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The delicious heat of alcohol swirled around my body, flooding my veins and the layers of my skin. So deliciously intoxicated, I felt fluffy and excited even if a little numb, but still extremely excited at the bottom of my body. The music continued and I felt my body pulsating in a bad mood to the rhythm of the sounds. A story of sex in couple, a sexy and intoxicating concoction and after an evening full of pleasure.

The last of our guests happily found his way through the door, momentarily letting me glance across the table. I could see the telltale signs of the fun evening we had all had. A sly smile crept over my face as I caught sight of the pink lace panties strewn across the table, followed by the thought of how they came to leave their owner and find their way onto my table. Our slightly more debauched night had left its mark, and my guests had no doubts about their naughty amusements. I was still in an area of ​​excited pleasure and certainly not ready for the end of my evening. I lay languidly on my chair, I let the evening overwhelm me, my thoughts becoming more sexual and my desire growing.

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I was thinking of nothing by participating in a little more Gray Goose while we continued our risky poker game. As I looked across the table, I caught her eye, my inner vixen had looked up. I was ready to play, especially that of seducer and I slid my foot of my shoe allowing it to deliberately slide along his leg. If he was unsure of my motive, he certainly was now and I was looking forward to firmly but surely pulling my low foot inside his leg. As I leaned back, I made sure my toes could feel between his crotch, rubbing as I did to induce inner movement. My eyes not moving, I continued to seek her excitement and began to feel her trembling bulge between her thighs. Oh delight, he was ready to play with me and not just in poker. Just this sign alone was enough to send impulses to my pussy, a subtle little sexy shake between my lips, an indicator that my body needed attention. Squirming in my skirt, I amused myself by feeling the edges of my pants and I started to relieve them, on my suspenders, on my hips and on my knees, by letting them fall visually on the ground. I kept my eyes focused deep in hers, exposing my thoughts. His eyes burned with increasing desire, and with that I moved behind him and slid my hands over his shoulder, dragging them into his shirt.

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I loved feeling her body, her skin under my fingers, her young athletic chest, firm and muscular. I tilted my head closer to smell its mixed smell of body heat and alcohol and he, all of him. My hand fell lower and started to open his wide shirt up to the top of his navy so I could look at his smooth skin. I could see how hard it was as he stroked my neck breathing and kissed me through my thin blouse fabric.

Out of nowhere, his hands were instantly on me, absorbing my body, feeling the top of my stockings and dragging his fingers along the belts of my suspenders. Then, going up the size of my skirt, it revealed my naked, round bottom. The flat of his hands moving over me, sliding around me, as if to shape my body. Then I felt his fingers caress my breasts and release them from my bra, my blouse wide open, my chest exposed. Her mouth was suddenly hard against mine, filling my mouth with hers. I felt it consuming me with desire and I loved the way it made me feel sexually alive. It pushed my kiss back, demanding more of hers. In return, he kissed me intensely and then started to play slowly and passionately with my lips and my mouth. Soon, he lowered my body and plunged his mouth over my nipples, sucking them in and sending quivers deep into my groin. The kisses and sucking all creating such excitement in me, I leaned more against the table to stabilize myself and fully enjoy the pleasure. From my breasts, his tongue moved directly to my already wet pussy and licked and teased my very swollen lips. Head back, I enjoyed the heavenly sensation, my body feeling pleasure and pulsating the stimulus through my now sore muscles. I could feel the swollen orgasm but I wanted to resist the immediate pleasure and instead I sought her hard body.

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I loved feeling his aroused excitement in my mouth and falling to my knees started working his cock and getting his pleasure from him. The feeling it gave me was overwhelming, I loved watching her reactions and seeing her response to my active mouth and tongue. Inside and outside, I took him away, tasting his initial juice and his salty skin for what seemed like a short time, but I could see that he couldn’t hold back any longer. With that, he picked me up and quickly lifted me off the table, freeing up whatever he could to look for space. I put my head back while waiting to feel his fingers inside me, his teasing fingers playing and rubbing, finding my sweetness inside me. Ah, there I was, he knew where they had to be and how to work to get to my perfect conclusion. I felt my muscles burn and a tense pleasure tense grow again, but as he knew, he just knew when to dive deep into me, hard and firm filling my pussy with everything it had. He started his pushes, not too much to start with, but with a firm intention and an increasingly rapid pace. I heard my moans increasing as he lay down inside me, my body sliding on the table, my swollen pussy, my mouth now dry. I felt every long hard inch of him and he continued his assault until he heard my last moan, my ultimate sound, telling him that I was on my wave of repeated pleasure. With that, he withdrew and allowed his pulsating juice to spurge on my chest, catching anything in its path. I didn’t need to look up to know from his moans that his last effort was over and that he had exploded in ultimate pleasure.