Prostate Milking The Most Intense Prostate Orgasm

Who knew you had a fucking clit in the ass?

When you reach your first prostate orgasm (PO), you will feel like you are living a dream …

You can enjoy like your wife (again … and again).

When I experienced my first purchase order, I thought to myself:

“I never leave my bed again. Lol.”

Suddenly, all of my orgasms of good heterosexuals and old-fashioned pleasures seemed so pedestrian.

So as a straight male, I tell you:

“It’s an adventure you want to take on at least once.”

man in glasses thinking about getting a prostate massage

What you will learn is the key to a whole new level of fun

In this guide, I have put together the best advice I have and what I have learned after talking to hundreds of guys to help them experience their very first prostate orgasm.

Lots of guys have been trying it for years and haven’t been successful.

The prostate is a finicky partner.

I found that there were many key factors that had to be there to even have a CHANCE of success.

To be successful in prostate trafficking, it’s more like trying to put the 30 piece puzzle together than just trying to find a silver bullet technique.

I call her a three-legged stool technique.

I believe there are three essential ingredients (and tons of subtle flavors) for a successful prostate game:

These three ingredients are:

  • The right prostate massager + the right lubricant with
  • The right excitement
  • The right process (with the right expectations)

Here you will learn more about the excitement and the process.

I have covered the best prostate massagers here.

In case you’re wondering …

I found it impossible to give myself PO with my fingers.

I know the pros can do it.

The pros can reach the OP with just an external massage of the perineum and good breathing.

But you are preparing for failure, if you have never reached OP and just try to play with your fingers and hope for happiness.

Sounds like a lot of work, huh?

But the rewards can be breathtaking orgasm:

A man describes how a prostate orgasm feels like:

“When he hit, he hit.

A wave breaking in my groin, wave after wave breaking on the rest of my body. My skin was super receptive. I felt each hair follicle on my scalp, and I felt pressure build up again.

I ended up moaning again, loud enough, and crossed the room. Several spurts of sperm flew across the room, successfully hitting the opposite wall.

When it was over, I was still shaking. Breathless and trying not to touch my body. I touched my nipples and almost had a seizure. I cleaned up after 10 minutes trying to find my calm. When I got up, I couldn’t walk. My knees were shaking from exhaustion.

It was intense beyond intense. Try it. “

– Source: Reddit

Also, if you are serious about the success of the OP, don’t jump.

The order is very large and I have spent more than a hundred hours building it.

There is a method to this madness.

what prostate orgasm feels like

History and health benefits of prostate massage

Prostate massage is not just for fun.

Although this will definitely take you to a completely different state that looks like a RESET button on your life. A system restart if you want.

But originally it was (still is) recommended by doctors as an aid in preventing prostate cancer.

You may have even had your first prostate milking experience at the doctor’s office (but he hasn’t tried to make it pleasant).

The company that manufactured prostate massage devices (Aneros) in the 1990s discovered that men were starting to use them more for pleasure than for medical treatment.

This is how this sex toy and the prostate trade were born.

Is there a correlation with prostate trafficking and being gay?

This seems to be the main stumbling block for which most men don’t even try to play with the prostate.

It stopped me. Years of conditioning society have hindered.

But believe me: YesYou miss.

I regret not having started a play on the prostate many years ago.

I understand. It’s so vulnerable.

It takes time to rewire the brain.

Being penetrated is a totally different state of mind.

But never experience Super-O, it’s like …

… never orgasm for your whole life and discover sex only at the age of 50 years.

The sensations are so intense. Blessed. From another world. Without a refractory period … (which means), you can have several …

Sexual orientation occurs in the mind.

You are either attracted to men or to women (or both).

If you have mental blockages about it, you need to fix them first.

I once consulted a guy who wanted to play with the prostate but had a subconscious fear of rape.

His body was screaming at him playing with his ass.

He first had to adjust his mental game.

cat representation of prostate milking

How does ejaculation of the penis compare to an orgasm of the prostate?

On a scale of 1 to 100, I would say that the penis is 10 and the prostate is 100.

Yes, the penis orgasm is still fun, but PO is better than quantum leaps.

The penis orgasm comes from the genitals, but the prostate orgasm gives the impression of penetrating deep into the body.

When it strikes, it’s totally overwhelming and beyond this global experience.

But the best thing about prostate orgasm is that you can have more than one.

