The Most Realistic Life-Like Sex Dolls Ever Created

I mentioned in this article that I wrote: using a sex machine that me and my boyfriend decided not to have triplets with real people for a while.

We are both extremely sexual people and with the help of sex toys and this blog, our sex life has never been so beautiful and triplets are no longer needed with the kind of sex toys that keep coming through our door.

You may be wondering how the trios have something to do with sex dolls, but for us, they do, I know some people use sex dolls for solo masturbation, some people use sex dolls in the bedroom but less like a trio and more like a business and there are so many more reasons why people use sex dolls and for us it is to simulate a third person in the room and sometimes we will even use our sex dolls alone when the other person is away.

I love male and female sex dolls and I have more female sex dolls because they are easier to grip and my boyfriend far prefers a female sex doll and it is he who really benefits openings! but for us it’s the more realistic it is, the better. I love to be credible and lose myself in fantasy.

Sex dolls make me super wet and horny and they make my boyfriend extremely hard and hornthere, he could enjoy watching me just suck or lick our sex dolls.

Today I wanted to share with you all of our favorite and most realistic sex dolls and all of them are LoveHoney, one of the only places where we buy our sex toys. They are trustworthy, produce fantastic quality sex toys and are discreet.

I also want to quickly mention my erotic book, I wrote it down and filled it with my personal sex stories. These stories are from my past and I loved sharing them with all of you, so if you like eroticism, please check them out.

Let’s start!

The most realistic sex doll I have ever tried

Super realistic sex doll of a woman

The first on my list is this amazing sex doll (you can even get it in Europe). I have never owned anything realistic, every detail that contributed to the creation of this incredible sex doll was done with exquisite and precise details.

I go into the details of one of my favorite experiences with this sex doll a little further, so if you want to know what we do with Jenna and how she makes me horny and my boyfriend, keep reading.

Jenna (we always call her that!) Is slim, 5’4 inches tall and has incredibly compressible 30DD breasts.

Everything in her could pass for a realisticeven to her nails. It is an ideal complement to a couple looking for an extremely realistic trio or any other fantasy and it is also perfect for people who are solo and looking for something much more realistic than anything what a male masturbator Fleshlight.

You can kiss and insert your cock into Jenna’s mouth, ass and tight pussy and all have been designed for more realism so that you can really get lost in your fantasies and sessions.

She is the most realistic sex doll I have ever had and she is amazing and has not given up yet. I love watching it with my boyfriend and he loves watching me fall on it. Her pussy and ass are amazing on the finger and depressed and her mouth too, she is simply incredible.

realistic male masturbator

this sex doll is a permanent doggystyle, which I love I love watching my boyfriend pound his ass as I sit down and touch myself.

It is heavy so it should not tip over each time you start to move away, it is realistically shaped so its tight vaginal canal and anal canal give you realistic and realistic sensations.

She also has compressible skin that I love to slap, it’s so satisfying. I also love watching her wet pussy after applying a water-based lubricant.

Her two holes are very tight (as my boyfriend says), she is easy to clean and she is a wonderful addition to our collection of sex dolls.

girl carrying on the back masturbation

This sex doll gives you the best of all three worlds. A tight anus with a realistic textured channel and a pinched entrance, a tight and excited vagina with a clitoris, lips and a canal that grips and caresses your penis AND big 36DD breasts that are cheerful and need to be tight and fu ** ed.

We like to use this sex doll as we use the others, in addition to our room. We like to use it as a third party in a trio, I like sucking her breasts while my boyfriend shoves deep into her holes.

It is easy to clean and so sensual to look at, just writing it turns me on.

male doll

A little different from our other sex dolls but this male doll makes a welcome change from time to time.

Made from realistic Fanta Flesh, these male sex dolls feels like the real thing and it’s so much fun to play with me and my boyfriend. He has an incredibly erect penis that feels so good inside of me and a tight anal opening with which I tried to anchor and my boyfriend played with it several times. Read here what happened when I tried to anchor my boyfriend: i tried strap toys that i love my boyfriend for the first time.

I love this sex doll, it’s so much fun to have an extra man and woman in the bedroom, we played out so many fantasies.

cheap butt and vagina sex toy

I mentioned before that I like it when the sex dolls are doggy style and this sex doll just do that. She has it constantly tight ass textured in the air as well as her detailed vagina and lips begging to be touched and fu ** ed.

She is extremely tight and needs a lot of water-based lubricant (safest with sex toys).

