Increasing Desire: Chapter 5 – Subconscious Needs

Libido speaks

It was only a few days after our last visit that I turned to my husband, Richard, and said, “Oh my God, darling. I’m so excited. I want to make an appointment with Ivan and Kim for another BDSM session, and soon.

Richard confessed that he couldn’t stop thinking about our recent adventures either. He encouraged me to contact them.

I called, and I could almost hear the smile in Ivan’s voice.

“I’m glad you called us, Janice,” he said. “We were wondering if you and Richard were satisfied with the outcome of our last session. You were introduced to some elements of BDSM that were new and perhaps a stretch for each of you.

“Oh yes,” I replied. “Richard and I talked about what happened and found that we both enjoyed and had positive feelings about the things we did with you and Kim. We seem to learn more exciting techniques with each visit with you.

“Wonderful,” Ivan said. “Kim and I hope we provide you with some ideas and methods that will improve your sex life. I am glad that you both appreciate our efforts and that you are always excited and ready to experience new things. That said, if all goes well with you, we have decided to introduce you both to sex toys in this next session. Remember that we are very practical in our training. And, we also insist on punishment before reward.

“Thank you, Ivan. We know your philosophy very well right now. We’ll see you tomorrow night,” I said with a slight chill at the idea of using sex toys in front of other people.

Start of the session

When we arrived for our lesson, Ivan and Kim drove us into the room that contained the desk and two right back chairs. Items displayed on the desk included a stack of Velcro restraint straps, two bamboo sticks and a variety of sex toys. I was intrigued. Richard seemed surprised because I hadn’t told him about Ivan’s comment on toys.

Kim sent us to our corners and made us undress. I felt an adrenaline rush as I undressed and ready to submit to who knows what. This rush, which I had learned from previous sessions, would last all evening. The thrill and excitement of getting undressed and getting sexually excited in the company of others is definitely a big part of the BDSM draw for my husband and I.

Once we were undressed, Kim took us back to the office in the center of the room and took off her clothes as well. Ivan was wearing a lab coat that was buttoned up at the front. “I’m glad you’ve both decided to shave,” Kim said. “This will make our lessons much more enjoyable for all of us.”

“During today’s session,” Ivan began, “we will continue to show you some techniques of light bondage, and the use of certain items called “sex toys.” But, as you know, we believe that providing a little punishment before proceeding to the most enjoyable parts of the session translates into an enhanced experience. So, Richard and Janice, please lean over the desk so that Kim and I can use the bamboo rods on your back.

We did what we were asked to do, and everyone endured ten strikes that left us with red weltes stinging. My neck and chest began to rinse with the first signs of intense excitement. And, Richard’s dick became semi-erect.

The Cock-Ring

Ivan turned to Ricard with a circular plastic ring in his hand. The ring was about two inches in diameter. He grabbed the ring with the thumb and fingers of both hands and stretched it out a bit – showing us that it was a bit elastic, but not too stretchy.

“Richard,” ivan said, “it’s a rooster ring. It is used to surround your cock and the right balls at their base. It is sized to be tight enough to restrict blood flow out of your penis, but not too tight to stop it all together. It will help you stay tough for an extended period of time, and also prevent you from coming too fast. Let me show you how to set it up.

I watched Ivan reach out as I took them from my husband in one hand while holding the ring in the other. He gently dropped each testicle through the ring, then slipped the upper part on to Richard’s soft, semi-erect. My husband’s was still flexible enough to slide through easily. Then Ivan pushed the ring to the base and pulled all the supple skin from Richard’s scrotum through the ring. In the end, the ring was tight against Richard’s abdomen and perineum. His cock and balls were tight and held together, slightly away from his body.

“What does it feel like, Richard?” Ivan asked as he continued to hold and lightly caress the package surrounded by Richard.

My husband said, “Okay, not too tight.”

“Well, that’s what it should feel,” Ivan says. “Go ahead and feel it for yourself. But don’t be fooled, the ring will look much tighter when you become fully erect.

