My buddies Mom

It’s about Russell’s mother.

For starters, my name is Jay and my best boyfriend for most of my life has been Russell and it’s about my 18th birthday. Well at least celebrating it the weekend after my 18th birthday. As I was still in high school had to wait until the next weekend for whooping cough and that’s exactly what Russell and I had planned.

So early Friday night I went to Russell’s house to pick it up with plans for both of us to head up my parents’ booth for the weekend which was close to a small country town bumpkin college flooded with lots of hot co-eds. Granted Russell and I were still in high school, but both of us being of greater stature, we could pass for the children of the university. Even though Russell was only a 17-year-old puppy.

Arriving at the Wagner’s house to pick up Russell, I was greeted at the door by Lori. Lori is Russell’s 16-year-old sister, who goes to the same school as us. Lori is a very hot looking chick, and she knows it, teasing any swinging cock she stumbles upon. She also has a thwarted habit of putting me in the spotlight with her questions that should be private.

Lori of course was dressed in nine waiting to go out on a date. She wore a mid-thigh slinky length thigh, low cut dress that accentuated her youthful figure. She had not yet filled her chest, but still managed to have a cleavage using a push up bra. His legs were absolutely perfect though; from the toes to the thighs, it looked like they were out of a well-formed mannequin.

Me being me, of course, I tried to visualize what she looked like under her clothes. It helped as Russell and I a few months ago, were instructed to run to the local underwear shop for Lori and Mrs. Wagner, to pick up some items for them. Ms. Wagner gave us instructions to give a certain attendant a card with the critical measures of Ms. Wagner and Lori in which the officer could confirm that the appropriate item had been shipped. Of course, we had to look at the map. It showed Lori being 5’3′ to 5’4′ tall, weighing 110 lbs, with measures of 34-22-34 and specified large cup A/small B. Now, Ms. Wagner’s critical measures were 5’7′ to 5’71’2″, 135 lbs, and having a number 36-26-37 specifying a full C cup (nice to know, even though she was older, I had more than one self-induced orgasm thinking about it).

So, with me thinking about whether or not Lori had graduated all the way to Cup B status, she led me into the kitchen and told me to sit at the table. After taking my chair, Lori went to the other side and before sitting herself; she leaned over the table pushing a bowl of fruit towards me. This allowed a complete view of his chest up to his belly. Ok, she had made it beyond the cup of tea size, but was not yet at the cereal bowl size. What I picked up on were the 1/3 visible rounds of her aeola above her push up bra. My look it didn’t get lost on it as she woke me out of trance saying:

Hey idiot, these are prison bait now that you’re 18 years old

I stammered, “Ah … what?

Taking full advantage of my condition, she continued, “too bad that we didn’t hang a few days ago, you might have had the opportunity to get a touch of my breasts, maybe I would even let you kiss them. Maybe I would have even allowed you to fuck me, maybe.

Now my cock was harder than granite with the thoughts of what she just said swirling in my mind. With the eye of my mind painting an image of Lori’s naked body spread out next to me.

“Hey dickhead, get your mind out of the gutter” Lori cried.

With this, she pulled one of her breasts on top of her dress, exposing an exceptionally large nipple and aareola. She looked at me said, yes, too bad, you might have been able to have that “and then pushed it back into place.

She leaned over her elbow and said, “From now on seems like you’ll have to go after the older women… or just the old women. She said with a laugh, “maybe my mom has friends you could date.”

Apparently, from the expression on my face, Lori came back with it. “What do you think my mother is too old, not beautiful enough?”

I relied, “no, not at all, she’s great looking for someone in their late thirties.”

To which Lori replied, “Do you admit she’s hot?”

“Absolutely, ” I came back hoping Lori would let him down.

“Oh yes, would you fuck her if you had the chance?” Lori shocked me again.

Not knowing what to say, I just shrugged.

