40 Best Sex Positions Hot nights

When was the last time you tried a new sexual position? Whether or not you’re in a relationship, it’s all too easy to fall back on a handful of proven moves and forget the delicious variety available to you and your partner.

Careful With The Balls!

“This image is an example not to do. By all means, tickle and gently stroke the balls, but do not squeeze unless you are told to do so!”

Reach Around

“A perfect way to surprise him while he’s doing the dishes.”

Romance A-Go-Go

“Remember, you don’t have to limit manual labor by hand and cock alone. Bring all these other tools, such as breasts, mouth, tongue and nipples.”

The Bend -Over

“She is on her hands and knees while you reach out from behind. A perfect opportunity to tickle her ass to start.”

Leg Reversal

“Hold your legs straight and together while the penetrating partner opens their legs around yours. It takes a little more work to put the penis or dildo in the V, but it feels nice and tight. “

Anal Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy

“The distance could be a better angle of penetration. (Not as good for eye contact, obviously.)”

The octopus

“The hands and legs are wrapped around her while you polish her pearl. Feels like a pretty big cuddly bear combined with an equally charming manual labor. “

Anal missionary

” The legs of the bottom person are in the air, presenting the ass to heaven (and to the partner). top controls movement and penetration, but the bottom person has decent control over the angle. “

Anal Doggy Style

“The indenter (bottom) can have the right torso (like kneeling in prayer) or crosswise (on all fours) or down (chest on the bed). The bottom has some control over the depth and the angle of penetration. The top has a great view and a lot of control. “

Cowgirl / Cowboy Anal

” In this position of anal sex, a person rides the penetrator and inserts the penis or dildo as if he were sitting on a While the cowpoke is being stuffed, they can control the angle and the movement. Good for eye contact. “

Assisted missionary

“Put a pillow or two under your buttocks or under your lower back. This will tilt your pelvis up to better match the natural angle of the penis or dildo. It is also nice if you suffer from sore throat. back.”

Power Up

“Add hands-free vibration to pleasure. The portable wireless clitoral stimulator Vibrator Panties (which stimulates the clitoris and G-spot and is designed to be worn during sex) or a vibrating penis ring can provide stimulation clitoral that missionary position sometimes denies. “

Life On The Edge

” Lie on your back at the edge of the bed, with your thighs and legs hanging. Bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Your partner stands or s kneels between your legs and enters you. Your partner gets a great view and control of a deep push. You can relax and enjoy. “

Butt Lift

” Put your ankles on your partner’s shoulders. This will lift your buttocks in the air. Your partner can hold your buttocks or legs, and can kiss and massage your feet. Your partner has total control over the push. Not ideal for stimulating the clitoris. “

The scissors

” You and your partner make a scissor shape, with your partner’s leg between one of yours and the other outside. A lot of pressure on your mons makes this position a notch above. “

Reverse Cowgirl

” Kneel and overlap your partner, facing the other direction. You can put your arms in front of you and bend over your partner’s knees, or you can arch your back and bend over your arms behind you. That doesn’t allow easy eye contact, but you do get a lot of control. “

The Flying Buttress

” This is for demonstrations. Your partner is on top but facing you, head to toe. Entry can be difficult from this angle. You can tilt your pelvis upward to help the cause. For some, this is pleasant. For others, it requires too much flexibility. “

Limbo Like Me

” If you are flexible enough, lean back so that your head is between your partner’s ankles. Then your partner holds your hips to control the push. This helps the penis to reach the G-spot. Free hand (or vibration!) From anyone! ) can rub the clitoris. “

Raised Doggy

” Your partner kneels or stands behind you and enters you. Your thighs can be spread apart with your partner’s thighs inside yours. If your partner is strong, he can (after penetration) lift and hold one or both legs – like a sexy wheelbarrow. “

Supported Doggy

” You kneel next to the bed, facing him and placing your arms against the mattress. Your partner kneels behind you. All the pleasure of an ordinary doggy, but with solid support. “