When you jerk off normally, ejaculation triggers a refractory period.

You can no longer enjoy physically for a while.

With prostate milking – you will enjoy without ejaculation.

And this will allow you to enjoy again …. and again …

You can chain these orgasms and have another one at 5-10 second intervals.

In the end, the only reason you would stop is that you just can’t take it anymore.

achieve prostate orgasm by finding the p-spot

Be careful because to succeed, you will have to rewire your brain from penile sensations to internal sensations of the prostate:

  • “The stimulation of the prostate can be from another world. As if you don’t know where the fun comes from. Stimulation of the penis, now, although still pleasant, is more relevant. “
  • “Totally different. (Prostate stimulation feels) duller and less intense in the sense of concentrated arousal, but very powerful and intense in a more complete way.”
  • “It is a deeper, more complete, more encompassing pleasure, radiating from inside the body instead of feeling like external stimulation.”
  • “The stimulation of the penis concerns certain external” hot spots “, while the stimulation of the prostate is entirely internal.”

How to find your prostate (point P)?

If you can locate the swollen prostate, you can hit it as you wish.

The safest way to find the place is to refrain from sexual stimulation (it’s not that hard) for a week.

Note: If you don’t trust yourself to abstain, chastity cage help.

You want to feel so excited and excited that you almost feel like twisting the air.

You literally can’t think of anything other than sexual liberation.

This is when you should put on porn for 20-30 minutes with clothes on.

Without touching the penis.

You will feel the prostate engorge and swell as it fills with fluid and magnifies 2x.

This is when you want to go for a normal handjob session and feel around your ass with a finger while you ejaculate (cut the nails before to avoid hurting the rectal walls).

Point P will become a hard bump that there will be You can not miss it.

The image below shows the sphincters, the location of the prostate and the wall where the P point is located:

You will feel the point P as a change in texture.

You will have to cross two anal sphincters to be able to reach it.

First of all, you can control and relax.

The second will take time and patience to let you in.

Do this with a finger when you are super aroused and close to orgasm and you will find it.

How To Massage Prostate

How to massage the prostate and reach a prostate orgasm (step by step) – Reality Check First

“Waiting is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare

The above quote is there to symbolize the biggest change in mindset that you have to give up.

The biggest obstacle for most people is creating a distinction between action and pleasure.

With penile stimulation, you knew 100% that you would get the reward in the end.

You pet = wrrrr … pleasure comes.

The prostate does not work that way.

Be prepared not to have an orgasm on your first (or second try)

This is the bad news.

I’ve talked to tons of guys and on the Aneros forums, a general consensus is that most guys figure out how to have multiple non-ejaculating orgasms, within a year or less.

Very few guys find out earlier or longer.

It took me about a year, but I was really obsessed with it.

Wait, wait, wait … ONE YEAR?

Why would we want to continue with this?

Because even when you don’t have orgasms, you will enjoy a lot of new sensations.

And there is always a IMPROVED WARRANTY normal handjob at the end.

The penis orgasm will be much more intense and the fireworks (amount of sperm) will be incredible.

In fact, I suggest don’t wait an order form in any session.

If you push too hard, aiming for the big-O, your mind will step in and kill any chance of success.

Just enjoy the trip. What must happen will happen.

The prostate is temperamental and you can’t make it on demand.

But it is useful to know that in the end, there is always a reward with improved normal shaking.

That said, let’s get down to business:

stretching for anal prostate stimulation

Step 1 – Equipment: what you will need for a successful prostate milking session

Yes, you can have fun with your fingers and in theory you can achieve orgasm like that.

But in practice, it is practically impossible to do it yourself.

The only exception could be a qualified specialist.

If you’ve ever tried to stimulate a woman’s G-spot, you will know that your fingers will fall sooner than she reaches orgasm.

I have never managed to get the first prostate orgasm using only my fingers, and it is likely that you will either.

So what do you need for a good session?

If you remember the three-legged stool technique:

The right toy and the right lubricant account for 1/3 of the success equation.

I have written a separate guide on prostate massage devices that you should read before continuing.

Here is a quick version:

The lubricant and the massager are essential to get it right.

For masseurs, I recommend Pure Wand or Nexus Revo.

Pure Wand is a manual toy.

The Nexus Revo is 100% hands-free, it does everything for you.

The best lubricant for prostate play?

