Paying For College With Her Ass—Part 2, Julia’s First Client

When Julia arrived at her dorm in the early evening, the first thing she did was take a shower – and then she called her job and quit. Sitting gently in the middle of her bed, she turned on her laptop. Checking her e-mail, she found a message from James. It included a contract, a list of rules and items she needed. There was also a questionnaire to fill out, telling them things they needed to know to make sure it was paired with the right clients. Everything had to be done by Monday.

While she was ready to start the questionnaire, Rosie entered the room. Without a hello or a greeting, Rosie asked, “Well, did you get the job?”

Smiling, Julia said, “I just signed the contract and filled out the rest of the paperwork.”

“Can I ask which one you have chosen?”

All Julia could do was sit and smile. Rosie then let out a scream because she knew what the smile meant and she tried to kiss Julia, but the laptop was in the way.

“When do you start?”

“It’s probably going to be Monday,” Julia said, turning her attention to the questionnaire. Rosie took this as a clue and went for a shower.

Julia read the questionnaire very carefully, then emailed it and the contract back to James.

On Monday, in her history class, she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. After class, she was quick to check the text, hoping she had a client that night. Of course, there was his first assignment, causing him a wide range of nervous emotions and fear of confidence. Julia read through the brief biography of the man that she would allow access to her private parts, and smiled.

In the dorm, she found Rosie doing her nails.

“Well, something to report?” Rosie asked with a smile.

“Yes, the first mission is in two hours so it’s better to get ready,” Julia said, throwing her book bag on the bed and looking for the right clothes to wear.

When she arrived at the designated house, she was fifteen minutes early. After taking several deep breaths, Julia walked on the porch and rang the bell.

“Good evening, Julia, ” James said as he opened the door wide for her to enter. “I’m glad you’re early. We need to take some pictures of your and a headshot for the photo book that the customer looks at to choose their date. Then we’ll take you to meet Mr. Chamberlain.

After taking the photos, James pointed it in the direction of where Mr. Chamberlain was waiting for her. Julia took another deep breath and walked to the greeting room. When she entered, a very distinguished older gentleman stood at her feet. He appeared in his sixties with a shock of white hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that made him feel welcome. As he walked towards her, she saw that he was nearly six feet and very muscular.

“Good evening, Julia,” he said, giving her a brief hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m Tony Chamberlain. Do you wear my favorite colored thong?

“Yes, Mr. Chamberlain,” said Julia, without bothering to show her.

He surrounded her, then grabbed her, squeezing and saying, Mr. Chisholm told me he had a new filly with a fine in the stable, but fine doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Tony grabbed a key to the keyboard and took Julia by the hand to take her upstairs. He inserted a key into the lock and stood back while Julia entered in front of him. The whole room was made in different shades of purple.

Putting the key on the table near the door, Tony said fact matter: “All rooms are soundproof so you can scream as loud as you want. You should know that nothing excites me more than hearing a woman scream for real when she gets spanked and fucked. And it’s better to be real cries of pain and pleasure.

Hearing Mr. Chamberlain allude to a spanking that would make her cry in pain, made her rethink her decision to become an to rent, but she was here and was not going to back down now.

“Julia, do you like a man to eat you out?”

Caught off guard, she said, “Yes, sir.”

“Since I’m going to spank your ass and fuck you, it’s four hundred dollars. I’m going to give you another fifty dollars to lick your cunt to an explosive orgasm.

Quickly running her mind on the rule list, she didn’t remember seeing anything forbidding her from taking the bonus. “Yes, sir. For an extra fifty dollars, you can have my cunt.

I said, “Good.”

When he took out his wallet, he counted four hundred and fifty dollars and handed it to Julia. She put it in her bag and put it on the table next to the key.

“Am I your first customer?”

“Yes,” she says nervously, knowing what to do.

He pulled a chair from the corner of the room in the middle and sat down.

“Julia, I heard you were bad at work,” Tony said, getting into a role. “My best friend told me that you had tried to seduce your boss. I won’t have my girlfriend doing that. It’s very disrespectful and you have to be punished.

Having never played a role before, it took him a while to get into the game. Feigning innocence, she said with confusion: “But I would never disrespect you or our relationship.”

“Above my knees,” he ordered. “Don’t make me pick you up.”

Very slowly, she made her way to Tony. At her fingertips, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her onto her lap.

“But I didn’t do what you said I did,” Julia protested. “You should believe me, not your best friend. He’s jealous because I wouldn’t want to fuck him.

Smoothing her skirt down, he brought his hand down in a resounding slap, making her gasp and the force of the blow. He gave two more shots, then said, “Now let’s see if you’re telling the truth about wearing my favorite colored thong.”

Tony slowly pulled up his skirt to reveal that she indeed had on the plum-colored thong he had asked for. He rubs her, then moves her thong aside to insert the tip of her finger into her little creaseed hole.

