An innovative sex pillow that everyone needs (sex-changing game)

There is something so satisfying and victorious about hitting the right place during sex. We see it in old-fashioned movies and TV shows all the time the woman is on the verge of an orgasm and tells her partner to “keep going”, “this is the right place”.

Unfortunately, in real life, hitting the “right place” is not so easy and some people may find it extremely difficult to find and enter it.

I love this blog because I can share my sex life details with you and relate to many of you in my articles and today I am talking about hitting in the right place and how hard it can be to find it, keep hitting it and keep you going in this perfect position.

I found that during the missionary, if my buttocks are raised on a pillow, my boyfriend finds the place, but due to the loss of rebound of the pillow, being much too soft and losing momentum, finding this place is just too difficult and something of a rarity.

i love to find this place and love to have orgasms during sex, but sometimes I find it so difficult, so I went out looking for something that would allow me to try different sexual positions and allow more G-spot stimulation and keep me and my boyfriend going, at this precise place which allows us to continue to penetrate the “good place”….

  • And with that, I found a sex pillow.

What is a sex pillow?

It is basically a pillow that allows you to try different sexual positions and is used to help stimulate the G-spot during sex.

It is generally firm, for all kinds of couples and allows you to keep the position you are in, to try new positions, to relieve your joints and, for me, above all, to allow my boyfriend and it’s up to me to touch the ” right place ” and maintain momentum and position.

The best sex pillow ever

sex pillow

This is my sex position sex pillow, this is an inflatable sex pillow with a soft, velvety finish, with handles that give you additional leverage and support.

The corner for sex pillow allows you to take as many different positions, relieves the pressure of your joints and for me, I found that it allowed my boyfriend to continue hitting my G-spot and touching the right place . The elevation is ideal because it keeps you in the same position and being a little higher, the penis or the sex toy penetrates really deep thanks to your perfect angle.

Before continuing, I must mention how inexpensive this sex pillow is. Many sex pillows have crazy margins and are there for a small fortune, but this one costs less than $ 30, which is crazy.

It should be mentioned that it can be deflated easily, which means that it can accompany you on romantic weekends abroad or even abroad.

This sex pillow is designed to support up to 300 lbs of weight so you don’t have to worry about it deflating as it is ideal for most people.

In addition to reducing the pressure on the joints, being ideal for finding and keeping the “right place”, allowing you to try many different sexual positions, it is also ideal for couples who have a big difference in height.

How this sex pillow revolutionized the way I make love

beautiful girl laying on bed

I mentioned earlier in this article how my boyfriend and I often find the “ right place ”, but it never really lasts because we can never stay in the right place too a long time and everything becomes very uncomfortable, so I was excited when I came across people who were practically screaming on the sex pillows and what they had done for them.

The day it came, I was concerned that we needed a pump to detonate it, but by just using your mouth after a minute or two, it was completely full and ready to go.

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We engaged in heavy foreplay, oral toys, sex toys, stimulation of the clitoris and the ball were all on the cards that day. We were both so excited and the two came before we even used the sex pillow, although it didn’t matter because it was just one of those days when you find the energy to go on and on.

My boyfriend slipped the sex pillow on the bed and I lie there in a missionary position, I have to say, I felt a little weird to be in this position and tilted up, but once my boyfriend slipped into me, I instantly knew why all these people online couldn’t stop talking about sex pillows.

I grabbed the handles my boyfriend penetrated me hard and fast, each push seemed to be magnified and incredible. It instantly hit my G-spot, there was no doubt about it. The extra elevation made his cock go straight to my G-spot and each push pushed me to the brink of a G-spot orgasm.

Before I knew it, I was enjoying, the intensity of the G-spot orgasm is out of this world and thanks to the position in which I was, it meant that my boyfriend never stopped hitting in the right place, which often happens during “normal” sex. My orgasm was so intense that I fell asleep for an hour, it was just heavenly.

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The next day we tried the sex pillow again and this time we decided to try the anal just to see how much easier it was with the elevation additional stable. My boyfriend slipped inside of me and the ease of it all was noticed instantly, there was no fumbling, his dick was right inside of me and the pleasure has begun. This time, I was doggy style, bent over the corner, which made anal sex so much easier.

Halfway through, we returned to our missionary position of trust and my boyfriend brought me to G-spot orgasm while I grabbed the handles on the side of the sex pillow and tried not to alert the neighbors.

The sex pillow makes sex so much easier, there are no more cramps, it facilitates access to difficult or tiring positions, anal and vaginal sex are easier to have access and there is, of course, the added bonus of intense G-spot orgasms.

One of the best songs? If you don’t live alone or just want to put away our sex pillow? it’s easily deflated, so you can store it where you need it.

The position below is my favorite position when using the sex pillow, this is what allowed me to experience G-spot orgasms on a whole new level and allowed my boyfriend to keep the rhythm, the momentum and make me come like a sexual monster:

girl laying on sex pillow

my other favorite sex pillow, demonstrating my preferred sexual position.

Being in this position allowed my boyfriend to get me to a G-spot orgasm over and over again, milking my G-spot and feeling incredibly good.

Toy pillow or sex pillow?

vibrator inside the sex toy holder

This is the sex toy pillow with sex toy holder and it’s a little different from my original pillow. I have two pillows and both are different and both have their advantages, so it all depends on your personal preferences.

This sex pillow with sex toy holder works like a sex pillow but it also has a toy slot which allows you to slide your sex toys which have a flared base and a non flared base so that you can enjoy the hands free fun, kinky foreplay sessions and more intense masturbation sessions.

Having a sex pillow that lets you use your favorite sex toys also means that you can simulate fake threesomes, get double the stimulation, and experiment a little more with the sex toy slip.

I use my two sex pillows for different things, this one when we feel a little more perverse and really want to dive into our sex toys and want to experiment a little more and we use our other sex pillow when we are looking for intense G-spot orgasms without the use of sex toys, it is also much easier to travel with and store.

The cushion of this sex pillow is non-slip and made of a moisture resistant material that protects the inner cushion inside this pillow.

It is a wonderful high quality sex pillow with the added bonus of a panty for your sex toys, ideal for all kinds of positions and to experience all kinds of new things.

Tips and tricks for using a sex pillow (must read)

I have listed some essential tips for using and caring for your sex pillow.

Best Sex Positions for Sex Pillows

cartoons trying different sexual positions

My favorite sexual positions when I use one of my sex pillows are:

  • Missionary (the best for G-spot orgasms)
  • greyhound
  • The Lazy Dog
  • Legs on shoulders

A new sexual position every day

figures making different sexual positions

Take your time, try to master a new sexual position each time you use it, instead of rushing to try them all.

It can be easy to get carried away when you get new sex toys and sex accessories, so try to take your time and master a few positions each time you use your sex pillow.

Don’t inflate all the way

inflatable pillow

Leave some leeway, it makes it more comfortable. However, for your first time, I recommend that you inflate it completely so that you can familiarize yourself with its use, and then when you are sure to deflate it a little.

Hold the handles

girl holding sex pillow with handles

I love the handles of my sexual position pillows, it makes rough sex unreal and helps to keep you in place and stabilize you.

Clean your sex pillow

cleaning sex pillow

My two sex pillows are so easy to clean, instead of having to wash your hands or inside the washing machine, you can just scrub and wipe them. It is really important to do it to prevent it from feeling and keeping it in the best shape.

sex pillow