Solo female masturbation erotic story & photos naughty desire.

Sitting in my gray chair looking in my mirror, I am alone, but not in my thoughts. I let my hands caress my skin and awaken my desire as it would, my fingers crisscross my body, my mind awakens all my senses and I aspire to feel this pleasure again. I don’t think of anything else as my clitoris begins to throb and hurt me, a sensation combined with my lips, which moisten as they swell and swell with pleasure. This is my naughty and dirty solo, my story of female masturbation and the pleasure is all mine.

How can I afford such indulgence, a certain girl as I am? Is it right that I feel so excited that I tare my clothes to touch and feel my body. But I have never experienced such intense pleasure on my own, as I did that morning. Such a toxic combination of memories, lust and physical feeling, I gave up what seemed right and let my indulgence spread all over my body with such a strong sexual urge.

I rush to get ready one morning just in time to meet him, I don’t seem to be concentrating too much on my dressing but focusing too much on my beautiful tights… by sliding my hands carefully in each leg. I begin to stretch the fine mesh over my delicate fingers before carefully inserting each foot, allowing my toe, my foot and subsequently my leg to fit into the structure of my fragile hosiery . Thin, fine, they fall and cling instantly to my body, bringing shape and softness to my long limbs. Ah, I admit that my legs look good in them, I like to feel the texture on my skin and see the effect they give me.

Passing my hand and the tips of my fingers along the entire length of my leg, I feel the silky softness and enjoy the feeling. It’s my touch, but always a nice touch to receive. As I caress and adjust my tights, I stand and lean in front of the mirror, squatting down and down, softening and adjusting more leg in the delicate fibers, delicately drawing and stroking from top to bottom leg up to the end of the effect, my tights perfectly place. Looking at myself, my mind has a naughty laugh as the realization of my lack of underwear allows me to feel my delicate skin pressed against my tights. My hand lingers a little more on my pussy while I enjoy the feeling, the texture rubbing against me too satisfying as I sit down and let the sensual opportunity be such pleasure.

Without hesitation, I instantly think of him, as my hand slips into my tights. How his hand will touch me, how he knows exactly where I would burn with pleasure, my feelings swell as I start to tremble with increased desire. I let my touch focus clearly on my clitoris. Ah the agony, the sweet pleasure, as I rub and finger my pussy, feeling the humidity start to accumulate on my fingers. My mind is always thinking about him and the way he loves me.

As I sit against the wall, I let myself think of this song, the one I heard the last time we fucked. Hmm this indulgence for me is everything for me, hearing the song in my head just plays with my fantasy, being touched again and ejaculating so hard on his fingers that my juice spilled down his hands.

As the sound bounces in my head, my mind flutters, my senses tickle and come together so gloriously. Head back, I continue to tease my swollen and sensitive lips, rubbing myself with such intention, the feeling and the passion that I create by sitting alone become incredibly intense. My hand continues but struggles to meet my need. Without thinking, my reaction is just to rip my pantyhose, I want them away from my burning clitoris, I wanted to feel free to explore and wild my hungry pussy. I need more, I want so much more. He will give me so much more than I know when I see him again. With my tights torn off, I can explore and continue my desire.

As I open the buttons on my green dress, it slides slightly off my shoulder, exposing my chest. Her hand slipped there too and was looking for my nipple to make me moan. Just like I thought at the time, my hand reaches out to my nipple, pulling and tweaking as my pussy hurts with her gender after pleasure.


Without giving in, I lift my leg on the edge of the chair and stretch my legs wider to be able to rub and massage the lips of my overheated pussy. At first, the touch of my fingers directly on my pussy is a teasing relief that heats up quickly to that of an excited pleasure. But the feeling continues to excite me more and takes my excitement to another level, as I slide my fingers along my clitoris, letting them dive inside, burying them between my precious sticky pink lips . Ah, the pleasure is so delicious, while my memory of the music continues to tease me and I fall back into the chair, the waves of pleasure constantly building up. I continue to slide and press my fingers along my wet slit, letting them penetrate me from time to time.

With a regular movement, I plunge through my torn and shredded tights into my now sore body, I take my time to appreciate the feeling of each movement. My mind continues to resume my game and lets me imagine it here, in me, taking myself fully as it does, more and more deep consuming all that I have, his whore is relentless but she me grows in a delicious, sweet, erotic desire. Just like him, I feel my waves of pure deep muscular force whirling in me, I know what will happen and how much I want it, I keep pulsating my wet and slippery pussy, I want to feel the ultimate pleasure that I worked at reception. More and more, I play and tease until it starts. The complete and pure ecstasy of feeling works its magic and I continue as long as I can, struggling to keep my hand in place while I see how long it can last. Not taking anymore, I relax and withdraw my naughty influence and my body calms down but I can still feel some of the pleasure I just received. I sit for a moment, putting my mind back in order. Then calmly I release my finger and straighten my legs for another time and get up. Adjust my green button dress, but don’t think now is not the time to take off my beautiful hidden ripped hosiery. I don’t want to delete them right away, because they were supporters of all this desire, and don’t deserve to be deleted yet, nor do I want them to let me take advantage of thoughts one little longer. With my brushed dress, what is seen seems perfect and delicate, which would in any case know what was hidden further under my dress, but me and my naughty little desire.

As I reflect on these thoughts, I decide that I would go well on my own, but let him know that we sit at our lunch in a few hours just what I had done before meeting him, and let him discover the torn tights that I hide underneath. Maybe I could have fun feeling his fingers exposing my blind lips again.