Rebecca Redux: Ch3 – journalist redhead anal rough Russian mob human trafficking

Many of you will remember Becca from “Power Play.” A graduate of the university with a double major in journalism and psychology, she uses this combined expertise as an investigative journalist. Given her long-standing interest in the dynamics of power, she specializes in politics and exposes the issues of disadvantaged people.

His new story continues here.

Becca had deliberately chosen one of her most conservative business suits that morning. The navy blue skirt and blazer thundered her red hair so that fewer men stole glances at her as she made her morning ride on the train. Most mornings she didn’t mind the attention, but after the previous night’s meeting with John, she felt strangely dirty.

It was not a feeling That Rebecca Weiss was used to. She was well enough in tune with herself to analyze why she would have such a reaction. Admittedly, taking on the role of a Fem-Dom, a discipline teacher was not the kind of sex she preferred, but honestly, it could have been fun in different circumstances. She had no problem with that. The human sexual desire being so broad and varied, there was nothing about this particular fold that made him feel uncomfortable.

It was not that she had humiliated a man for her pleasure, nor the fact that she had been paid to do so that bothered her. No, it was the hypocrisy, the unbridled contempt for others that John showed at the Georgetown house that had his feeling used. She never cared about who or how someone was sexually aroused, but to enjoy sex like this while doing her damnedest to legislate away the rights of others doing the same had her furious.

She organized her notes with machine-like efficiency that morning, her red nails flashing like fire as they flew over the keyboard. She was so focused in fact that anyone who didn’t know Becca might think she was too lost in her job to notice them slipping through the door of her office. But Becca has never been so ignorant of her environment. Feeling the movement, she could guess without looking at who had moved behind her.

“Hello, Greg. I was hoping you’d come by.

As editor of The Times, Greg Hamilton had worked closely enough with her to know that something was wrong. He pulled up a chair and waited a while while she finished recording her thoughts. “Okay, here I am. What do you feel so finished today?

“It was the date I had last night.”

Greg sighed. “With Dream Girls? How did I know this was going to be a problem? I told you, you didn’t need to have sex with anyone.

“No, it’s not sex. I told you, I agree with that. What annoyed me was who I was with.

This caught Greg’s attention and his journalistic instincts overcame his ingrained protective masculine nature. “Well, that sounds intriguing. What’s your stake?

“You won’t believe it. I was with John Gordon.

Greg’s dark eyes were growing and his surprise was evident on his face. “Congressman John Gordon? Gentleman outside and paragon of the house and fireplace? Is he a Dream Girls client?

Becca smiled with satisfaction, crossing her legs as she leaned back into her chair. I said, “Yes. And you wouldn’t believe the things he wanted me to do. Man cannot do this without being humiliated. Imagine, the man his constituents consider John Wayne’s next coming, and he is unable to function in a normal sexual relationship.

“Holy shit. It’s not going to be good for him in his district. I’m surprised you’re so upset. You have never judged people by their sexual inclinations.

Becca hoched the one of them. “I still don’t, Greg, but I object to him making victims to oppose all LGBTQ issues that come to him to each other. He uses the law as a weapon to control the desires of others while breaking it to revel in his own excess. He boasts of being pro-life and family issues, which means he votes against abortion any chance he gets. Her support for women is for them to be pregnant if they are at home. It will not support any equal pay or family leave legislation. If the man lived the lifestyle that he publicly supports, I would have some respect even if I did not agree, but I despise that kind of hypocrisy.

I said, “Okay, i’m fine. I agree, so we have our first real scoop. What kind of evidence do you have? Accusations like this are not going to have enough weight to convince his constituents that he is not the man he pretended to be.

“You’re right. Unfortunately, although saving it in the room was possible, the dirty details will not be in our report. I did it to document what happened as evidence. This document is too chic to give complete descriptions of its folds. These will be broadcast by the tabloids once the girls start talking. This alone should give the Member all the humiliation he has always wanted.

“There was also a video camera that filmed him coming in and out of the place. Once we have opened the ring, its presence will be impossible to explain. Add to that his credit card information in the folder with Dream Girls and the statements of other girls who served him and I don’t think we’ll have any problems providing corroboration.

Greg’s smile flashed. “It’s going to be a hell of a story, Rebecca. Once the sacrifices you made to break this ring will be known, you will be a shoe-in for a Pulitzer.