Sliquid Sassy is a popular water-based choice and the one I use.

However, you will still need to reapply it in longer sessions.

This is why oil-based lubricants are popular for anal use.

You will only need to apply oil-based lubricant once and this will be enough for a session of several hours.

Recommendation 1 is 100% unrefined shea butter (especially the Now Solutions brand).

Or you can use baby grocery oil. It all works very well.

Oil is safe with all toys as long as you don’t use it with a latex condom.

Here’s how to apply the lubricant:The

  • With a Sliquid, you can use the enema bulb to inject lubricant into your rectum.
  • With shea butter, keep it in the refrigerator and take it out before use. Take two small spoons and insert them into your rectum.
  • You can also add a little lubricant on your finger and put it slowly inside you.
  • Spread some lubricant on the toy.
  • Wipe your hands, insert the toy and wash your hands.

You can also use disposable gloves or a washcloth to keep your hands clean and dry.

prostate milking health risks

Step 2 – Diet: How Anal Shower the Right Way

Nobody wants more damage than necessary.

Not everyone needs to shower, but it depends on the person, their diet and how their body works.

It helps if you don’t eat anything heavy during the day (stick to raw foods like vegetables, fruits).

Then use a basic anal shower like this.

basic anal douche

Here’s how to do the showering itself:

  • Fill it with room temperature water, sit on the toilet or shower.
  • squirt in and expel water immediately. Like 5 second highs.
  • Repeat 2-3x, I usually don’t need to use more than one container of water.

Do not keep the water for more than 5 seconds, because that is when it becomes an enema … and you do NOT want it.

Then take a good shower, lie down on soft towels and everything should be fine.

If it’s still messy, consider changing the diet. Eating the whole shell of psyllium can be a game-changer to make everything more solid.

Note: A well-shaved perineum and asshole also helps prevent discomfort that may be caused by hair pulled at random by the toy.

relax to prepare for prostate stimulation

Step 3 – Relax your mind and prepare the space

When the monkey spirit runs, it is not a bueno.

Excitement is a critical element, yes.

But you have to find a way to relax your mind.

Also, be sure to only do this if you can get yourself 1 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time.

It is not a fast version.

Some ideas to relax:

  • Smoking weed – I understand that it’s not for everyone, but if you can get your hands on medical grade sativa cannabis, it’s an incredibly easy way to just “let go”.
    Even the simple act of smoking a little grass will help you relax enough to “discover” sensations you can remember when you are sober.
    The herb can be a great shortcut for reaching the first prostate orgasm.
  • Take a long hot bath to close your mind to a point where you can just “be”.
  • Through meditation
    Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose into your belly and exhale through your mouth. (you can also download the Headspace app for 10 minutes of guided relaxation)
    For best results: count to 5 while inhaling, hold your breath for 5 counts and exhale for 5 points. Do this for 20 to 30 times.

I also like the Tony Robbins priming exercise (14.5 min) to help with attendance.

Few things you should do to prepare the space:

Porn can really help you wake up, but during milking the prostate it quickly becomes a distraction.

This is where auditory stimulation comes to the rescue.

You will work for 1 to 3 hours … and it is difficult to know what to do.

It helps.

For some, it’s audio-porn that listens to multi-orgasmic moans.

For some, these are binaural beats.

For some, they are songs of Tibetan monks.

For some, this is the kind of Hypno trainer.

I suggest you download these audio files to your phone in advance and prepare 2-3 hours in advance.

Here are some recommendations:

You can, of course, continue playing porn, but make sure you have a long prepared playlist so you don’t have to touch the keyboard or trackpad that will distract you from the experience.

Finally, prepare towels to place under your buttocks, approach the nearby water and let’s go:

relaxing after prostate massage

Step 4 – Take Things Slowly: Get Your Body Excited

Now that you’re relaxed and everything is ready, it’s time to get excited.

It should be easy if you follow my advice and avoid sexual stimulation for a week.

You should feel energized in your body and excited for the game.

Now you can start with normal porn for 20-30 minutes while wearing your clothes.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Do not touch your penis during the entire session when you are trying to go to a prostate orgasm.

You want to rewire your brain with penile stimulation and discover completely new internal pleasures.

After the session, you can finish off with a handjob, but please, if you want prostate orgasm to happen – DON’T TOUCH THE PENIS!

