My Dream Penthouse – anal double penetration older man shower threesome

I must be the invisible of the group, the pretty enough girl to be friends with all these chic party people. But since I arrived in this country, I have not had a single appointment. Love is almost absent for me. I’m not even in the kitchen, where the twenty people gathered in the apartment would be able to see me. Why don’t I talk to someone? Instead, I have this crumpled letter in my hands, the one I wrote for Jake to read. I want to ask what he thought of seeing Melisha and me that night in the shower room. I thought we had our eyes closed for so long when Melisha was pushing me against the wall, but was he mostly caught off guard by his back, not me? Not my thinner hair? My pudgier skin, paler?

I’m not going to give him that letter. I’m not a college clon anymore. I’m a 20-year-old intellectual. I walk into the smoky kitchen and then into the noisy living room. I don’t care if I forgot what I was going to say. In the crowd, I slip into, on the arm of the couch, grab Jake by the tie and pull him towards my mouth slightly. He’s waiting for me to talk.

“I’m not a lesbian, you know.”

He smiles, winks at the sidelines, and returns to listen to a girl speak. He thinks I’m drunk, while really I’m crystal-clear head and waiting here next to him with a heavy avarice holding in my kidneys. He has a perfect neck and jaw. I still don’t know how old he is, maybe ten years older than me, or older. He probably has tons of women. As I’m lost to think he would be attracted to me invisible.

Perhaps… Maybe not.

I’m in my room, thinking, do I really want to go back there? The party will be stalled and it will be easier to relax and get a word with it. There’s a gentle blow to my door, then Jake opens it and looks at me with a slight disapproval.

“I know you’re not a lesbian.”

I try to apologize, but it silences me.

“Would you like to go out?”

“Jake, I wasn’t trying to ask you”

“Trish, do you want to go out?”

I bite my lip and my heart beats. I said, “Okay.”

I said, “Good. See you tomorrow at 8:00. And check your door before you get ready. There will be a gift for you.

I say, “OK,” always with an argumentative tone stuck in my vocal cords, and I close the door and break into a smile.

The night moves around more blurry and muted than normal. A cool autumn breeze is creeping in our windows and relieving an amazing summer.

Throughout the day, I wait in a slow calm. It’s Saturday, and so hot outside, everyone’s favorite time to leave the apartment in silence. Towards the edge of the evening, Marcus arrives with a big paper bag, saying he has my name on it. There is a note written to me in elegant letters: Trish, tonight, you can only carry what’s in that bag.

My heart floats, knowing that I will wear exactly what Jake wants to see me, and that it is a silver dress with a little sparkle. It is tight around the thighs and too low cut for a bra. The only other items in the bag are a bracelet and a pair of flat-heeled shoes that are easy to put on and off.

Marcus is talking while I’m inspecting the bag, saying, “Trish, my friend who’s a chef is coming tonight. He’s going to cook us something beautiful, an authentic Andean dish. Will you be there?

I said, “No. Sorry, I have an appointment tonight. I know I can say those words now, that Jake is coming for me soon, because I have this bag in my hands. I go back to my room and foam rets everywhere with my most fragrant lotion, put on my most seductive thong. I have the dress on just as I hear being left in the kitchen.

The way car and motorcycle engines resonate on Hipolito Avenue tonight seems to have some soothing ring in the air. Maybe the city seems this way because I have so much serotonin flowing in my head, that I hold Jake’s hand, walking further downtown than I’ve ever been, in the candle neighborhood. And there’s a little breeze going on under my thin dress, making me feel almost naked here. He points me out in a chic Italian restaurant, with seafood aromas and lots of wine.

Everything we want comes to the table. It is very categorical that we eat a light aperitif and then gorge ourselves with cake covered with thick chocolate syrup- such a beautiful meal. My stomach is swollen with heat, and it spreads through my body.

He recognizes a friend on the other side of the room and sends him a text message. The man sweeps with a ferocious cologne smell. He is as elegantly dressed as Jake, with thick stubble on the chin and scalp. His skin is smooth and dark, as is his voice. Jake says my name, and the man looks at me. His hand reaches out to my hand. “It’s Rabô.”

I can’t fault myself with the slump in my throat. They both laugh slightly and relieve my restless nerves.

Rabô returns to his table and Jake catches me looking over my shoulder to see where he’s sitting. He says not to look so anxious. Do not worry. We’ll follow him home for a drink. It’s close.

My stomach is sinking.

