Innocence – anal teaching first-time girl-on-boy

Many, many moons before i met my man, I had a friend – let’s call him Arnold. And I mean a friend. Arnold was gay, or my innocent man thought he was. I was about eighteen years old at the time and I thought I was a socialite woman. A mess at fifteen made me believe that I wasn’t so innocent, but it turns out the cherry was still there, but it’s another, much more boring, story.

So anyway, Arnold and I were hanging out with mutual friends most weekends, and we put it right. Naturally, one night the speech turned to past sexual encounters, and they all laughed at my fumble story, we laughed at theirs, and then Arnold tells us his first time – with a woman. I didn’t think about anything about it, assuming a lot of gay men try women first before deciding they went the other way (so to speak) and we kept laughing and chatting like before.

As we were living in the same part of town, Arnold and I shared a taxi home that night, nothing unusual in that, but his mood was a bit tense. Putting my hand on his arm, I asked if everything was okay. His answer was to grab my face and kiss me! I kissed him for a brief moment before I realized what I was doing, and then I pushed him away.

“What are you doing, you’re gay!” I tripped.

“I’m not,” he stuttered, “I’m attracted to women too. He’s the person for me, not the genitals.

Not knowing what to say to that, I sat watching it for a while. He looked so unhappy. I reached out and took his hand.

“I really love you, but I’m not convinced it would be enough for me,” I muttered.

“Please let’s try,” he murmured.

And so I started a relationship with a gay man! Ok, a bisexual guy, but we didn’t have such words at the time.

The next night, Arnold called my house. I had only left home a few months before, which added to the illusion in my head of the worldly woman. As we were not due to meet the others that night, it was technically a date, I guess. With one drink each, and some crispy snacks, we chose a video (yes it was a long time ago, there was no DVD!) and settled down to watch. I think it caught our attention for maybe twenty minutes, not even remembering what it was. He had come close to me, and had taken my hand. I remember being mesmerized by his fingers intertwined with mine. He had very neat hands, with neat nails. Everything is clean and proportional and smooth. I turned to ask, what I’m sure was a stupid question, and instead found his mouth on mine.

Give him his dues, since he’d spent a lot of time kissing guys, this guy knew how to kiss a girl too. Farm lipped, but not hard. Caressing the tongue without slinging it down my throat. One hand was on the back of my head, the other was wandering. Gently caressing the neck, firmer circles on my shoulders, light feathers on my collarbone and on my chest. He cut off a breast, teasing my nipple through my top and bra. A groan must have eluded me as he recoiled slightly to look at me.

“Is that ok?”

All I could do was say the horever. Feeling bold, I traced his jaw with my fingers, then pulled his mouth towards mine. My fingers followed a similar path to her, all the way up to the hem of her t-shirt, then under her and back up her torso to find the nipple I had felt on the way down. Rolling the little stiff knot between my thumb and forefinger, he whistled and kissed me more deeply, reflecting my action on my own nipple.

Breaking the contact to abandon our two peaks, he stopped to look at me. Feeling self-aware, naked in mind that I have fairly large breasts, my brain screamed that I couldn’t look less like a guy if I tried, I tried to cover myself. Holding both my hands to stop me, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “You are beautiful.”

Taking me by the hand, he led me through the bedroom, again checking that it was ok. Stopping at the foot of the bed, he put his hands on either side of my face and kissed me as they do in the movies. Running his hands in my body simultaneously was like nothing I’d known before. My heart was beating when he unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them out of my hips. Dipping into his hip pocket, he pulled out a condom wrapper and threw it on the bed, then poured his jeans in an elegant motion.

Lying down, his mouth wandered the same path as his hand. At the neck, above my collarbone, up to my chest. Licking my nipple like an ice cream was a new sensation. Sucking it in his mouth was delicious. My previous trial and error had not done this or felt this well. Moving to the other breast to administer the same thing, her fingers hung my panties and moved them down my thighs. As he was moving to take off my cotton panties, I felt him brush against my leg. Rock hard and important enough himself, I didn’t know if to run away or kiss him!

My body wouldn’t let me go anywhere. With a pinch of teeth on my nipple, he dropped and moved south. As I untied my thighs and lay down between them, he backed away to watch me laid bare in front of him. Holding my lips apart with his fingers, he took at the sight of my juice leaking from my, and my engorged clitoris peeking out of his coat. While blowing a kiss, he threw himself on this clit/hett, licking it from its hood. I remember looking at his head in perplexity until he sucked that nub into his mouth – so I figured it out!

As I gasped, he let go, moving lower to drink my juice. Diving his tongue into my, he picked up what he could achieve, but more just sunk down to replace it. With another sucking my clitoris, it went back to my mouth.

“You have an incredible taste here taste,” he whispered before kissing me deeply. It was a bit musky and earthy, but not unpleasant. Handing me the condom wrapper, he sat down. Oh my god! My mouth dried up at sight, I didn’t know a penis could look like that. Of course, school books have never shown one like this! It was like marble, smooth and solid. Not wide in circumference, about the size of a broomstick, so I could almost get my thumb and middle finger to meet around it, but it was great! About the length of a videotape, with a bud like the head and no foreskin. Statuesque, but, was it really going to fit into me?! I never thought I was so deep.

“Relax,” he says, seeing my expression, “We’re going to go slowly. Roll that condom on me.

Attempted, I rolled the rubber into his tree, earning a faint moan as I went. With big eyes, I went to bed and reached out to him. He was lying on his side, with one leg between mine, and kissed me for a minute or two. His hand began to trace paths of goosebumps through my skin, pinching a nipple as it passed. Looking me in the eye, he was moving between my thighs. Holding his cock in one hand, he rubbed his head up and down my split, spreading my juice up and on my clitaction, before settling down at my entrance. Kissing me gently and slowly, he sat there.

