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“You’re a little old for skinny jeans, aren’t you lady?”

Fuck off. I’m not old.

She bent her fingers and thought to connect her clenched fist to the side of her face. But it did not. She lined up and continued to look impatiently at the overwhelmed cashiers. She thought maybe the guy wasn’t talking to her, so she ignored the comment and waited patiently in line with the other customers.

“Fat women shouldn’t wear skinny jeans either, don’t you think?”

She could now feel her blood starting to boil.

Who the hell did this guy think he was spitting insults like that?

And I’m not fat either.

She knew that today’s sale would attract a lot of people and long queues, but she didn’t expect to be also reprimanded by a socially inept fool.

“Skinny jeans make fat women look older too, a bit like Fred Flintstone’s stepmother. Am I right or am I right?

“If you say so.”


She was surprised by the escape of her aggressive passive response.

“I say so… Lady.

She felt compelled to defend herself and women in general, against this misogynistic. She thought of hurting him, but preferred passivity. When she felt her body turn, he engaged her in a confrontation, so she knew it was too late.

Listen to the, no one appreciates… “

When he saw her, the young man’s face instantly reddened. She could immediately say that he was not the guy she thought he was, and she was certainly not the woman he thought she was.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. damn. Excuse me. I thought you were someone else. I was having fun.

Her years of experience as an underrated wife and bitter football mother gave her something that the young man did not have, that of being, the knowledge of how to properly exact revenge in a situation like this. So instead of freeing him from her insensitive attempt at humour through a humiliating public body, she stoned face looked at her quivering lips.

“Lady, I’m sorry. I really thought you were someone I knew.

Although the adrenaline was still flowing through his veins, his rage quickly turned into pre-menopausal arousal. He was a handsome young man whose toned body was nicely tight in his jeans.

“What’s your name, young man?”

“Jonathon, why?”

“How old are you?”


“How old are you?”

“Old enough to know better than insulting a lady in a store.”

“As I said, ma’am, I thought you … “

“Yah, yes. I’ve heard your lame excuse before.

She then spied on an open locker room and exited the line.

“Come with me.”

To Jonathon’s surprise, she grabbed her hand and pulled it out of line and into the back of the store. She walked quickly, with the young man in tow, and walked straight to the empty dressing room. She came in first, then pulled him behind her.

“Close the door, Jonathon.”

“Why? Are you going to yell at me or something?

I said, “Yes.”

Jonathon refused to lock the door so she leaned forward and did it herself. She pressed her body into hers, telling her that her big were real.

“What do you want from me, ma’am?”

“I want you to fuck me, Jonathon.”

She reached for the zipper on her jeans and pulled it down. She heard the young man laughing, who seemed not to believe his good fortune. She undone the button and in one move, pulled her jeans and underwear far enough to expose her very self-interested virility.

“It’s a nice dick you have there, Jonathon.”

She grabbed him in one hand and stroked him as she leaned over him again, this time kissing him on the mouth.

“Don’t worry about making me come, young man, I’ll do it myself. I just want to feel your dick in my ass.


Yes, my. Only my husband has my, so I give my to strangers.

Jonathon’s cock quickly went from a handful to two. She continued to caress him as she reached in her purse for a condom.

“Put that on. It will be easier for you to get into me.

“Aren’t you worried that someone wants to use the locker room?”

“It’s your problem, not mine. Now put on the fucking condom.

Jonathon took the package from him and opened it. He unrolled the rubber on her nagging penis as she pulled down to her knees, her own jeans and underwear. She then put some overpriced lotion on her hands and applied some to her covered condom. Finally, she applied a little lotion around her opening, slipping into a few fingers to make her entry a little easier.

“Quick and quiet, he got?”

With mirrors on all the walls, including the back of the locker room door, she turned her back on Jonathon, leaned forward, and placed her hands on the mirrored door, leaving greasy handprints in the upper corners. She used the mirror angles to her advantage so that she could watch the tall young gunman stretch open her back.

“Ok Jonathon, it’s time to fuck this old lady’s big ass!”

With his head still incredulous, he placed his cock at the entrance to his tight, creased hole. The preparation allowed him to get into his easily and without incident. Once he was all the way in, she squeezed her tight, causing a moan and moan ingiler from her sex toy clothing store.

“Start fucking, young man. We don’t have all day.

He grabbed the lady’s hips and, at first, slowly worked his cock back and forth between his cheeks. When his hand left the mirror for his clitoris, Jonathon began pumping hard and fast. Only the slippery sounds of sodomy could be heard inside the locker room.

Jonathon felt her shake her hand as the lady’s breathing changed, becoming laborious and intermittent. He slowed down, even though she was disapproved, thinking she was about to enjoy it.

“Fuck me hard you stupid asshole!”

He resumed his rhythm until the lady’s body trembled and his ass tightened his cock tight, so tight in fact, that he could no longer push inside her. He tried hard, fearing another reprimand, but his grip on his cock was too much.

After a few moments of tremor, the pleasure of holding the breath, she opened her sparkling eyes and looked in the mirror at Jonathon.

Always think my old is too big for skinny jeans?

She then got up and turned around, popping her unfinished cock from her ass.

I said, “Hey!”

The lady picked up her underwear and pants and unlocked the door before realizing what was going on.

“What about me?”

As soon as her top button was attached, she pushed him away and opened the door, using her erect covered condom as a door stop. She heard the door quickly close behind her as she rushed towards the end of the long line. She looked back a few times, wondering how long it would be before he could tuck his penis into his tight jeans.

When he finally did, no one had lined up behind her yet. She stood quietly as she savored the burning of violent friction in the locker room. She then imagined the empty condom in her shorts, still clinging to Jonathon’s unsatisfied cock.

“You’re a little old for skinny jeans, aren’t you lady?”


She smiled at her attempt to revive their knowledge. She turned around and startled him again.

“Fuck you, you asshole!”

His blasphemy shocked him and the other customers in the queue. Wisely, from that moment on, he kept his mouth shut. What he did not know was that after she paid for her jeans, the lady planned to take him home.

I said, “Next!”

She turned to see her wounded face and wink. She grabbed the jeans he was holding, then smiled as she walked to the cashier to pay for the two new jeans.

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Skinny Jeans