A Sissy’s Second Sexual Encounter With An Older Man.

My secret sexual desire for older men became intense and turned me into a horny online slut. I made a profile on a dating site and was always looking for my next dad. I chatted with a 45-year-old man named Keith. We talked about what we wanted to do with each other and after a while he gave me his address and told me to come.

I went to his house and found myself very nervous before entering. I had asked him to unlock the door so that He could enter his house and get comfortable on the couch before seeing him.

I walked into his dark apartment, stayed there for a few minutes looking around his house and having my last second thoughts about leaving. I closed the door behind me and immediately felt like I was entering a new world where I could be who I wanted to be. My concerns were gone and I found myself overwhelmed by a sexy feminine feeling. I took my clothes off, took the lubricant and condom from my bag and placed them on the table. I then texted him and let him know that I was finally ready for him to come.

A sexy black dad, tall, skinny, naked came around the couch and sat next to me. It was dark, but there was enough light to see his naked body. As soon as he sat down, I started jerking him off. I was too nervous to tell him anything so I went straight for his BBC. I then gently kissed all over his penis and balls. In less than five minutes, I had a black daddy fully erected in my mouth and I was in heaven!

I sat next to him and blew it while he was sitting on the couch. I then started to kneel on the couch and put my up. The position made my feminine side wild… He rubbed my buttocks, slapped him and started fingering my buttocks hole. He turned me on so I moaned very hard to let him know that I wanted more in my than just his finger.

I pulled out of sucking his dick and put a condom on him. I lubricated his cock and my ass, then climbed on him as he sat on the couch. I started rubbing my ass on his chest and then on his dick. I then started to sit slowly on his cock… It was my first cock in my ass, so it was amazing, but also tight at first. I had to relieve my little in the feel of a cockmans slipping in and out, it took me a min before it was completely in.

Once he slammed his BBC into my little hole, I realized I was officially a bottom slut and loved a cock mans in me. He fucked my buttocks for about an hour in a few positions on the couch until I finally had enough for the night. It was so intense that I barely remember anything from him taking my other than him pulling and the deep feeling left throbbing in my. He retired for a second to lube over, but before he could slip back into my, I told him I was done and needed to leave. My ass was sore from the first dick to penetrate.

He understood and retreated from my damp, lubricated, loose asshole. I went into the bathroom, washed and left his apartment knowing I’d be back in the future to play more with him.

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A Sissy’s Second Sexual Encounter With An Older Man.