I was stunned. My husband didn’t flinch when Ivan took care of his private to put the cock-ring in place and jerk him off a bit. I think it showed a lot of confidence on his part. He also seemed to appreciate the sensation of his now confined genitalia.

I’m Bound

Suddenly, naked Kim appeared at my side and said, “It’s time to get ready for the session as well.” She made me sit in one of the chairs. She brought four of the Velcroed tie straps and tied each of my wrists to one side of the rear chair. Then she tied each of my ankles to one leg before the chair. She made me test the strength of my restraints, and I found that I could not move any of my limbs or get up from the chair.

Then Kim brought a thin nylon rope length. She quickly used it to weave a school beetle that surrounded, lifted and tightened my breasts. She was well practiced at rope work and made me tied up in no time. When she finished, my breath was panting to shreds and I could feel my breasts start to swell. “Lord, in what I got myself into, I thought.

Richard and Ivan saw Kim tie me up. I smiled at them to let them know that I agreed with the process so far. Then Ivan had my husband bend on the desk. Ivan reached for Velcro straps, but then thought better of it. Instead of tying him up, Ivan asked Richard to place his forearms on the side near the desk, leaving him bent at the waist, supported by his arms on the desk, that head and shoulders slightly away from the desk. My chair was perpendicular to the end of the desk on which Richard was leaning. His legs were apart and I could clearly see his cock-ring-related parts. It was even less than erect.

Ivan picked up a bamboo rod again. He inserted between my leaning legs on the husband and lifted him up until he touched her. Then he lowered the tip of the rod by about six inches and lifted it hard. My husband’s moans let us know it hurt.

Kim reveals the plan

Kim leaned over my shoulder while we watched. She put her lips near my left ear and whispered, “Your reward for today is to have a seat in the front row while Ivan fucks your husband. I don’t know if you know, but Ivan’s bisexual. After you called to make tonight’s appointment, he told me he wanted to take Richard’s virgin this session. Ivan is really good at seducing men. He’ll take his time to bring your husband, and before he’s finished, Richard will beg Ivan to take him – to fuck his ass.

I was appalled. I couldn’t believe Ivan would do that to Richard. I sucked my breath, but before I could talk Kim whispered again. “You just watched. You’ll enjoy it more than you can imagine. But, if you try to talk or warn Richard of what’s coming, I’ll gag you and beat your raw breasts with my bamboo rod.

I didn’t know what to do. As I struggled with my dilemma, Kim squeezed my bare shoulder. Then she slipped her hand on my chest, on bonding ropes, and gave my already swollen breast a hard pressure. Richard did not hear what she said, but he saw what she did to me. “So much for the kinder and gentler side of BDSM,” I thought.

The TENS unit

With Richard looking at her, Kim walked over to him and Ivan. “I think Richard had enough punishment for today,” she told both of them. “Let’s reward him for his good behavior so far.”

Ivan nodded his assent and Kim proceeded to the pile of sex toys. She chose a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator or TENS unit. It was already attached to a stainless steel probe that was about half an inch in diameter and sported a smooth hemispheric head end. She turned on the power switch and adjusted the length and duration between the impulsielectric ones before handing it over to Ivan.

She stood on my husband’s shoulder as he leaned and leaning forward on the desk. He couldn’t help but look at her naked shape as she explained that, as part of her award today, she and Ivan were going to boost her prostate. He was going to find him very nice, and his cock and balls would feel a lot swollen against the restraint of the ring dick he was already wearing.

Then she reached down and gently caressed lengthening Richard. She looked him in the eye and asked him kindly: “Richard, you have been open to new experiences with us over the past few weeks. And, I know you enjoyed the results. Tonight, we’d like to introduce you to sensations in an erogenous zone that most men don’t know about. This is something new for you to try. We will stop at any time if you ask us to. Do you think you’d like to try stimulation, Richard?

