I just had the most romantic sex with my dads best friend

I know it was wrong, I know it. was. I don’t even know how to explain it anymore. Kissing my father’s best friend was wrong and definitely wrong, but believe me when I say it was fueled by pure passion and lust, it was even incredibly romantic. There was nothing weird about it for us, but now, looking back, I can see how terrible it would have been if my parents had discovered it.

Let me take you back to when all of this happened and I guess you can make up your mind.

Having the most romantic sex of my life with my father’s best friend

fridge full of drinks

It all started one afternoon, he was around our house just drinking and going out with my father. I went downstairs to find them both in the kitchen, discussing the best type of beer. I had never met him before, he was a new friend of my fathers, I had heard of him but I never really had any interest in whom it was.

When I walked into the kitchen, I said hello and kept walking to the fridge to get some water, my father introduced me to his friend and he is when I looked at it correctly, it was a silver fox. Dressed in an impeccable white shirt, black chinos with salt and pepper hair and a magnificent dusting of gray stubble around his jaw.

He was so handsome, despite his age. I felt badly dressed in my little summer dress. I shook his hand and he looked deep into my eyes, I thought I imagined the look in his eyes but now, looking back, I was certainly not.

We chatted for a while before going upstairs and lying on my bed, thinking about the warmth it had.

This kind of fucking eye went on for a while, we looked at each other over the dinner table and he made excuses for coming more often. I didn’t complain that I loved seeing him and the more I saw him, the more we talked and the more my pussy floated every time I sat next to him.

Finally a sunny afternoon, we were alone

sofa with cover and book on it

One afternoon he came when my father was not at home, I answered the door and he told me that he was picking up things my father had left behind. He made his way to my dads office and returned with documents, but lingered before leaving.

We chatted but I was too horny to let him leave the house without knowing if he wanted to fuck me, I didn’t know how I was going to move but I knew I wanted to.

We looked at each other for a moment before stepping forward, getting up on my toes and kissing her on the mouth. He walked away and I thought I had really messed up, I was about to start profusely excuse when he grabbed my waist and started kissing me this time.

His soft lips tenderly kissed mine and they were filled with passion, he grabbed my body while we kissed and I even let out a little moan. We stayed kissing for what seemed like forever, before we started pulling towards my room, my pink room bathed in sunlight was the perfect setting.

I lay on my bed and he slowly walked over to me, we were both filled with mad desire but we kept things slow and romantic, it was just perfect. He lay on top of me, kissing my neck and my lips, moving his rough hands up and down my body. He started slowly unbuttoning my summer dress, revealing my white bra, he unhooked it expertly and revealed my breasts. He grabbed one with his hand and let out a small moan. I was so excited.

I desperately opened my legs for him to fuck me so hard but instead of he closed them with his hand and just continued to run his hand up and down on my thighs, teasing me but not touching my pussy.

I was soaked and when he touched my pussy with his hand he could feel the wet stain in my panties.

And then we both heard the front door close.

woman in red flower summer dress staircase outside window

I jumped up, my breasts exposed out of my dress, his shirt slightly unbuttoned and his penis visible through his pants. I desperately searched with my dress while my father was screaming for me, he screamed on the stairs asking me if I had seen his friend. I yelled down the stairs, making sure I looked perfect and told him to go out the window while I was talking to my dad.

It was exciting, keeping my fathers back from the window and watching him run along the street.

I was wondering if I would ever be lucky enough to have a time like this with him again and I didn’t know how romantic the next time we met would be.

The most romantic sex of my life

I hadn’t seen him in a while, he had gone on a golf trip with my father, then my father said he had been very busy. I was worried, he thought he had made a mistake, but an SMS came to my phone.

He asked me how I was and we started talking. Our texts were nice but they started to become sexual fairly quickly, he told me all about how he had thought of me and how he couldn’t stop thinking about my breasts and my body. I told him how wet I was for him and how much I needed him inside my tight pussy. It continued like this for a few days and despite the sexual tension, we still managed to have a few conversations.

He asked me to come to his apartment this weekend, in secret of course.

I arrived at his house, I had only been once with my father when he filed papers. He brought me in and as soon as he opened the door, I met candles and rose petals everywhere.

party with wine and rose petals

The apartment was dimly lit and it had an acoustic playlist that rang quietly throughout the place. He led me into his living room and I was surprised by the huge heart made of red rose petals in the center of the floor, the room was lit by candles and he had two glasses of champagne bubbling sitting on the coffee table for us.

I sat on the couch and he sat next to me, we started talking and I felt like I was with someone I knew all my elevator. We laughed, drank and looked deeply into each other’s eyes, he was so beautiful and the sexual tension between us was crazy.

I got closer to him and he put my hair behind my ear, I smiled at him and I got closer, passionately kissing the lips, he kissed me back and pulled me up from him. We kissed, moaning slightly and enjoying every second. He started to remove my top, exposing my breasts again. This time he stopped kissing me and took them with his eyes, smiling at me then taking my red nipple in his mouth, I moaned softly as he moved his free hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.

He laid me down gently and kissed his way along my now naked body, he stopped kissing my body as he stood between my legs. He took a mental picture of my pussy and then pushed his hot tongue between my pussy lips, he was so good at it. It made my legs tremble but it did so gently. I grabbed his salt and pepper hair as it made my legs tremble and my already wet pussy started pouring my juice on her couch.

woman laying on bed naked

The setting was so romantic, the candle light flickered, the rose petals filled the room with their sweet aroma. As I lay on my back, her tongue brushing against my clitoris, I thought maybe I was dead and gone to heaven. He stopped and pulled his body up so that his face was level with mine, he kissed my neck and whispered here telling me that I was driving him crazy and that I had always been since the first day I met him in the kitchen.

I grabbed his face and kissed him, he pulled his cock out of his pants and started to push it deep into my puffy pink pussy. He gasped and I groaned as he pushed deeper and deeper inside of me and started to come in and out slowly from me, kissing my neck.

I could feel him pushing my G-spot, his cock throbbing in me. He told me to shut up because my soft moans would make him come, my pussy grabbed his cock and each slow thrust he struggled more and more not to enjoy. We were both sweating and lost in the moment, he kept the slow pace and closed our eyes. I told her to keep the same ryhtmn that i was on the verge of an orgasm, i had never felt anything like this before but i knew i was going to enjoy it hit the perfect place at it 39; inside of me. I told him to come deep inside when I came and he opened his eyes and I nodded, his pushes became slightly faster, he grabbed my hair and chewed my nipples before I started to cum, my whole body felt like it was on fire with passion, my orgasm so intense that it started to shake and then come deep in my tight and hot pussy. My pussy throbbed from my orgasm and feeling her warm sperm inside of me was electrifying.

His sperm filled me up and he kept pushing up before he stopped and we were both gasping and smiling, it was so intense.

We then went into the shower together, cleaning each other and lathering my breasts with warm soapy water. It was so romantic and a moment I always think back to.