I Just Had Rough Anal Sex With My Boyfriend (I Loved It)

When I first met my boyfriend three years ago, he had never really shown an interest in my ass, he was only dedicated to my pussy. Make me cum whenever he had the chance and worship my body with his tongue.

He was amazing at oral sex, he knew what made me scream and he knew what made me cum. We had incredible sex for months and then I got pregnant. We decided that everything was fine and that we were going to make it work and eventually our sex life was dead.

We haven’t had sex for months after giving birth, I disagreed and my boyfriend just wasn’t interested. I had enough and I wanted him to taste me again and make me cum so we planned an evening together and I wanted it to be as romantic as possible as well as the way we were once in the room, absolute animals. I booked everything and the following weekend, we were heading to an isolated hotel in a beautiful setting a few hours from home.

We arrived at our romantic hotel

luxury hotel room

We arrived on our romantic getaway and we were both nervous, we hadn’t been alone together for months and the sex we had before was only a distant memory at this point.

Our room was beautiful, giant windows that overlooked the hotel’s large gardens, the huge white bed, the marble bathroom and with space for two in the bathtub. I knew that once we were relaxed, all of our old tricks would come back to us.

I opened a bottle of wine and we sat sipping our glasses of wine on our balcony, relaxing a bit and watching the sun go down. We went down for dinner and ordered another bottle of wine, we laugh and enjoy each other’s company, I moved my knee to rub myself against his under the table and he smiled at me. Grabbing my hand on the table. We headed for the bedroom and fell through the door.

We lay down on the bed and started to go out, it was amazing not having to worry about anyone other than ourselves. I totally let go when I kissed her and we soon started to moan, desperate to go any further, but I have to admit I was nervous.

He hadn’t even touched my pussy since I had given birth a few months ago, I felt shy as he made his way between my legs and parted my knees, kissing her along my thighs then kissing my pussy through my panties.

woman in black nightgown

We had dimmed the lights as he started removing my panties and exposing my pussy which hadn’t been touched in months. I felt like a virgin again. He took off my panties and moved his soft tongue to my clitoris and as soon as he started using his old movements on my clitoris, my whole world felt alive again. I let out a huge moan as he sucked on my clitoris, he knew exactly how to move me and he knew what made me make these noises.

I was soaked and forgot all about my insecurities while it made my whole body tremble and made me feel like it always did.

I was so excited that I started to cum for the first time in months and months, all over her fingers and face. My orgasm was explosive and I was sure the people in the next room could have heard me, my orgasm made my whole body tremble and I felt like being able to do anything while i was coming down from my crazy orgasm.

It was at this point that he suggested anal

woman in g string

We had never really done it right before, he had put his dick in my ass and again but he had never enjoyed inside my ass before and he hadn’t never really penetrated my ass longer than a few moments before.

I told her we could try it, I was ready to do whatever I was so excited and happy that we were finally going to make love. I got on all fours and he rubbed my pussy, it made me moan again then he buried his fingers in my tight ass, the sensations I felt were unlike anything I had experienced before. I was so excited as he kept pushing his fingers inside and outside of me.

He told me he didn’t want me to take him down first because he was already so hard and he thought he was going to come in a few seconds.

Woman laying back, buttocks showing

He got down on his knees and started pushing his hard, pulsating cock into my tight ass, it hurt a bit at first, but as he kept pushing, the feeling got better and better. I wanted his cock so bad.

He started pushing deeper and deeper into me, pushing fast as he grabbed my hips. We both loved it so much, moaning in pleasure and I told him to go faster and he did. He started to fuck my ass brutally, grabbing my hips and groaning as he quickly and hard plunged into my ass. I couldn’t believe how good it was and how much I loved raw anal.

I could feel a feeling build up inside my ass, he fucked me like a rag doll, we gasped and moaned in unison, my ass felt like it was going to come and I just wanted to keep doing this all night. He then pushed my head down into the pillows and slowed down his pushes so that he was pushing his whole cock inside of me and again he then increased the speed and inserted all of his me again and again, pushing my head harder and deeper into the pillows as it got harder and harder with my ass. He slapped my ass with his bare hand, bringing it back to my cheek, I felt a tingling sensation but I still wanted it. I told him to do it again and he did, bringing his hand to smash against my ass, then firmly grasping the flesh so it all turned red.


I loved it, I felt so mean. I pinched my nipples while the sweat was dripping from me. My boyfriend groaned as he fucked my ass brutally then he started to cum, throbbing and deep sperm bursts filled my ass as he continued to kiss my ass, he didn’t want to let it end.

He finally pulled out of me and lay face down on the floor, my asshole was tense but it was sensational and I wanted to start all over again.

woman in the shower

I decided to take a shower, the sperm flowed from my ass and went down my legs, my pussy was still sensitive and throbbing from my orgasm and my ass stretched and raw. I couldn’t stop smiling, we were back.

Just when I finished, I heard a soft knock on the door, it was my boyfriend and he was ready for a rough round two…