I’m a Hotwife and my Husband lets me sleep with any man I want

I have been busy for the past few months and not just with life in general but in the bedroom. I have been busy with my sex life, things have gone to the next level. A level I never thought I’d reach.

As you may know by reading my blog, my boyfriend and I like to share, swings, sex parties, threesomes, role plays, sex dungeons, etc. are all on the cards for us. We have our own set of rules that we both follow, making sure we are both happy is our priority, but recently my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to try to be a “hotwife “.

I was ready to try it, I had no inhibitions, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same wavelength (this is absolutely essential if you are looking to become a hotwife), we established our set of rules which I mentioned at the end of this article, then I set out to find out how to be a hotwife and how we were going to do it.

The real difference between being a hotwife and everything we’ve done before is that he doesn’t want to join him, he wants to watch me with another man and even let me go to another room with someone ; one without him, this goes against all of our rules and so it was important for us to make sure that we both agreed and put in place new rules.

Become Hotwife for my boyfriend

Woman taking sexy bathroom mirror, selfie showing of her underwear

I did a lot of research to become a hotwife, I wanted it to be perfect for my boyfriend and I wanted to make sure I was doing it right.

If you’re not really sure what a hotwife is, let me explain, a hotwife is someone who has a consistent partner with their infidelity and who is adulterous. Sometimes the husband / boyfriend watches, sometimes they like to receive texts / photos, sometimes they are in another room while it is happening. It’s a modern way to be a cuckold, I guess.

We made our rules, we chose what we wanted to do and my boyfriend wanted me to sleep with another man without him being there, he wanted to be downstairs while it was happening. He wanted me to text him and take pictures of me making love and tell him what I was doing with this other man. He told me that it got him so excited, even when I thought about it, so we set the date.

The first time I made love to another man without him

woman taking sexy mirror selfie in lingerie and shirt

We decided that it was better to do it in a hotel for our first time, our house would have been a bit too private so an anonymous hotel was perfect. My boyfriend never came to the room, he was in the hotel bar all the time which had a nice view of the hotel pool.

I was in the room to get ready, I was wearing my favorite sexy lingerie and although I was beautiful, I was still very nervous and a little embarrassed. I was texting my boyfriend all the time to tell him what I was doing and make him think about the idea that I’m preparing for another man.

Once my appointment arrived, all the nerves were gone, we chatted a bit and then we went to the big queen size bed. My date knew I was a hotwife, he knew my boyfriend was downstairs and he was doing too.

He undressed me and I was suddenly nervous again, it was strange that my boyfriend was not in the room with me, I felt like I was cheating on him at first, but once my clothes were removed and the date of my date deep in my pussy my nerves were gone and I was inflamed with desire and I wanted my boyfriend to hear me from the bar Hotel below.

I was having so much fun, my date fucked me hard and he made me cum with his tongue, which was amazing. He kept telling me how naughty hotwife I was and how he was going to teach my pussy a lesson. When he left, I felt a little dirty, I showered and went back to the hotel bar where my boyfriend wanted to hear everything. I told him every detail and I could see that it was so turned, which made me feel a lot better and immediately made me want to start again.

Sending my friend photos and texts on what I do

send a sexy selfie in a phone message to a new boyfriend

We both agreed that sending and receiving SMS and photos was a great ride and really added to the hotwife experience for both of us. When my boyfriend waits in another hotel room or in the hotel lobby, he loves hearing his phone beep and knowing that I am keeping him up to date with what’s going on and what that this man does to me. He loves to cover himself with photos of me with another man’s sperm, this is his favorite photo to receive.

I can’t show you our texts or images from my hotwife experiences here, they are just too self explanatory. If you want to see uncensored photos and explicit stories from my adventures, you can sign up to become a member of my private membership here.

Examples of what you can see inside my subscription (uncensored of course):

cuckold legend
hotwife legend

We took a risk (Creampie Story)

I love having sex without wearing a condom, I think that is the risk factor more than anything because I don’t think it is too different to have sex with a condom . My boyfriend loves it too but it was one of our rules, never to kiss someone without a condom.

