Seducing Stephen – Chapter 4 – Rhonda’s visit

This chapter is quite long. I wanted to capture my memories of that particular afternoon as accurately as I could, sparing no details. It was an emotionally exhausting chapter to write, as I revisited an experience that is both emotional and valuable to me. please take the time to read this slowly. I put a lot of myself into telling this particular story.

The following weeks were a little blurry, but they seemed to pass.

Stephen was obsessed with his new found love and personal sex goddess. He would rush home from school every day to get me before Jim came home. In fact, one afternoon, he skipped basketball practice to get home early. I told him that was not acceptable. I explained to him quite harshly that the reason his parents allowed him to stay with us was to finish the school year without interruption and compete in sport; not to have wild sex with the wife of his host. Reluctantly, he agreed that he would no longer skip training.

After the conference on keeping his priorities straight, Stephen respected.  However, he ran home after playing basketball every day and immediately tracked me down. And no matter where he found me, or what I was wearing, or how sweaty or dirty I was, he was starting to caress me and kiss me. It really didn’t matter to him if I had just come in from gardening work, all sweaty and filthy, or I would get out of the shower, squeaking clean, Stephen wanted me from time to time.

And, because we usually only had a little over an hour before Jim came home every night, Stephen felt a sense of urgency to move the action forward fairly quickly.

Yes, the boy’s libido and desire for me was sexy; however, everything felt a little rushed at times for me.

To be fair, Stephen had become a skilled lover, and he usually took me out at least once during the allotted time. But our afternoon sex began to feel scripted, and hurried. And, to be honest, I began to feel that the service of my young lover had become a bit of an obligation on my part.

Now I’m not complaining. I’ve been fully enjoying this rather nasty chapter of my life. However, after a few weeks of this routine, I knew what to expect each day when Stephen arrived home.

However, one afternoon there was an unexpected interruption to our routine. One Thursday afternoon, before Stephen came home, a good friend of mine, Rhonda, came by unexpectedly. Rhonda was my best friend in college. She was two years younger than me.

Rhonda was tall and sculptural. At five feet, eleven inches tall, she had the long legs and figure of a model. She was a passionate tennis player and had the elegant look of a well-conditioned athlete. She had a Swedish or Norwegian appearance with blue eyes, “blonde” that I envied.

She was married and had two young children. Her husband was a stay-at-home father who took care of the children while she earned a good living working as a geologist for an oil company in the Dallas area. I suspected that her appearance made it difficult for the men in her office to concentrate with her in meetings.

What I’m saying is that it was beautiful.

She was driving to Houston for a conference on Friday when she decided to see if she could catch me at home.

I was happy to see her, and actually felt a little relieved that her presence would interfere with Stephan and my routine. That would give me a night off, so to speak. And, as much as I liked being Jim and Stephen’s center of attention, I wore a little (literally). I had a little trouble keeping up with Stephen’s incredible libido. And, as a result of the enjoyment of others, Jim was experiencing, Jim’s libido had kicked into the top gear as well.

Anyway, my two men were slowly fucking me. It was a great way to go, but it was a bit overwhelming at times. I welcomed taking a night off because of Rhonda’s presence.

Rhonda and I were visiting the living room before when Stephen came home. I had just picked up a second glass of wine for each of us, and I was in the kitchen when Stephen bolted through the back door into the kitchen.

I had my back to him, holding both glasses of full wine, when he came behind me, kissed me, kissed me on the neck as he reached around to feel my chest. With the two glasses of wine in my hands, I couldn’t block his uninvited touch from my chest.

I quickly turned to him and said, “Stephen, not now; I have a visitor…”

Stephen and I quickly turned to a noise at the entrance to the kitchen, and we saw a very shocked Rhonda watching this very brief scene unfold. Rhonda had heard Stephen come in and followed me into the kitchen to meet my young resident.

Apparently she had seen the hug, the kiss on her neck and cut off my chest; and she was shocked by the involvement. I felt my face burn with embarrassment, mortified that my good friend had seen this teenager caress me.

I tried to ignore the awkwardness of the situation and introduced Rhonda to Stephen. Stephen quickly removed his hand from my mesitation, and was as embarrassed to be taken by Rhonda as I was.

Rhonda was polite, and said nothing in Stephen’s presence, but she gave me a look of knowledge and questioning as she shook Stephan’s hand. Stephan was polite, but immediately apologized for escaping the embarrassment of the moment.

As Stephen went down to his little fortress in the basement, Rhonda raised his eyebrows and simply asked, “Okay, what was it about?”

I could feel my face burning purple as I tried to think about what to say, “Oh, he’s just an excited teenager who gets a little frisky; a little too frisky sometimes. I have to put him in his shoes sometimes.

