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Has anyone else constantly seen what I have seen? Sitting like I was often under the illuminated computer screen of my desk, my eyes naturally hovered at the incredibly sexy male figure who passed by regularly. I was always perfectly aware of the exact location where he was, his presence found me disarming and I tried to hide any sign of my constant interest. I did not know until now how the charisma of some men could be so stuffy, have a way to make you feel stupidly and timidly maddening, but my experience of men was quite limited.

I wouldn’t say I was an unattractive girl, but somehow I never really caught the attention of boys like some of my friends did. I often wondered if my frame was too small, maybe even a little childish. This was partly due to my lack of breasts and a nonexistent cleavage, I never really felt like I had the tools to tease.

I found myself regularly checking out the tall muscular figure of a certain person in the office, admiring how his clothes offered an attractive clue to what lay beneath. I loved the way his tight-fitting shirts wrapped around his chest so that I could see the shape of his defined muscular arms, ah, stop, I used to say to myself, but on other days, I let my thoughts run away with themselves and imagined his arms wrapped around me. It certainly worked, I could tell immediately, he had that strong muscular manhood that I found so incredibly attractive.

During the months that he spoke to me, all I could handle was a rather muffled hello, or a somewhat plastic answer to his often direct, albeit charming, questions. Even answering him with a few jokes made me blush and fumble my words. Why did he have to be here in my first most important position that I hadn’t had since I left college. In the weeks and months since I joined this dynamic music production company Black Tone, I found myself not so caught up in the glamor of the industry, I rather became too focused on the industry. The main man himself, the incredibly sexy Mr. Anthony Gould.

I thought I had to find another distraction in the office, I was getting far too fascinated by it. What was this man? Was it a powerful thing? Certainly the fact that he is my boss has attracted some appeal. His success was certainly up there too, his ability to seem so in charge of the moment at all times. Unlike me, who could only be described as a fairly new junior office worker. Although I thought I was good at my job, I couldn’t help but think that I excelled at being completely fascinated by a man who happened to be my boss. A little shot, but that’s it. He was irresistible to me. There was also another thing, which was probably higher than I expected, her beautiful black skin. I had never been with a black man before, in fact I had never been with many men before excluding a few pathetic escapees in college. But with Antony, his dark skin just increased my sexual imagination of him and my mind more than ever dreamed of being with him, his magnificent darkness against my slight pallor.

I did not know what to expect when he invited me to his house that day. It was a clear and cool spring day and I deliberately tried to dress in a casual and easy way. Trying not to mention previous embarrassing comments, others had made me a little obsessed with him. My camel-colored skinnies had been praised for their flattering style a few times, so I felt they were the perfect solution.

It seemed like he had noticed me much more recently in the office. He had even been noticed by Janine, my 24-year-old office colleague, whose job was to ensure that a supply of coffee was always available in her office, than more often than not I would otherwise was included in meetings that really I I had no reason to be. I mean, it quickly became apparent that I was not in the same league to offer help, but I was there at his request. There were a number of occasions when I felt that he had been overly attentive to me, ensuring that my lunch was delivered to my desk when I had apparently forgotten to 39; bring something to eat, rather than watching me fumble in my drawer to change into the boy’s sandwich. But I had to make sure I didn’t let these polite moments make me hope for much more.

My mouth was dry as I stood in front of his house, I just hoped not to be embarrassed. Opening the door with his charismatic style I waited a few seconds before venturing out. Such a beautiful house, he had certainly been very successful in the world of music and seemed to enjoy surrounding himself with such beautiful elegance. Upon entering, I am sure he must have heard me catch my breath. Did he know the effect he was having on me, did he want to allow his body to be so close to mine when we entered the living room. Its masculine scent was so beautifully blended with an expensive scent reminiscent of those who often pass through the likes of Harvey Nichols.

