My First Full Body Orgasm guide my true erotic story

There is no denying that I am kinky and an extremely overtly sexual person but believe it or not, it has not always been so.

A few years before meeting my boyfriend, I had fun, I slept with men and women and I had “orgasms” but they weren’t “mind blowing”.

People were telling me how good their orgasms were and how they could have died at that time and I just agree, but in reality I didn’t know what they were really talking about.

I tried different techniques, different positions and different people in order to pull myself out as I saw in the movies and to hear my friends, but my “orgasms” remained the same.

I would be extremely horny, sucking dick or pu with enthusiasm, enjoying every second, having sex, but my orgasm just wasn’t strong or what I expected. Already.

My first real orgasm “OMFG” (it broke me)

hands covering breasts

I love sex, I always liked it but I felt like I was missing something and at a time when the Internet was not as easily accessible, I could not have simply googled “How to have an orgasm” .

A few months ago when I neither saw nor slept with anyone and at that time, young, excited, I decided it was time to discover myself in the bedroom, to learn what I loved and learned how to realize this myth called the orgasm.

I remember this day as if it was yesterday because it was so intense for me and the pleasure that I felt was like a key that opened up a whole new world for me. of pleasure.

I spent the day getting excited, wearing a short skirt, no underwear, no bra and still answering the door. Lean into the supermarket and watch everyone. I don’t know why it got me so excited at the time but it did.

When I was ready, I got undressed, took all the information I had learned and started working on myself. I let my young imagination run wild, imagining my old school teacher spanking me, imagining myself going down in front of a room of people and even bringing me back to the first time that a girl was licking me.

I ran my hands along my hard nipples while the other hand kept the same rhythm on my clitoris. At one point, my fingers slipped inside my wet pu ** y and they just knew what to do, going in and out of my hot and humid pu ** y.

My mind went back and forth to every hot fantasy I had ever had and without my even realizing it, I felt an accumulation of pressure inside my pu ** y. I kept the same pace, kept my imagination on the right track by imagining that each of my father’s work associates was watching me and before long I came.

I came so loud that I screamed out loud. I felt so good that I smiled.

My sheets were soaked, my fingers were dripping, and my body felt the greatest relief. I had finally felt an orgasm and I had unlocked a beast.

But I got this F ** king toy

sex toy

I thought orgasms couldn’t get better, I had now conquered how to give myself an orgasm, I could guide my partners in the right direction and I loved every second to go down.

However, there were still limits, my clitoris was too sensitive to continue once arrived. Sometimes I just couldn’t be embarrassed to sit back and stimulate myself and want to feel more power when I came.

I roamed the Internet and found a sex toy that would change my life but I didn’t know it yet. The sex toy was this: a massage wand vibrator.

When it arrived, I lay on my bed, completely naked except for my panties because I had read that it can be quite intense when it is placed directly on the clitoris if you don’t 39; you’re not used to it.

It was so easy to use with the scroll wheel and I’m not exaggerating here, but as soon as I placed it on my clitoris, it was like a firework Was lit in me.

The vibrations it produced were so intense and perfect that my whole body felt like it was vibrating and enjoying the sensations of this wand vibrator.

I felt my orgasm build up and in a few seconds, I was enjoying, I felt that my pu ** was wet there but I did not remove the vibrator, I did it I kept it exactly where it was and after about 10 seconds the vibrations gave me incredible stimulation once again.

Before long, I was enjoying it again, it was like something from a wet dream. This orgasm was more intense, he felt better. I decided to keep the wand vibrator in the same position and see if I could make it happen again and I did. Shortly after, I felt my third orgasm develop and I came so hard.

At that time, I stopped the vibrator because if I hadn’t done so, I would still be there now.

The best thing was that it doesn’t make your clitoris sensitive so that at night I can start all over again, I got into the habit of watching porn and letting the movie play because I could enjoy it as many times as I wanted it.

I did a whole article on this masseur which I recommend reading if you want to know more about my first times with the wand vibrator.

Also if you want to build your collection with more of my favorite sex toys read this article.

How this toy made me cum several times:

girl laying on the bed in red underwear

Multiple orgasms seem impossible, especially if you were like me and never used something like the wand vibrator and thought that multiple orgasms were a myth.

But I assure you that they are possible and I am living proof that they are the best things that can happen to me. I wanted to explain in a little more detail how you can actually achieve multiple orgasms in one session.

  • I dim / turn off the lights, undress and have a sneaky adventure with myself

I like to undress, it makes me feel sexier and it really allows me to explore my body. I like to leave my underwear on because they feel better because the vibrations are intense but if you can handle them without, go for it.

  • I hold it against the body parts to keep me warm (nipples, the outer part of my vagina)

Operating my vibrator on my body is something I recommend you do, not only because it combines like a massage wand, but because it is wonderful and if you like to stimulate your nipples, you will love the sensations of the wand vibrator.

