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The wilted shades of red and brown leaves wandered gently towardthe ground as the cool, moist autumn air crept through the lively crowd of students.

Lost in the sound of their summer stories, hordes of teenagers were eager to exaggerate their adventures to their friends. While others chose to drown the existence of their pathetic peers, turning up their isolated music that blew from their headphones, trying their best to avoid human contact as they rushed their way to the entrance for the start of the school day.

The partially worn tires of Chris’ mountain bike skidded through the piles of leaves. Swerving, he narrowly missed a group of gossiping teenagers.

Her new daughter, Layla, threw her head back and shouted nervously as she sat perched on the front of her bike. The curve of its apple-shaped bottom rested perfectly on the handlebars. Her long electric red hair was clicking in the breeze.

Jealousy grew among the cliques of new girls who wanted Chris Warwick to make stools cringe with joy. Stretching her silky bare legs in front of her, she screamed loud enough to let the spectators know exactly how much she enjoyed the thrill of the race.

Layla was not concerned about the opinions of others. She couldn’t give a flying fuck on what they thought, but she relished in all the attention she could get.

As the glimmers of jealousy radiated from the cliques of teenage girls, evident that Layla was the subject of their bitch, some of the guys were watching in the hope of getting a quick flash of her panties.

Stopping, Layla jumped off the bike, grabbing her black micro-mini skirt on the handlebars. Chris saw a thin strip of light pink matter, which separated his soft, peachy cheeks. Chris squeezed his thook cock through his pants, in an attempt to stop any swelling. “Fuck, Layla. You’re going to give me a better place for class.

Quickly grabbing the hem of her skirt, she covered the bare skin. “Later, baby,” she replied, leaning over and planting a persistent kiss on her lips. Rubbing his lips, he could taste the delicious flavor of his strawberry lip gloss. He wanted more.

Highlighting the deliberate swing of her hips, Layla knew her new boyfriend would be watching the sway ings of her rounded as she went away. She could feel the air trying to peek under the tightness of her skirt.

She was right. Chris stopped, red fire residue smeared himself from his mouth as he stared at his incredible. He could have pulled out his dick and jerked off on her right there and then. He wondered how on earth he would be able to concentrate in sixth form when he knew his six-week-old girlfriend was already putting it.


Layla never bothered to pay attention in class. She had passed her exams brilliantly, so starting the sixth form should not have been any different. “Working hard, playing harder,” she was an attitude.

Looking out the window, she watched the mid-morning sun come off from behind the clouds, energizing the quiet green fields. The sound of talkative students felt like a million miles away. Her imagination was running away with her.

There’s ten minutes left to suffer, and then she’s had a free time. She knew what it meant, a quick sneak into the girl’s bathroom and she would touch her freshly waxed. She had planned sexting photos to Chris, showing him what he had to look forward to at his house later in the evening.

“Earth in Layla,” Mr. Richmond called as she returned her work to his desk. Sigh, she looked at the front page. The bold red ink stood out, “See me,” was all he read.

Mr. Richmond was just a cunt to put a “fun” quiz for students first day back. She looked up at him as the disappointment rained. She knew that her mother would be angry with her again and with her best friend’s upcoming seventeenth birthday party, stopping her allowance again, was not an option.

Pushing the paper aside, Layla turned her attention to the dynamic summer fields. “How am I going to get out of it?” she thought.


The shrill of the bell rings. “The bell doesn’t reject you, I reject you,” Mr. Richmond shouted over the noisy students as he sat behind his large oak desk.

The groans of the students who settled filled the room while the students remained seated. Layla looked at the teacher who continued to read the newspapers as silence descended on the classroom.

“You can now be fired,” he said, asserting his authority. He did not look back on the information he was reading as the students were waving out of the classroom door.

Layla waited for the classroom to empty before attempting to approach Mr. Richmond. His glasses perched on the deck of his nose as he looked at the page in front of him. The gray spots, more prominent against the once rich chocolate tone of her hair cut, reminded Layla that he was old enough to be her father as she regularly walked towards her desk.

“Yes, Layla?” he sighed, taking off his glasses before folding and dropping them. The masculine scent of her muskafter lingered in the air as she temporarily stood on the other side of her desk.

