Horny boyfriend and girlfriend The hormones of pleasure

Ah my body wanted a horny party so badly, it felt alive and searching. Surely I must be the perfect welcome from every boyfriend to me, I chuckled. The hormones of pleasure raved my body delirious .

a day of retail girl delights had sparked a strong rise of an intoxicating high now mixing with the bubbles of Prosecco at lunchtime, resulting in a sexy dose of sexy femininity. I felt delighted and wanted this feeling to continue as I savored the feeling of having a streak of wild pleasure going through me. Hmm, I don’t care what he does, I thought to myself, this girl has more fun than he can give and he’s going to find me riding on her body so I can feel it , him and that monster cock deep inside him.

I went through the door with my bags rattling next to me, the keys rustling and rattling as I pulled them out of the door lock. I was finally home but what a day. A perfect combination and by the appearance of it not too missed, I thought looking through the kitchen door to see a sexy naked shirtless lying in front of a large flickering screen. Sure, the Saturday afternoon sport was the entertainment of his choice, but I had other ideas in mind. I called.

“Hello you, hmm perfectly dressed for my home I see?”

Without looking up, he confirmed the pleasure of my arrival and, in his tone focused on television, tried to start the conversation by asking for the necessary jokes about the girls and the time I had had .

Ah, he has no idea how horny I feel, and my nasty inner naughty realized that I was so far ahead of him and that he had catching up to do.

Leaving my bags, I leaned against the wall. The light of the television on his fit torso, those hours spent in a sweaty gym had certainly provided me with a very toned and very desirable body to play with, with a slight tan, I just wanted to touch the skin firm and powerful muscle tone feeling all this force around me. The simple act of sweeping my eye along his body with extended moments on his pants sent an inner twill through my muscles. Oh my god, I’ve already felt the urge to squeeze my thighs and squeeze that feeling through my pussy. Hmm, a horny girl who needed sex so badly that I thought.

Girlfriend teases her boyfriend as she plays with her pussy

It was enough of a sensation to tempt my body to enjoy more and I let my fingers start to feel inside my blouse. Nothing stopped me, opening my blouse wide to reveal one of my favorite silk bras underneath. Soft and feminine to the touch, I slid my hands over my right breast, tweaking the nipple to react with my fingers, before sliding it, releasing its trapping. Being so carefree made me feel good and I kept teasing myself. My tight skirt was raised high allowing my legs the freedom to open wide as I glided along the wall, squatting down as I did. Now I felt his eyes on me, leaving the screen to capture the new scene in front of him.

“Oh baby, what are you doing to me?” He said.

“This is what I’m doing,” I quickly replied, answering as my hand started to spread my panties giving a breath of air on my swollen clitoris. The reaction just gave me the feeling that I was hoping and let my fingers start to feel the moisture before my finger easily slides inside for more pleasure. I couldn’t help but groan a little.

“Yeah I love to see what you’re doing, damn you look so horny, it must have been a better result in these stores than I thought.” Go on, baby. Tell me what you want, talk to me. I want you to feel good? “

I kept the pleasure of rolling in my pussy, head back before collapsing completely to the ground.

“Oh my god yeah, push that cat away from me, feel how beautiful you are,” he said. “Do you want my hands, let me slide my fingers and my cock into this sexy pussy?”

“Yes” is all I managed to let go of.

When I got up, I couldn’t reach it fast enough, my skirt raised high, blouse completely undone, a light sweet sweet scent that I felt on my fingers, my pussy tingling with attention.

My lips fell immediately on him, as I undid his bulging pantshow excited he had become, his cock gushing, I wasted no time riding on him and catching my breath. Needing to calm down slowly because the size and volume filled my tight little hole.

“Oh baby, you never fail to surprise me with how much you fill me, ah I feel you in every millimeter of me.” I say, before he gradually starts lifting my buttocks and relieving them up and down from his fabulous tree, his strong arms flexing as he did, moving like a small object in zero gravity I was when with him. Ah the pleasure was extreme and so intense my fingers were only a soft pleasure, it was a major force, the friction of which excited all the muscles linked to my pussy.

As my body moved more easily over him, he picked up a rhythm, pushing and bouncing my body over his, my moans grew and so did his. Hit my cheeks with every inch he had. We moved so I faced him, allowing his cock to rub against my ideal point, there was no stopping his pace or his stamina while He was slamming his cock inside me, my back arching in ecstasy. My body took on the frantic sensation by building such intense pleasure, I wanted to enjoy but being on the edge gave me such a sensual desire.

His dick now demanded that my pussy be filled and clubbed and he slid the full length of his body behind me, letting me feel his closeness as we lay side by side while engaging in an intoxicating fuck party.

Just when I thought I needed to cum, he pulled back to give me a few moments of grace before taking the chance to tenderly let his mouth and tongue explore the clitoris and lips if thrilling. They felt on fire but his soft but firm movements cooled as I lay down enjoying receiving such attention. For all his muscular and hard chest, he always knew how to be soft and tender. I felt his tongue make its way through my opening before sucking gently and tapping my clitoris. The heavenly feeling is restored until he knows I must enjoy and is released from such ecstasy. Entering my pussy once again, I felt the side of my pussy tighten as it picked up the pace. My body needed little to reach such a powerful muscular force in me, shaking the top of my legs, I was tightening myself tightly trying to control the sensation and I felt the waves crossing me.

Boyfriend and girlfriend enjoy hot sex on the couch

“Ah, it’s so intense, fuck me, ah I can’t take it anymore.” I say, fighting for all composure. At that moment, I felt a hot, sticky fluid touch my stomach, dropping drops on my chest and my bra as he let out a desperate groan.

“Oh baby, I love you fucking me like that,” he said.

“So when is the next shopping trip planned?” He joked with a rye smile.

“After all, I want to make sure I see soccer again!”