My husband was stunned. He was reluctant and mumbled something to that effect.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Kim cooed as she continued to pet her private. “I’ll be here with you, and your wife will be watching us.”

My husband turned his head and looked at me, perhaps hoping I would save him. But I had already been put on notice. So I just smiled and nodded my approval. What else could I do?

“Okay, then,” continued Kim. “We’re going to start with easy, slow steps. Ivan will apply some lubricant to your anus so that the thin probe of the TENS unit will slide right and contact your prostate painlessly at all. Meanwhile, I’ll jump on the desk and sit between your arms to give you something to focus on – a distraction if you want.

Kim did what she said. She used the other chair as a step-stool and climbed onto the desk and sat down, legs apart, right in front of my husband’s face. Richard’s gaze was fixed on his open lips from the bottom.

While he was distracted, Ivan applied a generous portion of lubricant to my husband’s anus. Richard squirmed a little when he felt Ivan’s finger working the fresh lubricant in the outer folds. “Better move forward a little bit, Kim,” Ivan ordered. “I think Richard needs to be encouraged.”

Kim skootched her forward until her legs hung on the desk on either side of my husband’s head. His cunt touched Richard’s face. Then she leaned back and turned her hips up, providing my husband with direct access to her. It was obvious what she wanted him to do. I heard Richard take an audible sip, and then he temporarily stretched out his tongue to explore it. I saw him go up until he hit his clitipeux. Kim smiled at me as she held out her hand to grab my husband’s head and drew her.

Ivan continued to use the distraction as he lubricated the probe, checked that the power was off, and put it in contact with my husband’s anus. Richard wriggles uncomfortable. Ivan put a hand on Richard’s bare back. “Easy now,” said Ivan, as if he were begging a pony. “The probe is thinner than a doctor’s finger when he does a prostate exam. It will feel a little cool at first, but it won’t hurt at all, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it warms up and we start the stimulation.

Richard just growled as Ivan slipped the probe into several inches. He could not walk away, and he could not say anything because his mouth was full and huddled up to Kim’s cunt.

Seducing my husband

I was next to me when I watched my husband get mugged. And I was surprised that he didn’t protest while Ivan was proceeding. In fact, Richard seemed to be enjoying it until now. I was worried about him, but I remembered what my husband had told me after our last session: “If Ivan started having real sex with you during one of our sessions, and it was obvious that you would enjoy it, I would have no objec It’s not going to work. I wouldn’t think less of you to do it. In fact, I would like to watch, learn, and, if possible, find a way to participate.

Given this, I could only sit, bound in my chair, and watch. What they were doing was extremely erotic and I felt my excitement increase. I wanted to touch myself, but I couldn’t because of my constraints.

Ivan turned on the power of the TENS unit. Short sharp impulses began to stimulate my husband’s prostate. He started making sounds ‘um, uuummm’. I saw his cock shake and start to grow.

Ivan took his time. He let my husband get used to having a little cylindrical object up his. Ivan moved the probe slowly to a shallow depth, letting Richard’s reactions guide his exploration to the most effective point of prostate stimulation. Then he withdrew a-lane and re-insa to touch this place again and again.

Richard really started humming, and his erection grew. Her ball bag became plump and spherical. I knew he was enjoying very new sensations.

Ivan slowly moved the probe in and out of one hand as it reached between my husband’s legs with the other. “Let’s see how you go with the cock-ring,” he said as he knowingly massaged Richard’s balls and stroked his hardening cock. “Well, you seem to fit well as you become fully erect. Remember that the ring will make it easier for you to resist coming. If you can hold back, it will be so much better when you do get off later. Are you going to delay the coming? Are you going to try to do it for me, Richard?

My husband was getting more excited and quickly nodded his assent as Ivan continued to caress his cock and caress his tight ball bag.

I said, “Good. I’ll stroke the probe in and out faster to increase your excitement,” Ivan said as he proceeded using the TENS units tree in a fucking simulated motion.

