Paying for College With her Ass—Part 3 Julia’s First Party

“Julia,” says Mr. Chisholm, entering into his thoughts, “you must have impressed Mr. Chamberlain because he never asked a novice to be at the center of one of his parties before.”

“Three men,” she says, thinking aloud

By the way, she said that Joe knew that he had hooked her and that all that was left was to do it. He had felt by the way she acted that with a little time and practice, she would become one of their main prints and the most requested female. That’s why he called his best friend Tony. If she could handle the abuses of Tony and his party then she was worth keeping and would bring to society a lot of money.

“Well Julia, will you accept her invitation? Joe asked again, “He is a very rich man and bonuses could increase your salary substantially.”

After all, what did it matter if it was a dick or three in his ass? She had already had two up to her and it no longer hurts. Also, being on the weekend her would have time to feel better by the class time Monday morning.

“Yes, Mr. Chisholm, I’ll do it, ” Julia decided “What time should I be there?”

“At six o’clock and you know his favorite color.”

“Yes sir,” she said, making a mental note to pick up another plum-colored thong since he kept the other pair to himself. “I’ll be here at six o’clock and thank you.”

When they hung up Joe called Tony and let him know that she had accepted the invitation and the party was on

Friday afternoon had Julia in a state of mixed emotions. At one point during her history class, she had actually dialed the office number to cancel, but never touched the send button. When she got back to the dorm, she met Rosie on the sidewalk.

“You’re a little girl at home. Take your last class?

“Yes, I have a big party to go tonight. I’m going to make twelve hundred dollars plus bonuses,” Julia Rosie said when they were in their dorm. “

“Wait, just step back for a minute Julia, ” Rosie said “Twelve hundred dollars! This equates to three….. Oh my god… three men!

“Wow, that’s what I’m The university teaches you something,” Julia teased as she kissed her. “Mr. Chamberlain apparently has these parties on Friday night with two of his friends and he invited me.

“I’m jealous,” says Rosie, pouting

Julia left at 5:15 for the house, Rosie was still pouting, but Julia didn’t have time to deal with her at the time, but would do it later. Parking at the designated location, she got out of the car and went to the front door, butterflies dancing frantically in her stomach. Julia still couldn’t believe that any man would want a 5’3″ frame wearing about thirty pounds too much with 40C breasts and a big firm ass – let’s just pay four hundred dollars to spank and fuck her ass. Before she had the opportunity to ring the bell, James, who waved it inside, opened it.

“Good evening James,” greeted Julia, surprising him with a hug and a kiss on his cheek.

“Mrs. Julia’s evening,” he replied. “The three gentlemen are in the greeting room.”

Julia took two deep breaths, gave herself a mental reminder of what the money was for, and made her way to the greeting room. As she approached the open door, she heard three distinct voices, one with an English accent. When she entered the room, Mr. Chamberlain was the only one facing the door.

“Julia,” he greeted her with a smile “please come and greet my two friends.”

She temporarily entered the greeting room, in part wishing she had said no and the other part tingling in anticipation of the pleasure she would have tonight – three times. The other two men turned to greet her, smiles running through each of their faces. Both men were about Mr. Chamberlain’s age. Then, like a light bulb on, the type of club she worked for hit Julia. This was apparently a senior social sex club distinguished men whose wives were straight missionaries, on and off women’s position. These men came to enjoy their fetishes and were willing to pay for it and Julia immediately decided that she would relieve them of their money for a job well done.

“Good evening sir, I’m Julia, your spanking toy and your ass fucking for the evening.” Julia said she was smiling.

“Let me introduce you to the other two gentlemen,” said Mr. Chamberlain. Pointing the finger at the gentleman to his right as Mr. Colin Stafford and the man to his left as Chris Mc Duffy.

The two men were close to Mr. Chamberlain, who was nearly six feet tall and all very muscular. It was obvious that all three worked several days at the gym.

