Sensual erotic story of a couple enjoying passionate sex in bed

She took it in her mouth, not because she had to, but because she wanted it. It had been so long that she hadn’t tasted it… didn’t feel it… didn’t feel it. She needed to have it in her in every possible way.

She moved down into the bed and closed her eyes as her lips moved up and down on her big thick rod. It was already hard as a rock and she could feel every inch of its wavy texture under her tongue as she licked it up and down. He groaned, his hands running down the back of his thighs. Her head went up and down faster as she sucked it between her lips. It tasted so good… as good as she remembered it.

It had only been weeks, but it had been months or even years. He had traveled on business and his bed immediately turned into a desolate landscape of painful lack. The kilometers that separated her from her lover were difficult to bear. While they could talk on the phone, she couldn’t reach out in the middle of the night to seek comfort when she woke up. She couldn’t feel the warmth of her body next to her. She couldn’t run her hands over the thick hair of her chest and head. She couldn’t do anything while he was away. The only thing she could do was touch herself and imagine that he was there with her.

She often touched herself during these long weeks while waiting for her return. She stripped her naked body naked and stretched out her long, slender legs on her bed. She ran her hands over her large, full breasts, suddenly tugging on her nipples until they stiffened under her touch. She moved her hands between her legs, taking her soft mound in cup and sliding her fingers between her smooth, damp folds. Many times she came to orgasm during those long weeks of loneliness, but it was not enough – it could never be enough. She needed him. She needed to feel his thick hard cock penetrate it. She needed to feel his warm, muscular torso pressed against his body. She needed her lips on hers, kissing her, tasting her, wanting her as much as she wanted.

He had come back to her in the middle of the night and had slipped into his bed. It had seemed like a dream, but it was real. Now it was morning, and finally, she might have it again.


Her tongue was languidly moving up and down her tree as she took it deeper into her mouth. His head followed the movements of his hand which slid back and forth on his cock, his fingers wrapped tightly around his pulsating member. She was excellent at giving oral pleasure, and truth be told, it got her excited – it got her so excited that she moved her other hand between her legs and started teasing herself.

He let out a silent moan, just to let her know that he liked what she was doing. She smiled. It was early dawn, and there was no need to make a lot of noise. They could kiss wildly all afternoon and all night, but for now, their tender reconnection was that of soft gasps and silent whispers. It was enough.

Her hands roamed her body, grabbing the mounds of her breasts through her little cotton tank top. He cupped her smooth buttocks, squeezing them in his powerful hands, showing her how much he had missed her too.

She released him from his mouth and moved up and kissed him. She pressed her body to hers, her hips moving in small circles, showing him how desperately she wanted him. Her hand went down between her legs, replacing hers. His finger slipped between its soft folds. He found her clitoris and touched it quickly, sparking his desires to even greater heights. She cried out softly. It couldn’t last much longer. She needed him in her.


Moving quickly, she turned and turned away from him. He lifted his leg and pushed his hips between her thighs. She felt his cock as she entered wet. Slowly, he slipped into her. She could feel his inner walls opening, plunging him deep into her. She gasped as he pulled out and then pushed her into her. The feeling of filling it was like no other. Her mind went blank. Deep heat began to burn in his kidneys. He spread his thighs and began to penetrate her with more force. Her breasts lifted up and down. His tongue devoured his mouth. They reconnected the way she had desperately yearned for all those weeks.

His painted toes were dancing in the air as he rushed into it. Time and time again their bodies have crashed, his powerful thighs slapping against her soft skin.

It slowed down, then accelerated, then slowed down then accelerated again. Her tempo kept her away. Once again, her hand found her clitoris. She cried out as he entered her deeper and deeper. Then he stopped and slid out of the bed. His head moved between his legs, his lips finding his soft folds. She moaned as he held her hips in his hands and licked her furiously. She ran her fingers through his hair, pressing it against her. She could feel more and more humid. His tongue was relentless. His heels pressed against his shoulders, sinking into him. She needed him so much. His hand rolled up her belly, pressing it against the soft bed as he continued to lick it. The teasing was just too heavy to bear. She pulled him towards her, begging her with his eyes for him to penetrate her again with her sex.

It shouldn’t have been asked twice.


Nailing her to the bed, he pushed his cock inside her as deeply as he could. His body trembled as he buried his long sleeve in it. She moans in delicious pleasure, yet she still needs him inside her even more deeply. She stood up and turned around, then offered her his back. He grabbed her hips and thrust her tail into her from behind, hitting her so deeply that she could only gasp. He pulled her towards him, then leaned over and took her cupped breasts. He hugged her, his back pressed to his chest while he stayed deep inside her. They stopped, taking a moment to breathe.

He let her go. She returned on all fours, this time ready to enjoy. He entered her with everything he had and she pushed him away with the same force. Their bodies glistened with sweat. Their primitive cries became louder and louder. The bed was shaking. The morning was no longer calm. The bedroom walls barely contained their passion as it got closer and closer to a last moment of pleasure. Then it was on it. She cried when she arrived, her insides exploding in a feeling of pure happiness and electrified pleasure.

Now it was his turn. She moved and took it again in her mouth. She could feel his tension, his need to free himself. She sucked him harder and harder until he was so close that she could feel him, then quickly climbed on top of him and stepped over his leg. She turned away from him and held his cock firmly between her legs. She pumped him hard until she felt him explode in her hand, her body shaking gently under her. She leaned back and collapsed on her body.

They kissed again deeply, unable to help but smile. Both of them knew what the other was thinking … it was definitely worth the wait. Another thought also crossed his mind: it was only in the morning, they still had all day to start all over again.