As my husband began to relax and get into the rhythm of stimulation, Ivan continued to talk. “I’m going to remove the probe now and use my fingers to check your prostate, Richard. However, before I put my finger in, I want you to know that I get a and my pants hold it back. I’m going to keep my lab coat, but I’m going to take off my pants now to let him go. Is it good with you, Richard?

Again, my husband nodded his approval. I couldn’t believe Richard was so compliant. Maybe he didn’t realize what Ivan wanted. But I was not able to change the obvious course of events that were taking place before my eyes.

Kim got up from the office and came to my side.

Ivan walked to Richard’s shoulder and placed the DETENS unit and his probe back on the desk. I watched as Ivan removed his pants, allowing briefly fully erect, shaved package enter ingeland. Richard turned his head to see what Ivan was doing. My husband was at eye level with Ivan’s cock once his pants were off. A rooster that had been in mine and Richard’s mouth last session. My husband did not seem concerned as Ivan nonchalantly reached under his lab coat, exposed and stroked his erection a few times just in front of his face as if to straighten it out after his confinement.

“Does the sight of my erection frighten you, Richard?” Ivan asked. After my husband shook his head ‘No’, Ivan continued. “Should I unbutton my lab coat so you can see everything?”

Richard stole the tooth slowly, “Yes.”

Ivan unbuttoned his coat as my husband and I were watching. When his erect penis was fully exposed, Richard literally looked at it. Then he looked at me beyond. He had a question in his eyes.

“Go ahead, Richard, touch him and suck him.” I said. “You know you want to!”

Ivan looked my way and gave me a big smile. Then he advanced to Richard’s shoulder and stretched out his cock. My husband turned slightly and reached out to take Ivan’s erect penis in his hand. Ivan took off his own hand and Richard took his time caressing, caressing, and exploring Ivan’s dick and impressive balls. I’m sure it was the first time he had been allowed to touch another man intimately. Soon he moved his face forward and looked up at Ivan’s face asking for permission.

“That’s it, Richard. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Close your eyes and take it. It’s something you expect your wife to do for you. See what it does to her. And, don’t worry about me. I’m a good one with that. My dick doesn’t discriminate by sex. In my experience, a pipe of a woman or a man feels the same way. And, God knows, we men always like to receive a pipe from our women. Isn’t that right, Richard?

I had to smile as I listened to Ivan coach and cuddle my husband. What he said was so true.

“Remember how good it was to submit to me last week? Ivan asked rhetorically. “Well, it’s normal to review those feelings whenever you’re afraid or feel the need to have me in your boUche. Let me know. I understand, and so does your wife.

I could see that Ivan’s sound, speaking directly about sex and gender, affected my husband. His neck and chest changed into a crimson hue.

Ivan noticed, too. He reached around my Richard’s head with both hands and cradled as he softened his cock deep into my husband’s mouth. There he stood still and allowed Richard to suck and explore at the contents of his heart. Ivan removed his right hand from my husband’s head and used it to gently massage his neck and back. Then he backed off and completely removed the lab coat before re-inserting his cock between my husband’s lips and began a soft face fuck while holding his head in place.

When Ivan felt it was time, he took his cock out of Richard’s mouth and put his arms back on the desk. Both men were completely naked. My husband was fully excited and quivering. To me, Ivan’s erect penis seemed harder, thicker, and longer than I remembered from our previous lesson. He was obviously very excited by the thought of what was to come.

Ivan continued to stand on my husband’s shoulder and spoke to him in a gentle and gentle tone, assuring him that it was normal to be excited. “I know you’re feeling new and you don’t know how to react. Believe me and just be open to the experience.

Ivan continued to massage Richard’s neck and back while he reassured my husband that everything was fine and that he could let go.

As he moved slowly to Richard’s back, Ivan let his hand drag along my husband’s back and down to his, the stability of the object of his desire. Ivan’s cock slipped against Richard’s buttocks when he rode Richard’s left leg while moving to a position between my husband’s legs apart.