Becca shrugged. “Maybe, but I’m not the first journalist, man or woman, the one who slept with someone for a story. This detail may never come out, but I agree, ending a human trafficking network and bringing down politicians and others who have allowed it will be one for books.

It had been a long day by the time five hours had rolled. This story was emotionally exhausting and she was looking forward to dinner with Matthew. Afterwards, she planned to ease her own repressed desire with a quiet evening in bed with him. Just thought had her nipples harden under her blouse. All this experience, having sex with men for a fee and playing the role of a prostitute had been much deeper than she had ever anticipated. The more she slept with men, the more she realized that only one really mattered. She also found that because of this sex with Matthew was much more satisfying for her than everything was with her clients.

Matthew knew his body. He knew how she needed to be touched, and how she wanted to touch him. It was more than that. With him, we made love to him. It was amazing. The thought made him laugh. For all the men she had been with since high school, she could not remember anyone with whom she could have applied. She had bad for Matthew, and her sincere warmth as she realized how much she made this confession.

“Maybe we’ll have to skip dinner tonight. What I want is not served at Marcel’s. Becca was about to call Matthew when Anna’s burner’s phone destroyed her mood. Checking the text, she frowned at the brief message on the screen.

Capitol Hilton, 7 a.m. Room 1431. Don’t be late.

“Damn.” A client who even met her in such a semi-public place would not be the kind of man she was there to exhibit. John, for example, met her at one of the agency’s private clubs, but refusing the appointment would surely damage her reputation just as she was at the top. At least she would have time to take a shower before meeting her client at the hotel.

Put the burner in her purse, she picked up her iPhone. “Hey, Matthew. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel our dinner plans for tonight…”

oo0oo oo0oo

It was late by the time Becca slipped out of her dress and into bed. She thought Matthew would not have come after breaking their dinner date, but she was happily surprised to find him asleep on his side of his bed.

“Damn, it’s almost 3 hours,” she said in cursed silence, knowing that he was to be in court in a few hours. She was tempted to wake him up anyway. Her client had long been on the promise, but running out of delivery and despite keeping her there for hours, only managed to get out while leaving her frustrated.

Now, with only Matthew’s fresh sheets and warm skin against his own, this frustration was beginning to boil. “Oh, Matt. Couldn’t you just wake up this time?

She was tempted to pull the blankets down and take it in her mouth. Sucking him until he woke up was pure joy to her, but she knew he needed her sleep. However, her own juice was flowing and the tingling sensitivity of her nipples was not going to let her sleep.

She had toys, like any sexually awakened woman. Reaching into her drawer, she retrieved her powerful but tiny, ball vibe and gave Matthew one last look full of hope before flipping through it.

The buzzing seemed louder in the silence of the night, but Matthew never stirred as she slipped her cool metallic end through the valley of her breasts.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured as the intense tingling began to awaken the nerves under her skin. Her nipples were already hard, and they began to beat as she drew the ball up, towardher her bud. Following the curve of her breast, she circled her nipple over and over again until she wanted to twist under her spell.

While stroking her other breast, she is whistled as the electric heat of the vibrator has found the tip of her nipple. The effect was overwhelming and her back arched towards the toy as if she were feeding her breast to an invisible lover. Her belly tightened and her thighs became tense.

She remembered the sensation of Matthew’s cock filling her and the strength behind her thrusts. Her ensured this intrusion and her hand slipped into her belly, caressing herself that anticipation has grown.

The buzzofing of the toy was lost to her by then, merging with a deeper buzz in her head. Just touching the moisture between her thighs made her gasp, and when she plunged her fingers into her sex, they were eagerly accepted in place of her lover’s push.

Becca smothered a groan, desperately trying to shut up as the orgasmic tide began to rise in her. She had no recollection of doing so, but the vibrator slipped into her sex, slipping along her lips and brushing against her clitoris. Her thighs bent and her tightened as her moment grew imminent.

Images of Matthew removing his shirt or child’s smile flashing from his face flashed in his mind. The pressure built inside her and her body was coiled like strings on a violin. She felt she was going to burst and a seismic tremor came over her sending a cascade of tremors through her body.

As hard as she tried, Becca couldn’t stay silent. Her orgasm grew. She moaned and sighed as her body trembled with the pulse of her climax.

In a way, Matthew remained unconscious, sleeping peacefully while the orgasm rocked her. Then his heart rate slowed down and his breathing returned to normal. Sleep came for her and she will spoon behind her man as dreams claimed them.

oo0oo oo0oo

Becca slept late that morning and Matthew was gone when she woke up. For a long time she looked at the empty half of the bed, wishing it was there before her own responsibilities led her out of bed.