Rhonda stood there; arms crossed with a look that indicated that she was not buying any of the nonsense I was spitting. “Cindy, did we meet? Do you think I’ve become stupid since the last time we were together? What’s going on?

She lowered her arms to get the glass of wine I gave her. She nodded to my glass of wine and said, “Go ahead, have a glass of wine. You seem to need it. And then tell me what fuck you do?

“Nothing, nothing at all. He just feels a little too comfortable flirting with me. I should have done a better job of discouraging him from the beginning. But now it seems to be confused with exactly where the borders are. My answer didn’t even seem reasonable.

“Cindy, he felt you when I came around the corner. I think he knows where the limits are. Have you ever done the bad guy with him? or is it still in the future? I know one thing, this young man will fuck you soon, if he has not already done so.

I realized that my continued denial seemed ridiculous, even to me. I decided to admit the obvious. “Things got a little off the rails after he came to live with us. I admit that.

Rhonda smiled widely, “You’re going to girl. I’m so proud of you. You live every woman’s dream! Damn, and he’s cute too. Does Jim suspect anything? There was no warning, only admiration in his answer.

Out of fear, I gave up my confession: “I don’t admit anything here. Nothing’s going on. I tried to withdraw from my previous admission.

“Bull shit girl.” You do it with this teenager,” she says in her best Ebonics accent. “I’m not criticizing you. I wish I had a teenage lover. I’d do it with that boy, too, if I could. Honestly, I would. You’re my new hero.

I guided us to the entrance hall. I didn’t know if Stephen was listening, but I didn’t need him to hear this conversation.

Rhonda and I talked for the next two hours about two more glasses of wine. With each glass of wine, she was able to extract more information from me. She was obviously taking advantage of my proxy situation; enjoy it too much, I might add.

On several occasions, she told me how she envied me; how she would have wished she had a young lover; and, how she would fuck that boy in a minute from New York.

I joked at one point, “Maybe I should lend it to you?”

Rhonda jumped on it, “Don’t make offers that you won’t back up. I’d like you to send it my way. I would teach this young person a thing or two; things he might not learn from ‘sweet little Cindy’.

Since Rhonda and I had both had four glasses of wine more than two hours when Jim came home, he could see that we were pretty drunk when he arrived. Jim offered to set us up for dinner and insisted that Rhonda spend the night. She was certainly too drunk to drive to her hotel in the Galleria area of Houston.

Rhonda never made inappropriate references to Jim or Stephen during dinner; she behaved admirably. It crashed into the one of my sons’ room, who were both at university. I was afraid that my excited friend might venture downstairs during the night looking for Stephen, but she behaved all night.

As she had early morning meetings, she got up and left before the rest of us woke up. Around the middle of the morning Rhonda called me to thank me for the hospitality, and the wine. As she finished the call, she said once again, “And enjoy your young lover. And if you ever want to “expand this boy’s horizons” with another older woman, be sure to send it to me. I’d like to teach him a lesson or two.

“I will certainly keep that in mind. I’m going to give all the consideration he deserves. I’m afraid you couldn’t send it back to me though. I was shocked by that last statement.

“Oh, I’m not going to steal it from you; I would borrow it. I would make it as good as ever; it would just be a little wiser and more talented is everything.

“I’ll come back to you on this, wicked lady.” And we said goodbye and hung up.

Rhonda’s comments weighed on my mind all day. Should I give Stephen this experience? I confess, I felt a pinch of jealousy thinking of my big, beautiful, sculptural friend to take my young lover to bed. On the other hand, it could help Stephen put the emotional aspects of our relationship in the right perspective. After all, Stephen and I were never going to be in a committed and monogamous relationship.

And despite Rhonda’s act as a black widow, ready to consume any male she meets, I felt that Rhonda was in fact a kind, gentle and caring lady who would treat Stephen with tenderness and affection.

Stephen came home, but rather than assault me and caress me immediately, he wanted to know what Rhonda thought of what she saw yesterday. He was most concerned about whether he was in trouble for getting me angry and feeling in the kitchen.

I was pretty honest in my reply, “Stephen, Rhonda correctly deduces that you were more than a boarder to me. From what she saw, and my reaction to her questions, she knew that you and I were intimate. She did not condemn or criticize me; rather she was laudatory and a little envious.

“Envious?” he asked.

“Yes, she thinks you are a very attractive young man, very attractive to her; and she would like to have a young man with whom to share similar experiences. She thinks every woman my age needs a “Stephen” in her life.

A smile broke over his face as he beamed; relieved that he was not in trouble with me, and obviously flattered that Rhonda found him so attractive and desirable.

