Sharing in Jamaica – anal

“Do you like our little island?”

“I love it. I like it all about it.


We were in a seaside bar, dancing slowly to the sweet reggae rhythm. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and I was pressed up to him that we moved slowly. Under my dress, my nipples felt like bullets and my panties were getting wetter by the minute.

I was thirty-five at the time and on my first visit to Jamaica I had already decided that this would not be my last.

“Everything,” I repeated. “I loved being naked on the beach this afternoon.”

“I missed the beach today,” he smiles. “Looks like I missed a treat.”

“I’ll be here tomorrow,” I smileandand and put my lips in his ear. “Still naked.”

He laughed and a big hand slipped in my back on my buttocks, pressing me against the bulge of his pants.

“It sounds like an invitation.”

“It was supposed to.”

“What about your husband?”

“He’s back in England.”

“Then you’re here by yourself?”

“No, I came with my friend. That’s her over there dancing with that guy in the white T-shirt.

I indicated where Jane was exchanging saliva with another muscular black before she winked at me and had her arm in her left arm with him.

The music stopped at that point and I said I was going outside for some air.

“I’m going to have our drinks,” he smiles as he goes to the bar.

Outside, I lit a cigarette and sat on the low wall facing the beach. He went out with our drinks and placed them next to me, then leaned over and kissed my neck. I raised my head and kissed it full on the mouth, moaning softly like a big black hand slipped inside my low cut dress. Her fingers found a nipple and gently tightened her.

“Beautiful breasts,” he murmured, as he leaned up and brought him closer together.

“I’m nice everywhere,” I breathed in his mouth. “Would you like to know?”

“What do you think?”

He held my arm as I got off the wall and together we walked the few meters to my rented bungalow. As I searched my bag for the key, he slipped a hand under my dress and stroked the barely dressed contours of my buttocks.

I opened the door and practically fell through it with my arms around him and my mouth stuck to hers. He had my dress on my head before I knew it and we came across the bed, panting and groping. My panties were roughly pulled to one side and I moaned in her mouth as I felt her thick, black relaxing in my humidity.

It was madness. We both knew that, but I opened my legs as wide as I could and locked my ankles behind his back. I turned to him and creaked as he pushed all the way into me. It was huge. It completely filled me up. I felt his big balls hit against my asshole as I grabbed his buttocks and gave me the sheer pleasure of his cock pierce me.

He was an expert. He licked and sucked each nipple in turn. He kissed my neck and nibbled my ear, all the time pushing gently, pulling and then again. I was in heaven, his was only the second black rooster I ever had, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

He increased his pace and with each thrust of his cock, I felt it against my cervix. I realized that the power of his thrusts made me cringe, but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t breathe normally. My breaths became sobbing, but still, he fucked me and I clung to him, exhorting him with obscenities whispered in his ear.

His dick looked like an iron bar. It wasn’t just hard, it was solid; there was no game in it at all.

“Yes,” I gasped. “I’m going to make sperm”

Incredibly, it has accelerated. I dug my nails into her buttocks.

“Fuck yes,” I shouted. “Yes, yes, FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSS.”

His hands slipped under me and lifted me, arched my back. I felt it stiffen. His face screwed up and he roared as he came. I felt every thrust of his as it splashed against the walls of my bruised vagina.

We lay down together on my bed, still naked, while enjoying a cigarette. His penis lay on his thigh and I smiled as I even thought flasque that he was even bigger than my husband. Then I felt guilty. He had been a good man, a good supplier, he had died after a short illness and left me a lot of money, not to mention a big house.

He knew about my past. About how I had a baby when I was sixteen by a black friend. He knew that my parents had made me abandon him for adoption and he knew how sad it had made me, but he had loved me and we had had a good marriage despite my moods.

I had gone to Jamaica with the half-baked idea of finding my son, but when I saw this crisis at a young Adonis in the bar, my hormones had taken over. I lost.

“I don’t even know your name, pretty lady,” he said, rubbing my stomach.

“It’s very simple,” I smile. Like me. It’s Brenda.

“A beautiful name for a lovely lady,” he said softly, “and kissed the end of my split.”

“Tell me your name,” I said, licking around my split.

“Carl,” he said, dusting my legs. “And I love sexy white ladies.”

“I’m full of your sperm, Carl.”

“I know,” he laughed. “And I want it back.”

His fingers opened me like a flower and I gasped as his tongue licked me from my clitoris up to my anus and back up again.

“Now come here and kiss me,” I exhorted him. “Let me taste your cum.”

His tongue plunged me again and I heard him sucking at his sperm. It looked like a vacuum cleaner. When he came back to me his mouth was full of his and he dribbled sensually into my open mouth.

I found her cock and took her in both hands while I savored her cum.

“You’re still getting tough, Carl.”

“That’s because I’m going to fuck you again, Brenda, ” he smiled.

“Mmm, that’s the kind of speech I like to hear.”

I want your.

“Oh, fuck yes. That was a long time ago. Can I get on top?

“As you wish, ma’am,” he said, laughing, and cooing on his back.

