A Meeting in the Park

As I put on my makeup and slipped into a thong, crop top and a small pair of shorts, all I could think of was putting Brad’s cock in my mouth and looking at his face as I sucked it dry.  We had met regularly at a local hiking trail for months to have our little appointments in the woods and I look forward to being his “daughter” at least twice a week.  We had met several months before while walking on a beach very popular with the gay community.  I am a very passable full-time transvestite and only wore a bikini when we met.  I told him I was a CD, but at first he didn’t believe me.  After some convincing, we agreed to meet up for coffee and after a short time, started dating.  He’s married, but has a soft spot for shemales.  We started having sex a few months later and he likes to play the role of a john with me as his whore.  I liked the role and played it with enthusiasm.

I arrived at the park and he was already there.  At 6’03” and 240 lbs, it is a total stud.  We kissed and headed down the trail to a redwoods stand where we could be hidden from anyone else who could walk by.  “You look so hot!”  “You little whore, you wear a thong!”  he said as he ran his finger along the narrow strap between my cheeks.  We left hand in hand until we got to a tree growing sideways where it turned and faced me.  “I want you to suck my dick bitch!”  Says.  He didn’t so gently push me to my knees where I faced his crotch.  I could still see the bulge of his 7″long, 2″ thick man meat made in his shorts.  I unzipped his shorts and pulled them to the ground exposing this beautiful love post.  I took it in my hand and he said, “Now suck it like the whore you are and maybe I’ll fuck you with it!”

I eagerly started licking the pre-cum on the tip of his swollen cock and teased with my tongue.  I looked up in his eyes and he grabbed me by the hair and pushed his cock into my mouth and throat.  I started working my mouth up and down his tree covering his cock in my saliva as I went.  I alternated sucking his cock and licking and sucking his balls one at a time as he leaned against the tree with his eyes closed and his head back.  Her thighs began to shudder as My deep throat is throbbing cock over and over again.

“Stop, whore!  You’ve been a good girl now you’re going to get fucked!  he said as he pulled me to my feet by my hair and leaned me over the waiting tree.  He pulled my shorts down and pulled my thong aside.  He pulled a small tube of lubricant from the pocket of his shorts and began to lubricate my tight, swirling his fingers all around the rim and sliding two fingers into me.  I felt the doorknob of his press against my hole as he slowly entered me.  I moaned with pain and pleasure that my asshole took his fleshy cock.  He held his cock inside me until my asshole relaxed and he started to slowly and deeply thrust in and out, often teasing me by stopping just before his throbbing cock came out.  “Do you like my cock you whore?”

Oh yes baby, me like you hate me, I replied.

He hit and grabbed my hair with one hand as he slapped me on the with the other and said, Take it, you cunt!

He started railing me with his cock, leading me against the tree that we both moaned in pleasure.  He grabbed me by the hips and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as he drove that beautiful cock into me.  After what appeared to be hours, he let out a groan and I felt his body shiver as he blew his load of manjuice into my tense.  I held it in me as I felt that wonderful relax and shrink.  He took us out and wiped us both with a few coats he had brought.  His slowly poured out of my as he cleaned me.  We got dressed and he kissed me long and deeply.  “I hope my tongue is not offensive to you?”

“You know I like to play that role,” I say.  “I’m your whore when you want me” I added.  He smiled and we went back to our cars.  We kissed and agreed to meet for a little more fun in the sun.

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A meeting in the park