My Hottest Sexiest Stocking Collection I’ve Ever Owned


Dressing is not new to me, I have an entire section of my closet dedicated to the sexy outfits that I like to wear in the bedroom. I have so much fun with role playing and feel sexy and so does my boyfriend, he likes to see me in something different and we have so much fun dressing up.

However, today we are not here to talk about costumes (although I can do an article on all of my costumes if you are interested!), We are here to talk about: low.

Yes, stockings.

It may sound strange to write, but stockings can add a lot to an outfit. It doesn’t matter if you combine your stockings with lingerie (my favorite lingerie sets) or if you wear your stockings under an outfit, however, you wear your stockings, they are amazing, lengthen your legs and add a little something in the bedroom.

My favorite sexy stockings of all time

sexy stockings cartoon

It can be difficult to find socks that will last, so today I’m going to share with you my favorite socks, all in the same store and all are super affordable:

Verified price: All stockings whose price has been checked on the 12/21/2019 to find the cheapest price.

My classic black lace stockings (my first choice)

lower thigh on female model

here are the classic thigh highs with beautiful lace adorning the top of each leg. The transparent black material is so sexy and it will spice up any type of outfit.

Did I also forget to mention that they are LESS THAN $ 10 ?!

These stockings are made from a solid nylon material and have the option of attaching suspenders to hold them in place.

I love the black lace details on these suspenders, I don’t think it’s “ too much ” and if the suspenders are worn under a dress or are in full force associated with lingerie, they really add a little something to ordinary ordinary black stockings.

Black latex stockings (Go-To for the BDSM game)

rubber latex stockings on model wearing red high heels

If you’re a fan of latex, these black latex stockings are for you. They are so unique, inexpensive and so sexy. They sit very high and can be combined with suspenders for extra sex appeal.

Lengthening of the legs, seamless and even with shaped feet so that they adapt easily. They arrive dull, but you can just polish them if the shiny latex look is what you are looking for.

Wear them with a pair of heels and gorgeous lingerie, a little black dress or just wear the stockings solo.

Fishnet stockings without crotch (my boyfriend goes crazy for these)

fishnet stockings on female model

Not only do these come with beautiful diamond pattern fishnet stockings they are also crotchless. Yes, without crotch.

Wear these stockings (pantyhose) under any outfit or solo if you or your partner have something for the stockings because they are not crotchless, they do not need to be taken off and they add extra sex appeal.

I love these fishnet stockings, they don’t need suspenders, they look like regular fishing nets but have a discreet crotch design and they are so economical.

I always wear these black stockings with white bows

Black stockings with white bows modeled on a white background

Made from an opaque material, these black stockings with white bows are cute, sexy and are a pretty unique style.

The toe of the stockings is thicker, so you can tie suspenders if you want, the white knots add a little girlish charm and the opaque black material is amazing against your legs and looks so sexy.

You can wear these stockings as you wish, but I know a lot of people like to dress with these stockings, the most popular is a kinky French maid role play, but as always, the choice of how you wear these stockings is always yours.

Red lace stockings (I never felt so sexy)

red stockings on white background

Red is such an attractive color and these transparent red lace stockings (thigh high) are no exception to the eye-catching trends of this beautiful color.

If I only had three words to describe these stockings, it would be sensual, feminine and catchy. I think these are such beautiful stockings, the shocking Scarlett color adds a nice dimension to these lace stockings.

At the very top of these stockings, you will find beautiful lace details that really add something to these rotating stockings. Pair them with heels and beautiful lingerie and feel like a million dollars for $ 9.99.

My Easy Access Crotchless PantyHose With Back Seam

Crotchless stockings with lace details

Feast your eyes on these Cotelli seamless crotchless stockings they are so stylish and are designed with an open crotch that goes from front to back.

You can easily put panties on the open crotch, but if you don’t, you can feel very naughty being naked in public.

These stockings are ideal for those who like to keep their stockings during intercourse thanks to the crotchless opening. I also found that it was an incredibly solid material, but also make sure you are aware of the sharp objects near them just for your peace of mind d & # 39; mind.

My wet stockings

woman in wet look high thighAn alternative to latex are wet look stockings who have been shaking the nation for some time. They slip on like pantyhose and you can enjoy the wet fetish look as soon as you put them on.

They also come with a garter belt which also has a shiny wet look on it. Incredibly flattering and lengthening the legs, this wet look pair of stockings is incredible value and can take any look from 6 to 10.

Easy to put on and take off and even keep during sex if you get naked and don’t wear underwear with your stockings.

Fishnet stockings and lace garter (these + dress = warm)

fishnet and lace stockings on professional model

A less complicated version of garters and stockings fishnet and lace stockings are perfect for those who don’t like all the complications that can arise when putting on stockings, garters and even a belt.

The lace band at the top of the stockings gives the appearance of the stockings, the stockings are then attached to the integrated garters and to the belt. They’re also crotchless, so you don’t even have to take them off during sex.

These stockings flatter your legs and are amazing, I love them and I particularly like the price, they are incredible at just over 10 dollars.

How to take care of your stockings

woman down cartoon

Wash your stockings according to the instructions on the label

Always pay attention to sharp objects and nails, as they can easily tear the material

When removing your stockings, take care to roll up and stretch to avoid tearing

Make sure your straps are not too low on the material and pull it

sexy woman in stockings and transparent dress