With porn and clothes on, you wait until you feel that your prostate is starting to hurt and get sore.

If you will only be excited when you insert the prostate massager, it is probably not worth it and will not work.

During the process, enjoy it and if you want, you can relax.

A relaxed ass will facilitate the insertion of the massager and make the prostate more exposed.

When you contract, the prostate comes out of a litter in your rectal wall.

To help him, I suggest tightening and tightening the penis and ass as hard as possible for 10 seconds … Then relax.

thinking about prostate orgasm

Step 5 – Enter inside: Reach point P

Now you should go back to the lubricating part, get the headphones and access the space you have prepared.

Lubricate it. Finger your ass. Lubricate the toy.

Watch this video to help you with the prostate, but if you’ve already found your P-spot, move on.

External scrotum massage

I first like to start with an external massage around the asshole to relax it.

The first sphincter is voluntary. The second will take a while to let you in.

Just massage until everything is nice and relaxed.

You can contract your buttock muscles as you breathe in and relax as you breathe out to help you let go.

how to find prostate anal entrance

What are the best positions for prostate trafficking?

There is no one size and you will have to experiment.

It depends on the toy you bought (Pure Wand, or hands-free like Revo or Hugo)

My favorite position is lying on the side like the lady in the photo and manipulating my hand from behind. This is called a fetal position.

Other popular positions are:

  • lying on all fours, doggy style.
  • lying on his back, a missionary with legs apart (a sexual pillow allows to expose the buttocks)
  • crouched against the wall
  • kneeling position
  • lie on the bed and put your legs up against the wall (use a pillow for back support)

Oh, and a great tip to prevent the toy from being pushed is to wear loose underwear or use a belt.

Lower the belt from the back and lay it against the toy so that it has nowhere to go.

Yes, you have a hands-free experience!

best position for prostate orgasm

Step 6 – Point P massage techniques and arousal steps

You may be wondering …

What do you do during these 2-3 hours?

You enjoy the sensations.

You are listening to audio.

You flex the kegels.

And let the toy do the work.

  • If you use Nexus Revo Stealth, turn off vibration, just use the slowest rotary head setting. Change your position after several minutes to see what gives you better sensations. Make some pressure on the ass. Build it slowly, increase the sensations
  • If you are using nJoy Pure Wand, start with a small head, but try to get to the big head as soon as possible. This is where the real things happen. An excellent position is to lie on your back, take the other end of the toy with your legs and move it with leg movements. (hands free).
    Or … go to the side and handle the wand with your hands … think of an intensity of 10 to 20% … press lightly. Lightly tighten the buttocks.

prostate milking steps

Don’t just expect magic.

Everyone is different and you should experiment a lot until you find the right angle, pressure and rhythm.

Here are some additional ideas (with Revo, position and movement are supported):

  • press the toy on point P and pull it down
  • try firm, direct pressure such as pressing the bell button and releasing
  • move the toy from left to right like windshield vipers
  • tilt your buttocks differently to change the way point P is exposed

Notice that your excitement is slowly increasing.

Focus on the sensations of your body.

Continue to breathe deeply and strongly.

Note: I really like to play real female orgasm compilations (NSFW) and I copy the girls’ breathing, tremors and moans into the video. They naturally know how to do it, while the guys have insecurities, mental blockages … which stretch their body and do not allow this expression. Practice this and you will feel more.

Take your time.

Even if you don’t notice the mind-blowing orgasm approaching, don’t worry.

Remember: It’s about the trip and it will be enjoyable anyway

If you forget yourself during the trip, it is likely that the destination will arrive unexpectedly at the right time.

prostate orgasm right direction

How do you know if you’re moving in the right direction ?:

  • Your penis will become hard without any stimulation. Transparent drops of pre-semen could come out.
  • You will start to notice sudden muscle contractions in the PC.
  • You will feel warm waves of energy accumulating around your genital area
  • You will feel your legs and cheeks tingling, you will feel a little high.

You will notice that the sensations only increase in strength and intensity if you move in the right direction.

You may even want to pee at some point, which could mean you are pressing too hard on point P.

If you continue all this time with deep, slow breathing while slowly increasing your excitement with a constant and slow P-point massage, you will start to feel vibrations all over your body!

If you do not follow the rhythm and the breathing, you will ONLY feel the sensations surrounding your rectum, your perineum and your genitals.