Looking at them as they did, Julia broke the silence by saying, “What do you say gentlemen? Are we going to retreat into the room so I can get spanked and fucked? I was so naughty that I’m going to need three spankings?” hoping she wasn’t too aggressive.

First Julia, come here and let Chris and Colin see and feel your, Tony ordered. “She has the perfect ass to spank and fuck. There’s a lot of bounce to the ounce and she likes to have her eaten, but you know it’s extra. And Julia, you will address us as Master.

Being caressed and talked about Julia now knew how slaves felt when they were put on the auction block – just a piece of meat sold for sexual pleasure.

“Julia, we want an extra menu tonight,” Colin said in fact. We’d like to eat your, have a trio and a quartet. We think a thousand more people should cover everything. What are you saying?

Julia didn’t even take the time to consider what extra and would be put through for that extra money before she agreed with the amount.

“Well, now that we agree are we ready to start this party?” Chris asked to watch the band.

The other two nod the one of them, not bothering to ask Julia. Chris took a key from the board and they all went up. This time the room was at the end of the room and a little larger, made in various shades of brown and yellow.

“Chris, Colin, settle this between the two of you who get it first. I’ll go last since I had fun already, but I think we should postpone the fuck ass until her ass was properly chastised. Do we agree gentlemen?

They nodded the deal, all three knowing they were going to push his pain tolerance to the limit tonight when they spanked him. As they decided between them, Julia looked around the room, seeing a place where there were two chairs with a chair in front of them.

Suddenly, her hair was grabbed and Julia felt ripped off in a solid body. As she lifted her air, Julia saw Colin smiling at him. “Bitch your ass is mine first.”

Pulling her with him on the chair without arms, he sat jerking her through her knees. Keeping her hair wrapped around his fist Colin pulled his head back, saying, “You slut, I give you everything and what do I find when I get home early, but you and the pool boy do in the cabin. I’ll teach you not to try to fuck me, “as he brought his hand down hard on his hard ass. She screamed and almost slipped on her lap. “Don’t try to get away from me or I’ll rip your head bald.” Colin tightened his grip on his hair and gave him three more hard slaps, then flipd over her skirt. “Chris, give me your belt.”

“That’s it,” says Chris, taking off his wide leather belt, folding it in half before handing it to him. Slap her, but make sure you leave us a little.

Colin pulled his arm back halfway and let it down on his, leaving a beautiful red mark of the width of the belt. Julia couldn’t help but scream shock and pain only to receive two more before she felt her finger tease her, then he slipped down to her, plunging inside and teasing her clitoris. Once his finger was good and wet Colin pulled it out and pushed his to the first joint. “I can’t wait to fuck her ass. He’s going to be so tense by my thick cock, “as he pulled out his finger.

“It looks like it’s my turn,” Chris said after Colin lifted it to his feet. “I hope you don’t mind gentlemen, but I want to feel his agitation on my naked cock,” as he proceeded to undress, his eyes go wide when his average eight-inch-thick cock jumped free. “Julia, you gang!”

Julia quickly undressed and put her clothes in an extra chair, then stood there waiting for her next instructions. Chris surrounded him, looking at his, admiring the belt marks on Colin’s. “Nice eyelashes marks, but I think it needs some handprints, “

Chris sat down in the chair and patted his knees. Julia walked slowly towards him, wondering where the heck her mind stoodT when she agreed to that damn party. Very slowly, she lowered her car on her lap. Chris positioned her until her cock pushed against her stomach. “Stay still and spank like the naughty woman you are. Try to get up and I’ll take a paddle to your, he warned. “Now take a grip of the legs of the chair.”

Not holding her down, Chris lowered his hand on her, reaching in front of her to grab her nipple and pinched hard, twisting it. Chris continued to administer pain and pressure to his nipples as he spanked him hard, his hard cock pressing into his stomach. Julia stood on the chair legs with a tight handle so she wouldn’t slip out of her. By the time Chris finished spanking her, Julia’s was bright red and felt warm to the touch.

