I Tried Public Masturbation For The First Time (My Real Expriance & Story)

Today, I will enlighten you on the time when I masturbated in public and which I really liked very much.

Where did it start?

I have always been perverted and being dashing in public is not something for which I am shy (two stories in my book involve being dashing in public), however, there was a time when I was more innocent and I was a little more reserved. This does not mean that I am not yet booked from time to time but at that time, doing what I was doing in public was a great moment for me…

I have been with my boyfriend for a few weeks, he was a little older than me (10 humble years) and although we are not totally serious towards each other, the sex was beautiful and we knew exactly how to work each other’s bodies.

We had sex when and where we could and despite our age difference, it was as if our sex drive was at exactly the same level.

He made me discover many new pleasures, he showed me how much I love the nipple game and what he presented to me to do the most and the most memorable was public masturbation.

It all started with not wearing panties in public, it drove him crazy. I would wear small short skirts and he started from the idea that I had no panties and that often led to blowjobs in the car and even sex.

It then degenerated to the point where I’ll show her my ass in grocery stores, driving him crazy. His dick was almost instantly erect every time I did this and we had to leave the store so he could fuck me in his car.

I think there is a huge difference between sex in the car and being outside and having sex, so when I did this jump, I was nervous.

The day I plunged into “public masturbation”

Girl laying on the beach

We went out for an afternoon stroll along the promenade, it was a hot summer day and there were a lot of people wandering around, looking at the sticky tourist shops and eating some ice.

I wore a short denim skirt, a white t-shirt with a tight polo collar and small white tennis shoes. I didn’t have panties, I knew it was driving him crazy and I loved the pleasure of knowing that I could flash anyone anytime.

We sat on the long wall that overlooked the beach, the sun was setting and people were starting to pack up and go home for the day. I pulled my knee up against my chest and brought my legs together so that they were tightly closed. I turned slightly towards him and he could see that I was not wearing underwear and he gasped and smiled at the same time.

He told me that I was a naughty girl and that I shouldn’t turn her on like that, that he should now take me back to the car.

I told him that I refused, that I was having fun.

I spread my leg slightly so he can now see my whole pussy. He was a pale pink and completely hairless, he couldn’t control himself, move and keep an eye on anyone around us.

He continued to smile and shake his head, but he loved every second of it.

He told me to touch me and now it was I who was looking for people around us and who was getting slightly confused, he had such a way about it that I just did. I took my hand, removed the pieces of sand that clung to my fingers and began to rub my clitoris in circular motions.

I was instantly wet, the thrill of being in public and being so close to being caught every second gave me such an adrenaline rush.

I then took my finger and inserted it into my pu ** y, pushing in and out slowly. A small wet patch appeared under me as I continued to push, becoming faster and faster.

I had turned my body more towards him so that one leg was still hanging from the wall and the other was firmly bent next to me.

People walked behind us and as they did, I pulled my fingers out and giggled. They suspected nothing. I was bringing so much joy, it was amazing and my body was hurting my orgasm.

I could see the hard bulge in his pants who also wanted to be released, he was desperate to touch me and enjoy but i was a tease and i didn’t let him do anything but watch me.

It was incredibly difficult to suppress my moans, I wanted to scream with pleasure but I had to keep a lid on it. I continued to bite my lip and even made eye contact with a few people as we walked past us. I saw a man looking at me and he knew exactly what I was doing, which just got me excited. He was with his family but I could tell that he was about to cum in his pants.

What happened after I masturbated in public

Woman laying sand at nudist beach

I was on the verge of orgasm, every touch sent chills down my spine. Not only was I touching, but the way He looked at me, it was such a primitive look as if it was going to ravage me right away. Just looking back and thinking about it now makes me horny.

He took me by the hand when he couldn’t take it any more and we hurried back to his car. I could smell my juices dripping on my legs while we were walking.

Usually we would go to a secluded parking lot or an empty street, but there, as soon as we were in his car, he unzipped his pants and guided me over him. It was so hard that I screamed in pleasure, I had to stand on the roof of the car for stability. He pulled my top up and bit my nipples as he pushed me in and out.

Just before coming, he pushed me out of him and pulled my head towards his co * k where he then came into my mouth and I swallowed every drop with wild enthusiasm.

He then told me to sit in a back seat and turn me so that my legs were lengthwise towards the other door, he put his head between my legs and Brought me to a sweet orgasm in minutes. The orgasm that erupted inside of me was so intense that I soaked my back seats.

We sat in total ecstasy for a minute, just gasping.

We then came back to Earth, we kissed, we got back in the front seats and we went home.

I’m still so surprised that we weren’t caught, it was a busy day and part of me likes to think we got caught but we just made someone extremely happy.

Thanks for reading,

Have a nice day,

Sally <3