She had planned a late morning meeting with Natasha, but as her taxi arrived at the station, her agency burner phone rang, telling her her plans for the day had changed.

See you at the Georgetown Club in an hour. Vlad will find you there.

Oh,. It is not good.

While Vlad was not particularly high in the organization, his muscle position for Dimitri made him particularly dangerous. Worse, he had already made it clear that he wanted it, and Becca had heard of horrible things he had done to the girls who refused him. With the reputation of the Russian crowd being what it was, she had no doubt that these rumors were true.

She was dressed for the office and for a brief moment considered changing into one of the agency’s most provocative dresses expecting her to wear. If she had been on another date, she would have changed. She felt that this time would only bait Vlad and it was something she wanted to avoid.

Again, she made her way to Georgetown on a circuitous route, concerned about anyone following her, just as she has made her way everywhere since she started this story. When she arrived at the townhouse, she was told that Vlad was waiting for her in her office.

“Rebecca, I’ve heard good things about you. Our MP was a happy boy when he left you. Alas, I’m not a happy boy. I’m sick of the games you’re playing with me. It’s time you gave me TLC. After all, you owe me last time.

Vlad grabbed her by the wrist roughly and led her behind her desk. Rebecca slashed herself for showing no cracks in her confidence, but she was upset and worried that she would have to fellate and maybe more. The idea pushed her away. He was an obnoxious man who trafficked women and controlled them completely. And she probably hadn’t engineered herself when she laughed at him the last time he moved on her.

Becca tried to calm him down. “Vlad, I told you it would happen one day, but not today. All good things come to the one waiting. Come and be the watchword.

He no longer bought the stand. “On your knees, bitch. Let’s see how good you are at work.

Becca tried not to tremble. She had to play the part if she wanted to have the story. It was necessary to appease Vlad and to assuage suspicion. Just as he was forcing his head into his crotch Dimitri entered the office.

“What do you think you’re doing, Vlad?” He then uttered a Russian curse. “Rebecca has nothing to prove to you and her oral sex is for people who pay dearly, not the likes of you. This is not one of your advantages here. In fact, I haven’t sampled it myself yet.

“Dasvidaniya, Vlad,” she said as Dimitri led her out of the office. “I’m needed by the real boss here.

“I apologize for Vlad. He’s a pig, but unfortunately necessary for my business. I’ll take care of him later. My apartment is not far from here, Rebecca. I have a car and a driver outside for us. There’s vodka in the freezer and beluga caviar that a friend brought me from Russia. We can share them with a few blini that we get to know each other better. Much better.

There was no doubt as to what he had in mind, but Becca felt relief wash over it. At least Dimitri had a semblance of being civilized. She knew he was capable of violence and more, but as long as she was convincing and could please him, she thought she would be fine.

The building was one of the most prestigious in the city, designed by a famous architect. It was an elegant combination of glass and steel, the windows reflecting the sun with a burst of rose gold. They entered an opulent lobby with marble and real black leather sofas Le Corbusier. The concierge buzzed them with a nod when he saw Dimitri and tried not to notice the magnificent redhead who accompanied him.

The express elevator took them upstairs to the penthouse and Dimitri let them into the apartment. Rebecca was very surprised when she looked around. Contrary to the left and exaggerated taste of the new oligarchs of money she expected, it was simple and elegant, surprisingly modern with white walls and soft white furniture. The color comes from the art she noticed on the walls and she thought she saw an original work by de Kooning, probably millions. The journalist in it assumed that it was a great way to launder money. Just be one of those anonymous phone bidders at one of the major art auctions. Becca then stopped thinking, thinking, “Take hold of yourself. Play your part. He seems to cultivate a certain image, perhaps what he perceives as a class to differentiate himself from the average mafia. Maybe you can play on it to survive this encounter.

“Sit down, Rebecca, sit down and get comfortable,” Dimitri told him. “I will bring us something to eat and drink as I promised you.”

“Comfortable!” Becca thought, “Not bloody likely. But I’d better fake it really well.

Becca stood in front of the flat glass wall for a while, looking over the city. Dimitri’s apartment had every luxury imaginable, but nothing about it made her comfortable.

“This view is why I had to have this apartment, Rebecca. He is worthy of a tsar, don’t you think?

As Becca turned around, Dimitri handed him a vodka tumbler. “Is that how you see yourself, Dimitri? As king?