As he showed me around the living room, I couldn’t help but feel that a different moment was taking over and I was ready to leave it. He smiled, turned around and looked straight at my face, his dark eyes still so warm and soft, I felt a touch of his hand and I immediately knew that he had more than a passing interest in me. “I’m so glad you can get there, I was so hoping you would come in person.” He said softly. “In fact, I had rather been hoping for some time that it would be just you in person.” Just those few words made my pulse beat, and all I could say was a seemingly rude comment. “Me too,” I said. Looking him straight in the eye, I started to read so much more in his gaze, I got hooked on the moment until he said: “You are joining the company has had such an impact on me, more than you think. “

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This is what I was hoping to hear, he knew about me, he hadn’t been blind all this time. What drove me to do it, I don’t know, but somehow I wasn’t ready to chat a lot, and we were in too close contact so that I don’t lean forward enough so that our faces can touch, but it was I who grabbed the moment and I kissed her mouth.

I had no time left to question my actions as his mouth pressed against mine and I felt the force of his body move away from the wall. I lost all feeling of being and let those months of sexual interest that were brewing behind my desk express itself fully. My arms wrapped around his neck, I couldn’t move them fast enough around his chest, up and down his chest, up and down on his solid hips. He, in turn, responded in equal measure by letting his hands move so seductively over my body. Instinctively, I leaned in and felt the bulge in his pants, I wanted to devour his hard body, fight my way over the dark, tight skin of his chest, press my body against him with my arms wrapped around of those incredibly tight buttocks. The calm and shy demeanor was long gone, I let myself go and I could feel the raging thoughts in my head explode on him, and I was here, claiming him for me. I pulled him toward me as I fell back onto the soft padding of the stool below, bringing his body to eye level. His hands traveled as fast, measuring the speed I was after he quickly started unbuttoning his shirt. Loosening her belt and pants and releasing more of her flesh, her beautiful dark ebony skin. My mad desire to release it so that I can see it disguised, the light falling in flattering tones highlights, even more, the contours of its muscular silhouette. Without wasting time, I put my mouth on his cock desperate to taste and please him, he seemed to be a god standing in front of me, my eyes moving from his face that shone towards me to that of his cock hard and bloody, so solid and fuckable. I ran my mouth and tongue longingly along its length, doing so, I felt the raw energy flickers that were raging at me.

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My skinny tight around my ankles, I quickly felt dominated by his movements, not mine. He skillfully ensured that my body was exposed and positioned for our pleasures. His experience was evident when he put me on my knees with my fleshy white ass pushed very high, I felt the full power of his cock suddenly fill me. Oh, the pleasure was more than divine and I arched my back in such ecstasy. He was a man who knew and understood passion and pleasure and both working hand in hand. I felt the intense desire rise in me. I wanted more and more and the pleasure of not stopping. Arching my back and pushing downward to feel every inch of that luscious, luscious dick making its way into my pussy. I fell on my elbows, moaning in pleasure. I never thought that sex could be this intense and necessary. I wanted every inch of it and was shaking my body back and forth over hers. He took his time and took care of his powerful movements, pulling me up to kiss and eat my mouth. His kisses were significant and greedy, they enveloped my lips and he devoured my mouth. We both groaned equally.

Like putty in his hands, he knew how to adjust my body and I found myself rolled on the side, legs constrained, he continued his pursuit of me, my pants holding my legs together, I felt an exquisite pleasure . The muscles in me started to burn with a growing sensation that was so foreign to me. An inner pulse that convulsed more and more deeply, I didn’t know how much more I could take, but the idea of ​​not continuing was not worth considering.

I didn’t want to lose the sensation. Bite his skin, tighten his body, kiss any part of him that I could reach. I grabbed his body to bring him closer, he hit my ass to perfection in a strong rhythmic movement, crushing his body with the power of these buttocks to take me further.


Holding his face, we kissed like long lost lovers, I clutched at his neck moaning, feeling the buildup reach a point of explosion. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before. However, his actions have not stopped. Raising my leg, he made sure it was getting deeper and deeper, our bodies even more intertwined. I felt so helpless as he pulled my body into the positions he wanted, leaning on his powerful arms and we fucked over and over. The only sounds were our moans and his balls hitting me. I couldn’t take it any longer and said in her ear “yes baby, ah come on yes baby”. With that, he pushed my legs so wide and hammered my swollen pussy. Even then, there was no respite from the fervent kiss and as he withdrew, I saw the sign of his desire pumping my whole body. His attention did not wane as he hugged me tight as we had fucked him, his arms wrapped around my little body and he placed his kisses on me.