I ruin all my boyfriends orgasms because it’s my biggest turn on

If you’re here, you probably know what it means to ruin an orgasm, by denying my boyfriend that pleasure is an art form and something that drives him crazy and aroused. If you don’t know that a “ ruined orgasm ”is exactly what it sounds like, bringing your partner to the brink of an orgasm and then stopping just before he blows, this in turn makes them cum without sperm orgasm and leaves them feeling dissatisfied and absolutely incredibly hopeless for this release.

I do not let my boyfriend enjoy (poor)

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Everyone does things differently, but that’s how my boyfriend and I do it. I try to get her to orgasm once a day, but I only let him come once a week and it takes me hours of play before I let her release.

The poor must do what I say or risk not being able to enjoy until I say it. Bringing him to orgasm and then stopping him is sheer torture for him but he secretly loves him and it keeps both of us on our toes.

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I like to disguise myself and tell him that today is going to be the day when he can enjoy, I excite him so much, I awaken his pleasure by blowing it and riding it until he can’t take it anymore and at the very last second, I stop and chuckle, ruining his orgasm and making him wince and moan in despair.

It may not sound like that, but we both have a lot of fun doing it and my boyfriend thanks me afterwards, he’s too excited to thank me during the process, but I know it makes him even more happy , knowing that I deny his orgasm, making fun of him and taking total control of his pleasure and making him submit completely to me and my desires.

I also love to get him down and if he runs away from even a little boy with sperm, he’s in trouble, he knows the rules and if he tries not to play ball, he gets a severely ruined orgasm for weeks.

I always ruin his orgasm if he does 😫

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If he tries to cum before I am ready to allow him to cum, I stop all play and ruin his orgasm as punishment. I stop all movement and I don’t let it come. He knows the rules, he knows that I am responsible for when and where he ejaculates if he tries to be smart and tries to move his hips to make me make it faster, if he makes noise or if he ejaculates before he says he can all these grounds for punishment and he knows it is not worth the risk.

On another note, if you are considering ruining your partner’s orgasm, talk about it thoroughly in advance and let me know that this is something you are looking to do, don’t surprise him, it’s not cute unless you have solved everything.

The last time I tried to milk his dick (I got it so good)

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I started in the morning, I woke up in heat and I decided today that it was the day of a good old fashioned deal. I grabbed his dick, it was already difficult, and I brought him to orgasm just to start the day off right. Just before he was about to come, I stopped, yawned and got out of bed.

On my way to my closet, I chose her favorite outfit and I disguised myself as a little slut. We spent a whole day at home today and I knew I was going to use it to my advantage.

I was dressed, I was walking around the house, teasing him without a bra and I bent down so that he could see my skirt and my panties. I could see he was so hard with his sweatpants and I knew he wanted this release but he knows he only gets it when I’m good and ready.

Throughout the day, I told him that it was that, he was allowed to enjoy and then I let go and stopped, he lay there, panting, his cock contracting and spilling semen. It was racy and very hard.

When the sun started to set, I started to feel bad for him, his cock was harder than I had ever seen him before and he had to close my eyes every time I walked by because he just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided that one last tease was that I was playing with myself on the couch, I opened my legs and started playing with my clitoris, pushing my fingers in my pussy. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me, but he was having a bad move and he would have to wait even longer to cum.

I went to him and told him that it was that, that he could enjoy. I wrapped my lips around his cock and dipped his tree with my spit, his cock was rock solid and as he was about to come, I stopped, his sperm spit all over my face but there was no glimpse of the orgasm. I got up and chuckled, walking away.

Orgasm ruined while it was inside me (I’m the worst)

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I told him to come up, he was allowed to enjoy now after a whole day of teasing and milking but he didn’t really believe me. He lay on the bed and I held him back, so that he couldn’t suddenly grab his cock and get down. I then used all of my best tricks and started teasing his cock carefully, using my tongue and my hands, making my whole body tremble.

I then straddled him and lowered my pussy over him, he knew not to make a single noise or everything would stop. My wet pink pussy wrapped around his throbbing cock and I started riding it at the rate I liked, squeezing my own breasts and moaning, I could feel my own orgasm build up, he had to wait until I enjoy. Once satisfied, I told him it was good to enjoy now, he didn’t believe me so I kept pushing, he told me to stop that he was going to blow then I continued, I did not stop riding him until when he started to enjoy, I yawned while he was filling me with his sperm , he had his orgasm at the end but he wasn’t good enough for me to keep moving when he came. I ruined it while it was inside of me and there was nothing it could do about it.

What should I do to my boyfriend next?

I love to tease him, it’s so exciting. What should I do to her then? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll let you know how it goes.