“Oh, such a tight little hole. Will love stretching it with my seven-inch-thick cock,” Tony said as he hit his ass again, leaving a red handprint on his cheek.

Then he hit the other cheek. After several hard spankings, Julia was trying to come back to cover her, but Tony just grabbed his arm with one hand and held it on his back. The slaps became harder until she kicked and cried.

“Okay, I tried to seduce my boss,” she admits, tears streaming down her cheeks

He gave her one more slap and said, “That’s all you had to do, Julia and all that unpleasant episode could have been avoided.”

Tony took off his thong and dropped it to the ground, then ran the tip of his finger from his cunt to his ass and back. Dipping his finger in his wet jerk, he used his juice to lubricate his finger, which he quickly pushed up his, finger-fucking her for several minutes. Stopping, he held her on his feet and said, On the bed, on your knees, in the air, and chest on the bed.

Getting a tube of lubricant, he generously used it on his cock, then went to Julia. He flipd over her skirt and stood there for a moment, admiring her work on her, which was bright red and warm to the touch. He dribbled lubricant on to his and used his finger to rub it into his back door tunnel. Spreading his ass cheeks, Tony placed his cock and slowly began to get into it.

“Relax Julia, it will go in easier.”

She focused her thoughts on the pleasure that Tony promised after fucking her and gradually she relaxed the muscles in her ass. Tony took advantage of the moment and went deep into it. Julia gasped at the great invasion, but forced herself to relax

“Such a tight little asshole,” Tony commented as he began to fuck his deep and slow, his stomach slapping against his sore ass. Grabbing his hips, he started beating her.

Julia reached under her and began to play with her clitititon. Without warning, Tony slapped her on the and squeezed her cheeks as he came hard into her, filling her. Julia gave a cry of her own as she had her orgasm. Tony pushed her to bed and lay down on her, moving gently while her worked to drain it completely. He kissed her on the neck, then bit her, leaving a hiccup.

Upon getting in on it, he went into the adjoining bathroom and cleaned it. When he came back, Julia was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes went wide when she said how thick it was and was in fear that she might hold something as wide in her.

“Next time I want to taste all of you, ” said Tony, pushing her back on the bed and turning her skirt over. On his knees, he touched his tongue to his sex cleft and began to tongue while slipping two of his fingers into his filled with.

He looked at her and asked, “Did you get fucked while I fucked you?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Well, the next time we fuck, you’re not allowed to do that. I’m going to take you away. If you do, then it’s two stripes out of my belt. Am I clear?

She nodded as she disappeared between her thighs. Tony continued to lap and suck his bitet, pulling on his clitaction until it exploded, covering his face with his juice. Tony got up and licked his lips, pulling it at his feet. He kissed her deeply and patted her.

“I think you’re going to be one of my favorites, Julia,” Tony said as he hugged her. “Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

He guided her to the bedroom door and, when she stopped to pick up her thong, Tony took her from her and stuck her in her pocket, smiling down at her. He escorted her down the stairs to her car. Once she left, Tony pulled out her phone and hit a pressed prognumber.

“Hello?” he said.

You were right, Joe — Julia has a nice. Thank you for hooking me up with her.

“I’m glad she lived up to your expectations,” Joe replied. Usually for Friday?”

“Yes, the habit… with Julia, of course, Tony told him. “I pushed a little tonight, but she can really take a spanking. Friday will either do it or break it.

Joe laughed and said, “Make sure you tell James to book the habit for friday before leaving. Good bye.

Tony returned to the house and found James, making sure he had his usual session booked for Friday night. Once the arrangements were made, he went home.


On Thursday afternoon, while she was sitting on her bed trying to understand an algebra problem, her phone began to play I hear voices the signal of an incoming voicemail. She looked at the phone and had a deep pain in her belly of impending misfortune. It was a voicemail from James asking him to call immediately.

By swallowing hard, she wondered what her only client of the week had said and whether she was fired. She typed the number.

“Chisholm Enterprises, James speaking, “

“James, it’s Julia…”

“Just a minute, Julia,” james interrupted. “Mr. Chisholm wants to speak to you personally,” he said and put her on hold.

After a few seconds, she heard, “Good evening Julia. Thank you for calling us back so quickly.

“No problem, sir,” said Julia, waiting to find out she was fired.

“Did the first assignment go well?” Mr. Chisholm asked, as if he didn’t already know he had spoken to his best friend, Tony.

“I thought it went very well, Mr. Chisholm. Did Mr. Chamberlain file a complaint?

“Quite the opposite, Julia. He wants to book your services tomorrow night but it will be for a party of three… not a party of one. Mr. Chamberlain asked you personally. The work will pay twelve hundred dollars plus the premiums they might choose to include.

At the mention of twelve hundred dollars just to have her ass spanked and fucked almost dropped her phone – but three times? Could she handle three cocks in her ass? Could she handle three spankings?

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Paying for college with her ass—Part 2, Julia’s first client