Lesson – Anal – anal teaching first-time

I love playing anal, and my man knows it, so I think I had to take him by surprise when I refused him entry one night, but let me explain. We had a very nice sex session when it came out of my and tried to push into my – no foreplay and just juice as a lubricant. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Ouch! So I obviously needed to teach him how to access this hot and tight hole…

A few weeks later, it was my man’s birthday. What better gift could I give her than my?

After a trip for lunch, we were relaxed on the couch in my living room when I decided it was gift time. When I gave him a box, I sat down to watch his reaction. First puzzlement crossed his face, then once he realized what was inside was not for him, fun.

I had nestled two pink butt caps and a bottle of anal lubricant on creamy colored tissue paper. One on two fingers thick at the fattest point, the other three fingers thick. As his dick has a smooth bulbous head Located on a thick stem, some stretching preparation is needed for a comfortable screw, especially since I’m not one for pain. With a big smile on his face, he pulled me at my feet and led me by hand to the stairs. Stopping at the foot, he kissed me deeply. His tongue was swunring between my lips in search of mine. Her teeth bittola to my lower lip, and sensitive spots on my neck. With weak knees, I pulled him down the stairs of my room.

He put the box on the bed, then turned to me, pulled me close and kissed me a little more before pulling my top on my head. By cutting my breasts in my hands, he hung the cup to expose my nipples. Leaning down, he sucked my stiff nipples into his mouth, biting gently. I undone my bra to give him better access and pulled his polo on his head as he broke off nipple contact to kiss my mouth. Undoing my jeans, I waved them on my hips and off, while he was doing the same thing. Staying connected to the mouth, dancing tongues, pinching teeth, we gave up the remaining underwear. As I climbed on the bed, I handed him the smallest socket and the lubricant.

“Put lubricant around the bigger one, especially the underside, then a blob on the thin end,” I told him in a rauspicious voice. With one hand on his back, he pushed me on my hands and knees. It dribbled some of the lubricant (at least I presume it was the lubricant) into my crack, and rubbed it around my ass-hole. Hmmm.

He pushed the grip right into my buttocks, taking my breath, but didn’t push all the way so he started sliding. He pushed it in, over and over again, by lowering my with a rubber socket. Unless you are an anal lover, it is difficult to describe how it feels. A mixture of shameful pleasure acute sense and a succulent feeling of fullness.

Handing him the biggest cork, I took the opportunity to give some attention to his cock extremely hard. When I got it out, I sucked his smooth head into my mouth in one hard slurp. Licking around my head, I swallowed as much cock in my mouth as I could. Before I could get into a rhythm, he reached over and pulled the plug out of my. I didn’t get a chance to moan about being empty, as he pushed the biggest plug into the hole he had just created.

Allowing me to return to the performance of a soft pipe, there must have been no blowing my head this time, he slowly fucked my ass with the big cap, pushing more and more into me. For those who have never used such a toy, an ass cap is like a short tapered dildo on a stand! That’s the best way I can think of one. It’s like a solid upside down cone, so the more that enters, the bigger it gets, so it slowly extends your open muscle. As it got it all in me, my mouth became soft with desire. My was absolutely soaked, probably in jealousy as my was getting the filling. Taking my hand on the bottle, I rubbed the lubricant on his cock, paying attention to the edge of the head. Clinging to the raised foot of the bed, I told him to take it gently, offering him my — take and everything.

With an Ahhh, he pulled out the cork and placed his engorged head against the prepared hole. Preparing, I pushed back as he gently pushed forward. After a split second, the head jumped through the muscle, my sexy pulling it in. Rocking slightly, he worked his way deeper until his balls were against my empty pussy.

“It’s so tight and warm here,” he moaned, “I don’t think I’m going to last as long as usual!”

“Fhhhuuu ok, nnmmmhhh” was my answer, the power of speech removed by the sensations in my back passage. Slowly, he started to fuck me, pulling me in the head, then pushing back, slapping my pussy with her balls.

“Damn, I’m already close,” he moaned. Knowing it wouldn’t take much, I just rubbed my clitoris a couple of times with the juice flowing from my, and a strong and suddenly torn orgasm through me.  With an expletive, he followed me, filling my ass with his hot cum.

I think it was a successful gift, wasn’t it?

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Lesson – Anal