Losing My Anal Virginity – anal eighteen years old teen

When we talk to the guys about Lush, people almost always ask me if I’m. And my answer is always “Sort of,” because I don’t do it often. But that has not always been the case. There was a time when oral and were the only sex I engaged in. This is the story of how it all started.

I was sixteen years old and I had been Seth’s girlfriend for almost a month. Seth was great and on the basketball team. It was half white, half Asian, and had a really sexy and exotic look. All my girlfirends were very jealous when he took me to a meeting in Perkins and I had felt a lot of pressure from him, and everyone, since that night.

After our first date, Seth asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. We got used to his car and he played with my. On our next date, I gave him a pipe and on the third, he was trying to go all the way. I let him know that I am a virgin and that this news came back to me at school.

Only my closest friends knew I was a virgin, but I felt like the only cool kid left who still had his V card. Virginity was for the laied and crazy girls. I felt like everyone was making fun of me. I had even thought about breaking up with Seth about it, but he was sincerely sorry. He only told one of his closest friends that we hadn’t fucked yet because I was nervous and this shower bag spread him around.

Still, our make out sessions often lead to mutual oral, with Seth licking my. Several times he worked a finger in my tight under my hymen, but I always stopped it. I really wanted my first vaginal intercourse to be with someone I loved and I wasn’t there yet.

Seth was also really into the anal game. He liked to lick his index finger and slide it into my tight hole while doing it and had even licked a few times. And after going out for a solid month, he was really looking forward to fucking him. I had made up my mind, if I wanted to keep Seth as my boyfriend, but wasn’t ready to go all the way, I was going to have to open my.

I don’t know what teenagers did before Google, but I was able to get answers to all my questions. Would anal sex hurt? Maybe, but it could be avoided or reduced with the right litbe and Seth teaching how to do it. Seth was not a virgin, but he had never done before.

I was too shy to buy the lubricant myself, so I had Seth do that. I didn’t want our first time to be in a car, so we both jumped 7th and 8th period to get to my house two hours before my parents went home. That would ensure that we would not be interrupted. And even though we had stood out and played together so many times, I was still very nervous.

I don’t remember what I was wearing that day, or what Seth was wearing. But after closing the door, he began to undress me slowly, kissing me gently. I think he knew it was a big deal for me and I really enjoyed the way he was respectful. It wouldn’t always be like that, but for today it would be.

We had talked about using a lot of lubricant and after we were both undressed, Seth rolled me on my stomach and lifted my into the air. Extending my cheeks, he squirted some lubricant on my dry and used an index finger to lose my. He felt good and he quickly tried to add his middle finger to the mix, but it hurts.

“Owww!,” I squirmed.

“Sorry,” Seth apologized as he went back to a single finger. His left hand began cursing my back as he applied more lubricant and worked his index finger deep again. After a few more minutes, he slowly slipped his middle finger, too, and it didn’t hurt as much this time. I lay on my stomach, breathing deeply as he loosened my little.

Seth’s left hand left my back and I heard the sound of the lubricant squirting. He rubbed it on his dick and took off his fingers. He pressed the head of his six-inch cock against my ass and started pushing in.

“Owww! STOP!!!” At my request, Seth withdrew.

“Is it okay?” he asked as he began to rub shoulders with me. I didn’t say anything, determined to do that. I nodded, yes. He started rubbing his cock between my cheeks well lubricated ass. He tried again to slip it slowly into my and I bit my lip, moaning in pain and it stopped again.

“Get down on your knees,” Seth suggested. “Maybe it will help.” I got down on my knees, clenching my legs together and trying to relax my muscles. Seth pressed the lubricant against my and squeezed more on it, fingering me sloppily. Some of the lubricants had dripping around my.

Standing behind me, Seth placed a hand on my lower back and tilted his cock against my hole again. I think he was trying to go slow, but he pushed too hard and slipped deep, fast and hard. I fought the urge to scream or cry, but I stood still very still.

I felt like something had broken. As if the ring around my hole would never close again. Of course it would, instantly actually once Seth came out. But at that time, I felt like I would never be the same again. I can only imagine that Seth felt exactly the opposite.

“Oh fucking, baby!” He had wanted to do anal for a long time, since he started watching porn, and at seventeen he was now doing it. He slowly slipped, but not all the way, before diving back in. Your is so tight!

Seth’s hands were resting on my shoulders and he started kissing me. The pain at the base of my was brought to life with every push and deep down there was a certain pleasure. Not enough to get me down, but it wasn’t completely without pleasure. I would later learn, after losing my vaginal virginity, that Seth’s cock had massaged my g-spot from behind. But I wasn’t aware of it yet.

“Oh Seth!” I moaned at how little pleasure I was getting. But honestly, my pleasure of this experience was not just to have his cock in me. The real pleasure came to be able to please Seth the way he wanted. It was a compromise that also met one of his deepest desires. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit/me as Seth continued to climb my, moaning and squeezing my shoulders.

“Fuck yes!” Seth screamed as he plunged his cock into as deep as he could and he held it there. I wasn’t able to say instantly that he was cumming, but he understood quickly. I can feel a pulsating cock and cum heat inside my pussy, but have less sensation in my ass when this happens. Seth got out of my and my fear that he would not return to normal was put to rest. It closed so fast that it pressed the last drops of his cock.

Afterwards, Seth and I cuddled and deflated until it was time for him to leave. I took a shower and cleaned the lubricant from my pussy, scrub my clitoris and get fucked in the process. As Seth and I continued to fuck, we discovered that I could cum too much with the clitoris game in addition to his pleasure at the bottom of my ass. It didn’t take too long before I decided I loved Enough Seth to give her my pussy, but until then, he fucks my ass almost every day.


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Losing my virginity