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It’s been a month since I started my relationship with Sara Johnson. She makes me feel so good, so alive. She taught me so much. I have to kiss, touch and make love to another woman. Her daughter Kelly, my best friend, has no idea.

I think her husband knows, after all he has been with him that I had my first time with her. He seemed to have his hands on me too. He was a dark, handsome man and I didn’t mind getting him fucked again. So I didn’t take it badly when Sara raised the subject after one of our love sessions.

“Briana, you’re so sexy and I really love you,” she told me as we huddled in bed. “It’s Marco’s birthday next week, he’s forty-five. It is an age milestone for any man and he feels that he is getting older. I promised him he could get you for his birthday present. Would you mind?

I don’t care. In fact, the idea of spending an entire night just me and Marco was exciting. I like the idea that he would be able to use me as his little fuck-toy. Sara laughed, she knew what was going through my head.

“Damn Briana, you’re a naughty little skank, aren’t you? You like to know that Marco’s big juicy cock is going to beat your pussy and ass all night. I wish I could watch. We’re going to have to go shopping to get you sexy lingerie just so you can get it nice and hard for you.

The idea excited me a lot that I just had to kiss her. We struggled with passion and ended up making love once more before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


I woke up early. I was excited for more than one reason. It was halfway through and it meant no school. It was also the day before Marco’s birthday, the day I was to be his gift. Sara had sent me a message to tell me that she had been out with Kelly for the day and that she wouldn’t be coming back late.

I took a shower and dressed in the hot pink lace lingerie that Sara had especially bought me for the occasion. I was wearing a pretty revealing dress and my sexy strappy heels. I looked in the mirror, I looked so sexy.

I told Mom I was going to Johnson’s house, she didn’t think about it. After all, Kelly was my best friend. We spent a lot of our free time together. Mom doesn’t know I spent most of my time with Kelly’s mom recently.

I went to Johnson’s house and rang the doorbell. Marco was quick to respond. Damn, he looked so hot. He gave me a sweet smile that made me melt. He led me into the living room where he sat on a chair, pulling me to sit on his lap.

“Sara tells me you’re my birthday present. I can’t wait to unpack you and use my toy.

I blushed and felt it slowly my lap. I gently crushed my buttocks against his crotch and I knew he was about to strip me and use me. He twisted me so I sat on his lap in front of him. He clung to my buttocks while his lips grazed mine. I felt a burst of electricity, my flooding instantly.

I looked at him, his big dark eyes looking directly into mine. He kissed me slowly and passionately. It wasn’t like Sara kissed me, it was a beautiful kiss, but different. He picked me up by the and carried me upstairs. He took me to his room and put me on the bed. The same bed where his wife and I have had sex so many times.

I looked as he slowly undressed down at his boxers, his erection clearly visible. He took my leg and smashed my heels. I sighed as he took my foot in his mouth, sucking gently on each toe. He then removed the heel from my other foot, showing him the same affection.

He helped me get out of my dress and whistled when he saw my lingerie. I lay down back as he spread my legs and pulled my panties to one side. I knew what he was going to do and his tongue did a good job of my teen cunt. His tongue felt amazing as he flimed it on my clitoris, making me orgasm pretty quickly.

I watched as he removed his boxers revealing his big cock, I couldn’t help licking my lips. I took off my panties and took off my bra just as it climbed on top of me. He bled his arms around me, pulling my little body near him. I felt his huge cock slip into my tight hole, his hand sliding down to make me easier to get all the way inside me.

He kissed me slowly, using his tongue to tease my mouth. He slowly began to slip in and out of me, stretching my teenage caquist as wide as he could. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, begging him to fuck me harder.

“Yes Marco, fuck me like a little whore. I want to be your slut all day.

He seemed to like me talking to him like that when he joined him.

“Yes Briana, you’re my little bitch. I’m going to fill every hole you have. I’m going to make you my little sperm bitch.

He knocked us over so I was on top, slamming his cock into me. I let him go and sat slowly, bouncing on his lap. I leaned forward, resting my hands on his chest. He closed his eyes as I rode him, I could say that he was concentrating on not breaking his load too fast.

I got out of his knees and took his dick in my mouth. I gently slurped and sucked his rod, gently pulling on his balls. It was something Sara told me about, it’s called the border or something. He calms him down so he doesn’t cum too fast and he’ll make him have a bigger load when he does sperm.

I had on all fours in front of Marco, showing off my beautiful clean. Sara told me that Marco loves anal and had put toys in my as in preparation for Marco. I looked at Marco and smiled softly.

Sara tells me you like to give it up your, mine is all yours.

I could see the joy in his eyes, the twinkle of a dirty old man. He leaned forward kissing my in all directions. His tongue found my, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but he felt good. He kissed and licked to my, snaking his tongue deep into my anus.

I felt him walk away and then felt the tip of his cock push against my ass. I pushed back against it and felt it pop past my sphincter. He held my hips as he slowly pushed his hard cock all the way deep into my ass.

Slowly, with long deep thrusts, he began to fuck my ass. He started hitting me hard, his dick slipping easily in and out of my ass. I moaned loudly as his hand wrapped around my waist as he pulled us down into a spoon position.

“Briana, I’ll enjoy it, ” he moans in his ear.

I pushed back, the slut in me goes into overdrive.

“Cum in my ass Marco. I want to feel that you fill me with all your heavenly sperm.

I felt his mouth on my shoulder and his teeth gently biting my shoulder. He did something to me and I could feel myself having another orgasm. My body was shaking slowly as it seemed to stop beating me. He bit me the shoulder as he held me tightly. I felt his sperm flood my and he let out a massive moan.

He held me nearly five minutes before slowly pulling his cock out of my ass. I turned around taking his now soft cock into my mouth and sucking it slowly. I had lay down on him and kissed him slowly, his hands wandering my body.

I put my head on his shoulder as he held me close. I could feel his sperm oozing slowly from my and I knew it was going to be a great day.


We spent most of the day making love, Marco using me and all my holes. He must have cumed like six times by the time we called an end to it.

We showered together, then we got dressed. Just in time too, as Sara and Kelly arrived home a short time later.

To continue…

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