess what I was up to this weekend.

“I wish you were here,” I texted you. “I’m having fun with our toys… especially black beads. :)

I know it’s going to be enough to pique your interest. With the toys still inside me, I carefully arrange on our bed with legs spread out to allow for easier access. With my mane of long shaded brown hair spilling over a mountain of fluffy white pillows, I bow and wait for your answer while running a hand on my smooth, freshly showered skin.

My manicured nails graze my hard and painful nipples and travel slowly along my flat stomach. I reach my smooth, shaved mound and slide my fingers to my millenant and smooth. I feel my stretched with my vibrator, now off, and I run my fingers down further to the toy poking out of my tightest little hole. I twist the toy slowly and moan that new waves of fun are starting to build in the bottom of my heart.

“Send me a video?” you text me almost immediately. “Or give me the live show instead. I could rush to my parents’ house…”


Selfishly, I was hoping that your answer would be in that direction. I always try to maintain some constraint, and answer, “Haha no that’s okay, enjoy your time with your family!”

Your answer shakes me to my heart, causing my to spasms and start dripping again, reminding me why I am so deeply and completely in love with you.

“Ugh well you are not allowed to relieve yourself again until I come back so I can double penetrate you with your toy and my dick,” you order me by SMS.

These words alone are enough to send me back to the edge, but I heard your warning and stop touching me before passing the point of no return.

Before I can gather an answer, I see more of your words flashing on my phone: “Of course, I’ll finally let you enjoy by sucking your nagging clitoris. Perhaps you could make it easier for me to access by donning one of your new outfits? I want you. Bad.

Heart beating and pussy throbbing, I answer, “It would certainly be worth your time at home cum for me tonight ;)

I’m holding my breath.

“… on my way.

That’s all you’re saying, and it’s more than enough for me. My body is on fire. I put down the phone and summon the force to lift me from the pillows. I choose one of my most provocative outfits: all the lace and black straps, crotchless without crotch and thigh-high garter stockings. My disproportionately large 36DD breasts overflow cups as I tighten tight straps around my narrow waist. I am careful not to touch or adjust the toys that are still filling my holes, fearing that the slightest movement may send me into my next orgasm of the night.

And this pleasure is reserved for you and you alone.

With a little effort, I do it to my vanity where I stare at my hair and darkly line my big greenish blue eyes. I light candles and light the lights in our empty apartment. And now I’m waiting.


I lie face down on our bed, drifting in and out of a restless sleep, as I hear one wiggling in the lobby just outside our room.

My heart skips a beat.

“Fuuuck, baby.” I hear you growl, barely audible on the sound of flashing zippers and flying clothes. You tear your sweater and jeans and rush into the room to give my body the attention it desires.

I hear your breath catching in your throat as you see that the beads are still protruding from my little pleated. I’m watching over my shoulder that you take off your boxer shorts. I feel my pussy start to flow again as I see your huge cock finally spring free of her restraint.

I’ve never seen you before. As well hard before.

“I missed you,” I am hardly able to utter the whisper as you lift me up in a embrace, throw me down on my back, and crush your hard lips against mine in the most powerful and mesmerizing kiss. My eyes well in tears as I am overwhelmed by love and affection for you. “I’m sorry I started without you, I couldn’t help it.”

Your eyes dissipateon on the black toy coming out of my, and then you look back towards my greedy face. You pull my trembling body to the side of the bed and kneel between my legs. Without haste, I feel you twist and push the toy, never once breaking eye contact with me. Finally, painfully slowly, you lower your face and kiss the inside of each of my thighs.

Your tongue blazes a hot track along the top of my stockings, and then goes up to the edge of the crotchless panties I wear for you. In this position, I am completely exposed and displayed for you.

I know you can’t wait much longer either, so without more teasing, your tongue deftly assaults my clitoris and I scream with pleasure and surprise. You insert one, then two fingers into my drip, stopping only to catch the pooling liquid on your tongue before returning attention to my nagging little nub.

Your fingers bend upwards and, as if attracted to a magnet, they immediately look for my G spot and begin to tickle and massage me in ecstasy.

I scream and beg you to know more! Your tongue turns my clitoris once more and I’m lost. The toy in my, your fingers in my tight and wet, and your mouth sucking and nibbling on my senses, swollen clitoris are just too much.

“YES… Baby Please Don’t stop! I am… cumming for you! I scream, between gasps and moans. By far, the most intense orgasm I’ve had tonight.

You keep pressing my pulse button for as long as you can, but I know you are painful for your own release. When my legs tighten around your neck the gentle, gentle intensity, you give up your control over my, but just for a second.

With the strength and determination that only a painfully excited man can muster, you plunge me further on our bed and climb up to join me. I expect you to position yourself between my legs for the entrance, when you surprise me with yet another treat.

You kneel next to my face and lovingly guide your red, swollen, hard rock cock to my greedy mouth. I open gracefully and allow every inch of you to enter, quickly at the beginning, then slowly but forcefully as the head of your cock hits the back of my throat. I relax around your massive limb and swallow you further.

You’re slowly starting to kiss my face, come in and out of my mouth stronger and stronger. As you gain momentum, I begin to massage your swollen balls, but it’s soon too intense for you and free you from my vice-like grip.

Without a word or any other build-up, you place yourself between my legs and get into my drip, hard and fast. As your tail melts, your balls slap against the toy in my, making me scream with pleasure and pain. I know that my next orgasm is not far away.

Your thumb finds my clitoris as your other hand grabs my waist to hold me in place as you push harder and harder. I reach a hand around my and start pushing the toy in and out of my tight little hole, matching your thrusts like the most perfect yin and yang.

I know you like to penetrate me while my is filled with a toy, but I want something more. I need something bigger to fill up.

“Baby, please, I want You in my instead of this toy. Please? I’m asking you, biting my lip in anticipation.

Without another word, you grab the toy and take it out of my with a Pop! as it glides freely. The sudden emptiness with the unexpected friction makes me scream.

I’m scrambling to position myself on my stomach and I’m introducing you to my, begging you to fill me up, to fuck me.

You take the lubricant out of the dresser and pour a steady stream over my quivering body. I moan that hot oil slips into my and drops into my at my little electrified clitbe. I want to touch myself, to go around my clitoris until I reach another orgasm, but I know you will give me exactly what I need if I am patient.

Once you cover your nagging cock with oil, you lower yourself into position and start pushing your cock to my tight and resistant entry. All it takes is a little pressure, and the head of your penis slips in the sudden stretching lights up all the nerves of my burning body and I scream, so close to cumming, but still dance along the edge of ecstasy.

“Slowly at first, please, and then fuck me … Hard!

I blow and moan, almost growl at you as you gain momentum. Your dick fills my ass up to my hand now. You start to grow and my starts to adjust to your generous size. Without needing more than one invitation, you push harder and faster while reaching a hand around my clitoris.

That’s all I need.

I scream and my whole body gets tense and the spasms you send me on the edge in the most powerful orgasm. I’m cumming. I’m cumming over and over again, and that’s it for you. You’re asking me where you should end up, but I can’t talk while you continue your assault on my cliton and my.

I feel your balls tighten and your body stiffen as you empty your hot, creamy load into my greedy ass as you continue to rub my clitoris through every last wave of my pleasure.

“I love you.”

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A Homecumming Delight