  • As soon as I cum, I don’t stop, I hold it in place, I fight the feeling and I enjoy multiple orgasms

Fighting the feeling is the main thing that you have to overcome, once you enjoy, you will want to remove the vibrator from your clitoris but keep it there. it will take 5-10 seconds before it becomes wonderful again, so hold it.

  • I’m putting an adult video, something that really hurts me (BDSM, big dick, threesomes)

I don’t want a lot of porn but if I have time alone and I really want it, I’m going to put on an erotic movie, sit down and enjoy it as many times as I want. I don’t need to stop the video and go back to my favorite tracks, I can just keep enjoying it.

I like the feeling of being “full” and my fingers weren’t cutting it, so I started using my realistic dildo at the same time as I was stimulating my clitoris. The double sensations were incredible and the ejaculations are so exciting with these two things combined.

Rules you must follow to enjoy hard

girl in sexy lingerie

Follow my best rules to have the best orgasm and enjoy so hard that you feel exhausted afterwards.

Get f ** kable (underwear, quick makeup, sexy feel)

Whatever you feel sexy when you have sex with someone else, do it. I like to be completely naked (with my panties) and wear short skirts. Something about it excites me and if I masturbate, I like to follow the same rules.

Get a LOCK (nothing worse than worrying about someone’s entry)

Orgasm is best when I know no one can walk on me. I had installed a lock on the door of our room, but if that is not possible, consider blocking the door with a chair or making sure that nobody will be at home for a few hours.

Create a sexy space (candles, oil burner, new bedding?)

It’s not necessarily for everyone, but if it can relax you, do it. Take a bath, light candles, spread deliciously scented oil in the air and let your senses take you away for a little while.

Find your sexual fantasy

Go to Erica Lust, the porn hub, or whatever site you use and watch each category until you find something that makes you peck inside.

If you are lacking in the imagination department, head over to a porn site, an erotic blog, or anything that lets you watch videos without touching yourself. Make your day and think about these things all day, get aroused before you even get into your room.

Get lubrication

If you can’t order it online then use unrefined raw coconut oil, you can buy it in stores, it is safe for the body and feels f ** incredible king.

I’m incredibly wet by touching myself, but I promise that using lubricant will make it even better, by coating your sex toys with coconut oil or lubricant and allowing your sex toys to slide on your nipples and clitoris when they drip wet and silky will. feel 10 times better.

Stick your hand on your panties and get to work

Go ahead, play with yourself with your hand, then incorporate your wand vibrator.

The speed of the vibrator

Start on the lowest setting of your vibrator, it’s easy to control with the scroll wheel and increase the vibrations as you go. You will find your favorite and soon you will find yourself enjoying it again and again.

Different models with your fingers work for different people, you just need to learn what is best for you and your body.

  • circles
  • side by side
  • Up & Down

Take your massage wand and get to work

I find that using the vibrator of the massage wand is much easier than learning to enjoy multiple times using only your fingers. This allows you to keep the same pace and you don’t really need to do anything but keep it on your clitoris. There is no skill involved and it is wonderful.

Bordering your way to orgasm paradise

The border is something I have tried several times alone and with my boyfriend but I will tell you that it is difficult. It is when you reach orgasm and you don’t allow yourself to enjoy, just stop what you are doing. You do this several times before you can no longer do it and allow yourself to enjoy and it is so powerful and leaves me shaking.

It’s an amazing way to achieve multiple orgasms using the wand vibrator, my record is 8! Yes, 8. All this from borders, a lot of foreplay, then holding the vibrator of the wand on my clitoris and allowing me to enjoy again and again.

Household items that I used for orgasm (homemade sex toys)

selection of homemade sex toys

When I was broke and I was living with my parents, I found a few things that I found around my house that helped me reach an orgasm. I finally learned to do it, I unlocked a beast in me that wanted to enjoy every night and day.

  • Electric toothbrushChange the head of the toothbrush, but the vibrations feel good against your clitoris and nobody suspects what you are doing.
  • Smartphone (using this app)Use this app and go down with the help of your phone, it’s a little crazy but it feels good.
  • ShowerheadI liked to sit in the bath and push the powerful jet of water on my clitoris, I feel good and it is very discreet.

Did a whole article on homemade dildos and vibrators, you can check it for more ideas.

What vibrator I use when I’m on vacation / living in a busy house


I know how annoying it can be to be discreet when living with roommates or family, having an orgasm in peace can almost seem impossible. I used to use a discreet, small but powerful vibrator that you can find in This article.

I also recommend my vibrator if you have a little more money to spend and want to experience combined orgasms that take your breath away and soak you up.

Hand orgasm vs sex toy orgasm, which is better?

hand vs sex toys

I have become a master of both and I have to say that using a sex toy is so much better, it not only gives you a faster orgasm, but you don’t have to worry from the tiredness of your hand or the wandering of your mind.

The use of a sex toy also allows you to experience multiple orgasms and a full body orgasm. From top to bottom, I would choose a sex toy every time.

woman hands down in black panties