6 Key Focal Points For Giving Amazing Blowjobs (Plus 3 Tips)

Although a lot (but not all!) Of the focus on Xnxxtoys is stimulation and pleasure for women, we thought it would be good to provide a comprehensive guide to penis stimulation.

In other words, the best ways to stimulate the penis!

Ensuring that male and female partners are sexually satisfied is very important in any good relationship.

Therefore, we are here to help you make sure that your man is also fully satisfied.

Note that this guide focuses on different focal points to apply during oral or manual stimulation of the penis.

There are a lot of regions, each with different characteristics, so let’s go!

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The Shaft

This accounts for most of the size of the penis.

Although there are a lot of nerve endings missing, its sheer size means that any stimulation can really move a man.

Just stroke the tree by grabbing it at the base and pulling the tree up and down to stimulate.

It is the most common way for girls to please men – especially beginners!

But it’s a proven method that should not be overlooked!

Using different speeds while stroking is also great advice!

A last and great way to light a man, not only physically but also visually, is to start low at the base, right at his testicles.

Look straight in the eye, while slowly licking its stem from the base to the head.

It will drive your man crazy!

The head

The head of the penis, also known as the glans, is comparable to the clitoris.

It has the most nerve endings on the penis.

It is interesting to note that the highest concentration of nerves is around the outer crest of the head.

The most intense sensations can be derived from kissing, licking and sucking all over the head of the penis.

Just make sure you are gentle!

Although the head often gives the best pleasure to a man, being too rough can be very painful.

In the same vein, make sure to keep your teeth as far away from the head of the penis as possible!

Finally, note that if your man is not circumcised, giving pleasure directly to his head will do more than please him through the foreskin.

It is simply because all the nerve endings are on the head of the penis below!

But if your man wants less stimulation, then stimulation of the foreskin more than the head may be ideal.

The brake

This region is the V-shaped part under the head of the penis, where the head meets the rod.

And it is a awesome place for stimulation

Although it is not as sensitive as the head itself, the frenulum is the most sensitive region of the stem.

The ideal way to stimulate this region is to use your tongue and swirl it around the region.

Or simply lick the brake from top to bottom, with varying pressures for different sensations!

The scrotum and testicles

If you know something about a man’s testicles, you know they are very sensitive!

However, guys still really appreciate it when women (or men) play with their balls.

This includes the scrotum, which is the sac that contains the testicles.

But their nerve endings are slightly different from those of the rest of the penis.

To please a man using his balls, just cut them with your hands.

Kissing or licking them are also great tactics, as long as you are gentle with them!

Being too rusty on the testicles is probably the only way to completely put out a half-pipe guy.

If you don’t get angry completely!

Don’t be afraid to focus on his balls – take him slowly and walk lightly!

Other key regions

The key points above explain the regions of the penis that provide the most pleasure to men.

But in reality, men can often also be satisfied by targeting these other nearby areas:

The perineum

It is simply the area between the scrotum and the anus.

Just using your fingers to stroke this area can be nice for men (and girls).

Or you can also apply firm pressure to it.

Synchronizing pressure and caressing other sexual acts can really increase the feeling.

For example, stroke or press the perineum in time with each stroke of the tree, or with each deep throat you give to the tree.

This coordination really does wonders!

L & # 39; anus

The anus is a great place for stimulation, not only for women, but also for men.

If your man is open to anal play, you have yet another option to lean on to please him.

In this case, check out our guide to anal stimulation for more details and ideas.

Putting it all together

Now that you know all the potential points of pleasure for your man, how can you put it all together to provide the ultimate blowjob (or handjob)?

Here are three tips to keep in mind while making your man happy:


The key to providing the best oral (or manual) stimulation is to experiment!

The reason is simply that all men are different!

They are not only activated by different things, but of by certain things too!

Try different regions and see what your man likes and dislikes.

And use this knowledge for the next time you please your man.

Stimulate several spots at the same time!

This is especially true when you are giving your man the head (i.e. oral sex).

Try sucking his head or licking his rod, while gently taking his balls in a cup.

Or suck his balls while caressing his tree.

Any variation of two stimulations is a great way to amplify the pleasure for him.


By that, we just mean: don’t stick to any action.

After a few minutes, change the parts of your man that you are stimulating.

This will keep him on guard and give him even more fun overall.

Male Stimulation – Practice Makes Perfect!

As you can see, the penis is a complex organ, with multiple regions that provide immense pleasure in different ways!

And that doesn’t even include the surrounding area which includes the perineum and the anus itself!

Soon, Xnxxtoys will be offering penis toys, just for that special man in your life!

But in the meantime, please check out our multitude of other sex toy offerings!

We have a wide range of products that are sure to satisfy you in new and exciting ways.

And while you are busy indulging in a number of our luxury sex toys, do not neglect your man and instead use the knowledge in this guide to give him pleasant moments too!