“Rhonda also asked me if I would lend you to her.”

This last comment just hung in the air. Stephen looked at me confused and shocked; try to discern whether or not it was a joke or a serious possibility. Obviously, he had never considered taking other lovers in addition to me.

I decided to tackle the topic head on, “Would you like to spend time with Rhonda if you could?”

“Seriously? Do you want me to do that? He was careful now.

“Stephen, I wouldn’t want you to do this for me; but if you want to see what it is with another woman, I wouldn’t be offended. I would support you to do so. But don’t do it because you think I want you to do it, or do you expect to. Only do it if you want to do it.

“Wouldn’t you be mad at me?”

“Oh baby, no, I wouldn’t be angry. I do not expect you to abandon all the others until death separates us from me. I love what we have, and I’ll always cherish it. But I expect you to be with other girls and women. No, I wouldn’t be angry at all.

“She’s pretty. And she looks nice. How would that happen? Stephen was obviously excited about the very idea of being with Rhonda.

“I’m not sure. Let me think about it. Do you want to go down with me for a while before Jim gets home?

Stephen nodded it. I took him downstairs and we had sex on his bed. It was beautiful and sensual rather than rough and passionate. I didn’t cum, but it was very satisfying nonetheless.

“Stephen, I’m going to go back on the pill so we can have sex without these condoms. I don’t have the sperm in me. I love this aspect of love.

Stephen seemed to like this thought and the idea that soon he could take me without a latex barrier between us. He really liked it.

We decoupled and I went upstairs. I called Rhonda on her cell phone. The conference had just ended and she was preparing to return to Dallas that night.

“Would it be possible for you to stay another night in Houston, with us?” I asked.

“I suppose I could. Mike’s home with the kids, but he’d understand if I held back another night. What for? Rhonda seemed a little confused by the request.

“If you can stay until the middle of the afternoon tomorrow, I think I can make your fantasy a reality.”

Her voice changed, she immediately understood my reference to her fantasy, and she was intrigued, “Tell me more.”

“Jim’s playing golf in the morning. If you were here when he left, I think I could give you and Stephen some time alone. He’s very intrigued by you, and I think if you didn’t scare him by coming on too hard, he’d like to be with you.

“Oh Cindy, you are an angel; a wicked angel, but an angel. It will take me a few hours to get from the Galleria to your house in the Woods. If I leave now, I can be here by 7:30 at the latest. What time do you eat?

“We’ll arrange dinner for you. Don’t rush. She arrived shortly after 7:00 p.m.

Rhonda, Jim, Stephen and I had a nice dinner. After dinner, Rhonda and I shared several glasses of wine, while Jim drank a few beers. And we visited before we retired to bed. Stephen hooked up with us for a while before escaping to his basement “man-cave”. No one has made any reference to plans for tomorrow.

I decided not to share the possibility that Rhonda and Stephen would partner with Jim. I didn’t feel I could explain why I agreed to do it.

I wasn’t sure why I accepted Rhonda’s plan myself. As I was getting ready for bed, I thought I might have made a mistake in inviting Rhonda again. But once the plan was in motion, there really wasn’t any turning back.

The next morning, Rhonda and I sipped our coffee and visited a little more as Jim was getting ready to leave. Once Jim was at the door, I turned to Rhonda and said, “Okay, I guess it’s showtime.”

I drove Rhonda downstairs to Stephen’s room, where we found him lying on the blankets on his bed, watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. I smiled thinking that the man who had been pounding my and driving me into absolute ecstasy was watching the Saturday morning cartoons. But I guess most men never really grow up, do they?

Stephen perked a little as we entered his room. He was wearing a white football jersey and navy flannel shorts. He had a healthy, athletic, “all-American boy” look about him. He was a good-looking boy.

“Stephen, would you like to spend some time with Rhonda?”

He nodded the disnervousness. He was clearly a little insiled by this whole scenario. I found her nervousness cute and endearing. And I suddenly regretted not keeping Stephen to myself. What was I thinking of inviting Rhonda into the picture? But I was engaged and there was no turning back now.

“I’ll leave you alone, to get to know each other. Have fun. I looked Stephen in the eye and advised, “Stephen, just relax and enjoy. You don’t have to play. Don’t feel compelled to do anything. If it’s not okay, don’t do it, okay? Don’t feel under pressure. I gave instructions.

I was uncomfortable leaving Stephen; I felt very protective of him. And yes, I was jealous too.

I turned to Rhonda and said, “Be nice to him. This young man means a lot to me.

“Relax, everything will be fine. Isn’t that right, Stephen? Stop worrying.

