My Daughter’s Best Friend – Part 10

“So, what’s my price?” I asked.

Amy smiled as she turned and opened one of the drawers in the bedside cabinet. I looked, until she came back with something in her hand. She dropped one end, while she clung to the other end in her hand, showing me a pair of fluffy covered pink handcuffs. Her eyebrows rose in a sexy nasty way, telling me everything I needed to know about what her plans were.

She pushed my arms to the top of the bed, before slamming the handcuffs and wrapping them around one of the wooden stumps of the headrest. I quickly found myself stuck there, with my hands raised on my head, handcuffed to bed so that she could do what she wanted for me.

“Now you are powerless to my desires. You’ll get your reward, but first, all you can do is watch! Amy said. She slipped out of bed, got out of the room for a brief while before coming back with a bag.

Back in bed, she placed him by his side. She positioned herself at the end of the bed, where I was forced to look at her. She grabbed her panties, slipped them on her thighs and legs before sliding them my way as they landed on my upper chest. They were there, I couldn’t move them with my hands tied. The musky scent swept from the garment to my face, lifting my nostrils and making them flare to the wonderful smell of her sex. She stretched out her legs, giving me a chance to see this delicious wet cunt between her thighs. It shone nectar leaking from the inside

She leaned to one side, before returning with a toy. A silver metal vibrator clung to his hand. She smiled at me, I watched her turn it on. He started buzzing in his hand. She leaned forward, before crawling her way up between my legs. Soon lie near my groin where my cock was fully erect like a flagpole, bulging and throbbing. She gave me a nasty smile, then using the tip of the vibrator, she touched it against my ball bag.

“Damn!” I screamed, feeling my trembling at the wonderful feeling they felt.

My legs trembled, while my cock reacted in her own way by starting to do a joyous dance, as if she was trying to escape again with nowhere to run and hide. Amy ran the vibrator back and forth on my, making me squirm in response to her delicate but wonderful touch. She ran it up, soon hitting a chord on the bottom of my dick before sliding up and through the long thick tree to the top of the mountain. My cock was going crazy, trying to escape the torment of that amazing buzzing sensation that found it was every move as he tried to escape. The closer he got, the more the fire inside me began to burn. Soon he connected with this soft dot around the underside of the bulbous head. My head flapped back, digging deeper into the pillows.

“FUCKKKKKK!” I moaned loudly, scribbling my face, closing my eyes like my body spasmed to what Amy was doing to me. My upper body was rolling from side to side, unable to break the chains that held me at his mercy. Unable to get down and force her to stop this torture, albeit a wonderful sexual torture.

My cock was pulsating hard, and she knew she had me at her mercy when she moved away. My cock was finally free, but I could still feel the slight ringing buzzing sensation through the long thick tree, especially to the bulbous crowned head that shone in the light. I breathed hard, before looking down to see Amy’s big smile and open her eyes to what she had done to me.

Amy then shuffled back, spreading her legs wide and opening her for me to see once again. She used the vibrator next to herself, sliding it back and forth through the tender juicy lips between her thighs. Soft moans crept from her ruby-red lips, eyes closed as this beautiful feeling surpassed her. She raised the toy so that he stroked the hood of his clit/clitré and her body reacted instinctively. He spasm hard to soft touch, his legs practically closed on themselves.

“Ooooh fuck!” Amy moans.

Amy rubbed the vibrator back and forth, he continued to connect with the small knot of her clitoris causing her stomach muscles to react. Her hand clung to her face, claws on herself as the sensation struck all the nerves inside her body which showed in ecstasy on her face. The vibrator quickly became unbearable as she ripped it off, sliding it down on her and then softening it between her wet lips. He slipped inside, causing his lips to shudder as he buzzed against them.

“Mmmm … Oh God yes!” Amy moans as he entered her.

She pushed him a few centimetres inside, before retiring and doing it again. She started fucking herself with the vibrator, sliding it in and out, back and forth inside her tight wet hole. Her hips gently gyrated in rhythm to the smooth feel of the metallic sex toy that penetrated her cunt over and over again. Its interior walls struggled to stay focused with the vibration buzzing against them. She then pushed him in, leaving him there and took off his hand. She was sitting there, legs wide, the vibrator sucking deep into her wet as she looked at me.