“Not what you expected? When I was young, many of the old Soviet ideals were still respected in Moscow. At the time, anyone who made such a request was in danger of floating in the Moskva River. Today, with your Western capitalism having taken root, a man with steel in his gut and a brain in his head is not afraid to acquire wealth and power.

Dimitri walked to the sofa, making grandiose gestures towards his collection. “What you see here is only part of my wealth. I am not ashamed of being rich. I have seen the poor and I will tell you that there is no honour in being destitute. Rich is always better. How is this for capitalist thought?

Becca’s smile concealed her contempt. “That’s impressive, Dimitri. Almost as impressioning that you. Sipping her drink, she got closer, very aware of the bait she was preparing for him.

“And what about Vlad?” “He’s not like you at all. Why do you tolerate it?

“Vlad is Ukrainian and a bully. We Russians are aware of their usages, but we expect him to be a gentleman? Niet. It is more suited to those unfortunate girls that we are stowing from all over the world and that we will bring here. He takes advantage of their gratitude in a way that Western women would not understand or allow.

“That’s one way of saying it, Dimitri. I thought he was about to force himself on me.

Dimitri scowling and drained bis glass. I said, “Yes. It seems so. He has been warned, but there are times when he forgets himself. Don’t be afraid though. You’re under my protection now and he knows it. Men like him don’t have the class to deserve a woman like you.

Becca knew exactly what he expected from his protection and briefly wondered how many women had been forced to accept it and exactly what that protection meant. These are thoughts for another time, so she allowed her mine to soften into playful acceptance.

Becca approached, crossing this invisible boundary of her personal space. “And you do?” It was the moment she was waiting for. A chance to get into the inner circle and she used every bit of her appeal for the reel in.

Dimitri had no chance to escape against his charms. Inexorably, he slipped into his trap. “Oh, I believe it. I’m sure you will. By drawing her to him, he kissed her with the conviction that she would kiss him in return.

Becca did so, answering him as he wanted. She turns to him, surrendering without hesitation to his advance. She expected the rough and carefree attention of a brute, and was therefore surprised by her skill and restraint.

Oh, he was confident and dominant, but his grip on her was remarkably soft. He kissed her as if he knew she wanted to be hers, and made no effort to push her beyond which she was willing to give.

Becca had no desire for this man, and certainly no respect, but none of this mattered. Instead, she focused on her raw masculinity, and her body reacted as he always did. Her excitement flares up and she embraces her warmth, ready to live right now if it brings her closer to the day when she might bring it down.

All his speeches of these unfortunate girls being grateful for his furious rescue, but now here in his response was that repulsion found. Instead, she returned her desire with a passion that was as real in her own way as hers for her.

Dimitri was a big torso barrel man and even as tall as she was, she felt small in her arms. Over the years he had had many beautiful and skilled women in his power and now she has felt her experience in every kiss. He devoured his breath, driving with a force that could defeat a woman with less force.

Becca was not easily fooled, but she kept this detachment away from her pleasure. As a woman, she reveled in the physicality of all this, but her mind never wavered in the role she played. When he took her to his room, she followed, her hand on hers.

As she entered her main suite, Becca considered not changing her business costume before meeting Vlad. At the time she wanted to dissuade Vlad, but now her costume felt inappropriate for Dimitri’s wife thought she was. Fortunately, Becca had learned long before that a man’s sexual attraction had much less to do with what she was wearing than the way she wore it.

She crept deeper into her role by the moment. No longer the journalist, she walked naturally through the room, acting every bit of the whore he thought she was. It was a dangerous lie. She had to sell herself as a woman ready to be used or her life would be in danger.

When Dimitri turned around, gone was a semblance of a woman dressed for business. Becca had unbuttoned her top, opening it just enough that the swell of her breast became visible underneath. She waited several heartbeats as he took in subtle changes in her appearance. Once her gaze was traveling on her body, she got up behind her head and let her red hair fall into a cascading wave on her shoulders.

Becca warmed herself up to him, but remembered to be careful and keep hold of herself. It was Dimitri’s sophistication that made him more dangerous. Vlad’s violence was easier to anticipate and manage. Dimitri was capable of the same thing, but in a much cooler and detached way. The result would be the same. Dead is dead.

Determined both to maintain her illusion and enjoy it, Becca unbuttoned her blouse, weaving with each of them until it opened. Her lips formed a tathery smile as her eyes moved over her. Her bra, only partially hidden by her blouse, cut off her breasts, exposing her cleavage. Soon her skirt and blouse were on the bed, and she knelt at her feet with nothing but her bra and panties on.