I left the door open as I left, but Rhonda closed it behind me. It was out of my hands now.

I went upstairs, and I got myself a Bloody Mary. I rarely drink before evening, but I felt I needed a drink. I snuck down the stairs, drinking by hand, and tried to listen, but I could only hear muffled sounds coming from behind the closed door. God, I wanted to know what was going on.

I resisted the urge to go down and listen through the door.

I sat down, sipping my drink, waiting impatiently. I finished my first drink and made another one. They had been alone for about 45 minutes when I heard the first unmistakable sounds of sexual arousal coming up the basement stairs.

Rhonda’s moans penetrated the floor and walls. Whatever Stephen do, he did it well. She obviously liked it. Rhonda’s moans became stronger, and more constant as they continued to pierce the ground for about ten minutes. Then I heard a pounding that I realized could only be the headboard hitting against the wall. And the rhythmic screams emanated from Rhonda in quick time until the headof pounded.

She communicated to me, and the world, that she had a series of long continuous orgasms. And the moans and cries continued, and over and over again. Rhonda was very good at

I was jealous, angry, and, if I’m quite honest, I get very excited.

Rhonda’s sounds of sexual excitement excited me. I felt my get wet and my clitoris starts to pulsate with excitement. I couldn’t resist placing my hand inside my shorts and stimulating my clitoris in response to the sounds of sex resonating all around me. I masturbated sitting there in my living room as I listened to the sounds of sex penetrating the floor.

Rhonda let out a loud, distinct, bellowing, bellgling, telling me, and perhaps my neighbors that she had reached another climax; this one more intense than its predecessors. Rhonda’s strong orgasm triggered mine, as I furiously rubbed my little nubbins while sitting on my couch. I tried to remain silent, but a muffled moan and a few squeaks eluded me when I came. I couldn’t believe I had just masturbated at a climax in my living room while listening to Stephen Rhonda’s pleasure.

Then the pounding of the headof subsided and Rhonda’s moans fell silent.

I looked forward to them emerging, but they didn’t. I listened attentively, and sometimes heard muffled sounds that might have been sexual, but nothing as obvious as Rhonda’s previous moans or the slamming of the headboard.

I was nervous and anxious as I looked forward to Rhonda and Stephen on the surface of Stephen’s basement “love cave”.

It was about an hour later when I heard the shower running down. About fifteen minutes later, I heard the door open and Rhonda went upstairs. Her hair was wet and pulled back into a ponytail. The shower was still running downstairs indicating that Stephen was still washing his guilt or whatever he felt.

“It was wonderful. He’s wonderful. My God, I love this boy. Rhonda was beaming.

“I take it Stephen met your expectations?”

“Met them? He’s overtaken my wildest dreams. I’ll be back to see this boy again the first chance I get.

“I’m going to have to think about it for a while.” I wasn’t sure I was going to allow a booster performance.

“He’s a very big boy, almost too big.” Rhonda smiled wickedly. “This boy has a wonderful cock and phenomenal staying power.”

“Yes, he’s good.” I conceded. I thought about asking for clarification on his comment about Stephen being too big, not decided against it. Rhonda was a slightly larger woman than me, and while Stephen certainly filled my little, I was able to accommodate her. I assumed she was exaggerating on her size for erotic stimulation the image could create.

Rhonda grabbed her night bag and prepared to leave. “I need to hit the road. Mike is understanding, but after being left with the kids for two days, he will be looking forward to coming back. Thank you for everything; and I mean everything.

“Don’t mention it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We kissed on the cheek and Rhonda left.

I went down to see my young man. Stephen was naked, drying out as I entered the steamy bathroom. The mirrors were tangled, Stephen’s naked physique was partially darkened in the hot and humid mist.

“Can I come in?” I asked, but came in without waiting for an invitation. I climbed on the counter next to the sink… the same counter where Stephen had unexpectedly plunged into me three short weeks ago. A lot had happened in three weeks.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, a little concerned about Stephen’s reserved behavior.

“Yes” was his short and brief answer.

Stephen stood there naked, his penis flasp, hanging in front of him. It occurred to me that this was the first time that he did not start building an erection immediately in my presence. In fact, it was the first time I had seen his penis completely flasque.

This fact alone irritated me beyond belief. He spends two hours with that bitch, Rhonda, and now he’s not getting mad standing in front of me. I didn’t like this development a bit.

“And?” he asked. I pushed for more details.

“And what?”

“How did it go? Did you enjoy your experience with Rhonda? She seemed to be walking on the new cloud when she left a few moments ago. It seems you’ve “done him good.” I think you have a new member at your fan club. I realized I was talking too much out of nervousness. I decided to shut up and let Stephen talk.