It flows more when we walk through the door. This is not an apartment. This is a fully decorated penthouse, with white carpets and iron lamps. Rabô lives here alone, a businessman in his mid-thirties with this kind of pad. There must be beautiful women coming in every week. It gives Jake and I a tour through the kitchen, office, living room, master bedroom and bathroom. The shower is big enough for all three of us to saur in right now, but I can’t believe I’m thinking of doing that.

“Trish certainly likes a spacious shower.”

I look back and I see Jake smiling. How could I find myself in this awkward moment, hand on the handle for hot water, in front of these two men?

“Do you want to run the water?” Rabô asks. I said, “Go ahead.”

I smile and walk away from the shower. I’m too nervous to make a move like that.

We sit on the couch, where I’m in their hands, like Jake’s graces my shoulder, and Raba is on my knee and barefoot. It’s hot enough here for my head to relax. They talk so strategically, moving the business topic subtly into something about sex. Jake says he loves his women who are sometimes outrageous, enough to prove how much they really love him. He pinches my shoulder. I get angry and apologize to the kitchen, to fill my cup of wine.

I pull the cork stuck in the bottle when it comes into the room. “Don’t be so intimidated, Trish.”

I’m looking at him. “I’m not.”

He takes the bottle from me and pours my wine. “We can leave when you’re ready.”

“I’m Not.

He puts his hands on my hips. “You like Rab, don’t you?” He presses me firmly, digs his fingers into a bump in the dress. He looks appalled. “I told you to carry only what was in the bag.”

I said, “I am.”

“So what is…” He slides his hand down my thigh and pulls my thong up to my knees. I said, “Is that it?” He’s looking at me. “Was it in the bag?”

I said, “No.”

“Then take it off.”

I’m closing my knees. I said, “Oh. I guess that was stupid of me. I bend down to pick it up, but he stops me and says we have to leave it right there in the middle of the kitchen floor for Raba to see it, because it’s my punishment for breaking the rules. I try to argue and say that we should at least push him around, but he keeps his decision and makes me go back to the living room.

Already Rabm gives me a curious glare about what we were placeing in there. When Jake and I get back on the couch, so much heat starts to stir between my legs. I’m thrilled every time I brush my hand on my hip seamlessly. I’m sitting with my knees a little wider, wishing I’d been like this all night.

It takes its turn to go into the kitchen, and my heart rate improves. He’s gone for much longer than it takes to pour wine. He’s here, looking at my underwear on his floor. Maybe he’s intrigued. I hope he is not totally disgusted and thinks I am so obscene.

When he’s back in the room, the tension between us pushes me to taste my cup of wine. He says, “Trish, there’s still a glass of wine left. I kept it for you.

I’m going back to the kitchen to pour the last wine. The kitchen floor is back to ordinary flooring. My thong is nowhere in sight. I am so upset to wonder what he did with it and what he thinks of me that I forget to pour the wine and come back to them with an empty cup.

“Well, what were you doing in there if you didn’t pour the last of the wine?” Rabô said. “Was there anything else you were looking for?”

I laugh and I try to relax my head, while his hands put a firmer grip on my knee, Jake is a firmer grip on my shoulder, so much so that I know we’re getting closer to what I want, and I tingling everywhere. I can barely get my words out. “It’s a little hot out here,” I said. “My neck and back are wet.”

“Get some fresh air,” Rab says. “Take that off.” It pulls on my shoulder strap.

I shrug my shoulders, slide a shoulder strap down and look for their approval looks. I have the right to do that. I’m a hip, daring girl who does stuff like that all the time. I let the dress slide on my torso and roll over my ankles. I am stunned with pleasure as four hands invade my fresh exposure, exploring the softness of my skin. They tease me by coming back to talk about business while I’m sitting here like this. I can’t play their patience game. I reach out to their thick thighs and pull on them, so they will snuggle up near me. Their suits were getting high on my body.

They won’t throw away their clothes until I decide to take them out of their pants. I realize that none of them have a belt. I don’t know when these came out. My hands go into their two pants, and their conversation goes away. “I’m more than a show for both of you,” I say, as I firmly grasp theirs and feel completely stiff. I’m the one who shows Jake that I can be outrageous and that I really want to. Words ignite a wild desire in both, and they repel aggression in a heartbeat. Jake unbuttones and opens his pants to let his dick pop up. He grabs me by the shoulders and splits me from my seat, puts me up right between his knees, where I can have the sight of that cock I dreamed of. It’s in my little hand now, with a skin so thick to slide up and down a big purple head. Rabô has his dick in his hand. These two men will be in me tonight, and I’m thrilled.

I stretch Jake’s foreskin back and wrap my lips around his tip as tightly as I can, but I can’t take much in my mouth for how nervously my throat is tight. I resort to help mainly my hands, which he seems to like more. And when I pull on the underside of his bag, he squirms slightly and takes off his shirt.