His feet began to crawl on my lower legs. The sensation of her stockings gave slight electric shocks on the hair of my legs. They slipped up, closer to my groin where his feet started playing games with my dick. It took the thick piece of hard meat between the sole of his feet. His feet began to slide up and down on both sides of my cock, sliding back and forth causing a slight friction of the stockings against the soft soft foreskin of my thick hard cock.

“Oh my God!” I moaned, watching her do this work on me.

Amy licked her lips, not only at this new way to help me get down, but the vibrator sensation still buzzing away inside her tight wet hole. At one point she held one foot against one side of my cock before her other started rubbing up and down across the opposite side. It gave new sensations that flowed inside my hot body. One foot kept playing, forcing my cock back to lie against my waist while his foot ran back and forth through the underside of my hard thick piece of meat. The other foot was flowing between my thighs, and started teasing my. His toes caressed and tickled my bag, causing a hot buzz to get up in my cock which was still pushed and rubbed over.

This continued for a little while, adding the sexual tension and the rise of energy that filled us with both of what we, more me than Amy now, so desperately wanted. To reach the peak of our orgasmic fulfillment. Finally, Amy stopped teasing, she pulled her feet away from my dick and balls.

She grabbed the vibrator once again, sliding it in and out of her wet tight pussy, accelerating the pace at a smooth pace of fucking with this sex toy. Moans slipped between his ruby red lips, the sexual tone of his ecstatic moans. I was forced to watch her orgasm as her breathing became heavier and deeper, before reaching her peak. Her body writhed, spasm to the point that she could no longer bear it. She slipped the deep free vibrator into her, it shone in the soft light of her nectar, it was coated. Her cat leaks it’s sticky honey, while her lips still buzzed to the sensation of the vibrator making her soft connection on her femininity. She sucked the toy, licking and tasting her own juices, offering sexual moans of her own pleasure to tasting herself. Placing the toy on one side, she knelt down and looked at me with a smile.

“I’m going to ride your hard cock to the bottom of my wet jerk drip!” Amy told me how she was looking at my nagging cock.

With these words, Amy turned herself to rest on her hands and knees. Her ruby-red lips began to kiss, swaying from one leg and then to the other. Relaying like his head, and the rest of his half-naked body delicious rose, getting closer to my cock that bounced around above. His gloved hands stonyd my legs, leaning on my upper thighs which sent a tingling sensation to my cock. When she reached her goal, she slipped her tongue through my ball bag. Quick, quick repetition of the tip of his tongue as he teased my. She took one of my in her mouth and sucked on her.

I said, “Oh!” I moaned in response.

Releasing my ball, she ran her tongue through the bag, rising through the lower end of my thick piece of meat. Running along the underside, she used her tongue to wet my cock with her own saliva before reaching the crowned head. Once again, she flited through this point so soft that she knew pushed me over the edge, causing my body to spasm in response. She swallows several thumbs at once inside her moist warm mouth, descending from hac and taking him like a pro. Wrapping her lips around her, she sucked on my cock inside. His tongue caressing, prodding and working his magic as he stroked around each side, while his lips began to rise and fall through my thick hard cock. He slipped between his lips, which makes him pleasant and moist for what would come next.

Releasing with a soft sound of a “pop,” my cock shone in the light. Amy moved higher, using her tongue to draw a line through my waist, stomach and chest. Her tongue ran circles around my nipples, before she teased, and gently bitten on them while using her tongue to flick through them to have them erect. Further on, her lips soon connected with mine. The taste of my dick still clung to his lips, but I didn’t care. My passion, my desire for her has overcome any notion of myself’s taste on her. His body was riding mine, his hand reached down, sliding on my waist before he grabs a grip of my hard cock. She positioned it so the large bulbous head began to rub back and forth against the juicy lips of its tight wet opening.

Then, in a hard fast motion, she crashed her. ‘Slap’, as her cheeks slammed down on my thighs. My cock plunged deep inside her hot wet hole with some force, as she took everything of me inside in one go.

“Damn!” I screamed.

“AGHHH!” Amy screamed in response to take every inch of me.

His upper body rose, lying standing on my lower waist. My cock still inside his wet hole, his hands clasped on my chest to keep my balance. His upper body remained motionless, his hips began to gyrate. I could feel my cock swirling inside, caressing and slapping gently against her silky inner walls of her wet pussy. His hips swayed around and around, in slow sensual movements, sometimes twisting a little faster.

