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My Alice has always been a little weird.

When my dear husband Hyacinth first remarked about her strange ways, I took it all a little tongue-in-cheek, thinking it was just a sporadic quirk on Alice’s part. The poor thing never perfectly fit into our conventional household and the whole neighborhood was on its crappy list from the first day of our welcome in femininity.  Her teenage years were filled with one getaway after another and my wife was the first to admit that she was a tough row to hoe and still managed to keep a straight line.

It was Hyacinth who chose the little darling of an apathetic line-up at the orphanage. I was a little bothered by the whole affair, not particularly eager to add another member to our family like going to the store and looking for a bargain. Of course, it was only later that we both realized that this was a transaction that had no guarantees and that the returns were not in good shape, regardless of the justification.

My attention was drawn to the fact that the principal seemed relieved that we had removed Alice from her hands and that a number of other boys and girls were smiling almost as much as she was when she came out the front door with her little suitcase by hand. As this was truly a dismal environment, I could relate to the fact that anyone in their good mind would love to be closed the place and welcome any change of scenery as an improvement in their situation.

From the first, Alice showed her skills by manipulating both of us by making her offer and guiding us in a relationship that played one of us against the other giving her all the cards to get what she wanted. At that young age, he was perceived as cute and endearing, but after she spent her sixteenth birthday, Hyacinth and I interpreted it as a form of reverse abuse and were unable to break the cycle to follow Alice’s whims like puppets on a rope.

At the time of my wife’s death, I was in my mid-fifties and was beginning to show my acceptance of a mature lifestyle that certainly did not include romance or passion.  My wife and I had been married for nearly thirty years at that time and I had been satisfied with his conscientious nocturnal submission by taking comfort in the convenient availability of female flesh to hammer at my leisure whenever the urge arose in the privacy of our own bedroom.

For the past ten years, our love has been somewhat reduced due to the proximity of little Alice’s room and we did not want to expose her to the weaknesses of the flesh until it was time for her to take part in normal sex av ec a partner of the opposite sex. Now, of course, these days, the gender mix of the relationship is much more varied and open and it was as if we were suddenly creatures from another planet accustomed to relating only to heterosexual relationships like the the only normal route to the release of tingling.

It was with some surprise that I entered little Alice’s room on the day of Hyacinth’s funeral and saw her face down in the pillows with her pretty back in the air and being licked by none other than my Aunt Rose. The sight of Aunt Rose still wearing her glasses and with her tongue flashing the cunny of my Alice with serious intent shocked me. Of course, it also aroused me to the point that I found my hand wandering up my crotch to test the hardness of awakening my instant erection.

Aunt Rose licked with determined dexterity, her tongue buried several times in Alice’s pretty vagina. At that time, Alice still allowed her cunt to remain intact by a razor and her wild bush was all over Rose’s still attractive face like a damp brush that had to tickle her senses.

I must mention here that the aforementioned Aunt Rose was not really my aunt, but in fact my actual life companion Louise. Aunt Louise was about to turn seventy and she kept the pretext of friendship with the young Aunt Rose who was about my age and almost twenty years younger than her doting mentor. They had started living together at about the same time I was married and we were both in our twenties at the time. I remembered that I had quite a crush on Aunt Rose and often imagined that it was her below me on my honeymoon instead of my obedient wife.

As I approached Aunt Rose’s back, I saw my little Alice tapping Aunt Rose on top of her perfectly arranged hair and telling her,

“A little deeper, my dear, I like it when it is nice and juicy with your saliva.”

Alice groaned sensually when Aunt Rose followed her instructions to the letter.

She looked up at me standing right behind Aunt Rose and with my hand obviously around my hard rock cock.

I saw the smile cross her face and I knew she was in one of her endless games to manipulate people by following her demands

“Don’t turn around, my father is behind you and I think he wants to put his dick in your wet conqu’. Just spread your cheeks with your hands when it pulls down your drawers and takes aim at your pretty vagina just waiting for a nice tumble while you keep licking me into a state of complete orgasm.

I decided to play because it was an opportunity I had been waiting for a long time.

It was easy to get Aunt Rose bloomers down and I knew the case was sealed when she reached back with both hands and ripped off her cheeks so I could get a clear shot at her well trimmed from behind.

My little darling Alice kept the face of the mature woman buried in her conselle and Rose was unable to look behind her to see me slowly start rubbing my impatient cock on her pretty camel-toe target peeking at me under her Delicious heart-shaped. I have to be perfectly honest and tell you that sliding into this mysterious depth of the mature female female moisture was one of the most satisfying moments of my sexual journey.

Suddenly I bounced out aunt Rose Yoga firmed cheeks with an energy I hadn’t felt for some time. My Alice leaned forward and kissed me full on my lips with her teenage tongue as she pushed poor Aunt Rose’s captured head deeper into her femininity. The three of us were as one animal joined at sensitive points taking and giving pleasure in a circle of lust that consumed us as the hottest fires of hell.