Tired dog

” You lie face down on the ground with one or two pillows under your pelvis, so that your buttocks tilt. Your partner lies on top of you and enters you from behind with your legs between or outside of yours. You have little control, but it is relaxing! “

The Side Roll

” Your partner is lying on his side, leaning a little back, legs apart. You lie down in front, leaning on the penis or the dildo. Your thighs are together and rest between your partner’s thighs. You can also get here starting with Knock Over Cowgirl, unfold your knees and send your legs in front of you. And everyone bows to the side. “

Take the L-shaped train

” Your partner is lying on his side. You lie on your side at a 90-degree angle, forming an L with your partner’s body. Your chest faces the headboard. You bend your legs and place your knees on your partner’s shoulders. , your buttocks against the penis or the dildo. Your partner enters you from there. Or try the illustrated variant, where you are on your back. “

The Liftoff

” Your partner is standing and holding you by the buttocks when you ride them. It takes a lot of strength. For more ease and pleasure, your partner can hoist your buttocks on the kitchen counter (or the washing machine or the office). “

Standing Doggy

” You stand upright and face to face. Your partner enters you from behind. This position is difficult if you are of different heights. A possible solution? Sexy high heels on the shortest partner. Or, you can get on all fours on the edge of the bed. Your partner gets up and enters you from behind. “

The Yogi

” Your partner is sitting in bed (our legs or crossed legs) and, facing them, you sit on their knees, legs astride or around them. You can also switch from Cowgirl to this if your partner sits down and you straighten your legs. Ideal for proximity and kisses, because your breasts meet in an embrace. The arms are free. It takes a certain torso strength to stay upright. “


” It works well on an armchair. You are sitting on your partner’s lap, but get on the saddle instead of riding. You move up and down with your arms or legs if they reach the ground. “

The reclining chair

” The man lies on his back. The donor is between his legs. Good for visuals and eye contact. Can be rough on the neck. “

The confessional

” The man sits on a chair, a sofa or the edge of the bed. The donor kneels between his legs. Good for the donor’s neck. “

The elevator

” He gets up, the donor kneels. (Think of the elevator scene from Glenn Close and Michael Douglas – pre-rabbit – in Fatal Attraction.) Feels very bonded, which can be positive or negative, depending on how you feel. “

The” Howdy! “

“The man is lying on his back. The donor rides it upside down, the donor’s feet close to the man’s head. Man gets a close-up view of the ass – he can touch the asshole and tender parts or flip the favor with some 69. “

The recliner for her

” The classic cunnilingus pose is when she reclines and you you lie on your stomach with your head between its open legs. This creates pretty visuals and makes eye contact easier. The only drawback is that your neck does not like this after a while. “

The Little Prayer

” You are on your knees at the edge of the bed while she is sitting or lying down, facing you with your legs open. “

The S-curve

” She is lying on the right side, half curled up. You lie down on the left side facing her, lower down, your head against her sleeve. You both form a big S from above. Ideal for the neck, bad for eye contact. “

The Face-Sitter For Her

” The lick-ee straddles the face of the licker, which gives it a lot of fun control and good visuals. Make sure the person below can breathe! This can be difficult so come while standing on top – try placing your hands on the wall at the edge or at the top of the bed. “

The light switch

” Use your first two fingers or simply your middle finger to slide her vag slightly up and down as if you are operating a light switch. Start by moving the lips up and down and just inside the vaginal opening. You can try it lightly. on her clitoris too. “

Palm Sunday

” It’s good if she likes masturbating with indirect external pressure (aka humping things). Place your whole palm on its mons and massage in small regular circles. Make sure there is contact and pressure just above the clitoris. “

All Thumbs

” Rock the penis with both hands, so that your thumbs meet on the brake (that is, where the head meets the stem on the underside). Massage the brake gently with both thumbs. “

Milking It

” Grasp around the base and slide your hand up and out of the tip. Then grab it at the bottom and drag it again. Repeat, as if you are treating a cow. As one recipient said, ‘It looks like an endless vagina! “