I Met A Hot Babe While Getting Cigarettes

What a night!  I had flashbacks of the night that I had just had.  I felt like I had gone to hell.  I was hungover and I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I wasn’t sure if I had a dream or if what had just happened really happened.  My body felt like it wasn’t a dream.  My heart told me it was not a dream.

I was hanging out with my friends at our favorite watering point.  We’d shoot pool and play darts.  We drank a lot of beer and had a few shots.  I was buzzed and I was doing well.

I needed cigarettes.  The machine at the bar wasn’t working.  I walked to the quickie mart which was around the corner from the bar.  I remembered seeing a long black limousine parked there.

I went in to buy my fumes and when I got out the hottest girl walked in.  She smiled at me and beckoned me back into the store.  I headed to where she was.

“Hey hottie, do you want to party?”

I looked at her and licked my lips.  She was young and hot.  She had a big body and a beautiful face.  She looked soft and pure.  I was wondering what his story was.

She had beer and chips.  She came out of the store and started talking to me.  I was like a pig in.  She had money.  I was wondering if she was alone or if her friends were in the limo with her.

“Where’s your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have one.  My friends and I were at a party.  I just had my limousine driver take them home.  I’m always eager to party.

I couldn’t believe she wanted to party with me.  Why would this beautiful girl want to party with me?  There must have been more, I thought.

“Of course.  What do you have in mind?

“I have grass and coke in the car.  Would you like to party?

I said, “Let’s go.  I’m Buck, by the way.

“Buck, do you like to fuck?”

She laughed when I told her my name.  I followed her in the limo.  Guys would understand after I told them about this sexy girl.  They’d never believe me.

“I’m Bonnie.  Pleasure to meet you.

She pulled a joint out of her bag and turned it on.  We shared it back and forth until it was done.  She pulled out a mirror and cut coke.  We each made a few lines.  She put her head on my shoulder.  She smelled like flowers.  I loved that girl.

She kissed me in the limo.  Her lips were soft and her tongue was exploring my mouth.  I loved kissing her.  I could see the outline of her breasts in her dress.  It didn’t look like she was wearing a bra.  We made a living in the limo.  I wanted it.

She had a hotel room and took me there.  We were doing well.  We were both high and drunk.  She pushed me on the bed and undressed me.  She held my dick in her hands and shot her.  I’ve been so this girl.  My dick was born in action.

She opened her mouth and sucked my dick.  She rubbed and massaged my while enjoying a mouth full of my meat.  I had all kinds of thoughts that crossed my mind.  She sucked the dick so good.  I was high and my mind was everywhere.

“I want to fuck your boobs.  Get your out of this dress.

Bonnie pulled down her dress.  She had the most amazing jugs.  They were as big as watermelons.  She wrapped her breasts around my dick.  I fucked her breasts.  Her pillows felt amazing on my hard cock.  I liked the way my cock felt between its nice melons.

I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside his consequence.  I needed her.  I’ve never needed anything so much.

“I have to fuck you.  I need your.

Bonnie got up and took the rest of her dress.  All I could see was this sexy girl with big boobs and a fucking cock bigger than mine.  Bonnie had a dick.  “A chick with a dick.”

“What is it?  I know what it is.  Why do you have a dick?

“I was born a girl with a dick.  Do you want me to go?

“I’m just a little shocked.  I thought you were a girl.

“I’m a girl with a dick.  I have big boobs and a big dick.  I can show you an incredible moment.  You’ll have the best of both worlds.

I didn’t want her to feel weird.  I imagined that most men were weird by her.  I wanted to be different.  I wanted to give him pleasure.  I was planning on sleeping with that girl.

“Of course. Why not.  I mean, you’re a girl.  It’s not like I’m gay.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being gay.  It’s just that I thought you were a girl.

I knelt in front of her.  His dick was bigger than mine.  I opened my mouth and sucked his dick.  It came out of my mouth.  I kept up with him.  I wanted to please that girl.  I liked to suck his dick.  She moans while I gave her pleasure.

“Fuck my ass!  I have lubricated condoms in my purse.

She gave me a condom.  I unrolled it on my dick.  She got down on her knees.  I leaned over to lick his.  I moved my tongue on his anus.  She was pulling on her dick.  She had the most amazing round you’ve ever seen.  I wanted to fuck her.

I slowly got into his.  She was so tight.  Once I was in it, I moved in and out of her buttocks.  She was tinging on her dick.  My dick felt so good inside his ass.  Most of the girls I’ve been with, never let me fuck their butts.  It was amazing.  I had a hot girl who liked to get her ass fucked.  I wouldn’t tell people she had a dick too.

I fucked her until I came in my condom.  Then it was my turn.  She was going to fuck me.  I pulled myself away from her and got down on my knees.  She rolled a condom on her dick while she licked my asshole.  It was incredibly good.  I was a little scared because I had never had anything inside my buttocks before.  I was straight.  I never thought.  I liked that girl.  I had to keep an eye on it.  It was just one night of my life.

She slowly softened her dick in my asshole.  It didn’t feel pleasant in any way.  I hurt a lot.  I knew I had to try to relax because it would hurt more if I was tense.  I tried to think of things that made me happy.  It wasn’t something I always wanted to do.  I liked the girl.  She was a transgender girl. She was beautiful and she had a dick.  I had to let her fuck me.  I just thought of nice things to relax.

“Fuck, it really hurts!  Take it easy!  Do you have any lubricant?  Jesus!

She pulled out of me and approached her bag.  She just had a bottle of lubricant inside.  She turned to me and pressed the lubricant on her palm.  She wiped the lubricant all over my.  She tried to push herself into my tight hole again.  She held my hips and slowly pushed her cock into my asshole.  I bit my finger.  I felt like they were torn apart.  She was relieving her huge cock deeper and deeper inside my anal canal.  I screamed while she was inside my asshole.  It was the first time someone had fucked my asshole.  I was pretty sure it would be the last time too.

“Fucking hell!  Holy Fuck!”

I moaned while she was taking my.  It hurt me more than anything I felt.  I told myself that I would never ask another woman to make anal sex again.  I moaned like a baby while she was taking my butt.  It was uncomfortable while she was growing and coming out of my.

“I need to come.  Oh my God!”

She blew it up inside her condom and pulled me out of my.  I was exhausted while we were standing on the bed.  We rested for a while before returning.  We had sex several times throughout the evening.  She fucked me more times than I had fucked all the women in the ass.  I had been used all evening for his pleasure.  I liked the girl.  It was something I would never forget.  She was the most beautiful girl I slept with.

I felt hollowed out and finally passed out.  When I woke up, she was gone.  She did not leave her phone number.  I just had flashbacks from when I was taken by a transgender girl.  My life had changed.  I didn’t know how I felt.


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I met a hot baby while getting cigarettes