I just had full on skype sex with a guy I’ve never met (My Story & Pictures)

For absolute discretion, I’m going to be called “K”. I now work in a high-flying position and if my story were to come out, unfortunately, I would probably be laid off.

This story happened just a few years ago and before I dive into it, I want to thank Jess for allowing me to share my story on her blog.

How Skype sex started …

I like the attention, I want to. I am anonymous here so I am not afraid to admit that I will do anything to be the center of attention, I can’t help it. Blame him for being a spoiled rich little girl, blame him on a character flaw, but that is the truth and that is one of the reasons why I ended up having sex with Skype.

I was talking to this man online for a few days, we met via mutual friends on Facebook, but we switched to Skype as an email program because we didn’t always have access to Facebook.

He was kind, friendly but he lived thousands of miles away and I lived with my parents thousands of miles away the other way. The only reason I really talked to her was that I was bored and wanted to pay attention, why not get it from someone in the thousands kilometers away?

In terms of perspective, when all of this happened, I was 19 years old and the man I spoke to was 32 years old. I know this is a gap, I know it, but I like to be shocking and I loved the attention he gave me.

We talked almost every night, talking about everything and anything. He liked to sit at his desk and I liked to sit on my bed while we were talking on Skype, finally I told him that I wanted to talk to him on camera, I said that I felt a bit disconnected from our conversations without really seeing his face and hearing his voice. He was worried and it was when he told me he was married, I didn’t answer for a few minutes, letting him sweat but I told him it was okay, we spoke only innocently.

The moment I let it sweat, I changed into a high neckline and put on short shorts. I called him on Skype and he was sitting at his desk, in a black t-shirt, a messy home office surrounding him. I sit on my bed waving, admiring its surroundings. He typed in the cat “wow”. I smiled. I told him to speak, that I wanted to hear his voice. He said hello and then said that he had to be quiet because his wife was at home.

I typed in the chat – “I’m horny”.

He ended the chat.

He told me he was going to get caught, that he was sorry. I did not respond.

He initiated Skype sex …

woman in thong

He sent me a few messages over the weekend and I ignored each of them, then finally Sunday evening I sent him a simple –


He answered almost immediately, asking me what I was like and then he called me using the video chat function. He was lit by a warm lamp that made his face shine. I was in my room, I had lit candles but I also had a lamp that shone and gave a warm and relaxing atmosphere to my room.

He told me that his wife had gone out with his friends and I smiled and said that I was happy because that meant we could chat. He asked me questions about my weekend and I asked him questions about his, relaxing and letting him see that I was not wearing a bra.

When it calmed down, I asked him if I wanted to see more, he looked to his right, visibly checking that he was totally alone and he smiled saying “yes” and nodding. head.

I lifted my shirt and exposed my breasts in cup C, I tightened them then I lowered my top. His mouth was wide open, he said they were amazing. I ignored it and kept on chatting.


I could tell my breasts were playing in his mind, he asked if he could see them again and I nodded, kneeling and pulling my top up so that it rests on top of my breasts. He couldn’t stop looking. I asked him if I wanted to see more and he said yes.

I got on all fours and faced the camera, showing him my tight ass and my ass in my panties, my skirt around my waist. I waved my ass a little for him before I sat cross-legged, but I didn’t put my shirt down, I left my breasts exposed, playing with my nipples.

I was so excited.

He started asking me what I liked in the bedroom and he asked me to tell him my dirtiest story, I told him I liked being f * ck quickly and my the dirtiest story is the time i f * cked in my parents bed.

He told me that he also liked fast sex and his dirtiest story was when he fucked his wife at a family party in the restroom. I smiled at him, he was so excited too but I didn’t want him to think about his wife. I lowered my camera so he could see my crossed legs and my panties. I started to touch my pu ** y through my panties and I just watched him look at me, I told him that I had not had a lot of sex.

I pushed my hand inside my panties and I could feel how wet I was. I pulled my fingers out and moved them in front of the camera so he could see them sparkle with my juice and he put his head in his hands, telling me he was so excited.

hot red head on the bed

I took off my panties and leaned even more so that now my pink pu was completely exposed to him, I asked him what I should do and he told me to touch me. I told her I had to be quiet because my parents were at home. I moved my finger around my clitoris and it was amazing, I then pushed my finger into my pu ** y and started pushing in it.

He had taken out his co * k and was stroking himself, I told him to lower the camera so that I could see it more. He was still looking to his right, I suspected that his wife had not gone out with friends.

I was so excited…

I pinched my nipples and stuck in my fingers as he watched discreetly caressing. His co * k was big and extremely hard, I told him how his co * k would probably be too big for me, he stopped touching himself briefly telling me that he could enjoy.


I left the screen momentarily to grab my favorite dildo that I had just bought. I showed it to him and told him that I was going to pretend that it was his co * k f * cking me. I sucked the dildo, moving my mouth towards the camera so that he could see me sucking and deep throating. I then backed away and started pushing the dildo inside of me, moaning slightly. He was touching again as I went up and down on the dildo, becoming faster and faster. I used my free hand to pinch my nipples and the other to push the dildo into me faster and faster.

I told her I was going to come, I lay on my back and lifted my legs, pushing the dildo faster and faster until I could feel an orgasm inside me, my juice exploding all over my dildo. I then moved my dildo slowly in and out of me as I descended from my orgasm.

He had sperm when I made it, leaving his white liquid all over his belly. He briefly left the room to clean up and returned. I had taken off all my clothes, I sat naked waiting for him to come back.

He told me that he hadn’t enjoyed it so much in years and that he wanted to start again. I told him when he wanted, but the next time he should probably make sure his wife was not there, he asked me what I wanted to say and I told him I said how, when he went to clean up, his wife looked and saw a 19-year-old sitting here naked. He looked shocked and I gave him a kiss telling him to call me every time. I ended the chat.