I just got given a nude massage by the hottest man alive

Hi everyone, my name is “T” and today Sally (the owner of this blog) has given me permission to share one of the most appreciated and moving experiences that I have ever had in my life.

Massages have never been my favorite thing in the world, I don’t like intimacy and I don’t like having a whole body rub by a stranger but there was a moment where I was desperate for a massage and I mean desperate. I had hurt my back in the gym and it just couldn’t be fixed, my doctor told me to get a massage once a week and it should start to relieve the pain.

I would never have left but I was in pain and I knew I had to overcome the whole phobia of massage.

I found a place that had good reviews and even though it was far enough by car from my house, I decided to go there. Before telling you about what’s going on in this massage studio, you should know that I have been single for more than three years, my ex-husband and I hated each other towards the end and since the breakup, sex was totally irrelevant, masturbation wasn’t like i liked watching my favorite porn and using my favorite vibrator most nights but sex in general wasnt something i really wanted.

Anyway, I arrived at the massage studio impatiently, slightly nervous and just wishing my back would start to feel better. I entered the dimly lit studio and was greeted by a young receptionist who spoke in a enough voice and told me where I could store my stuff, strip naked and once I was ready to choose a room and relax and wait until a masseuse was ready for me.

I undressed in the locker room, I was still young despite my divorce, my body was in great shape, my breasts a D cup and pert, my perfectly groomed pussy and my ass well done and in proportion to the rest of my little figure . I wrapped the white towel around me and headed for a massage room, the place was completely silent due to the low relaxing music of white noise, it smelled of incense and it was doing enough warm so you feel comfortable removing your towel.

I lay on the massage table and waited…

massage bed

I still had my towel draped over my buttocks when He entered. He greeted me with a smile and got to work open this massage oil and heat these hot stones, I felt embarrassed to lie there and when I looked at the back of him, realized he was one of the most magnificent men I have ever seen.

He was tall, tanned and definitely spent his free time at the gym. He was a little younger than me, but still someone I could see myself with, I let that thought wander around my head until he took it 39 hot oil and began to pour it gently on my back, it was incredibly amazing. He then moved his soft hands over my shoulders and then spread the hot oil all over my back, I let out a little moan because it was so good.

a man massaging a woman's shoulders

His hands made their way through each blow on my back and unlocked a wash of liberation where the pain was. I told him it was amazing. He kept pushing into my shoulders and lower back, his fingers were magic and I couldn’t help but imagine what he looked like in the bedroom. What? I’m still human.

He then disappeared into a corner of the room and returned with the hot stones I mentioned earlier, placing them all the way down my spine. The warm contrast on my back was magnificent and as the stones entered my spine it moved towards my legs. I was sure I hadn’t asked for anything other than my back but I didn’t care, he still poured oil on my legs, the drops of it The oil looked like the feel of sperm when it is expelled onto your skin. He then started rubbing the oil in my legs, pushing his fingers into my aching gym muscles, he was definitely a master at his job.

I uttered another groan.

woman laying on bed naked

The sexy masseuse as he massaged my legs moved his hands a little too high on my leg, he was practically at my pussy. I did not react, I just enjoyed the feeling. My clitoris throbbed and hurt to be touched, it was like something I had seen in one of the pornos I had watched.

I knew my pussy was wet, if he had looked under the towel, he would have seen for himself how wet and excited I was. He continued to massage my legs and get a little too close to my pussy, it was exciting.

I wanted to arch my back and push his fingers inside of me but I knew it was wrong and he probably didn’t want to get as close to the genitals. However, after that moment, I have to be incredibly discreet at this massage parlor because I know it will never go out…

He asked me to turn me on my back…

Woman laying on bed in black and white image

He practically whispered it in my ear and I forced, I turned up so that my breasts in D cup were now facing the ceiling, he could not see them because I still had my towel on my body but I really wanted him to see them.

He continued to massage my legs and continued to make his way too my pussy, this time he gently lifted the towel with his hand, exposing more of my thighs and if he had pushed her the more he would have exposed my beautiful pussy.

He then moved his hands over my breasts, letting the oil run down my nipples, then moving it around and over my chest. Each touch was incredible as he tugged on my nipples and massaged every inch of my breasts. I was so wet and as I was at eye level with his dick, I also noticed that he was hard and his dick was desperately trying to get through his shorts. He moved my towel from my body and I was totally exposed to it.

My pussy lips were shining from being so wet and my nipples hard from stimulation and being so aroused. He picked up the oil and the stones and used them on my stomach, still just missing my pussy with his fingers.

I decided that I had enough, I needed him to touch me. I moved my hand and slowly started rubbing his cock through his shorts with my eyes still closed, he slowly stopped massaging me and for a second I thought I had the wrong impression until he move his hand over my pussy butte and start massaging my pussy lips. The feeling was breathtaking, he never touched my clitoris but pretty much everything else with his magic fingers, I felt like I was on the verge of ; an orgasm. I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore, I was overwhelmed with pleasure.

His cock throbbed as I touched him through his shorts, he continued his pussy massage, constantly teasing my clitoris.

I decided it was enough and I removed his tail from his shorts and it couldn’t be beter. Totally shaved, the biggest I have ever seen and veined. My pussy was begging him now and I just put his cock in my mouth, he let out his first moan and with that he finally touched my clitoris and it was as if explosions had been triggered in my body.

The feeling was overwhelming, all these teasing and accumulations had made my clitoris so sensitive and her touch pushed me over the edge. I knew I was close to an orgasm so I kept pushing his cock deep in my mouth, I took it all in my throat, I didn’t have it gag reflex and deep throat was one of my specialties. He moaned again as I did this, once his cock was totally in my throat, I took his balls in my hands and played softly with them. I felt a small amount of pre-sperm go down my throat and I took it out of my mouth and licked the tip of his penis before taking his whole cock in and out of my mouth once more.

He used his fingers to play gently with my clitoris which drove me crazy, he had even pressed a finger in my pussy and his little finger in my ass. I was on the verge of an orgasm that I knew how to make me squirt. I took it in the back of my throat and I could not bear it anymore, I started to enjoy, to squirt my juice on his hand and on his massage table, my orgasm was so powerful. As I came, he began to enjoy deep in the back of my throat, his warm liquid sliding down and using my tongue to clean the sperm from the head of his penis.

He took his cock out of my mouth, pulled up his shorts and cleaned my pussy with the towel. I got up and left the room, my whole body shaking from my orgasm. I got dressed and I left the parlor and I knew why he had such good reviews now.