Top 10 Highest-Rated Sex Toys For Gay Men

These sex toys aren’t just for “gay men” despite what the title might suggest. These sex toys will do every man shouts in pleasure as they experience sensations, thrills and orgasms like never before.

Below I have flashlights for you, things that stimulate the most wonderful place in the world (point P), sex toys that will take you to the next level of pleasure with vibrations in places including you’ve never even heard of it and best of all, any man can enjoy these sex toys. Enjoy it solo or as a couple, the only thing you need to do is let your body relax when you take it to places where it has never been before.

Also be sure to check out my nexus revo review, it is one of the best prostate massage sex toys I have ever met (coming from someone who has never been used to Approach her own buttocks!).

Fleshlight flight

Flight fleshlight

This is number 1 best selling sex toy for men and it’s not hard to see why. It is unobtrusive in design, so no one is going to fall in there and immediately guess what is inside, it is made of incredible textures and materials that give you a non-anatomical opening to let your imagination run wild. Apply a lot of water-based lubricant at the opening and enjoy the thrilling sensations by diving into this tight, ridged and bumpy interior of this incredible Fleshlight.

What others have said

“I had a real Fleshlight but I ordered this and this thing that blows it out of the water, it is better, more elegant, easier to clean and has a great look. Unfortunately, I didn’t last long on my first try, so I had to type again…. and again … you understand! “

5-function vibrating prostate massager

5-function vibrating prostate massager

Apply a water-based lubricant to this prostate massager and let the jaw drop 2 speeds and 3 vibrations settings take you into a new tingling pleasure of the spine. Whether you are a gay man, a straight man, or just a man who likes P-spot stimulation, you can gently slide this prostate massager into your back door and wait for some of the best orgasms of your life.

It is easy to clean and control with easy push button controls and a curved tip for precise simulations.

What others have mentioned

“When the ripples entered me, it gave several breathtaking orgasms as she vibrated and approached me. I would 100% recommend to anyone as there is no other feeling like this. “

3D spiral masturbator

tenga spiral

If you like your masturbators to be ribbed, this spiral masturbator is for you. he expands to accommodate your penis but keeps its waterproofness to provide breathtaking pleasure, it can be strange to look at, but once you apply it water-based lubricant and drag it along your member, you will be for huge fun.

More opinions

“I blindfolded him, handcuffed his wrists and ankles to the bed and warmed him up with a bit of oral teasing. I then lubricated the spiral and made it happy. I had never seen her moan like this before. He loves what it does and he came very quickly. “

Silicone prostate massager

Silicone prostate massager and rocker

This prostate massager is not to be overlooked, shake gently against your P-spot and enjoy thrilling sensations like never before. It is soft, smooth and made from skin-friendly silicone, it is easy to insert and remove and it gives you exceptional pleasure. Use it alone or with your partner to really experience the P-spot orgasms

other thoughts

“My pelvis is pushed like a steam train and the face would get the best marks during a gurning competition. I’m normally far from the voice, but I’m doing the soundtrack for a hardcore porn movie on my own. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I guess 45 seconds to a minute “

Fleshlight butt

Discreet but extremely realistic exterior case to look at once you have unscrewed the cover and slide your manhood inside it tight and detailed ass. Made from SuperSkin material to make it ultra realistic, it is also soft and super tight inside. Let your fantasies go wild with this discreet male ass fleshlight to keep you warm at night.

Make sure to use lots of water-based lubricant to keep things comfortable and even more sensational.

More opinions

“All I can say is, wow, it’s a toy!” I bought it because I wanted tight anal and the boy does it. You can masturbate with it and it’s amazing once you’re inside. “

Levi Karter Fleshjack Textured Butt

Levi Karter Flesjackjack

Are you a fan of Levi Karter and his wild sex scenes? Well, now you can find out what it’s like to dive into her ass with this Fleshlight replica. This sex toy gives you incrediblytight sensations, exciting textures, SuperSkin technology and a discreet exterior housing. Apply lots of water-based lubricant and find out why this erotic porn star has such a fan base and enjoy her wonderful ass.

Other user opinions

“I really can’t get over the feeling it feels and OH likes to use it on me to win-win.”

Realistic male doll

gay male doll

Take this heavy piece of equipment into the city with its tight ass, 8 inch erect penis, balls and buttocks who just likes a good spanking. Penetrate or penetrate and use it to simulate a trio (read my guide here). Included is a water-based lubricant, revitalizing powder, and sex toy cleaner, so you can start feeling as soon as the factor picks it up at the door (shipping is ALWAYS discreet, so they won’t know what they’re carrying!).

What others have said

“I can’t stop slapping and spanking when he’s ready to play, he’s so out of whack!” It will be great to try out new impact toys before meeting real flesh! I am also excited about the prospect of anchoring the practice as well. “

10-function vibrating prostate massager

10-function vibrating prostate massager

This sex toy for men has a perfect shape to achieve the perfect contours of your body. Designed for one end to hit your P-spot deliciously and the other to stimulate your perineum to get out of this world orgasms and sensations. Made with 10 vibration parameters, this prostate massager knows how to reach all the right places. It is also waterproof so that you can enjoy it in the bathtub for discreet pleasure and without cleaning.

Other opinions

“It was completely new to him. He likes this toy. It makes him feel amazing and the settings work perfectly! Anyone looking for something a little different is exactly what you are looking for. “

Adam’s Cock 7 inch Realistic Dildo

Realistic 7 inch pleasure dildo

This dildo is made from PleasureSkin, which makes it satisfying and soft to the touch. He has a venous stem, bulging protruding head and even balls for you to touch and rub against. Take advantage of the base of the suction cup which allows you to place it wherever there is a hard and flat surface, also make sure to apply a lot of water-based anal lubricant before taking advantage of this dildo to make the experience much more comfortable and satisfying.

What others have said

“My first experience with this dildo was overwhelming. I was completely shocked when I managed to carpet, but the feeling was incredible! Honestly, I couldn’t imagine using something smaller now. “-

The best male sex toy for gay men (my favorite)

Nexus Revo

This last sex toy on the list is my absolute favorite. It’s perfect for gay men, straight men, men who like anal pleasure and even for women who buy it for their partner. This is the Nexus Revo, he has a whole dedicated article on my site that you can read here “Best male sex toy ever“.

Why is it so good that I hear you asking?

he combines stimulation of the prostate and perineum, a rotating head that sort of knows exactly where to press and pet to send you overboard. The vibrations are out of this world and send shivers through your body.

It is also easy to control, easy to clean and easy to store. The hands free orgasm that I had with this sex toy was unimaginable and I urge any man looking for something a little “different” to try.

What others have mentioned

“Well, if I didn’t type, I would be speechless. From the moment I inserted it, I was treating the prostate and I hadn’t even turned it on! Already stunned by the way it had such an effect. I activated the vibrations and I was not disappointed. “

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