To which Lori replied: “I can visualize your little cock trying to fuck Mom’s pussy, doesn’t that excite you?” She waited a second to let it sink, then asked, “Reply to me, you would, wouldn’t you? You’re probably so excited right now that if you touched your dick, it would explode thinking about my mother.

I let slip, “Yes, yes I would … your mom is a hot 38ish woman, thank God she is married and looks at me as just child.

“40” Lori said. “My mother is 40, now how do you feel?”

To be honest, at this point it doesn’t matter, in fact it excited me even more especially with the knowledge that it would never happen.

“Well Jay, here’s the scoop” Lori issue of fact said, “Russell left with my dad this afternoon and won’t be back until Sunday night or maybe early Monday. Fortunately, you might have a chance to get into my mother’s pants because you are now elected to escort my mother to a banquet tonight. Of course, the fucking thing will just be a chance in a million with mom, but if you take it, I promise you that one day you’ll be able to put your little dick in this.

With that Lori got up and pulled the front of her dress up to expose her to me, spreading slightly hairy lips allowing me to see the wet inner folds of her.

You’re going to take it, aren’t you? Lori aked.

Again, I stammered, “Yes, absolutely … When?

“When what?”

“When can I fuck you?”

“We’ll discuss it afterwards, remember that I’m now in prison bait.” She said. Then approached me and wiped his finger-covered cunt juice on my lips.

Lori turned around and shouted down the stairs, “Mom, Jay will be happy to take you tonight. I’m going to put it in Dad’s tuxedo because they’re about the same size. She turned to me and said, “Come on, you have to get ready quickly, my appointment will be here in an hour.”

Lori led me to the guest room, where a tuxedo was laid out on the bed.

She said, “Hurry up, we don’t have all day… Band. Don’t be a sissy, you’re going to need help, so band.

I quickly undressed my underpants, to which Lori laughed, “Do you have to joke, little boy underwear?”

She approached me and with one hard blow, ripped my shorts off immediately from me.

Looking at my dick, Lori said, “heck Jay, would never have realized, but you have at least one normal sized dick, I’m surprised. Good size balls too, think you’ll have to go commando tonight just in case mom gets a chance to deal with a sensation”.

I started protesting, but Lori grabbed my scrotum and said. “Stop being a baby.”

With this, I finished dressing in the tuxedo with Lori tying the bow tie, slapping some aftershave on me, and then handing me a Rolex to put on my wrist. Standing in front of the mirror, I say that I have been transformed into a young cosmopolitan looking stallion.

Lori guided me to the salon just in time for Mrs. Wagner to enter

She was beautiful! Her black hair tightened in a ponytail on one side, but framing a gorgeous sophisticated face with perfect makeup accentuated by bright red lipstick. Her black dress in nude satin had a deep V at the front that opened halfway between her semi-exposed full breasts and her navel where a Fine rope of material acted as a belt with long tracks put off to one side. The dress culminated about mid-calf with a pad extending to the side of her right leg just below her hip. Her four-inch high stiletto heals accentuated her long curved legs and when she moved the exposed cut just a hint of her lower right cheek. As she moved her breasts swung unhindered still firmly into the small confines of the loose silky fabric that must have been rubbing right on her nipples you could make them through the fabric when her movements pulled the top of her dress to so n body.

Mrs. Wagner approached me, taking my hands and placing them on her hips, then placing her hands on my shoulders. Its smell was exquisite, almost closing my eyes as I breathed in the perfume. It was as if I was in a different world, but I could feel all the hair of my body standing on their own as if being pulled from the outside by a magnetic force emitted by his body, wanting to draw my whole body to his.

Mrs. Wagner asked, “Well Jay, what do you think? I hope you won’t be bothered by the escort and the older woman like me.

I coughed, almost choking, “Mrs. Wagn …”

She put a finger in my mouth and said, “From now on, please call me Rachel, so what do you think?”