Finally stopping, she placed more weight on her hands that were still clinging to my chest and got up an inch or more. I could feel my dick freeing itself from its tight hole. She then pushed him back inside, where he felt warm and safe, and to be honest, where he felt like he belonged. Her body began to swing back and forth, rising and lowering as she began to climb my cock slowly, accelerating the pace that time passed with each push down on me. I watched her ride with my hands still chained. Her bra trembled, her breasts flowing gently inside. The more she began to ride me harder, the more our breathing became worse.

At one point, she repositioned herself so that she put her weight on the sole of her feet, crouching over me as her body bounced up and down. I looked down between the gap of my own and his body, to see my dick jab in and out of its tight wet consequence. The sound not only of moisture being created by my cock pushing in and out of it, but also the sound of her ass cheeks as they slapped every time on my thighs. It was like a musical orchestra playing the sounds of sex to an audience of two people.

After driving me for several minutes, she got up as my cock went off and bounced, now covered in its sweet nectar. She turned her body around face away, before taking my cock and sticking it inside her wet consequence. She started riding me once more, only this time I had the beautiful sight of watching her cowgirl reverse. The sight of her cheeks soft hectic, twerking and bouncing up and down on my body is a sight to behold as any man can tell you who ended up in this position. It’s just a beautiful show. The bed swayed as she took a harder pace, pushing herself up and down on my chained body as I lay there at my own destiny.

At one point she went down like her hands caught at my ankles at the end of the bed. Her hips did most of the work, forcing me to see not only the pleasure of watching my cock slip between those juicy lips that clung so tightly around my hard thick cock, but also gave me a perfect view of the tight pucker hole of her . She rolled me near the edge of cumming, before she stopped when she started to feel my cock pulsating inside her and pulled free. This is not the time for me to make sperm.

Turning, Amy looked back at my naked and sweaty body. Squeezing the key in her hand, she got up and dropped me off. My mouth was struggling with her breasts, still covered with her bra, as she hovered over me. My hands broke free and scratched her back, holding her close to me. At last she walked away, she sat down on my body and looked at me. She reached behind her back and triggered her beautiful breasts for me to take the view in once again, throwing her bra across the floor room. I leaned over, my mouth almost beating one of her succulent breasts between my lips as I sucked on her. I didn’t leave either alone, using my hands to squeeze and pull the erect nipple while using my tongue and mouth on the other at the same time.

“Don’t you want your price?” Amy murmured softly.

I pulled myself back, looking at this amazing young woman in front of me.

“I thought fucking you was the prize?” I asked, confused.

I said, “Oh no. The price is something else. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I want you to fuck me in the ass! Amy passed out with a mischievous smile.

I sat there, surprised more than anything at what she asked me to do. I had done before, but my ex-wife was never wanting me to take her into that hole, so it rarely happened. But this young woman wanted me to throw her in the air and seemed enchanted in some way that I did.

“If you’re sure?” I asked.

“I’m positive. I want your big hard dick to fuck my tight asshole!

With this, Amy turned around and reached out to pull something out of the bag. It was a small tube to help relieve the pain and make it a little more bearable when I walked into its tight hole. She handed it to me, before she turned around and positioned herself to the end of the bed on her hands and knees. His head turned, looking back at me with those puppy dog eyes and sweet innocence that was about to be broken for good.

I slipped a small amount of lubricant on my finger and then began to rub gently between her cheeks.

“Oooh. It’s cold! Amy murmured with a smile.

Using my fingers, I started rubbing the lubricant along the crack of her, before finding her tight wrinkle rind. I slid my fingers back and forth through her hole, making sure it was well lubricated before I used a finger and gently pushed inside, just slightly. Amy’s body reacted instinctively, her squeezing and her body stretched upwards.

“Relax hun, I promise I’ll be sweet!” I told him.

Amy started to relax a little easier, which I felt. My finger was slowly moving deeper inside, lubricating its tight hole. Freeing myself, I leaned forward on my lap and found myself behind her.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

Amy nodded in response, still anxious about what she was about to receive. I placed some lubricant on the bulbous head of my cock and slowly started spreading it around so I was as well prepared for the trip as I was about to continue. I ran the top length of my thick hard cock back and forth through the crack of his ass, it slides up and down before I placed the tip of my cock to the little hole of his ass. Slowly, I slowly made my way inside. His pucker hole opened. In a few moments, I found an inch or two of the head inside her, holding her there as I felt Amy stretched a little before relaxing.