“You’re right Tony, more bounce by the ounce,” Chris said as he hit him once again. “It’s to take off your clothes without saying yes Master.”

“I want to fuck her ass while spanking her. Do you have any objections?

Hearing no objections, Tony said, “Julia, lean over the bed near the edge!”

“Yes,” said Julia, conforming.

Tony came up to her and stretched out her cheeks open, applying the right lurbe to her pleated. He worked a finger in and then a second, pushing the lubricant into it, but not caring if he was exciting or not. He then took his lubricated fingers covered and stroked his cock, applying a generous amount of lubricant to his cock as well. This time he was not gentle with it, but pushed his cock deep with a push. Julia let out a loud breath, then a groan as she balls her hands into the blankets.

Tony didn’t give him time to recover from his energetic entrance before he started pumping his. As he assaulted his, he began to bring his hand down on each cheek of his, alternating each shot. He continued to spank and fuck her until he pressed forward, pushing his cock deep into his ass. He unleashed his, as she trembled and he trembled against her.

As he retired, he hit her once more and said, Fifteen minutes of rest and then it’s Colin or Chris’ turn.

While she was lying on the bed, Chris brought her a bottle of cold water. As long as everyone had a trick fucking his ass, they didn’t care where they put their second charge. Julia had just finished drinking her water bottle when Colin lay down next to her, completely naked.

“Put that pussy in my face while Chris fucks your ass, ” Colin told her

Master, said Julia, stooping on her face.

Colin took a deep breath and licked gently around her lips. “I like to feel a woman in heat,” while her tongue was looking for her clitipeux. As soon as her tongue rubbed against her and began to suck and pull on her, her juice began to flow. Colin pulled her down closer so he could suck her lips and probe her with two fingers.

Chris watched Colin eat Julia while he stroked and lied his cock. He got behind her and lubricated her back door track, pushing two fingers deep inside her, making sure she was ready to accept her eight-inch cock. Spreading his ass cheeks wide, he placed his cock in the small hole and pushed his cold halfway, making him give a little cry. His eight-inch dick felt like it was separating it.

Feeling his tighten, Chris hit his, demanding, Relax and open that groundhole for me or I’ll slam it so hard that it will feel like it will take out your belly button.

To help him relax, Colin used his tongue, and mouth to work their magic on his clitoris. Within minutes, Julia wriggled and breathed a lot. He took off her fingers so it would be easier for her to grind her on her chin.

Chris pushed his cock a step further and found that Julia was so relaxed that he could easily slip her cock into it without fear of her screams of pain. He almost pulled his cock to the head and then pushed it back in hard. He continued to pound his, his orgasm close, Colin’s sounds eating her and his moans of his impending orgasm made his orgasm come sooner than he really wanted.

Julia gave a scream as she flooded Colin’s face with her hard cumming juice, her body shaking and shaking, her pussy quivering from the pent-up sexual need for sperm after being spanked and fucked so many times. Colin grabbed his nipples, pinched them and twisted them as he had seen Chris do earlier.

Feeling his orgasm, sent Chris into his own, mixing his and Tony deep into his. Julia crashed into Colin’s top, putting her at eye level with her cock. Automatically, she took it in her mouth sucking and licking until she started tasting her precum.

Very gently, he pushed her away and said, You can suck me later, but my first sperm is going to be in your.

He moved behind her, spreading her cheeks wide as semen leaked and flowed down her thighs. As her tongue invades her, Julia gave a little cry and automatically pulled away. C grabbed her waist and pulled her backwards. “Make another slut and you’ll get the cane. Now spread your and keep it open for me.

“Yes Master,” said Julia, spreading her wide cheeks.

Chris ran his finger up and down the crack of his ass, then started kissing her tongue. Grabbing the lubricant, he lubricated his cock, then his asshole. Guiding in the hole a few centimeters, he gave her already painful another slap. “Rub your clit/head.”