“It was good, I had fun.”

“Did you use a condom?”

“No, Rhonda said I didn’t need it, she’s on a pill.”

This discovery irritated me too. Stephen fucked Rhonda bareback. My young lover had been allowed to share an intimacy with Rhonda that he had been denied by me: skin-to-skin contact and the ability to actually deposit his sperm inside her. No, I have but not at all this development.

Stephen remained silent for several seconds. He did not give further details. Stephen wasn’t going to volunteer! If I had to have information, I had to drag him.

I said, “Okay. Tell me what happened, I insisted, trying to hide my growing irritation at this whole situation; a situation I helped create. What was I thinking anyway, when I accepted this nonsense? I was as upset with myself as Stephen or Rhonda.

“We talked for a while, then we started kissing, and we had sex,” he replied nervously. Stephan paused, thinking what to say next. “It was different from what he is with you.”

“How do I do that?” I asked. I was really curious at that point.

“With Rhonda, it was really obvious that it was about sex, not me. I mean, sex was great and everything. But after you and I are together, I feel good. And I know you care about me. And I know I love you. But with Rhonda, I don’t know. He shook his feet a little, and went on: “I’m not complaining or anything. It was fun. But with you, it’s not just fun, it’s beautiful.

I felt my heart run a little while Stephen spoke. “Stephen, this is perhaps the best compliment I’ve ever received from anyone. Thank you. And yes, what you and I have is beautiful. And special. And never forget that.

I approached and hugged him, and I felt his penis beat up as I did. “I’m glad to see that he still loves me,” I joked, pointing to his penis, which was swelling and growing slightly now as I hugged Stephen.

Momentarily, I felt better about this situation; however, my good feelings must have been short-lived.

“Cindy, can I ask you something without going crazy?”

“Oh my, this sounds like a loaded question; but yes, you can ask me anything you want; and I promise I won’t get upset.

It was a promise that I would have a hard time keeping.

Have you ever had sex?

“Oh my God!” I screamed as my mind ran to the obvious conclusion on what was behind this issue. “Did she put you behind her back? I don’t believe it. No wonder she said you were almost “too big” for her. Well, you’ve certainly crossed another bridge today, huh?

My irritation at this discovery was not only quite obvious, but quite irrational. I knew I had no right to be angry or jealous. But I was anyway.

Stephan seemed to back off a little. He was embarrassed, and perhaps ashamed. He certainly didn’t want to face my anger right now. Nor should he have to do that.

“Please don’t be angry,” he implored shyly.

“You’re right. I gave you permission to have fun any way you wanted. But I’m a little jealous. Has it reached its climax? In fact, I already knew the answer to that question. Rhonda’s groans and cries, which permeated the ground for most of the hour, left no doubt that she was cumming on several occasions.

“Yes, a couple of times. She has no trouble reaching an orgasm. Stephen complied. “She peaked with my fingers inside her and she came several times while we were having sex.”

! I broke down, correcting him severely. “You two were fucking. You and I make love. You and Rhonda fucked!

Stephan recoiled, the voice treinsing a little by correcting himself: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that we had sex like you and me… please don’t be mad at me.

My reaction surprised me. Try as I could, I couldn’t hide my jealous outburst. I’m not proud to have behaved that way, but I felt like a jealous teenager at the time.

Yes, I was jealous. I was jealous that Rhonda had reached her peak so easily with my young lover. I was jealous that she let him fuck his bare back. And now I was jealous that she had taken him on a tour of his back; something I knew I wasn’t able to do for my husband or for Stephan. The pain associated with anal sex is just too intense for me to endure.

I left a huge sigh, took a deep breath and replied, “I’m not crazy, just surprised. So she put you “over there”?

“We haven’t started doing that. She made me finger her first, and then we did it on a regular basis. She seemed to really like the way we did it.

“You mean she came?”

“Yes, several times.” Stephen couldn’t hide the pride he felt knowing he had made yet another woman cum. Who could blame him?

I sighed and shook my head, but said nothing.

Stephan paused. He had a hard time telling me, but he wanted to discuss it with someone. “But after she came while we were doing … I mean, after she came while we were doing it on a regular basis, she climbed me up and asked me if I wanted to try something different?

“And of course you thought ‘why not?’, right?” I asked sarcastically.

I realized that I was treating Stephen as a prosecutor treating a hostile witness, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t like how I felt and reacted at the time.

“Yes, something like that. Don’t be angry. I didn’t know what she was going to do at first. She took a tube of lubricant from her purse, and she put some on my dick. Then she got on all fours and told me to get behind her. She insisted that I stay very still and not push too fast.