Ivan advanced until his erect cock nestled in my husband’s ass crack. He then stepped forward to rub my husband’s shoulders. He massaged Richard’s neck and back for several minutes before lowering his hands to hold his hips while his cock stayed in contact with my husband’s crack. The slow rubbing of the hand had the desired effect, and Richard let out a sigh as he slumped forward resting his chest on the desk. His arms are not capable of holding him back. At this point, I’m sure my husband knew what was going to happen, but he couldn’t resist the needs of a more dominant male.

“Relax, Richard. You’re doing fine. “I’ll just use my fingers to see how your prostate reacts to stimulation,” Ivan said as he shifted to keep his cock warm in touch with Richard’s hot ass cheek.

As Ivan spoke, he stepped under Richard with his right hand to once again caress his now throbbing cock and swollen balls. Ivan jacked my husband’s in a slow pace and sometimes squeezed his puffy balls back against the cock-ring confining.

“Richard, I really like the feel of your shaved cock and balls surrounded by the cock-ring,” Ivan said softly. “Have you ever been touched like this by a man before?”

My husband’s breathing was getting laborious, but he managed a strangled ‘No’.

“Not too bad, is it?”

I said, “No.”

Prostate exam

Kim’s arm was around me. She was strog me on the side. “I love it,” she whispered in her ear. “Your husband is reluctant, but Ivan overcomes his resistance. To watch… and enjoy …” Her hand went to my crotch and stroked her, touching my thighs, just between my legs.

Ivan continued to slowly masturbate my husband. “It’s good if you like it. Your wife is here. She knows it’s just sex. You simply respond to the stimulation of your genitals. It doesn’t matter if a man or a woman does it. She wants you to explore your feelings and take the opportunity to learn things that you can use together at home. Isn’t that right, Janice?

Richard turned his head in my direction again. When he saw how I was engaged with Kim, he seemed to relax and respond to Ivan’s motions of continuous pleasure.

I’m sure my husband didn’t think he wanted what he felt came, but he was so excited that he could no longer deny his need, and he didn’t object as Ivan proceeded to his seduction.

When he felt that Ricard was ready, Ivan stopped his male hand work and slowly brought his hand back and to my husband’s anus.

“Okay, Richard, here we go. Just like in the doctor’s office,” Ivan said, lubricating and fingering his right hand. “It will be familiar to you if you have ever had a doctor do it. As you know, you will feel a little pressed, a shiver, when the finger first pushes through the tight ring of your sphincter. There’s often a little ‘Uuumph!’ a moment. These forbidden feelings are usually unconsciously suppressed in the presence of the doctor. But here you are with friends, and you can afford to relax and actually enjoy the experience for the first time.

Ivan suddenly inserted his big major to its entire length. I heard my husband give an audible ‘Uuumph!’ Ivan let him fit and then felt for my husband’s prostate. Once he located it, he moved his finger in and out in a slow pace as it pulsated the gland. Ivan also reached around Richard’s left leg with his left hand to continue stroking his cock and his completely swollen balls.

I couldn’t help but watch as Ivan continued to finger fuck my husband under the pretext of giving him an al prostate massage. His other hand caressed Richard’s restraints relentlessly.

Kim’s hands were all over me. “You’re going to see him get it for the first time,” she muttered. “Your Richard, fucked by a man.” His fingers cracked in my vagina. “And you love him, don’t you?”

I left his fingers in me! “Yes,” I whispered, clkooing and turning my hips upwards to expose my vagina and anus.

I said, “Look at this. Look and learn,” she says, as I stretch my knees and thighs to give her full access.

Richard Begs

“I think you can easily take another finger, Richard. Are we going to try it? He changed his hand. I watched my husband repulsed in a positive response. Ivan removed his middle finger until the upper joint was visible and pressed his index finger near him and began to nose his way back. Richard held his breath and grabbed the other side of the desk as he was stretched. When the fingers were just inside, Ivan twisted his fingers back and forth, stretching it evenly in all directions while his left hand toyruthlessly with Richard’s penis. My husband was next to him now, faint noises coming from the back of his throat. Just when it seemed like he might start to come from this exciting new sensation, Ivan pulled off his fingers and let Richard calm down.

