I just played the naughtiest sex game I own with a group of my friends

Most people play card games, drinking games, video games and even old-fashioned games like eye spies, but not me and my group of friends.

My friends and I are different and the game night doesn’t just mean having a game of cards, it means a lot of fun. We all get together at one of our places and we play hot sex games. I know it might seem a little strange to some of you, but that’s exactly what we do and trust me when I say it’s so hot and the highlight of our month.

We are a fairly large group, most of us with partners, a mix of men and women who all like the same kind of games. We meet once a month, we choose the date that best suits us via our Whatsapp group, we all bring a bottle of something, snacks and the party begins, it seems pretty normal, right?

Well, let me tell you exactly what games we play.

These are the sex cards we use

sex game

I can’t remember who bought the first one this sex card game but boy, they have been used to their full potential. The cards each have a different sexual position, we spin a bottle and the two people on which it lands must perform this position, you can jump once but only once or you are punished by the group.

You can perform this position fully clothed or naked and you can also seduce the person you are paired with before you get to the position, as long as the whole group can watch. We also have a rule that you must stay in this position for 60 seconds, using this time as you wish.

We also use this sex dice trio, we roll them in the middle of the circle in turns using them then spinning a bottle, just like with sex cards to choose with whom you use the dice. The dice have endless possibilities and they will tell you something romantic or nasty to do with your chosen partner. The dice tell you where, how and what to do for their bodies.

The first time we play group sex games

woman covering breasts with both hands

We drank a lot. It was the weekend of July 10 and we had nowhere better to go than in an aerial BnB on the beach. It was such a fun weekend until then, we had spent the last few days in bikini and swim shorts, the couples were happy and even the singles among us were happy.

One thing we all had in common this weekend was that we were all very excited. The drink mixed with the relaxing atmosphere drove us all crazy in the room and the couples among us just couldn’t hold hands and see that it made singles even more excited and desperate for action.

I don’t remember who, but one evening someone produced the deck of cards and asked if someone dared to play enough, we all sat in a circle, using an old bottle of beer to use as a spinner and we started to play. It was only a joke at first, we all knew how excited everyone was, so it had become a bit of a joke. The first few laps, everyone stayed dressed, well in bikini and swimming shorts, the sexual positions were performed and everyone cheered and laughed but there was something in the air, everyone wanted let it go a little further.

The bottle sprawled again and we all watched two of the singles head to the circle and perform the sexual position, but this time she took off her bikini top and her gaff was completely visible. No one said anything, we were all excited.

Their 60 seconds were over, but they didn’t stop and started to go out, we all watched. Someone steps over the bottle again, letting them both do with tantalizing passion. He landed on a couple who took to the center of the circle, they looked at us before she took off her bikini bottom and he slipped his big erect cock and slipped it into her. My mouth was wide open and my own pussy was wet. None of us said anything while looking at jealousy and lust. The couple started laughing, separating us all from our trance. We all knew while the game now had a new meaning, we all had to go all the way and achieve the sexual positions, no matter who chose the bottle.

The night turned into an orgy

sex dice

The bottle sprawled again and again and we all had to approach the circle and do what we wanted to do. The thrill rocked my stomach with excitement, seeing my friends kissing and getting fucked by my friends was like being inside one of my naughty dreams.

One of my friend’s buddies put one of his bottles on me and I was so excited, he looks gorgeous and we always make jokes about how sexy he is and now I can feel his cock inside of me if he wanted to. We met in the middle of the horny circle and started to take off our swimsuits, our sexual position was the missionary position and to feel his cock fill me made me moan. His girlfriend pinched her nipples and I could see a wet patch between my other friend’s legs.

He fucked me so well, my friend was so lucky to have him every night. After our 60 seconds had passed, he didn’t stop, he continued to kiss me. His girlfriend leaned over and started to get along with me, my mind was racing.

Everyone was doing and always turning the bottle and picking up the card they were supposed to play, everyone actually fucked and everyone was able to try something different. There was no jealousy, just pure and erotic fucking.

When we all came home after this weekend, we vowed to do it again once a month, rain or shine, we all have it too love. We are still a normal group of friends, we just fucked and played sex games with cards and dice.

woman with bubble butt and high socks