“Well, sir. You wrote about my work to see you. I told myself that I had a free period now…”

“Well, Layla, do you intend to waste my time this year?” Mr. Richmond interrupted, bending his arms over his broad chest. His large silver watch contrasted with the black cotton of his shirt.

“Wasting…? Give me a break, sir. It’s my first day back! Layla replied; a little puzzled. “And, you asked me to see you.”

“You know it wouldn’t be necessary, Layla, but first impressions matter. Your attitude is not what I expect from the students I teach. I imagine your parents would be disappointed with this result. So, again, I’ll ask you, do you intend to waste your time and more importantly mine? The tone of his voice was lively and impatient.

“The task you set was too difficult, sir,” she stumbled. Layla used to bend the truth when it came to getting her own way, but Mr. Richmond caught her off guard. That’s the first thing that got in his head.

He looked at her, shaking his head in disbelief. “That’s where I don’t believe you, Layla. Your previous results show your ability. Your decision to fail is yours alone. You didn’t even try to complete the task.

Layla felt nervous. She shook her hands behind her back. His loose chest filled his cotton school shirt. He could see the tension of the buttons holding the material in place. She was agitating in a bad effort to think of something to defend herself. She knew what he was saying was true. However, sending nudes to her new boyfriend was all that had been in her mind.

The promise of financial support from her long-suffering parents was something she relied on.

They were proud of their only daughter and had worked tirelessly hard to make sure they had saved enough for a higher college as well as putting her through her driving test. In return, they expected results they could be proud of.

“Nothing?” he said. Mr. Richmond went on. “Then we understand each other. If you are not ready to put the effort in then you are wasting my time.

“No… Mr. I…. I need this class. I have a free time now, so I’m willing to work harder.

The wooden chair feet scraped against the tiled floor of the classroom as Mr. Richmond got up and walked to the door.

Panic set in. Layla knew he was serious. “I think, Layla,” he continued, “that you may need to be reminded of the basic rules of the school.”

She looked as he stretched out her arm and turned the metal socket. With the click of a button, the door was locked. “Just make sure we don’t get disturbed for an hour,” he confirmed as he turned to face him again.

Layla pushed a chair next to her desk.

“It won’t be necessary,” he called, telling him to put the chair back on.

“I was just…”

“You will do what I give you, if you want to pass this course.” She did not respond. She looked as he walked towards his desk.

The sound of his shoes was heard against the floor tiles with a steady rhythm. “Now, where should we start…”

When she opened her bag, Layla retrieved her phone and quickly texted Chris to let her know she was being held.

Mr. Richmond quickly confiscated this question and threw it in the upper drawer of his office: “You will not need that.”

“But, sir … I was just…”

He sat down. Leaning on his elbows, he shook hands together. The midnight blue liquid of his eyes almost pierced his. She looked down on the desk. The tension in the air was almost too much for her to bear, but strangely she felt excited by her authority.

His mind suddenly flicked to Chris. She knew he’d be waiting for her sexy photos soon enough. “If you show me what to do, sir, I will give it to you on Friday,” she replied softly.

“Friday? No, Layla. That was today’s job. You were the only student in the class who didn’t even bother to complete the test!”

“Sir, it’s just that my boyfriend Chris…”

“Ah, now I understand. Is your boyfriend more important than your studies?

“No, sir. It’s just that we had planned to meet tonight.

Her eyes slowly worked their way up and down the tight body in Layla’s uniform. “Well, I don’t think he’ll come to help you in your work, Layla.”

Layla could feel the hue of the heat washing on her face. The dirty images that flinged into his mind were too noticeable.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated loudly inside the wooden drawer. Mr. Richmond opened the drawer and glanced at the screen. “Looks like your boyfriend needs your attention. Should I read it to you?

I said, “No! I mean, no, sir. Please I …”

“Oh my God, Layla. Is that how you plan to spend your time?” he asked, turning the phone to face him.

She blushed red like a photograph of her boyfriend grabbing his hard cock filled the screen. I said, “Sir!” Layla called, reaching the phone.

“I think your boyfriend could be in a lot of trouble for that.” His voice went down. “It’s very serious and it will be reported.”