“Yes Master,” she said.

Chris pulled his ass ass as far as he could, watching his cock slowly disappear into his ass. Hitting his sphincter muscle, he gave a hard blow and was deep inside. Julia gasped, unable to believe that something so wide and thick could fit up there. Grabbing his with his hands, he squeezed them tightly as he pumped it mercilessly; Julia rubbed her clitoris furiously until she screamed that her body convulsed with her orgasm. Within minutes, Chris plunged into the deep shot of his deep to mix with Tony and Colin Chris pulled out his and slept with his snuggle

After everyone had slept for about an hour, all were ready to go back. Lying on the bed Tony beckoned Julia to ride her hard cock while Chris slipped her into the back door and Colin fed her to her waiting mouth. At the sensation of having two cocks up, her only separated by a thin membrane almost made her sperm right from the start of the bat, but she managed to hang on to enjoy the fuck. As Chris and Tony got into the same rhythm, it felt like a big depositing two holes to Julia. She could feel her begin to flow, her body tense, as she was getting closer to having an orgasm.

She started sucking and licking Colin’s cock, tasting the mixture of their three sperm. Colin was to Tony’s right and he reached out and grabbed her swaying, pinching her nipples. Julia rubs her clitoris vigorously, her orgasm building hot and heavy. Screaming, her whole body began to tremble and tremble, her felt on fire, and the room around her lit up with bright fireworks as her orgasm overtook her body

Colin grabbed his head and fucked his mouth hard, pulling his cum down his throat. There were so many things that she almost gagged, but managed to swallow it all. As Chris and Tony got together, he triggered another orgasm in Julia. They were all dropped on the bed, Julia being sandwiched between Tony and Chris, with Colin spread out next to them. Chris was the first to stir as he moved off Julia. Julia wanted to move, but had nowhere to go with the guys on either side of her.

Chris moved and pulled her on the bed, then positioned himself between his legs, eating her, paying special attention to her clitoris which he gave with sweet kisses and pulls until he attracted another julia sperm. Tony poured under the pile of cumed out, passed bodies and fetched his pants. When he pulled out a key, he unlocked the desk drawer and pulled out an envelope. When he took out his wallet, he added a hundred dollars more. When Colin and Chris got dressed, they each added a hundred dollars to the money in the envelope.

Julia got out of bed and got dressed. As she was about to pull out her thong, Tony reached out. She handed him the pair after wiping his juice on her crotch, then went to her purse, pulling two other identical straps.

She wiped her juice on the crotch and handed a pair to Chris and Colin said, “Wasn’t sure you collected thongs, but brought a couple of extra pairs just in case.

They each kissed Julia good night, then Tony took her to her car. He handed her the envelope and returned to the house. When she came back to the dorm, she wanted nothing more than to take a shower and sleep. Rosie was lying quietly in bed then Julia thought she had been asleep since it was almost one morning. When she came back from the shower, Rosie was sitting in the middle of her bed holding the envelope.

“Wow! You must have a special to earn two thousand and five hundred dollars. Rosie said sarcastically. “Most I’ve ever done is five hundred dollars.”

“I have an idea that can bring us more,” Julia said, “but first I have to ask James to make an appointment for me with Mr. Chisholm. Imagine how much they would pay to spank and fuck an ass with a girl on time girl thrown in.

Julia took Rosie’s money and locked it in a small safe she had and crawled into her bed, leaving Rosie sitting on her own smoking bed and rubbing her clitoris. “What’s Julia doing? Now you’re a big one with a money-making that you don’t have time for me any longer?

I’m tired Rosie, but I swear that if you don’t lap and whine, your is going to be on fire and you won’t get paid for it either. Do I have to make myself understood, and before answering sarcastically, just think of five eyelashes with the belt.

“Yes, Mum,” said Rosie, stopping and teasing herself.

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Paying for college with her ass—Part 3 Julia’s First Party