At nineteen, Alice was a mature and tempting thing with absolutely no qualms about doing the most outrageous acts of deviant behavior just to turn her web about a poor male or a woman with an obsession for some rarely seen fetish despised by most hard-f public ucking.

I accidentally came across an article in a terrible woman’s magazine while my spouse was still breathing that describes in detail exactly what constituted the making of a sociopath in today’s society. I cut the room and took it into the bathroom to read over and over again as if it was a dirty story written by a pervert with a lot of time on their hands. There were some salaces factoids in the article, but the attraction to me was the fact that in each descriptive point he described my Alice to the letter.

At that time, she was seventeen years old and I knew that in a few months she would be considered an adult and able to make her own decisions in a real and legal sense. Yet I consulted an expert in this particular mental condition in order to guide my actions in trying to push poor Alice in the right direction. The last thing I wanted to see was that she would fall into the chaos of criminal or deviant activities sealing her destiny for the rest of her life.

I guess that’s when I realized that I really loved little Alice as a father to her daughter, as a friend to a friend and most importantly, as a lover to her beloved. There was no feeling of guilt in my mind about the sin of incest because Alice was a stranger when we met and adopted by us to encourage her in a world of confused values. Neither my wife nor I had any suspicion that she was anything other than normal and we had assumed that her mental facilities were as perfect as her beautiful body which seemed to become more tempting every day.

I studied the elements that formed the thought of the average sociopath and discovered that their thinking was entirely self-centered and that they felt absolutely no guilt in manipulating those around them to respond to their least desires and obey their every whim. At the same time, they were sublimely adept at imitating a perfectly normal person with real emotions and respect for the other person’s feelings while hiding their total disregard for real honesty.

I guess that’s why the day to bury himmy spouse whom I bound with Alice in our mutual hold of Aunt Rose claiming that I was manipulated by her to feed her need for absolute control.

Rose was a little deviating, if the truth is known, and she was ripe to accept the most outrageous demands on her body. We appreciated our use of her attractive body to humiliate and degrade her well beyond the standard of common decency. After this difficult start, we had Aunt Rose to play with whenever time allowed and she proved both resilient and eager to obey all our commandments. It was at a time when his roommate was better satisfied with a glass of sherry after dinner and taking a good book to bed instead of a playmate for the games of the flesh.

I made sure to keep tight control of all our financial affairs, except for those trinkets and gifts that young Alice managed to squeeze from her many elderly and married acquaintances who were attracted by her sexual beauty like butterflies night to the flame. I discovered that the more the gentleman, the more depraved their relationship and, in all honesty, it made a lot of sense because some of these decrepit wrecks could not use their fingers or their tongue to express their desires to consume goodie locker of every woman.

Eventually, I realized that Alice needed at least two partners in the ultimate consumption of the sexual act and she preferred that he focus on her pretty posterior rather than the normal female folds held in such esteem by the public usually hard denting. I must admit, I found that perfectly delicious because I’ve never been as alive and happy as being inside his brown eye looking at the changing look on his face as I plumbed his anal depths with my rock-hard cock as a Explorer looking for a good landing site to drop anchor. Her was a perfect portrait and she never got enough of sticking it high for the deepest possible insertion. We made a good team because they would find the prettiest young things imaginable and invite them for a one-night stay that invariably found them intertwined in her four-poster bed with a single candle to light their sinful union. I used to time my arrival at this point where pretty young things were about to total liberation and managed to insert my business with little objection as they shuddered in submission to their normal carnal desires.

I noticed that Alice was becoming more and more demanding towards our visitors and she seemed more and more taken with inducing pain in the agenda going down on the cries and sobs that would make a normal person a little more compassionate in the treatment of sensitive areas of the bod y.

We rarely made a male the object of our carnal delights in a nocturnal setting, but sometimes would include one if it was accompanied by a particularly delicious little piece of female flesh that made my crotch bulge with excitement. In fact, it didn’t bother me to see another man pushed deep into the sweet bottom of my Alice provided I had a proper pair of female buttocks twisting here and there between my legs like a stupid schoolgirl learning to take it in this place that all the priests told them was the place of residence of the devil himself.

I wasn’t worried at all about her falling in love with a handsome young prince with a cock that would satisfy her and harem of a certain size as well. She was not in love or romance and only saw sex as a way to get that tingling that made her sleep better and allowed her to manipulate her partners in complete loyalty to her beautiful flesh. It was fine with me because my little sociopath was easy to read and I loved her as she was in every morning, noon and evening.

When we looked in the mirror side by side, I am sure she saw me as her faithful servant and I had no doubt that she would sell me down the river if a better opportunity arose.

We were looking forward to the first warm days of spring to organize our trip to Venice.

I wondered how my little sociopath Alice would take to romantic Italian males with their seductive thoughts of endless love and passion in the afternoon hours. I was willing to offer it to some bold young boy provided they came up with female secondary benefits to distract me from the joys of my sweet Alice of the flesh. It was time to expand his manipulative skills and test his emotionless ability to control those around him. I’ll report on our shipment on the next installment.

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My sweet sociopath