When I tilted my hips, I took it a little. Taking my acceptance, he swung a little further in, then out, then deeper into it. My God, I felt that this rooster was going further and further forever. I admit it hurt a little bit, but it made me feel good. On and on we shook until this strange expression came over his face, and his eyes curled as he growled something illegible.

Regaining his composure, he lent to kiss me.

“I’m sorry, you feel so amazing that I couldn’t hold back,” he admitted.

Withdrawing, taking care to keep the condom in place, he slowly left my body. He went to the bathroom to get rid of the rubber, letting me feel any “cat with cream” like. That’s how sex is supposed to be!

When he came back, he hugged me and said, “I’m sorry Zoe, you should have told me you were bleeding. I would have waited if you wanted me to.

“I didn’t know I was!” I answered, astonished.

Then the realization came at dawn. That mess a few years ago didn’t break the seal, so to speak. Arnold had just taken my virginity. I felt crazy and embarrassed. He smiled very broadly and said, “I’m happy to be on duty! I never thought I’d be able to deflower a girl, but that it would be one of the many firsts for us.

Our relationship has grown, but we still took the time to spend time with our friends as we had done before. It was on such a normal night that began to put doubts in my mind. I suppose they had always been there, knowing what I had of his past, but in my innocence, I had chosen to ignore his male attraction. Seeing a guy try to flirt with Arnold at the bar one night was like a slap in the go. Not that he turned over the guys’ advances, but it was a stark reminder to me that he loved both.

When we got home that night, he felt like I was brooding something. Finally, by letting him out, I cracked “How can I ever be enough for you? I can’t do the things men can to you, and I can’t imagine you’re adapting there in me.

“You give me things that no man has ever been able to do,” he replied, “but if you’re talking about giving me anal sex, then actually, yes you can!”

He went on to explain the harnesses and the cde that fit in. Telling me I could have my own penis, and fuck her ass with her. With my mouth pounding like a breathless fish for water, I hugged and turned to the window, away from him. Wrapping his arms around me from behind, he hugged me and whispered in my ear that I was full for him and that I was everything he wanted right now.

But the memory of what he said stayed with me. I couldn’t sleep thinking about it. When we had sex, I thought about it. Finally, I admitted that I would try to have a dick of my own. With a look of shy pleasure, he agreed to command what was necessary, as I had no idea where to go for such things. Not so mundane, you know.

A few days later, he arrived at my apartment as a child at Christmas, with a box. Suddenly worried, I went all shy. What if I can’t push? What if I hurt him? What if it reminds him that he loves men?

Putting the box down, he pulled me in his arms and reminded me of what he had said before.

“You are all I want, you are more than enough for me. We don’t have to try this if you don’t want to.

“But I do,” I admitted. “I want to feel what you feel when you push in me. I want to feel what you felt when you pushed into a guy’s. I want to be able to fuck you.

When we threw clothes, we entered the room. We had experimented with the sofa and even the kitchen table, but we both needed comfort for it, so the bed was. Arnold emptied the box on the sheets. The dilet was not huge or scary as I had feared. It was fleshy in color and smaller than him, so to me at least it seemed more like it would fit. The harness didn’t look like much. A strap that revolved around my waist, with two straps making a V on my pubic hair (it was before the fashion to be bald), where the dildo would sit. The straps sat together against my lips, then V’d on my cheeks back to the waist strap.

Helping me, Arnold kissed me and told me over and over again how beautiful I was. I could tell he was excited, his cock was stiff and bouncing as he moved.

Giving me clear instructions, he looked at me lube up to my fake cock with a hungry look on his face. Deciding that he wanted me to reach his cock, he pressed his lower back on some cushions and told me how lube his ass.

Taking a blob of grime on my middle finger, I massaged around the hole. Taking another blob, I massaged the hole itself. The fact that he creased and pulled my finger surprised me, but it won a nice moan from its owner. Taking yet another piece of lubricant, I pushed my finger in further, working around and around as Arnold told me of. His cock was stretched by this point, begins to turn this shade of red anger that the blood could not enlarge it further.

With undisguised joy, he said he was ready for my dick.

Remember how you took me in your that first time? Do exactly the same thing now. Put your dick’s head against my asshole, and push lightly, ” were my instructions.

That is what I did.

On my knees between his thighs apart, I placed my fake cock against his anus. I leaned a little and felt the resistance of his ring. Then it was as if the door had been answered, and I was pushing my fake cock deeper into her ass. Man what a feeling! I guess that’s what it’s like for men every time they walk into a will hole, but for a woman’s experience that, it was amazing. Watching my fake slip in and out of his body was hypnotic, and the feeling of power was heady. To be able to kiss him, and see the pleasure he had of it, was indescribable. And believe me, he enjoyed every inch I gave him, his (real) cock was good red angry now and looked fit to burst. His balls were tight in their bag, ready to shoot cum at himself. As I pushed, I gently stroked a finger into his cock. He got up to meet my finger, so I rubbed his pre-cum on his head. Walking with his head on his hands so he could watch me jerk and kiss him at the same time, I watched the expression on his face change. From glorious pleasure to the point of pain, then intense relief as he pulled his load on my hand and belly.

As I slowly relented, I slipped to remove the harness and dilet. With a towel, I cleaned it and then laid it next to it.

“Wow, it was amazing. Thank you very much, Zoe, you’re a hell of a woman,” he whispered to me.

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