Trying to get our good words, I said, “Rachel, you are absolutely beautiful and I am not only honored to be your date, I am totally at your service.”

She leaned over at me and said, “Let’s hope you don’t regret it.” And placed his luscious lips against mine, with his hand moving to the back of my head to pull me tighter. Our mouths opened slowly as I felt his working tongue is the way in my mouth. I fully accepted his tongue alternately sucking, then probing the inside of his mouth with mine. I slowly moved my right hand up his body from his hip stopping just below her left breast, it soft weight could be felt on top of my hand. She never faltered, moving her right hand on the front of my body until she reached my belt.

Then Lori coughed hard, telling us, “Okay guys, break it, you’ve got it all night.”

This broke our embrace, but as we separated Rachel allowed her hand to lightly brush my cock through the front of my pants. This stopped her momentarily, a kind of expression of surprise on her face, then a slight smile as she turned away. I don’t know if it was because she found out I wasn’t wearing underwear or because my dick was hard enough to beat my nails, nevertheless the front of my pants stood out a bit.

Lori looked at my crotch, then looked at my face and said quietly, “you might just get the chance.”

The doorbell rang and Lori’s date came. I immediately recognized him as one of the local sheriff’s detectives. He must have been at least 25 years old. Lori grabbed my expression and raised her finger to her lips in a shushing motion.

It seemed strange that she told me she’s jailed for me, but going on a date with a cop.

Mrs. Wagner… Err, I mean Rachel, and I arrived at the banquet, a very formal case set up for a fundraiser relating to a women’s organization. The place was filled with women ranging in their early twenties to well above retirement age. It was quite obvious that what the men were there, had to be dragged or bribed to go as they mostly gathered around the bar in the back of the ballroom.

Me on the other hand, let me put it that way. Rachel strutted me as if she were showing off the crown jewels. She introduced me to small and old, handsome and some that would scare a locomotive upside down, like her appointment. I could tell from her animated gestures that she was really getting into it. She then located a specific group of women and walked to their location, whispering in my ear to play with what she was going to tell them and she was going to make them jealous.

There were four women there, the youngest perhaps thirty, the oldest no more than the early forties. All had huge wedding rings on and all were dressed to kill, showing each of their best assets. Rachel introduced me to everyone, not only by name, but also as her personal escort for the weekend. With eyebrows raised among them, this certainly inflamed their interest.

One of them, named Mary, who was about the same age as Rachel, leaned over to us and asked, “Rachel, you are not… Uh, do it, is it you? It can’t be much more than twenty-one or more.

Rachel just winked, then confirmed, “Need a young one once and a while so they can follow up with me” as she shook my hand.

Jan, the oldest and most daring of the group, looked back and walked right in front of me grabbing my hard package through my pants. Squeeze my gonads and with a smile says, “Boy, I hope Rachel pays you big for these things” as she rolled my two testicles forcefully. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to react and when I did, all I could do was turn red from embarrassment.

Rachel immediately replied: “Jan, he’s not that way, not even close, he’s here of his own free will.”

Jan immediately let go, looked at me and apologized. Then said, “Well, if you ever need compensation, feel free to find me. They felt really good for me! She took a card from her bodice and slipped it into the waist of my pants, then walked away.

The other three, Mary, Janet and Sue all looked like they were drawing in the sand with their toes. They must have had the wrong impression, too.

Janet, a blonde with strikingly beautiful long hair in her mid-thirties, finally broke the uncomfortable silence and told Rachel: “For my part, I’m jealous. Rachel, if I could or if I had the nerve to walk in public with a young stud like this, I would be in seventh heaven”

Mary and Sue, a black woman with fair skin and forty-ish, recognized Rachel for introducing us, and then joined the party.

To be honest, I was very appreciated by this, the implication of being a gigolo and stud status. Rachel sailed on the floor while I strutted like a rooster by her side and as we tasted more and more champagne our movements became not only more fluid, but also the accessory contact became more personal and natural. More than once Rachel had placed her arm around my back taking care to slowly rub her hand on my cheeks and more than once she lifted my hand from her waist to the bottom of which ever breast was in front of her side I was on.