I said, “Good. Now three is the magic number, ” said Ivan, as he inserted three fingers of his right hand and continued to pump and stretch my husband’s asshole for several minutes as he continued to caress and slowly jack his cock with his left hand.

“Okay, now relax,” Ivan says, moving directly behind my husband and stroking his hips. As he moved, he brought Richard up so that his upper body was fully supported by the office. He then pulled himself forward until his groin flattened Richard’s cheeks. My husband moaned and grabbed the other side of the desk as he felt Ivan positioning himself.

“Now Richard, you know that it is perfectly natural for a man to explore the feelings and sensations associated with any erogenous zone – even his anus. The excitement of the game is strong. And, he is not gay or homosexual. All men, and women, can experience and appreciate this form of sexual arousal. I know I know that. And I think you do, too.

Ivan continued to caress and stimulate Richard’s genitals and anus for some time. I admired his restraint and attention to foreplay. Eventually he asked, “Do you think you’re ready for me?” My husband made him shudder visibly, but he did not answer.

“You want that, Richard, don’t you?” said Ivan as he lovingly held my husband’s hip with one hand while stroking his own fully erect cock against the crack of his ass. Isn’t it?”

“Yes,” my barely audible husband replied.

“And you’ve never even thought before?”

“No,” my husband replied with a surprise note of self-awareness.

Ivan had his red, crawling, fully hand-held. He advanced until he came into contact with my husband’s well-lubricated crack. Ivan has slipped his cock up and down from Richard’s crack, actually dry humming him – allowing him to get the sensation of a hot cock slipping over and around his waiting anal opening.

Ivan placed the pointed tip of his extremely stretched cock right at the now gaping hole. “Tell me what you want, Richard,” Said Ivan. But there was no answer. Ivan started softening his cock head in and out with short sharp movements of his hips, stopping just short of actual penetration.

“Ask for it, or I can’t give it to you. You and Janice will have to go home dissatisfied. Ivan told him.

After a while, Richard said, “Please.”

“Please, what?” Ivan asked.

“Fuck me.”

Ivan slapped Richard’s. Hard. “If you want my dick, you’re going to have to do a better job begging for it!”

“Please! Please! Go fuck yourself, Ivan! Damn, it’s good! I really need it now! Richard begged sincerely.

I was amazed that Ivan not only made my husband submit to being fucked, he also humiliated him by begging him in the process.


Ivan grabbed my husband’s hips and began to press the head of his cock against Richard’s opening. Kim was behind me, with her head next to mine, lips in my ear. “Oo, look at this,” she says. While I was watching, Ivan pressed. “Fucked!” muttered Kim and she slipped a finger inside me. In fact, it was two: one in front and one at the back. I was out of my mind. She leaned against me, pressing me against the constraints. Ivan had pushed his dick’s head into my husband. He waited and let Richard get used to the stretching. Kim’s fingers started moving while I was watching. “You want to be there, don’t you?” “To look closely? Or for Ivan to fuck you like that. That’s what you want, isn’t it, Janice? Want Ivan up this pretty little of yours?

That’s all. I was just about to come. I had a hard time avoiding making noise.

“Aaah! So tight, Ivan complimented my husband as he sip the head of his cock through the rubber ring of my husband’s well lubricated sphincter for the first time. Richard moaned, but did not seem to be in pain.

I kept watching. I slipped to the side and Kim continued to hold me against the stresses with her body, her fingers still doing their thing. “Please stop!” I whispered, afraid of making noise and we’d be discovered. It did not.