They are both naked and put me back between their bodies on the couch, two hard and smooth breasts pressing on my breasts, as they take turns contenting themselves with me, and I can’t breathe fully through the pressure they put on me. There are two hands that shake just above my hips, two more around my breasts, a big cock that grazes my stomach and thigh, the other against the lower back.

Jake leans back more. He’s coming for me. The penetration will begin with me above him. As it’s different from any sex I’ve had before, because I’m not given much time to hesitate or say, “I don’t think I can hold it all in me.” Not. They are not shy boys of hurting me. These are men who want to fuck. Jake hoists me up and sneaks into me, which makes his dick fit! And a shiver passes through me, a guttural and spasmodic cry escapes me. I’m dizzy for my breath. The gentle pasture Of Rab has along my back lets me know I’m fine.

Jake’s waiting for me to calm down. I focus on his chest and lean more weight on my hands, so I can moderate his strength. And I get wetter and more relaxed as I go along. The burning pain subsides in waves of incredible ecstasy. I go down on my elbows, so I can kiss her once. It twists me without breaking a lot of momentum, and continues to fuck me as I fall on Rabà’s lap at the other end of the couch and get my first taste of his equally gorgeous cock.

I give my whole body to these two mountainous men, in this heavenly room where my heart is full and my beats, where four hands dig their fingers in my and neck, pull on my hair, tighten my breasts. The outside world — I really don’t care anymore — not with these two men who know how to stretch their legs as far as they can stretch, and press my knees against my chest, who can wrap their hands around my neck while I’m also tight, make my orgasm bloom at length, put me through half a book of Tantra without dropping a touch of their stamina, while I go down, and outside. The clarity of the night fades. I’m never entirely satisfied. A chasm of lust and desire opens in me. How I want them to hammer as firmly and deeply into me as possible, oh God how I want that.

They sting me from the mouth to the vulva while I lie on the couch, then again when I’m on my hands and knees. They rub my back, as if they were saying That I was taking them well.

“Let’s take her to the end,” Rabô says. “She deserves it.” He’s lying on the couch and Jake puts me on him, back down his chest. Jake gets down in front of me on his knees. Rab’s dick is hovering near my ass. Are they really going to overtake me? I never imagined being that kind of girl, wanting two in me. Rab is so oiled with his own sperm that he can slide right into me, so suddenly that again a guttural groan is forced out of me. Jake joins me, and they work on me with rhythmic piston thrust, testing the speed and pressure that my body can handle. My cheeks and hands are numb, and I can’t find anything to grasp. Everything is dull outside the area of my waist to the thighs. In this, another orgasm flies away.

“Let’s get this sweaty girl out,” Jake says. He picked me up, bandaged himself from his shoulder, and took me to the bedroom, into the shower, where I hoped we could finish. He runs the water and doesn’t even wait for it to warm up. The cold wakes my skin, only for a moment, then Rabô puts his back to the wall and catches me. He shoots Jake and me into him, and two hot chests are rushing against me.

My feet hang in the air as four hands hold my thighs and waist. Their cocks feel around my tush and vulva, enter again, and quickly resume fucking at maximum speed. I wrap my arms around Jake’s neck and hold him so close, thinking it’s strange how his body delivers me both a sense of security and dread. I want to impress him with how much I can take, show him that I love it more than I support him, so my hands find his jaw, I hold my breath and bring his mouth to mine, with enough passion to make it burst. The heat of his charge touches a deep part of my heart, and it comes out in time to spread it on my belly and vulva.

Raba wants to come soon after. With my ass to himself, he grabbed me near and rails his cock into me. He reaches his climax and pushes me against the wall, on my feet, so that he can pull jizz up to my breasts and let it flow into my legs. Jake notices on my face how excited i was their last moment of fervor. He presses his body against me, a hand firmly in my clitaction. His fingers vibrate under me, so fast that I’m led to shudder, my whole body turns into fuzz, my weight removes my feet. I float, and he grabs hard against my chest with the other hand, pushing me to the edge of one last breathtaking orgasm.

What beautiful men they are, as they dry and let me take a shower by myself. I take a few minutes to rub deeply and wash the grip on me. I’m clean again, an innocent and curious girl. The rest of the world can slip back into my thinking, about how excited I am texting Melisha and telling her how that night went, how my phone is out there in the living room, next to my crumpled dress on the floor. They’re probably back on the couch, where I’m going to have to pass them, naked. I think I’ll give them a sexy little hip touch and pour me that last glass of wine before I bother picking up my dress.

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My Dream Penthouse