At dinner, with her sitting next to me, she had even placed her hand on my inner thigh, then slowly slipped her hand along my thigh until she had a handful of my, working them between her fingers and palm. She leaned towards me and bither her lower lip, she let out, “gawd, these feel good, fuckied I want them.” I knew then that I was going to win this chance in millions tonight… provided I didn’t blow it by doing something stupid.

After dinner, we hit the dance floor, making sure we managed to fumble as much of each other as we could with grinding our bodies with the grip of music. I had a perpetual hard on and my cock seemed like she was trying to grow out of her skin. I had this animalistic feeling that I wanted to bend this woman backwards on a table and kiss her harder than any woman was fucked in the man’s story. Of course, my fucking story was mostly written on my hand and had only managed to fuck a girl (my cousin of all things) twice, so you have to keep my urges in the proper context.

Then Jan broke in, a little politely, but almost pushed Rachel away and said, “Okay, let’s go big boy.” I thought she was going to crush me and with her being pretty short, my hard on was against her stomach with my cock head almost against her ample breasts.

She also remarked, saying, “I see you’re happy to see me!” as she rubbed her body in a swinging motion against my coloring dick. She then reached between us with one hand, grabbing the tree of my cock through my dress pants, looking at me as she caressed up and down.
With my increased sense of excitement to think of Rachel, and Jan’s superb handling of my dick, I thought that in moments it would be the most embarrassing minutes of my life.

But just before, I was saved by Sue. She stepped in, pushing Jan aside and saying, “Don’t worry Jay, I’ll save you. Jan wanted to waste your load so Rachel wouldn’t get it, I’ll give you time to settle down.” We finished the dance with any hanky-panky as my dick went back to stand by, but it was very obvious to me that my balls were really work overtime producing unused man gunk.

As I returned to the table, Sue whispered in my ear, “You saved tonight, but you owe me and I’ll fuck you stupid” and with that she gave me a kiss on the cheek, then went away to join the festivities.

Rachel and I danced one last dance, and of course we were both woken up again with Rachel cupmes my and saying, “We’d better get out of here before these explode!”

I don’t think I had even managed to get the car down the street before Rachel reached over and in a couple of moves had my pants open with my hard rock cock in her hand. She knelt on the seat and told me to move the drivers’ seat all the way back as she then lowered her hot wet mouth around the head of my cock. My right hand was moving on her exposed back easily sliding under the back of her dress. I felt that she had thong underwear on that I was raising the string, moving my hand between the cheeks of her ass, with my fingers slowly probing her anus, hesitating there for a minute, then working my fingers at her cunt. She was absolutely soaked; her was not only wet, but also beaming with heat as if it were an oven. The other sensation was the absence of pubic hair, as I could not feel.

Slowly I moved my fingers into his notch, finding his tunnel in paradise and moving first one, then two, then three fingers in and out. She started coordinating her mouth moving up and down my cock with my fingers moving in and out of her pussy. His mouth was working my dick in a way that made me want to scream and force me to hold back as I struggled to keep the car going in one direction. It was in vain, like Rachel bucked hard against my hand, obviously having an orgasm, she bit hard against the base of my tree, the head of my cock well beyond the back of her throat. My balls contracted, forcing my sperm on her journey through my penis and into Rachel’s throat. It was the first time I was the recipient of a pipe and all my fantasies were not even close to this real experience. My dick triggered not one, not two, not three, but multiple ejaculations of my pent-up seed. Rachel sucked the rhythm at every pulse until the last drop cascaded from the end of my dick.