My boyfriend likes to use this sex doll by himself because it can get quite messy and it just seems like sticking in a real pussy and ass.

high quality sex doll lying on back

We like to keep it on the back but this realistic sex doll looks just as sexual and horny on his forehead. This sex doll has pert breasts that make me enviable, a tight, tiny waist and two input channels that are ribbed to absolute perfection and detailed for absolute realism and realistic sensations.

This sex doll is amazing to dive in, I love to squeeze her breasts while my boyfriend is playing with her and even lowering her, which strangely excites my boyfriend.

I love this sex doll, the the quality is exceptional and if it is well maintained, it will last as long as you need it.

black sex doll with ass and vagina

My last sex doll comes in both a light and dark complexion, I wanted to highlight our brown because I think it is absolutely delicious and gave us one of the naughty nights we have ever had.

She is in doggy position, with a tight and pinched anus and a fleshy pink vagina waiting for you. She is so fun to slap and stroke, I just like to rub my hands on her realistic buttocks.

This sex doll is also very heavy, even though I had been warned that I was shocked by the heaviness, it adds so much authenticity to the sex doll.

My favorite experience with a sex doll

woman laying back

This next song will get a little bit perverse and a little NSFW, I just wanted to give you a little headache in case you find yourself in a place where you can’t get a little warm under the collar.

In writing this article, I just remembered one of my favorite moments with my sex doll, I couldn’t get it out of my head and I knew I had to share my experience with like-minded people.

The sex doll we used is the Jenna sex doll, the first life-size sex doll on this list.

She is 5’4, a few inches taller than me. She is thin, her the hair is so realistic and succulent and you can actually dress her but we didn’t want her to be dressed, we wanted her with her open and ready for us.

My boyfriend brought her into the room and we were both so excited and excited that there were actually no chuckles or hesitations.

My boyfriend sat while I kissed her, caressed her and came down on her, even if she doesn’t react, there is something as incredibly visually stimulating for both of us in this situation and I could see that my boyfriend was having trouble keeping himself under control.

Jenna’s pussy is so soft and realistic, the lips and the inner workings are like touching the real thing, that it is really easy to forget that she is a sex doll.

My boyfriend then made me sit down as he got down Jenna and then put her on all fours and stuck in her tight pussy,

It made me feel a little jealous, I don’t know why I put her on the fact that she looks so realistic that my brain was trying to make me believe that she was a real woman.

I used my luxury vibrator (read all my luxury vibrator it makes me cum hard) as he sank in and out of her pussy and then out of her ass, it was exciting to say the least. My boyfriend caressed her compressible breasts and pulled her hair and honestly it was one of the most unique and sensual moments I have had in a long time.

When he was on the verge of an orgasm, I went to the two of them and turned on my inner dominatrix, slapped her ass, pinched her nipples and pushed her harder, it’s safe to say that my boyfriend came EVERYWHERE.

Now it was my turn, lying side by side with Jenna, he was using my wand vibrator on my clitoris like I sucked Jenna’s nipples and fingered her, my orgasm became hard and fast and it made me curl up and fall asleep.

It was so exciting and it was just one of the many times that we used this Jenna sex doll, this scenario just occurred to me because of the way we were all two excited and the difficulty with which we both got to the end.

The best tips for using a sex doll

I just wanted to share some of my tips for using a sex doll, it can be with any sex doll, not just with sex dolls just with Jenna.

add water-based lubricant to a sex doll

  • Extend their life and prevent wear and tear by using a lot of water-based lubricant, I mention it too much but it really helps you get the most out of your sex doll. By using a water-based lubricant, you make sure that your sex doll is much more realistic and avoid any friction which could then cause tears or wear.

talk before using this sex toy

  • If you are using a sex doll with your partner, talk about it beforehand. Turn off the lights and really allow yourself to believe that this is a real person who feels real pleasure, he does something to the brain that lets you believe it and it is so perverse.

how to clean a sex doll

  • Most of my sex dolls have a removable cap or are just easy to clean, make sure you always clean them after use and keep them properly. By not cleaning your sex doll, you can make your sex doll unusable much faster.

sex toy renew powder

  • There is this awesome thing called: Renewal powder, you sprinkle it on your sex toys, especially sex dolls, and this helps keep the holes and material tight, flexible, and like new. It is really inexpensive and well worth the investment if you are thinking of buying a sex doll.

how to hide a sex doll

  • Store your sex doll properly, even if you live alone and you don’t think anyone will see it. Dry it, make sure it won’t be dusty and covered in dirt.

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