“Please don’t. I’ll do anything,” Layla pleaded, leaning further on her desk. Her tight skirt rose higher up to her fleshy thighs, exposing the crescent shape of her voluptuous stocking.

Trying not to let his inner smile show up, he looked down on his school shirt. “It’s quite an offer.” He felt a slight swell in his crotch as he noticed his boob lift, which hung perfectly in his tight bra. He could smell the sweet scent of her perfume as if she were looking for it.

Realizing that she had an effect on him, Layla stopped and smiled softly. “Yes, sir. I mean anything. With a nasty glow in her eye, she slowly dragged her pearly white teeth over her lower lip.

Leaning back in his chair, he watched the seductive red-haired temptler lean before him. “You’re a very bad girl, Layla. You can get people in trouble. He knew the limits, he was aware of the risks that said it, but it was worth it.

“It’s not a problem, sir. It’s just an extra-tutorial session. Layla seductively popped the first button on her shirt. With a strong inhaler, Mr. Richmond could see the swell of her breasts almost spilling out of her white bra.

He was quick to accept the proposal. His dick was shaking. He had not had as much as a wank in the last few days and he could feel the pain in his balls. The swell of her cock pushed against the material of her pants that needed to be nestled between her bouncing breasts.

He was mesmerized by her, almost forgetting to breathe like her pink nails undid the next button.

“Is that ok, sir? Can I stop?

“Perhaps it’s a little late for that. Don’t you think so? The idea of being caught did not come to his head. His flattered ego was all that mattered. “I guess I could ignore this picture post and this test paper for you.”

“It would be really nice of you, sir,” purred Layla, as she slowly rose. Her eyes closed on hers as she unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and exposed her bra to him. The tightness of her skirt had crept up higher, stopping just short of her panties.

The blue striped tie hung loosely around his neck, muzzled against his peachy skin.

His dick was solid now. His rampaging erection must have been inside the little slut that posed in front of him. The thought of her wet, little tight snatch around her cock was scaring her away. “You’re a dirty girl who was parading in front of an older man like that. A man who is not even your boyfriend! What does Chris think?

“No one needs to know, sir,” she replied, biting on her lower lip. He did not even take into account the consequences of sexual activity with a student. His blood had rushed to his dick.

Layla’s eyes closed with hers as she walked slowly around the office to her tutor. On her knees in front of him, she smiles softly. Without waiting for instruction, she loosened her belt and unbuckled him, keeping her eyes firmly locked on hers.

Her perfect pink-coated nails traced the length of her painful phallus, which pushed against her shorts. His index finger was dragging over the precum spot that had formed against the black material in his shorts.

Grabbing the elastic band of her shorts, she slowly revealed her thick limb, which now jutted in front of her.

Looking at him her liquid honey eyes locked on hers as she gently licked the bulbous head of her cock, claping at the eye to taste her salty pre-cum. His swollen cock trembled in response to his greedy tongue.

Hasolent, he threw his head back, feeling the heat of his mouth gobble up his cock. Layla sucked him, eagerly taking as much of him as she could in her tight throat. Grabbing his high ponytail, he pushed his head down on him, listening to the sound of his gagging and feeling his suck inge.

Pulling his head out of it, he flinched at the sensitivity of his tight mouth pop from his saliva-slicked cock. She went on, bobbing up and down like an expert. His toes curled to the sheer pleasure of his gorgeous mouth sucking it as his favorite candy.

He felt like he could almost blow his load into his little slutty mouth. Her full lips made the perfect Shape O as she sucked harder and deeper, taking her thick stem as far back down her throat as she could.

Pulling her up by her kneeling hair, he got up with her. “You’re a fucking dirty bitch. You dress like a slut and now I’m going to treat you like a. She could feel the warmth of her breath on her neck causing her tiny goosebumps to burst all over her skin.

Her nipples scratched against her bra as she reacted to her voice. “Take that off,” he snapped as he pulled on his shirt before throwing it aside. His eyes closed with his as he slowly loosened his tie. “I want you to be naked for me. I’m going to fuck a few ways in you.

Out of breath, Layla stood in front of him. A pool of liquid seeped into the crotch of her panties. Her kidneys hurt, she wanted her thick cock, coated with her own saliva to stretch her tight and moist hole.