Whatever happens … Roll with these feelings and keep going.

If you’ve seen women orgasm intensely, the whole body is shaking – this is where you’re going. Kiss him.

Don’t be afraid to moan and let your body tremble – enjoy the intensity!

Note: Mr. Racy has published a nice infographic about the stages of arousal, which can help you understand how well you are developing (but note that your feelings may still differ)

achieving prostate orgasm

Step 7 – The final step: reach the prostate orgasm

As the intensity increases, you will have the impression that something is happening. This energy just has to go somewhere.

As orgasm approaches, your abdominal muscles begin to tremble, the PC muscles flex and relax intensely on their own.

You will feel waves of energy going through the body. It will look like an implosion occurring inside that will not subside for 30 to 60 seconds.

But since this is a dry orgasm, you can go on for one more … and one more orgasm. Each next orgasm will come faster and last longer.

If you’ve ever been jealous of a multi-orgasmic woman, now you’re there too!

When you’re done, lie down with this fun, keep breathing and feel the waves calm down.

You will feel like after an energizing workout or a sauna. Jelly legs. Bliss.

After the first orgasm, it will be very easy to chain them.

Just let your body do what it wants.

After a while, you will learn what is good and start to do more.

Remember: Most guys made their first Super-O in a year!

And of course, whatever happens, don’t forget to finish with a wonderful sperm shot and penile stimulation (here are some new techniques you can try) …!

These always feel good and you will be blown away by the amount of sperm you will draw.

troubleshooting tips prostate milking

Prostate Play troubleshooting tips: it didn’t work?

First of all, look at it as a process.

If you at least appreciate it and have improved penile stimulation – you’re progressing very well.

Remember, you rewire years of conditioning from penile stimulation and experience a whole new orgasm.

Give it time.

Some additional tips:

  • Focus on what you feel, not what you don’t feel.
  • Learn to enjoy the sensations without trying to speed up or force the process
  • Think of it as a meditative experience, rather than a break
  • There is no “best toy” – even if there are toys that give orgasms to others, everyone is different (and I think njoy Pure Wand is the most suitable toy for all sizes). Continue to experiment with different sizes, angles and materials.
  • Slow down your breathing.

Again – give it time. As long as you feel you are progressing, you are doing well.

couple holding hands asking how to massage prostate

Suggestions for playing the prostate with your partner

Before I close, I just wanted to tell you how easy it is to introduce the prostate gland game with your partner.

Of all the women I’ve talked to, including my daughter – they’re all excited to see me do prostate stimulation, do it for me or try it pegging game with a strap.

Of course it helps if you give her orgasm orgasms first … then she will be much more interested in helping you out too πŸ˜‰

If you as a guy agree with this, your wife will be sure for that!

The simplest first step to introduce this is to offer to watch you do that. Just let her be there and watch you.

As you progress, you can let her do it while guiding her.

I really like it with njoy Pure Wand, I use it on it first for a nice G-spot stimulation … Then I clean it and I let it use it in my ass.

Vag to ass is safe (don’t do it any other way) and it’s extremely weird!

The most important tip when milking the prostate with a partner

Make sure you stay out of penile stimulation.

There is not much use if the prostate + wank is connected.

This will only reinforce the bad associations with external (penile) stimulation.

Let it start by milking your prostate, then if it doesn’t cause orgasm, you can go to a normal route and it will be incredibly good.

Do not mix the two if you want to experience the PROSTATE ORGASM.

Finally, connecting is a fun thing to do together.

If you get a curved dildo (dildos with pegs), it will hit perfectly and it will be she who will do it πŸ˜‰

This Lovehoney Strap-on Harness Kit with 7 “Dildo is great for testing the waters and having fun with your wife.

Nothing is as hot and vulnerable as taking it in the ass.

For me, however, I never managed to reach PO with my partner. Je trouve toujours difficile

This harness kit Strap-on dildo with a 7 “isideal for testing the waters and have fun with your wife.

Nothing is as warm and vulnerable as he took in the ass.

For me, however, I n have never managed to reach PO with my partner. I always find it hard to be really free and relaxed when I have company.

But again, I even prefer to have a drink by myself … So some will love and thrive in a shared experience and others will do better in themselves.

Taking It To The Next Level

there are a lot of moving elements to reach a super-O and even if I tried to simplify the stool technique feet …