I got up and slipped my soggy panties before standing with one foot on either side of his head. Cum was still dripping from my pussy and he laughed as he caught a little more in his mouth.

“You dirty, perverted bastard,” I gasped and mixed down to sit on his dick while sharing his cum.

Wait until I eat it off your, he said. “It’s really perverse.”

“I can’t wait,” I said, and I calmed down a little to allow him access to my back hole.

I felt his huge swollen dome pressing against the small hole of my anus, but gradually it spread until I creaked and his beautiful big cock slipped all the way up to my rectum.

“Ooh yes,” I sighed and kissed him. Oh, damn yes, I forgot how nice it is.”

His cock jerked off in me and I laughed with pleasure, “You’re a big boy, Carl.”

“Just about ten inches, ma’am,” he laughed.

Wow and I’ve got it all in my.

“Yes, every ten fucking inches.”

I torted myself on him as he began to fuck me slowly, nice long shots so I could enjoy it. The feeling of his iron bar deep inside me was exquisite. As he glided slowly in and out of me, I heard myself crying with joy.

“Harder, Carl, I urged him. “Fuck harder me.”

He increased his pace obligingly and my cries once again became sobs of pure pleasure. I could feel every vein, every little crest of his cock, I could feel the difference between the smooth, skinless dome and the spotted skin of his tree.

I sat up and felt it hitting deep into my rectum. I felt full, but it was an incredible feeling. The sweat flowed from me as he hammered me. Then I felt the familiar tightness in my kidneys that told me I was about to enjoy.

Every bone in my body was suddenly immobile, every muscle, every nerve. I tried to scream, but my mouth wasn’t working. Every sensation in my brain was fixed on his dick in my rectum.

I knew from his eyes that he was going to enjoy too much and all of a sudden we both exploded. I felt like a garden hose had hired me and turned on me. Jet after spraying his fed into me and all I could do was let the waves of ecstasy roll over me.

It was still inside me as I collapsed on him breathlessly.

“Wow,” I laughed. “I think I’ve just been fucked.”

“You did it,” he laughs and his cock trembles in my anus, sending me a delicious little shiver.

“Always go to the beach tomorrow?”

“Of course, I like to be naked in public.”

“Are you coming too?”

“Of course,” he said, laughing, and came out of me with an audible plop. The door opened at that moment and Jane walked with a smile like a Cheshire cat and swayed her panties with a finger.

“Hey, Jill, I…”

She stopped with her mouth open and looked at Carl, who made no attempt to cover himself.

“Oh, I was going to say I just had a nice big dick, but I think you had a bigger one. Hi, I’m Jane.

I thought she was trying to shake his cock, but he smiled and took his hand politely.

“I’m Carl and thank you for the compliment.”

I then got up and a big piece of dripping from my back before I could stop it. Her eyes widened and she let out a guffaw more unladylike.

“Ooh, dirty bitch.”

Carl laughed, but he looked at me with question as he pulled on his pants. “I’ll probably see you on the beach tomorrow, Jill, or Brenda.”

“I’ll explain tomorrow, Carl, believe me.”

“What was all this about?” Jane asked when he was gone.

“I was worried in case he turned out to be my son.

“And is it?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t you know? He just finished stalking you and you don’t know if he’s your son?

“I didn’t have clear ideas.”

“Remember,” she laughed. “That would keep him in the family.”

We both slept late in the morning, both took a shower, had breakfast at a seaside café and went straight to the sands. We rented a wind break (for privacy, ) a large umbrella for shade, then we both undressed and quickly asleep.

“You’ll burn,” said a deep voice in my sleep and I woke up to see a beautiful big cock hanging in front of my face.

“Put this monster in my mouth and keep the sun from my face then,” I suggested and Carl laughed.

“They just made it possible to allow total nudity on the beaches,” he smiles. “I think there’s still a long way to go before they allow it.”

Beside me, Jane laughs and says softly, “What a pity,” as she opened her legs in a blatant invitation.

“Do they allow massages?”

“Oh yes,” he smiles, his eyes fixed firmly between his legs. “I’m sure they do.

“Why don’t you go get us a pitcher of something cool?” I suggested it to her and she took the clue.

“Well what about lies?”

“Tell me, Jill, have you ever been to Florida?”

“No, why?”

“Because this is where I was born, just eighteen years ago.”

“Okay, I’m so happy.”

“Then you see, pretty lady, this is the wrong country and I’m the wrong age too. I’m here on vacation like you.

Jane came back with a pitcher of iced orange juice and three glasses. Placing them in the sand, she stood quite deliberately, facing Carl and shimmied out of her bikini panties, giving her yet another face full of her admittedly pretty little.

“You sluts,” I laughed, but she just looked at Carl’s fingers playing with my nipple and sniffed.

“Well?” he asked.

“No, Jane, she’s not my mother.”

“No, I’m not,” I added, “and I reached for his cock, which thickens quickly. “Thank God.”

Jane reached out and pulled the wind break around us.

“In that case,” she said, laughing, and buried her head on her lap. “We should share, shouldn’t we?”

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