Grabbing the bottom of her skirt, he pulled her up around her waist, exposing her light pink thong. He grabbed her arms and turned her around, pushing her down on her desk. The cool surface of his office against his warm skin made him gasp. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, pumping adrenaline around his body, swelling to his core.

Without hesitation, his firm fingers dug into the malleable flesh of his cheeks, before hitting each with the palm set of his hands. An audible groan left his mouth watching the perfect oscillation of each cheek. Her swats continued until each rounded globe matched the color of her panties.

Layla squeaked in response. The liquid from her clung to the fabric of her panties, forming a dark wet spot. “Oh you like it, don’t you?” Layla moaned louder, in response.

Slowly, running his fingers on his covered lips, he could feel the finesse of his juice seeping in. “You must be silent, slut,” he replied, before ripping off his panties.

‘Fuck, ‘ he said to himself as the smooth glow of his bald, plump lips were finally exposed. He sniffed his panties, absorbing his cornea. “Let’s make sure we keep your mouth shut,” he snapped, advancing and forcing his wet panties into his mouth.

On his knees behind her, he spread her trembling cheeks, spreading her wider juicy petals. Inhaling deeply, the smell of his sweet honey makes his cock bounce. This eye of his nagging cock seeped onhising thigh.

Pushing his tongue, he plunged between his folds, slamming on the clear liquid as it flowed from it. He could hear the muffled sounds of his cries as he eagerly pushed his face into it, sucking as much of his cornea as he could.

Her rough fingers found their way to her little hard harion before pushing down on her and rubbing hard. His body was beating on the desk as his two fingers forced their way into his slippery hole. He could feel the spongy, wet muscles contracting as he sawed off his fingers in and out of it.

Tight crease hole suppbound for her tongue as she rode the wave of an intense orgasm. She moaned as he licked at her dark star.

“Hmph… Mmmm…” Layla moaned, her cries muffled against matter.

“Oh you want my fingers in there, don’t you?”

“Hmmmph!” Layla screamed. He pulled his fingers apart, inside her, to open his anus for his tongue. Rhythmically, he kissed his tight bud with his fingers. He was anally fingering this beautiful little slut.

It was too much for him. His were numb. Taking his cock in his hand, he shot at himself, preparing for his entrance. Standing behind the delicious slut, he kicked her legs apart.

He continued to caress his throbbing post.

Positioning himself between his legs, he watched the head of his cock penetrate into his slippery caceuse. Slowly pulling, he moans at the brightness of his juice, coating its length. His grunts became louder as he fucked against the spongy walls of his tight rip, behaving deeper inside her. He fucked her well. Its tight walls stretched around its thick meat. His sweet dripping honey continued to coat his cock and heavy balls.

Satisfied with his cock was soaked, he withdrew from her and pushed his head against her asshole, feeling the muscle restrict his way. His muffled screams rang out as his cock invaded his inner walls. Pushing slowly against the muscles, Mr. Richmond began to build his rhythm, fucking the sluty student harder and deeper, giving it all its length.

Pulling his cheeks aside, he watched his cock disappear inside his canal, fuck his ass mercilessly. The scene was too much for him to take; his balls slapped against his wet cunt as he felt the vixen squirming below him, going to his own upsetting orgasm. He was on the edge.

Grabbing his hips, he pulled her towards him. Throwi Throwing his head back, he growled as his thick strings of hot coated the inside of his.

Dipping the euphoric feeling, he felt his flop softening cock of the muscles squeezing him out. Pulling his pants, he allowed Layla to compose for a few moments. She could feel her seed seeping from her as she pulled her panties from her dry mouth.

Without looking at her, Mr. Richmond returned to his office. “So let’s take this as sorted, Layla. A deal made. You’re a very bad girl, but you have my word, nothing more will be said of your boyfriend.

Rising his air, he watched Layla stare at her appearance and re-dressed herself. “Yes, sir. What about my brand?

“Well, it’s safe to say you passed that test, Layla. Keep up your efforts and I’m sure you’ll pass this course in no time. Throwing her bag over her shoulder, Layla walked to the classroom door. She turned around, her electric red hair slamming around her body as she winked at him. “How do you think I’ve passed my other classes?”

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