“Can I?” he asked. She asked that her fingers gently traced the shape of her cock through her pants.

“Of course. Take your time, Rebecca. We have all night.

It was already hard when she pulled her zipper down. Following her instructions, she moved slowly as she took it out. Her belly tightened as she did, and she licked her lips as her erection rose from her pants.

Monster or not, Becca’s excitement grew. His cock was a satisfying thickness and she stroked him several times, just enjoying the sensation of him in his hand. She was eager to taste it, but kept it to a halt, removing her bra before she gave him this gift.

Dimitri was clearly delighted and took the time to finish undressing. By the time Becca had massaged the softness of his pale mounds, he was naked and ready for his touch.

It was a scene that Becca knew instantly that she would never forget. Hidden under his custom Italian costume was a hard rock body that was covered with mosaic tattoos. As beautiful as they are, she was well aware that everyone was telling a story of a crime or dirty business that he had committed in the past. His life was written in these photos. Part of her was glad she didn’t know what they meant.

When you see them all at once, they looked both exotic and dangerous. It was fascinating. Becca had never been with such a man and his sex began to heat up when seeing this aesthetic expression of who he was, such a contradiction to the life he represented.  When she opened her mouth and slipped her lips on her acorn, she fully understood that she was deeply aroused by him.

Dimitri stretched like a curled spring as she sucked her cock. She felt him change his balance as his mouth came down on him and felt him tremble every time she recoiled along his length. It was amazing for her. This man was as powerful as anything she had ever known, but like any other man, he became his toy by the time his lips wrapped around his cock.

By cutting her, she squeezed them hard enough to make him gasp. Dimitri growled, sucking in his breath as his nails dig into his tender bag.

“Da, Rebecca. That’s what I want. A woman who is not afraid of me. Now let’s see how brave a whore you can be.

Becca was surprised at how easily she got under her skin. From the beginning, she intended to strip her gentleman’s façade and expose her wild masculine instincts. She wanted him to use all his strength and stamina in the mad lust for her until he had nothing left to give.

It was a dangerous game and any of a dozen things could go wrong. Becca had no idea if he would like to hurt her, but it was a necessary risk.

Squeeze his hard ball bag had jumped his rut. When he grabbed his shoulders, Becca went to him, swallowing hard as his turgid head forced his way down his throat. The hot humidity filled his mouth, lubricating his tree as he kissed his throat. She grabbed her hips and struggled, taking control of her feverish thrusts until she set the pace.

Dimitri seemed oblivious to that. All he felt was his cock bathing in his humidity. She didn’t care if he was coming. It was hers at that time and if he blew his load in his mouth or kept it for his sex, she was going to have it. She was surprised when he stopped and walked away.

“Enough!” He growled, “Come up here. I need to be inside of you.

Taking her hand, she got up and accepted her urgent kiss as he devoured her mouth. Her need was burning hot white and her own flared as she felt her fire. He hung his thumbs on his panties and pulled them down his thighs. He then turned her around to push her face first into the bed.

“Are you going to fuck me from behind, Dimitri? I love that I’m retake neon like that.

“I’m sure you do. You whores always keep control with the men who pay you, but when you feel what a real man has to offer…” Dimitri brought his cock to his constusion and push hard, harpooning it in one, firm dive.

Ah,, it’s so good. Damn, you feel so big. Becca knew there was the truth in there and she was gasping as he started slamming into it. His thighs spread wide, allowing him to stand behind her as he drilled away at her.

His cock spread his wide, massaging his inner walls with shocking skill. When he pulled her red hair and ripped her head up, her orgasm began to build.

Being dominated so well was new to Becca. With most men, his confidence and skill always gave him the upper hand. Even with Matthew, the only man who could have spawned him, he had never been shown this kind of raw desire.

With her fingers digging through the sheets and her painful hips at the bite of her grip, Becca felt her body catch fire. Her vision was failing as she went to the intensity. His whole world has melted into orgasmic flashes of pleasure.

It took a while before she realized he had stopped: His sex was pulsating with satisfaction and his thighs were smooth with juice. She felt him moving behind her, but was too dizzy to wonder why. It was only when she felt the refreshing humidity of a viscous line running down her that she woke up from her grip.

“Dimitri? What are you doing?