He looked at me to see if I was repulsed, angry, or worse. “At first I thought she was just going to make me do her dog style; but when she put the head of my penis on her anus, I understood what she wanted.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. In a way, I did. She was very tight there; and that kind of felt good. It was obvious that when she tried to put me in, it hurt her, a lot; but it seemed to hurt her in a way she loved. I don’t know exactly how I feel about it… I’m a little ashamed, but I kind of liked being as naughty… I’ve never really thought about doing this before.

“Of course, you’ve never thought about this before… you probably didn’t realize that people are doing this, I say, to myself as well as to Stephen. I sighed and said, “Go ahead.”

“She kept telling me I was too big, not pushing, she told me to ‘hold on’. But that was the way she said it… I do not know… somehow I could say that she loved despite the pain… every time she pushed back a little, she told me to be motionless, very still, and she said it hurt. She really struggled just to get the head inside her bottom. The way she cried and moaned, I didn’t think we’d be able to do it. I thought she would give up… But she didn’t want to stop, or give up. It was like she was determined to get me back there, no matter how much it hurt. I didn’t really understand why.

“Stephen, a strange fact about human sexuality is that there is often a very fine line between pain and intense pleasure. And many women are very excited that their anus is stimulated.

“Do you like it? Anal sex? Stephen asked tentatively, as he tried to turn that back to learn more about my tastes and dislikes.

“It’s a very personal question. But I guess that’s right. I like to have my back touched from time to time; rare opportunity, that is, I admitted before adding, “Sometimes it excites me. However, I’m a pretty small one out there, and I can’t accommodate even a small penis in my back. It hurts too much.

I didn’t want to talk about my own sexual preferences at the time; I wanted to go back to what happened with Stephen and Rhonda.

“Then you could get into his return there?”

“Uh-huh. Finally, Stephen replied.

“And, Rhonda liked to be picked up there, huh?”

“Yes, it was strange. This obviously hurt her, but she had an orgasm quickly, almost as soon as I got inside her really good.

She came with you in her? I asked in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew Stephen wouldn’t lie.

He nodded the disavecin.

He paused for a second, then went on, “Cindy, there’s something else.”

I said, “What?”

“He excited me.”

“What’s going on?”

“Doing her moans and moans as she pushed me inside, despite the fact that it seemed to hurt her. After she got the head of my erection inside her, every time I flexed my penis, he stretched her anus and she made noises like it hurt, but hurt in a good way.

“She did, did she?” I was struggling with two competing emotions at the time: intense and irrational jealousy, and the construction of excitement. I couldn’t help but get excited as Stephen described Rhonda’s reaction to stretching her tight sphincter with her big erection.

“Uh-huh,” stephen continued hesitantly, “she moaned and growled. And when it started to hurt too much, she moaned, begging me not to move until she could get used to my waist. She would bury her face in the pillow and say, “Wait, please don’t move.” She reached around and places her hand on my stomach to prevent me from pushing further, begging me, ‘oh please give me a second … let me adjust. But all I had to do was “pulse” my penis again and she would groan loudly and bury her face in the pillow.

“Pulse your penis?” I didn’t know what he meant.

I said, “Yes. You know… I flexed my erection in his buttocks… it made my swell and get a little bigger… stretch his anus a little more.

Stephen stopped to see how I reacted before continuing. His penis was growing as he told me about his first anal experiment. He obviously liked to relive it.  His erection was coming out straight now, parallel to the ground.

“The first time I did it, pulsated my penis, it was an accident … and Rhonda moaned and moaned ‘oh my God, you’re too big… please stay still … oh my God, it hurts, ” as she buried her face in the pillow. Actually, she was crying a little.

Stephen paused, and looked up at me, adding, “And Cindy…”

“Yes, come on…”.

“I liked it… I loved doing it… I liked the way she moaned and moaned every time I flexed my cock. And she liked it, too. She really got out of it when I kept doing it.

“So she peaked like that? She just came to have your cock up her ass? I asked, surprised that Rhonda could go down that way.

“Not exactly. Once she got me all the way inside her ass, and I started flexing my cock to make her moan and moan. She kept saying things like, “oh my god… you’re too big… oh shit, it hurts, “but then she immediately said something like, “oh fuck, you’re going to fuck me like that… oh shit you’re going to make me cum’… so I kept doing it, and she kept screaming and moaning… then suddenly she reached between her thighs, and began to rub herself with her fingers. I began to flex my penis, stretching the anus over and over again as it touched itself.