When my orgasm subsided, I felt Kim free me from my bonds – tearing velcro’s straps loose. Then she lifted me up and pushed me onthe desk right next to Richard. Ivan had still folded on the desk and let him get used to the sensation of a rooster in his. I reached out to my husband, telling him I was with him. I felt the movement transmitted by Ivan’s entries. Ivan was deliberately moving his cock in and out of my husband’s asshole. Then he pressed his cock slowly until he was completely inside again. I felt Richard squirm as he took the whole length. Then Ivan relaxed it and backed off. He stroked my husband’s cheeks for a while, then stepped forward and rode him again. Richard shutter.

“It’s good, darling,” I assured my husband. “It’s just sex. Let yourself go. Just let it go. Enjoy making memories that we can share in our bedroom at home.

Ivan backed off a second time and removed his cock again. Richard moans with desire. Ivan separated my husband’s cheeks and fingered him.  Again, Richard moans until Ivan walks forward and takes him for the third time, demonstrating his dominance. At that time, Ivan had broken my husband and he was riding him with ease. This time he pushed to the end and held this position as he reached the front and stroked Richard’s small man’s breasts, which were accentuated by his leaning position. It was obvious that Ivan liked to treat Richard like a girl and freshing him while fucking him. It was added sensation for all of them.

My husband was next to him. Ivan started pushing for good. The force of each shot was transmitted from her to her body and up through her arm. I looked at my husband’s face. I could see that he was about to come, but trying his best to hold back as he was asked to do.

“Richard,” said Ivan sternly. “I want you to use your hand to grab your dick. If you feel like you may be starting to come, I want you to press it very hard to stop your coming before it starts. Understand?

“Yes,” replied Richard, with increasing excitement in his voice. I noticed that he was showing all the signs of intense excitement, and now he liked to touch himself.

Ivan pulled Richard to an almost vertical position with his cock still buried at height. “Janice,” he said. “Sit on the floor and slide between our legs. Get up so you can sit in front of Richard with the desk on your back. Then watch and enjoy the action.

I did what I was told. It was a tight fit. I found myself at eye level with my husband’s tightly confined scrotum. His cock stretched over his balls. Below, I could see Ivan’s cock coming in and leaving Richard’s ass. My husband’s anus grabbed Ivan’s cock as she moved tirelessly in and out.

“Ooh, darling. Your dick is so hard. And, yourare are so tight, I say. “Take off your hand so I can touch you.” I stroked his dick and balls up close in front of my face. I could feel the pre-come flowing from the tip down and around the head. I pulled his cock down and let him push up between my lips. The rooster ring held its balls forward so his cock, although very hard, did not extend as far as it would normally. It was a perfect arrangement. I got to taste and feel his sexually agitated cock in my mouth without fear that it could grow down my throat. I relaxed and left the thrust movements caused by Ivan’s fucking cock movement in my mouth.

While orally enjoying my husband’s cock, I reached out between his legs, behind his tight scrotum, to find and touch Ivan’s cock and the free-swinging balls. I gently tightened them and then let my fingers wrap around his tablecloth, tree in constant motion. In response, Ivan pulled his hot, hard from Richard and let me feel it. I wrapped my fingers around his finesse and Ivan playfully kissed my closed hand. I was out of my mind. Ivan recognized me and recognized my participation while having sex with my husband. I was delighted and let him know by actively pumping his cock while he was humming my fist.

Eventually, Ivan pushed forward, indicating that he wanted to get back into my husband. I released my handle on his tree, guided him to his target, then cut Ivan’s balls in the palm of my hand as he rode Richard for the final event.

It was so rushed to be engaged to the two men in my life while they were having sex together for the first time. It was wonderful to touch and enjoy two men without the hassle of choosing one over the other.

I felt that Ivan was ready to consummate his union with my husband. He stopped holding Richard and let him lean over the desk for support. I had to release my husband’s cock from my mouth and move my head to the side.

Ivan rolled his arms around Richard’s waist and pulled him back until his cock was fully inserted into my husband. Then Ivan used his legs and knees bent for quick intuition of his cock creeping forward and back in short strokes that would bring him to orgasm and ejaculation. Richard was beside him- moaning and mumbling. Then I heard him shouting, “God help me, I love it!” Please don’t stop now!