She pushed up my cock smiling at me with driblets of my sperm rolling down to her chin from the corners of her mouth. She walked up to me planting her lips on mine pushing her tongue covered in deep into my throat. Managing to put the car on the side of the road, I returned his embrace, thinking only momentarily about what my sperm was in his mouth. In fact, I became more aggressive in my kiss, cleaning her whole mouth with my tongue. We had to hold our embrace for a good fifteen minutes until Rachel sat in her seat, straightening her dress.

I started pulling my pants, but Rachel stopped me, reaching her hand and taking my semi-flasque cock in her hand. She kind of played with her and said, “Let’s keep this guy until we get home” as she smiled beautifully at me.

The hour drive home from Rachel after the first episode started by relaxing and enjoying the sensation of Rachel’s hand as she handled my cock, then my hand worked her way on to Rachel’s chest. She got close enough to me that I was able to free one of her breasts. My God, it was a beautiful, perfectly formed with a hard nipple of 1/4 placed in the middle of the silver dollar aisola, the flesh of his sweet, smooth, but firm. Her body barely collapsed, even though it was as big as half a large coconut.

In less than half an hour, my cock was rock hard again and our moves gained momentum. But Rachel held just enough that I kept my composure through the rest of the road.

We barely managed to stop the car in the driveway as we both had the doors open and walked to the front door of the house. One of my shoes never got out of the car, the other in the middle of the driveway, my pants almost stayed until the porch where I got out of them, my dick swaying back and forth. Rachel never bothered to put her right titaine back in her dress, as the goddess of Venus her proudly protruding title for all to see in front of her. She lost both of her care halfway up the walk, her thong underwear crumpled on the last step leading home. My coat somewhere threw on the lawn, the last remnants of my clothes ripped off the threshold as Rachel pulled her dress over her head, then threw the dress on her side turning towards me as crossed the threshold in her arms.

In the flash of a moment, I saw Rachel in all her glory, beautiful face, big firm breasts, flat stomach, a burst of black hair almost pointing up her cunt.

We kissed hard, locking our mouths together, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues as I lowered my back first to the ground just inside the open front door.

In what seemed to be a seamless movement his legs open and the head of my cock located the entrance to her wet, warm vaginal opening. It was impossible to stop the momentum, my cock head moving beyond its initial resistance, then slowly plunging into the heat of my cave goddesses.

We never broke our embrace and our hips began to co-coordinate with our thrusts, the feeling of my cock in the silky and humid heat of her cunt, her vagina grabbing my tree to the rhythm of my cocks in and out of motion, her hard nipples pushed against my bare chest by her breasts farm. She reached around me pulling my body into it, her gorgeous legs wrapping around me. We pushed and pushed, our tempo still increasing until almost a second synchronized expected, Rachel pushed her head back moaning loudly as I felt a tremor through her body and uncoordinated outlet movements that drove my cock even further into her belly. At that point, my orgasm came with a rush to the bull and uncontrolful my hips drove my cock to the back of his belly, feeling as if the end of my cock had penetrated another room, pushing open a jammed door. My cock triggered a powerful pulse of my seed filling this hidden room within the secret confines of my lover’s deepest channels. I came, and came again, every time Rachel meet the pulse with one of his own.

Within minutes, we both played, lying with my cock slowly removing from Rachel’s pussy. We kissed again, for a few minutes as we drove side by side. Then looked into each other’s eyes and if by a common commandment at once we said, “it was fantastic” exactly at the same time.

Rachel was the first to stand up, standing above me to close the front door; I had a view from the bottom up. She had a shaved pussy, now with her inner lips hyper extended and her vagina open from my cock having her stretch. There was a stream of liquid flowing down his inner thigh and a glob of my begins to flow from its opening. She looked down beyond her beautiful full breasts, her nipples and the contracted and sweet anoles of her orgasm.

She smiled at me, asking me if I liked what I saw. Of course, I said, “Yes, I’m looking at the sky.”

As I went down, she grabbed my hand and said, “Ok stud, let’s go” as I got up and followed her to her room.