Stephen looked at me, deciding whether to continue or not. “Cindy, it only took a few seconds and she came. And I mean she really, really came! I’m surprised you didn’t hear us. She buried her face in the pillow to try to stifle her screams. But she had the biggest orgasm ever. I looked down and she was actually biting the pillow to try to shut up. She was scrubbing the sheets with her left hand, and rubbing herself furiously with her right hand as she came.

“Did you cum with it?” I asked.

I had to admit that I was moved by the description of Rhonda’s reaction, and I could feel my jealousy slowly melting away. Stephen’s in the middle of an erection now. I wanted to fuck him, but I wanted to hear the rest of the story even more.

“This is not the first time she has come. But when she started cumming, she started moving a little. She started bumping back and forth a bit, moving my cock in and out a few inches.

“Premore than once? She had more than one orgasm with you behind her back? I couldn’t believe she came once, let alone twice, to have Stephan’s cock up her ass.

“Uh-huh… Twice… when she started moving my cock in and out of it, I started to tip my hips. I was able to start fucking her ass. And Cindy, she went crazy. She was so loud, too. She was scratching the sheets. I saw her bite the pillow into her teeth, moaning loudly. She kept rubbing herself furiously. She started begging, I ‘oh my god … fuck me, fuck my ass … you’re going to make me enjoy it again… hit me … slam my… oh, you’re going to make me enjoy it again… oh me… , it hurts… I’m going to make the sperm.

“Oh my, ” was all I could say.  I was so excited about the mental image that Stephen was creating.

Etienne’s cock was arched now, stretched to the ceiling.  His voice became a bit ‘raspy’ as he continued, “She kept saying ‘pound her harder’. She liked it when I hit my thighs against her ass turned as I fucked her. I could feel his fingers between his legs, rubbing his cliter furiously. It was as if she were in another world… as if she were possessed and she wanted me to punish her tight back… so I did it … I hammered it really well … I slammed into her background as she begged me to fuck her ass harder and harder.

His cock was now hard and arched up and down as he brutally regressed Rhonda’s tight sphincter. And my was running away as I proxyly enjoyed my best friend being ravaged anally. I noticed that I was unintentionally merling my thighs together, forcing pressure on my now erect clitoris as I listened to Stephen recount his assault on Rhonda’s anal sphincter.

“So, did you get to fuck her there?” I asked, my voice cracking with excitement. I wanted him to continue to share the details of this sordid story.

“Oh yes, I did. When I started moving in and out, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, fuck my ass… you’re going to make me enjoy it again, I started beating her there… It was crazy… she moaned so hard, I thought you could hear us. I mean, moments before she begged me not to move, it was too bad, and now she was begging me to hit her in the back.

“Damn Stephan, you’re making me end up here. Are you sure she’s back? A second time?

“I swear, I’m not exaggerating. And when she reached her peak, she literally shouted, in my… please cum in my ass. I’m surprised you don’t like to yell at her. I dived to the bottom and ejaculated. I could feel his anus contracting around my cock as I came, clutching my erection… it felt like his ass was treating my dick as we both came… It was wild.

“What did she tell you afterwards?”

I was literally gasping for excitement.

“We haven’t really talked too much. I stayed in his bottom for a few minutes after we arrived. A couple of times I flexed my dick again, and she squeaked ‘oh my god, you’re too big’. She told me that she felt ‘so full with me inside her like that’. We rested like that for a few minutes. She said she liked it, feeling me in her ass, but she didn’t want me to come in and go, just to hold her and cuddle her with my cock in her back.

“So you cuddled her with your dick up her ass, didn’t you? I don’t know if I like you cuddling that bitch. What else do you want to tell me?

She told me she liked the fact that I came up her. She said it was special. And, she asked if you ever let me do that.

“And what did you say to him?”

“I told him the truth. I told him I had never done that with anyone. She seemed to like it.

“I bet she did.” yes, that bitch took pleasure in being her first fuck of ass. I wasn’t happy with her. Not happy at all. But I was very excited.

Stephen continued, “But you know what was weird? It really seemed to hurt him when I finally retired. It was like when she was about to reach her climax, she relaxed and opened up there; but after she peaked, she tightened herself back, clutching my dick. She made me come out very slowly, saying it hurt. And I felt like his back was trying to hold me inside. It was a little strange.

I said, “Good. Let’s hope his little talks to him on the way back to Dallas. I said with a slight bitterness. “What happened next?”

“Rhonda suggested that we shower together, and we wash each other. That was pretty cool. But we didn’t talk about what just happened. It was so weird. I washed it down really well while it rubbed my penis.

He paused for a second, deeply thought. “It was a little weird. I didn’t know what to say. She told me to be careful when I washed it down, she said she was really bad there.

