My husband gave me permission to sleep with other men

Let me introduce myself, I am a woman in my late thirties, I have been married for 8 years and I am a self-proclaimed hotwife.

I never thought I was the type to be a “hotwife”, I always assumed that these types of women were super confident and absolutely certain of their abilities in the bedroom.

It turns out that if you are open to it and happy to do it in your relationship, anyone can do it and it made me feel like a new woman. I love being a hotwife, knowing that all these men covet me and that my husband is getting away with it, this is the icing on the cake.

First experience of being Hotwife

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My husband and I had gone to dinner at the house of our mutual friend, he is a single man at the end of his forties who had always followed the young people around him. With a strong athletic physique, dreamy eyes and dark hair starting to lighten with age, I had always had the cheek for him but I did not expect that that will happen.

He made us a classic Bolognese spaghetti, it was rich and delicious. The drinks flowed and the conversation was light and bubbly, my husband got up to go to the bathroom after our meal and our mutual friend told me that I looked magnificent in the dress I wore. I was bewildered but I was struck by this compliment, he was a handsome man and I felt like I had butterflies.

He smiled at me seductively and I blushed, my husband came back and put his arm around me. We kept talking for a while before the conversation got a little sexual. We talked about likes and dislikes in the bedroom and about some of our favorite sexual experiences, all of these conversations aroused me and I knew my husband was also aroused by the erection visible through his pants .

Our sexual conversation went on for a while, our mutual friend brought up the subject of triplets and I joked that we three had a trio and told them both that it would probably be quite fun.

They both looked at me wide-eyed and both smiled, my husband asked me if I wanted to get to know our mutual friend a little better by myself in his room. I looked at her in shock but I was so excited and so interested in being a hotwife that I accepted her offer.

I entered the room of our mutual friend by opening the way, our mutual friend followed behind me, closing the door and lighting a small lamp next to the bed.

We started to make ourselves understood immediately, his hands were all over my body. It was so rushed to do this knowing that my husband was practically right outside the door. He lifted my dress and started playing with my pussy, I was in heaven, it sent waves of pleasure to me. I had to keep opening my eyes to remind myself that this was not another of my dirty dreams.

He quickly unbuttoned his pants and slipped his big cock inside me, I moaned, I didn’t want to make too much noise in case my husband became jealous. He pushed inside of me, pinching my nipples and feeling my whole body. The sex was rough, raw and passionate, he breathed heavily while kissing me and after a short time he began to enjoy.

I didn’t enjoy it, but it was only a quick thing to see if we could really have a trio. I have to admit that it was a little embarrassing to go out to greet my husband, but the rush that it gave me was an ecstatic feeling, it was like having your first kiss or even your first orgasm .

After the first time, I was hooked!

After this initial thrill, I became with our mutual friend, I quickly realized that I loved being a hotwife and I became addicted. I got out of it every time I came and I told my husband endless stories about how he felt and what he was doing to my body.

I realized that you don’t need to be ultra confident to be a hotwife, just willing and open to trying new things. I couldn’t wait for the next experience after the first one, we used dating sites after realizing that friends weren’t the way to do it (more details below).

My husband started sharing me with his friends (don’t do this)

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I just want to be shared

Because I loved to kiss our mutual friend so much, we decided to start sharing myself with more of our acquaintances. Yes, it was incredibly hot to make love with people we had known for years, but it was also a little weird at the same time.

The sex was amazing, seeing what they finally looked like under their clothes was a real treat and making them love my body and knowing what my husband had been enjoying for years was also a huge trick, but then seeing them in the real world afterwards was simply confusing.

For one wish, we had never opened our relationship with people we knew, as this made many of our friendships difficult afterwards, especially since some of them are married and that their partners have no idea what we got up to too.

I don’t regret the sex, it was great, having a man I have known for 6 years sink me into the bedroom and then enjoy my mouth while my husband was waiting downstairs was an amazing experience for me. My other favorite was to join my husband in one go, our dentist is a mutual friend and he was looking forward to feeling my pussy, he told me that he had always admired my breasts while it worked in my mouth. When he came, he fucked me hard on our marital bed and my husband was allowed to kiss my mouth. The problem is that we have now had to find a new dentist because it is a little too embarrassing for me.

Instead, we are now using dating sites

looking for adult friends

I didn’t like being a hotwife with our friends, it was too much for me. My husband found us a place online called adult friend finder, we use it to find like-minded people who understand our situation and know exactly what it takes to be in a hotwife relationship.

We can talk to the people we care about, call them if we want and never see them again if we really don’t want too much.

Using sites for us is so much better, I can really let go of my hair and relax knowing that I won’t meet them at the next community social event. I really recommend it if you like the hot woman or open your relationship.

My husband usually fucks me after

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girlfriend doggystyle on bed

After kissing my date, my husband likes to kiss me, he goes away knowing he is my sloppy seconds. He likes to feel how wet I am for them, knowing that they have filled me with their cock.

I’m always looking forward to my departure so that my husband can enjoy my body, sometimes he likes me to even leave their sperm inside of me so that he can feel it for himself .

I love telling my dates to do what they want with me, to use my ass, pussy and mouth so my husband can see how good they’ve been work after. He is a sucker for being the second best.

Being a hotwife is not always like porn

I think a lot of people have a misconception of being a hotwife, I certainly did. I assumed that the woman had to be extremely confident and I assumed that all the men would have massive cocks, incredible bodies and a stamina similar to that of a stallion, but that isn’t ; is not at all like that.

Yes, I have a type, I like big cocks, but being a hotwife with different men has really changed the type of men I choose and I found that all penises can be fun and enjoyable when used well.

People come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and being a hotwife has allowed me to see that it’s a good time there.

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From a new hotwife <3