Ivan push hard … Released… Push hard again … Then held on.

“It’s okay, darling. Ivan’s ready. You can let go and come now, I tell my husband.

“Come now!” I screamed at both of them. Come as long and hard as you can!

Richard couldn’t hold back. I felt his anal ring start to spasms and Ivan’s cock milk exploding. Ivan started screaming and shooting his hot deep into my husband. I reached around and pulled Ivan’s hips forward, holding his exploding cock firmly in my husband’s ass. I then reached between his legs and felt the base of his tree pulse and his balls contract as he began to ejaculate. My husband began to sound like a moose in heat as his own glands contracted escontract and worked to force the hearty sperm he had produced during the extended foreplay by the restriction caused by the ring. Richard pushed, sprayed, and splashed his hot load on my face, chest and breasts. Ivan pumped his hot ejaculate deep into my husband’s. It was a glorious climax for my two men.

The reader house

During the return trip, we sat close to each other. I was melancholy. I hugged my husband and watched the world go by. After a while, I asked temporarily what he thought of continuing appointments with Ivan and Kim. Richard was hesitant. He said he didn’t think he could look Ivan in the eye after the way he had let him fuck him tonight. We remained silent a little and laid my head on his shoulder, and then asked,

“Why do you feel this façon, Richard? It was just sex. Ivan didn’t force you. He let you explore what it’s like to be excited and fucked by a man for the first time, and you enjoyed it. You were so excited.

“I know,” Richard acknowledged. “It’s just that men are conditioned not to let that happen.”

“Sweetie, thousands of women lose their virginity to a man every day, and most have mixed feelings just like you. They love sex, but they are harassed by the feeling that they should not have let it go that far.

“I know, but I’m not a young girl,” he replied.

“But, I watched Ivan show you his dick. He even asked you if it scared you and you said “No.” Then you sucked him while he stroked your neck and back. He moved to his back, felt you, masturbated, fingered and stretched your for a while. Then he asked you if you wanted to, and you said “Yes.” He even made you beg him to do it. When you begged, he put his dick in your asshole. He let you fit his waist, and fucked you gently. I don’t think I heard you say it hurt. When I joined you at the office, you were breathing hard, you were whining and you were about to lose it. Then Ivan climbed you several times to break you properly while I held your hand. And you willingly accepted his approach every time.

“Ivan pulled you up right with his cock up and made me sit between your legs with my back at the office. I’ve never seen you so strong. I couldn’t resist sucking you while you were engaged in your first anal sex with a man. And, I was delighted to touch you and feel Ivan’s cock tree and balls as he approaches orgasm and ejaculation inside you. When you came, he came too. You absolutely exploded on my face and breasts.

“Given everything you’ve done, and how much you’ve enjoyed, I don’t see how you can feel bad about it at this point,” I concluded.

“I know, I know,” Richard replied, “It’s just that I’m not feeling good about it, sort of.”

We fell silent again and laid my head on Richard’s shoulder, and then said quietly,
“How about giving me an appointment to see Ivan alone next time?”

“Why,” he asked.

I was frank – no longer afraid to tell Richard about the sex I wanted. “I want Ivan to fuck me in the ass like he did to you. He is a master of foreplay and excitement. He and Kim touched me there at the right times causing incredible orgasms. So I’m dying to see what he can do for me out there with his dick.

“But I also need him to take his time to prepare, fuck me, and get me to the point of begging him to take my ass. And, I don’t think you should be there to watch while he has his way with me.

“I’m going to give myself completely the sensations of my last experience,” he continued. “And I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable about it.”

“Tell yourself what. If you let me do this, when I get home, I’ll give you all the details and a job in hand. And, once I get over Ivan, I’m going to want you to fuck me in the ass, too.

“And,” I promised, “I shall not see Ivan again without you.” Unless you ask me to!

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Growing Desire: Chapter 5 – Subconscious Needs