“I bet she was in pain there. You should have used a scouring brush on the bitch’s.

“Are we okay? Are you mad at me? Stephan asked nervously.

“Yes and no. yes, I’m fine. And no, I’m not angry. Not yours anyway. I’m a little angry with Rhonda, but you’re not. I stopped for a second before continuing: “Okay, I admit, I’m a little jealous that Rhonda could give you this, and I couldn’t. But I’m not angry.

He shook his head: “I think maybe I shouldn’t have told you about it.”

“Stephan, I’m sorry I got a little test. I had a momentary wave of jealousy, that’s all. I’m done now. Honestly. But don’t ever think it’s better to keep things for me.

“Is it sick? Am I sick of doing this? For getting on when she moaned and moaned? I really liked the feeling of power I had when I was behind her, and I could make her cry and moan just by flexing my cock up her ass. I kept doing it. She obviously liked it because it reached its peak. I admit it was a bit cool to have her begging me to “stay still” as she was squeezing the sheets groaning in front of me. Is that wrong? Sick?

I loved that boy. He was the most sincere and sincere lover I have ever known. “No Stephen, you’re not ‘sick’. You’re perfectly normal. You got excited when you woke up a woman. There is nothing more normal than that. Now Rhonda, she might just be a little sick; but you are normal and healthy. I couldn’t help but take another barb from Rhonda in my reply.

“I just wish that if I was going to do something like this, I would have done it with you. At least first,” Stephen offered, reflected.

I laughed loudly at his latest suggestion that he and I should try anal sex. “Well my good man, that just isn’t going to happen. Your dick is way too big, and my back is way too tight and small. Geometry just doesn’t work. No sir, if you want to beat someone’s back, you’d better stay in touch with Rhonda.

I hugged her, and I took her partially erect in my hand. “So how did you wash this thing after? You’d better rub this absolutely raw cock if you ever want to get it back in my mouth again!

I brought him back by his cock to bed. I took off my clothes, and said, “Stephen, will you make love to me?” I want to feel you in me now. I want you to show me that I’m still the number one woman in your life.

Stephen’s cock has risen entirely under my gentle caresses. I decided I didn’t want to put his dick, which less than an hour ago had been in Rhonda’s ass, in my mouth right now. It was so weird. tomorrow or the next day, I would recover from this irrational revulsion; but for now, Stephen was going to have to do without me who was sucking on him. And I would have a latex wedge between him and me while he was in my this afternoon.

Once fully trained, I wrap his penis in his protective condom. I rested and invited Stephen to come up with me, to make love to me. He climbed on me, and came into me. For the next 15 minutes, he fucked me slowly and lovingly. We necked and he stroked my breasts as he slowly came out and slowly pushed into me. I loved the feeling of his thick cock coming in and leaving me.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about Rhonda’s anal orgasm with Stephen pounding her tight little sphincter from behind. The vivid image just wouldn’t leave me.

Stephen, are you me from behind? As you did Rhonda … except in my vagina, of course? I’d like to feel that you’re hitting your stuff against my bottom when you hit me from behind. Would that be correct?

I felt his cock swell inside me as he nodded the disgrace “yes.”

Stephen withdrew from me. I turned around, kneeling on all fours as he prepared to ride me from behind.

Stephen entered effortlessly. I was excited and ‘open’. I lowered my face to the pillow in front of me, but kept my ass high, getting ready for a good fuck from behind.

I moaned as he began to slip his big erection in and out of me.

“Oh my God, Stephen, you’re feeling good. I’m not going to like it. Pound this… Oh, my god who feels good. Smack in me … slam my…

It only took a minute or two of her violent pounding and I felt my orgasm approaching. “Oh baby, I’m going to make sperm … me hard… hit me … Slam Cindy’s hard, he said.

I imitated Rhonda, as I reached between my thighs to carpet me that I began to enjoy. I even tightened the sheet with my left hand as I announced my orgasm. Oh, me… I’m cumming …”

Stephen plowed me as deeply as he could, forcing my hips forward, pushing me to the mattress. I’m lying there, under his weight, feeling his cock beating inside me as he broke.

I really needed that orgasm. In fact, Stephen and I needed this simultaneous orgasm to purge me of my jealousy of Rhonda. needed to be reassured that I was still the only sex goddess of Stephen and not just a member of her harem.

When it finally came inside of me, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I began to cry quietly. Stephen held me as I sobbed silently under him. I had fallen in love with this young man. Yes, I loved Jim, and I always would. I’d still be Jim’s wife. But I had fallen in love with this 16-year-old boy too.

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Seducing Stephen – Chapter 4 – Rhonda’s Visit