New Friends – swinging cheating fun

The weekend was here and I knew our swinger’s party was in a few hours. All I could hope for was that nothing would change our plans. My other hope was that when we arrived there would be a few people who are worth playing with as well as some cool playmates. I am grateful to be in the lifestyle with the man I love. However, I do not like the rules we have and while I obey them, as many of my readers know, I am not the most faithful of spouses.


I was dressed in very sexy clothes for the party. When we arrived, we met a few people we knew. We played with them, but it wasn’t really that special. However, when we returned to the area in general, we met Scott and Judy. We had seen them on the swingers website. We knew they were very popular since we saw their photo related to many people within our circle of friends on the site. They also recognized us from our profile. This led us to a long conversation that lasted about an hour during which we talked about everything from lifestyle, to sport, to children.

It turned out that they both lived in the next on the city of us. This led us to wonder why we had never met before.

Finally Scott said, “Let’s play!”

I said, “Well, it’s my man’s rules are rules.”

Judy said, “Let me do it.”

She then said something to my man near the food table and drove him to a room.
I put my drink on and followed them into the same room. Judy had her top off and showed off my man’s fake big tits and sucked her cock in a very nasty way. I went to bed and Scott came down on me, waving a finger up my.

He then asked me if I liked his finger in my and asked, Is my finger out of bounds?

I said, “Yes, I like your finger in my ass, but I can’t do anal because of the rules.”

He smiled at me as I restored my brief disappointment, which was followed by the party sex of a great swinger. Scott was very attentive and first took me away with his tongue and fingers combo, before showing me his cock. Now his cock was not very long, maybe 5 to 6 inches. However, it was extremely thick and had a very unique big button head, which I thought was awesome. He came into me and fucked me for a while before coming in his condom.

As he pulled his load, he whispered to me, “You know, I masturbate at your profile picture for a while.”

It made me smile and made me very happy.

We continued our conversation in the other room until it was time to leave. Judy asked me what my plans were for the next day. I told him my man had a hockey game, which he was going to. Holding my man’s hand, she asked me if we could go shopping and go out for a drink. I said I’d like to, because it would get me out of the house. We exchanged numbers and planned to speak the next day.

The return home was quiet at first and then I said they seemed to be nice. He asked me what sex was like. I said it was typical, nothing special and I asked why? He told me that he broke his own rule since when she guided him out of her, she had put it in her where he came from. I laughed and said better than she did. I subtly downplayed my expectation of anal sex when I play. Since one of our rules he made is that he is the only one in my, I played making sure it wasn’t much fun for me.

He said I should be friends with Judy because he loved her and they lived near us.

I said, “I’m texting him tomorrow.”

However, just before we got home, she texted me, “Tomorrow afternoon.”

Sunday morning came and went and I was bored with the football and cleaning until the guys left for the game. I texted Judy and we decided to meet for dinner and a drink. On the way to the hockey game, my man texted me telling me I could play with Judy, but not with her husband. I sighed when I thought about those damn rules.

I dressed well for my dinner with Judy, but nothing special. As I went to the restaurant we had chosen to eat, I was hoping she would tipy me enough to convince me to break the cheating rule.

She was dressed in a skirt and looked good for her age. She’s a lot older than me. She and Scott are there 50, according to information on the swinger’s website. We sat down and had a great time as we drank and talked and laughed for a few hours. I told her about our period and that I knew my man was having sex with her. She apologized, but I said it was good.

She told me Scott had been a fan of my profile pictures for a while, and is a big fan of anal sex. She also told me that he was dying to make me. I was flattered. As the night passed, I get quite drunk and did well. She asked me if I could play. I said, I was told I couldn’t. She looked disappointed about it. As we settled the bill, she leaned over and gave me an incredible sexy kiss, don’t care if anyone saw it. We were laughing at the other people who were looking at us as we left the restaurant. Walking to our cars in the restaurant parking lot, she didn’t give up on convincing me to play with them.

She asked, “Are you sure you can’t play?” At that time, I was really excited about the kiss.

I said, “Well, I’ve been told I can play with you, but who knows!”

She smiled and said, “I’m going to drive, leave your car here.”

I walked in and she reached over and slipped her hand down my leg and as and we went to her house, she continued to rub up and down my leg. I laughed when I was flying back into the night with Judy. She lived near the restaurant. His house was quite large and very beautiful. When we arrived, we rushed inside and started kissing. I assumed Scott would jump out of somewhere, but he wasn’t home.

She undressed me while we were working our way, what I later learned was their playroom. She had admitted at dinner that she was very “dom” and that she was not joking. We went there for what seemed to be hours. Her little hands went inside me, along with some of her toys and she took me off. As I lay there under his shortness of breath from the aggressive sex we had, I wondered if I had removed it. It looked like she had had an orgasm.

As we lay there touching and kissing, I had not heard Scott had come home.

He said, “Is it okay if I come in?”

He came in and Judy sat down and kissed him.

She said, “Well, we have a problem. It seems that she is not allowed to play with other men when she is alone!

He frowned and seemed sad. Judy told me to stand up in front of them. Yes, I did.

She grabbed my chest and said, “Who are they?”

I knew what she was looking for and I said, “Yours.”

She stuck a finger inside me and said in my ear looking at Scott and said, What is this?

I said, “Yours.”

She said, “Good girl.”

She kissed me and said, “Turn around. What is that?

I said, “Yours.”

She said, “No! What is that?

I said, “Yours.”

She said, “No! You give it to Scott to let him you!

She folded me and said, “Ask her to fuck her ass.”

I said, Please me, Scott.

I was trying not to laugh when I lifted my. Judy started licking him and moaning. Scott undressed and I felt him join us on the bed. Judy started to snit my and finger him, to prepare him for Scott.

Scott said, “I’ve been waiting to fuck that ass for a while! I’m sorry if it hurts!

He pushed his button down my without remorse. I screamed in pain, but it just added more lubricant as it pushed in and out. I felt a rooster ring hit me, as it hammered away naked inside me. I could barely stay on my hands and knees as he continued and goes with Judy help ingesting with a toy in my to relieve the pain. I think I’m from the toy inside of me too. He then made me bend at the end of the bed and lifted my. He got up and fucked my ass until I wanted to pass out of the pain. It got to the point where it hurt so much. I think he knew exactly when to come into me.

He retired slowly and resala and murmured, “Good girl, good girl.”

Judy said it would probably be better if we didn’t tell my man and she would ratt herselfwould one day. We laughed and dressed and made a plan for all of us to get together.

Judy took me back to my car at the restaurant. She held my hand from time to time. My hurt a lot. I’ve had bigger cocks in my ass, but I’ve never had a pound like that before.

We kissed good night. I was jealous of her and her relationship with Scott. I was hoping that my man and I would arrive at this place one day, so that we could trust each other enough so that we could both have fun and be safe.

I hope to see them at the next party and we can all become friends, but that remains to be seen.

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New friends