My hands clasped on her hips, holding her steady as I passed. Another inch, then another descending slowly into his tight crease hole. I could feel how tight it was inside, squeezing on the thickness of my hard tree. I could feel her stretching to fit inside.

Amy felt the pain, but led through it, this new sensation was almost unbearable, but exciting at the same time. Her pussy soaked to the joy of her other hole by taking the thick hard cock inside. She clenched her teeth as I retreated a little, then pushed again. Amy’s hands clung to the sheets, grabbing them in her hand.

Oh! I moaned when I pushed back into her.

I could feel how tight it was, and from the feel of it, I was certainly the first to penetrate this tight hole of hers. The lubricant helped my dick slip in and out with some ease, but the tightness of her ass was still incredibly difficult to try to break further. I started to take a little rhythm, back and forth my hips gyrated, my cock slipping in and out of his tight asshole.

“Agh … oh!” Amy moans in response to pain and senseme inside her. She accepted it now, her body becomes more relaxed as time passed, and the tension of being fucked in the ass has become not only bearable, but enjoyable.

“Fuck … you have such a tight asshole! I told Amy.

Amy looked back and smiled in response, before her face showed the slight pain I plundered in her once more.

Now I was in a smooth rhythm of slowly, and very gently fucks her asshole. I leaned forward, hovering over her as I kissed her spine while my hand reached under to wrestle with one of her breasts, squeezing it and pulling on her erect nipple to add to the intensity of her sexual feelings.

“Hmm … Oh yes!” Amy moans at my touch.

My body slaps his buttocks, creating that soft sound of flesh on flesh. My upper body continued to hover over his, where I leaned over with my hot breath on his neck. My hand was wandering from his chest, through his toned stomach and between his thighs. My fingers began to rub on the tender flesh of her lips. My fingers were quickly soaked in her sticky nectar, as I continued to rub her. Occasionally, I’d slip a finger, or two inside. Fucking his two holes at the same time. Amy moans in response to her two holes being filled.

“Where do you want me to cum?” I whispered to him.

“Oooh … cum on my ass! Amy told me.

“I’m getting closer!” I informed her, but I think she already knew that.

My hips tormented a little faster. The sensation of his tight hole trying to cling to my hard nagging cock pushed me to the edge of madness. I could feel my bowels burning, getting closer to the pinnacle and exploding while my fingers kissed her wet pussy.

“Oh fucking … I’m going to make the sperm! I called, sensing that the rush was starting to take over.

My cock pushed free from his tight hole, while my hand dipped out of his wet consequence. I wrapped my hand around my piece of thick and hard meat and started to hard and fast. Within seconds, I felt it was exploding.

“AGHH!” I moaned loudly.

A wave of rushed to the bulbous head before pulling out of the split, flying through the air and landing crashing on Amy’s back and. Streams of my seed flowed slowly between the crack of his, towards the tight hole I had just pulled free from. I kept jerking off knowing I wasn’t finished, where a second wave spat. This one is not as heavy or long, he spit against his and dribble down on the leaves between us.

I knelt there, my cock gripped tight in my own hand as it continued to pulsate to pump every drop. My breathing was strong, slowly descending from the high I was on. I wiped the sweat from my forehead that ran over my face. Look at Amy’s beautiful. His hole now widened by where my dick had been. Her was still soaked, as he infiltrated his own nectar on the sheets below.

I grabbed part of the bed sheet and wiped my semen stains from her body, cleaning her as best I could before pulling it back against my body. I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her tightin in a warm embrace and kissed her neck to reassure her everything was done, even though she knew that already.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“Mmm, it was wonderful!” Amy said in response, turning her head to kiss me on the lips.

I pulled it with me, where we gently relaxed our bodies to lie on the bed, on the side. Spoonful near me, I held her tight in my arms while this wonderful new sexual encounter that we had just experienced plunged us both into a deep sleep for the night.

This is my first attempt to write an story. I tried to make it sensual and sweet, like the rest of the series, so I hope it came across though. All thoughts appreciated and thank you for the viewing.


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My daughter’s best friend – Part 10