“I appreciate you all, Rebecca. You know why I like sleeping with my whores?  Because whores never say nyet.

Becca’s heart sprang a beat when she felt her head, hot and hard, slipping between her cheeks. Her mind ran as she understood what he was about to do. Anal sex didn’t scare him, but letting a man like him do it made him balk for a while. However, she knew he was right. Whores never say no. If that were the case, his reaction would be unpredictable, perhaps violent. He wouldn’t be happy. Gritting her teeth, she focused on relaxing as he began to squeeze down her.

“Oh, damn it, Dimitri, go easy on me. I wasn’t ready for you yet. Her answer was too guttural for her to grasp, but the scorching heat in her soothed as he slowed down. His head had always felt thick and now he seemed positively huge. Dimitri always recoiled so slightly, to relax again, sending a fresh burning sting into it.

Becca had felt this before and was not afraid of pain. This heat would pass quickly, then the deep massage of his cock would relieve the pain. Becca held his breath, allowing him to let his rhythm build until he glided easily through his ring.

There are a lot of nerves in the anus and everyone has been stimulated by his cock. The movement in and out of her filled her with heat and her weight pressing on her made her feel strangely safe.

Soon he gave himself all to her and she pushed back every time he pushed. They found a rhythm there, driving hard into it as it moved under it. She felt her control slip and their rhythm peaked. She knew her moment was there. He stiffens, driving his cock into his hard as his spitting cum filling it copiously.

Collapsing on the bed, Becca curled up in her arms contained and sore, waiting for him to fall asleep. She took this time to look around the room and allow her eyes to adapt to the dim light. Dimitri’s breathing deepens and his heart rate slows down compared to the previous effort. It was when Becca heard a slight snoring that she knew he was sleeping soundly. It was his chance to look around for the notebook that wcomme reputed to be the true repository of the most important information about his company, his contacts and his clientele, his money laundering, and the secrets he kept. He could use some of this kompromat (harmful information) to generate negative publicity about a public figure or for blackmailing or extorting a powerful. Politicians would be particularly vulnerable, but his clientele included businessmen, professionals and other very well-placed people. Finding the notebook would reveal a treasure trove for Becca’s exhibit.

Becca slipped from her arms and from the bed. She moved silently barefoot on the plush carpet first to Dimitri’s clothes. She checked the pockets. No notebook. Then the drawers of the dresser and the wardrobe in the room. Nothing. She left the bedroom saving the bedside tables for the end, not wanting to take the risk of waking him up unless absolutely necessary. She went to her office. Copying the information on her computer would take too long and she needed to know how to do it effectively if she was to get all her content.  She checked her office to no avail. Then she had an idea.

Becca went to the kitchen and opened the freezer. Behind a few bottles of high-end Russian vodka there was a Ziploc bag with a notebook in it. She grabbed him and went to the salon. As fast as she could, she found her phone and started taking pictures of the double-page content by double page. She was reading quickly with her broken university Russian as she did. Even as a seasoned journalist, she was shocked by the names she saw written in English, each listed with the favorite girls, the folds and weaknesses and levers of power they wielded. It was dynamite. The camera in his phone did the short work of the notebook. She carefully returned the notebook in her bag to her place behind the vodka in the hope of leaving no idea that he had been hit.

She found her clothes and got dressed quickly. She left Dimitri a note in English saying she was reluctant to wake him up, but had to leave as she had an early morning casting call (remembering her cover as an aspiring actress). She said she loved being with him and hoped she had pleased him. She let herself out silently and took this express elevator to the lobby. She hailed a taxi outside the building and made it escape. It was only when she was finally in the cabin that the adrenaline subsided and she breathed more normally. She waited until she came home to read the contents of the notebook thoroughly, after having a big cup of strong coffee. She needed her mind to understand all the information and what to do with her and someone whose Russian was better than hers to give her a more accurate and complete translation.

Many lives would never be the same once this story was published. Dimitri’s reach went to the highest levels of American society and included people never suspected of such weaknesses or stains on their reputations. One could only wonder what price they had already paid the Russians for their dalliances, what information had been shared, what secrets had been disclosed, what decisions had been communicated. It was overwhelming evidence of disloyalty and immorality, of obstructed decision-making, and perhaps even of treason. Becca shook her head partly in shock and partly in disbelief. But the notes were more than believable. They described information that only these individuals could know. Now it was even more important to take Dimitri and his organization down. Unfortunately, women would be seen by some as collateral damage. Becca decided she would not let that happen.

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