I have an ordinary guy that I connect with while my boyfriend is waiting in another room, it’s always a good time, he’s so handsome and he always makes my pussy so wet. We met recently and in the heat of the moment we decided to have unprotected sex, we met him on my blog, which was something new for us and it turned out that He wasn’t lying when he said he was super hanged.

It was so good, so naughty, the first time it came out on time and came all over me, the second time we fucked, it really got into me. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t even really realize that my boyfriend could have been really crazy but luckily he was so cool with that that he just asked for pictures and I don’t know if i should share that or not but he asked me not to clean up and once my date left, he came to kiss me.

Warning: I knew this guy and we were both clean, don’t have unprotected sex if you are unsure, even a little bit unsure is not worth it.

Sometimes I let my boyfriend watch

I’m a bit of a voyeur as I discovered in my BDSM test, I always knew that I had a little something for people who looked at me and heard me masturbating, have sex or a PDA. It was not a surprise when I got the idea that my boyfriend was looking at me from a chair while I was fucking my date.

This is one of my favorite things: being a hotwife and being able to fuck handsome men while my boyfriend watches me from the corner of the room. He touches himself sometimes but he prefers to look and then clean me once my appointment is gone.

Develop feelings 😣😫😭

woman in smily panties face

This is where I have to talk about realistic problems with being hotwife, the kind of problems that people forget to talk about and share and I thought it was important. for you to understand that I am a real person and sometimes there is a hiccup in my sexual adventures and feelings of development are part of it.

The guy that I met on my blog, the guy who came in me and on me and who was super hooked and was so much fun, him? Well, I started to have feelings for him. Not feelings “ in love ”, not feelings that I wanted to leave my boyfriend but feelings, where I thought a little too much about him and kissed him, started to feel like cheating on my boyfriend because mentally I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons.

I decided to tell my boyfriend everything, he was not angry, he actually thought it was a little warm and told me it was okay but I didn’t Didn’t want to risk my feelings developing further so I told the guy that we couldn’t do it anymore and he was cool with that. We have decided to connect with the same person only twice now, this way we avoid any relationship that flourishes in the wrong way.

It is important to remember that for us, it is not a question of developing feelings, it is a good, hard and exciting sex where my boyfriend goes down and I go down and from that moment, it is what I remembered and it’s amazing.

What Hotwife Text Messages Look Like

Since I started hotwifing, I have slept with a few people I have met via omgkinky, Reddit and the adult friend finder. It’s so exciting and we love meeting new people as a couple.

I wanted to show you a screenshot of the texts I receive when I search for a potential “date”.

The BS that I receive as a hotwife:

messages I get as a hotwife

This is not how it works, I don’t want to fuck a “fan”, I want to fuck someone who understands what being a hotwife entails, someone who is Really interests us as a couple and wants to make me happy. This person needs to understand what it is to be a hotwife and appreciate its complexities.

Below is an ideal text message, if you are looking to become a hotwife, cuckold or even the “dater”, be sure to follow the same type of guidelines as the text below.

The SMS you like to be sent:

my private hotwife SMS

I like to know that I’m safe, I like to meet people like me and my boyfriend, like-minded people who understand what we do.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually quite shy and it takes a while to warm up people I don’t know. I like to feel comfortable and getting to know this person as much as possible before connecting is the key for me.

The Hotwife rules we have

my hotwife rules
  • Only allowed one night of each month (keeps it fresh / perverse and prevents it from damaging our relationship).
  • He has the control to stop at any time (we have secret words and I create moments that give him a chance to stop all night).
  • No sleepover with hookups
  • Let people know who I connect with that I’m using them to make a fantasy come true.
  • Understand that it is not for everyone
  • I share my boyfriend with different women, we have trios and I look at him like a cuckold. It makes it much easier
  • Condoms are essential unless explicitly stated otherwise

I hope you enjoyed it. We are really trying to explore the world of threesomes, cuckold and hotwifing, so if you liked it, let me know and I’ll share more of our trip. 😍💗😍

Woman laying on bed in lingerie taking a selfie
I love you all, 💛😍💙😍💚