Stage seven of my journey to becoming Joann

Joann’s life was moving fast. With the house to ourselves, I started ordering a lot of things online and having them delivered at home. In addition, for clothing and lingerie, I ordered an electric razor for women’s faces, a laser stripping, and several kinds of women’s skin cream. I also ordered some different breast shapes to try. Sis insisted on seeing everything that was delivered to the house, which was not a problem, until an order of hormonal treatment drugs arrived.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“It will help me look more feminine,” I explained to her. “It will increase my hips and breasts a little. It should also slow down facial hair, too. Why are you so upset? You have been the greatest help for me to get to this point.

She said, “I know, but I think it’s getting out of hand and I feel responsible.”

“You didn’t force me to do something I didn’t want to do. Why is it such a problem? I asked questions.

Sis replied: “Before, it was just getting dressed. Now you are making changes to your body and it seems that I have lost my brother Joseph.

“Then you lost a brother and won a sister. I feel so much better than Joann. I want to be Joann all the time. I’m not the first person to do this and I won’t be the last. Besides, you abandoned the men. Do you think that is a mistake?

Sis replied: “I’m sorry, I’m just worried about you. I would never forgive myself if I lived your life.

I hugged her and said, “Everything will be fine. You helped me on my journey find Joann and I will always be grateful for that. Bob’s coming tomorrow night. Can I count on you?

I said, “Of course.” She said, “You can always count on me.”

The next morning, I got up and started working on my computer early so I could finish early to get ready for Bob. After a few hours, I started to feel uncomfortable because it was too hot. I realized that all my Joann clothes were for the colder weather. I went to Sis’s room and found a pair of shorts and half a blouse that tie to the bottom in her closet. The shorts were very tight, which made me drag my cheeks a little. When I tied the bottom of the blouse, it made my breasts come out as it tightened around my mid-drift. When I looked in the mirror in the bathroom, I could barely contain my excitement. It was going to be hard to focus on my work dressed like that. However, it was much cooler and somehow I got through the day.

When I finished my final program for the day, I headed to Sis’s room to get the enema bag from her drawer. I filled it with hot water and liquid soap before hanging it at the door. Then I took off my bikini shorts and panties. I took the nozzle and pushed it into my. As I untied the valve on the hose, I could feel the hot liquid filling my bowels until the bag was empty. I pulled out the nozzle, took the bag and cleaned everything. I decided to leave the bag hanging at the door as there was no need to hide it. I sat on the toilet and pumped the hot liquid out of my. Afterwards I put my panties and short shorts tight back on as they felt and looked so good.

I made salad and meatloaf for Bob, Sis and me for dinner. Before I got away, the doorbell rang. It was Bob. “You look fantastic,” he exclaimed, telling me with both hands on my partially exposed cheeks. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as we kissed. Suddenly I realized, we were on the doorstep while it was still daylight outside. I thought to myself; I hope none of the neighbors are watching. As I broke our kiss and pulled Bob inside, he said, “You’re so sexy, Joann.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “Let’s put your night bag in my room. Mandy should be home soon. I made dinner for the three of us. After dropping Bob’s bag in my room, I poured wine and we sat in the waiting room for Sis.

Bob started rubbing my bare leg with his hand. It didn’t take me long before I moved over and rode him face to face sitting on his lap. I leaned over and kissed him. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. We both got excited when we heard, “Hey, you two have a room.” It was Michelle and Sis. “I hope you don’t mind. I invited Michelle. I promise you we will stay in my room and leave you alone tonight,” Sis said. “Is dinner ready?”

I said, “Yes, it is. It’s a good thing I’ve done a lot. Let’s eat before it gets cold. With that, we all went to the kitchen and had dinner. Then we sat down for a while and drank a few bottles of wine before going to our respective rooms.

As Bob took off his clothes, I took off my short shorts and blouse. I took a pure neglected from my closet and pulled it over my head. I pushed Bob on the bed on his back and planted both my lips on his rapidly hardening cock, taking most of it into my mouth. Then I started slowly removing it while rubbing my tongue on his vein. When it was completely out of my mouth, I started licking around the top of it. I started working my tongue on the small landslide at the top of his cock before plunging my lips into his tree, again. This time it was completely hard so I was able to push the tip of his cock down my throat. He let out a little moan.

I started bobssuring Bob, moving up and down his tree for good. I cut his balls with my hand gently press them as I continued to work his cock with my mouth. He put his hands on my head. Every time I came down on him, he held my head, forcing his cock down my throat for a few seconds before letting go. I felt like we were a formed team. We all knew what the other loved.

I also learned to enjoy wine before sex. We didn’t cum as fast as we did the first few times. I could suck Bob’s cock for more than an hour before I had my dessert. After a dozen deep throat cycles, I would pull up to lick the pre-cum from the top of his cock. Then I rolled my lips around the head of his cock and suck edit it a few minutes before plunging down, again. I was starting to increase the time I kept his cock in my throat as I improved to control my breathing and it became more slippery. I think my throat was conditioned to it, as well. I really liked sucking.

My favorite part was approaching that I could hear Bob starting to pants. His hands were still on my head, but they were shooting tighter and longer down my throat. As much as I knew he liked to enjoy in my throat, I wanted to taste it and feel it in my mouth. When it closed, “Here it comes,” I pulled until only the tip was in my mouth. Hers were still cut in my hand so I could feel them tightening. Then I could feel his pulsating vein against my lower lip as he pumped his into my mouth. The hot liquid started filling my mouth. I could taste the familiar fruit of my work. Bob was quietly moaning that his cock pulled four or five loads of his hot, soothing cum. I pushed his cock into the back of my mouth and held on again as he stopped convulsing. I could feel it starting to relax and soften. I knew he’d be sensitive for a few minutes.

Finally, I withdrew, keeping my lips sealed tightly, preventing his sperm from escaping from my mouth. I sat right on my lap. I moved my tongue into my mouth, savoring the sensation and taste of Bob’s sperm before swallowing his load down my throat. I licked my lips and swallowed again. I had to smile since Bob said, “I think you liked it as much as I did.” He was right; I liked it. It made me feel so sexy and feminine. I lay down next to him with my head on his chest to rest for a while. It would take a few hours before he could get his hard cock once again to fuck me.

Around midnight, I woke up to Bob’s hand rubbing my right mansiture. I was wearing my new pair of breast shapes, which was a “B” cup with a larger, self-sticking base. They were filled with a softer silicone allowing me to feel almost any touch through them to my real skin. I see now that it was a good investment. I let out a little moan prompting Bob to continue his friction as he moved to each other. With him naked and no blankets on any of us, I could see that he was getting tough. I reached down and slightly rubbed his cock with my index finger. It was if my finger was a magnet as I watched her cock rise up towards her with every move around her head. A small drop of pre-cum began to ooze. I rubbed it around the tip of his cock with my finger causing more to replace it. We were both very exciTees.

I couldn’t hold back. My mouth needed to taste its sweet syrup. I lowered my head and started licking his head. His cock grew with each lick until I had to have it in my mouth completely. I pushed my mouth down and forced it down my throat. Holding it to my limit, I started to gag a little. Recoiling, I could feel my drool on his tree. I pushed it down my throat a few more times building the drooling smear, creating a natural lubrication. As I took it out of my mouth, I used my tongue to expel as much juice as possible, letting it flow into its tree. He was ready for me.

I climbed on top, riding him with my knees on both sides of his body. I pulled my panties down in the back and lifted my body over his cock, which was pointing straight up now. Using my right hand, I placed his tree to feel his head against my waiting hole. Then I lowered my body on his limb, feeling him push my sphincter open. I started moving up and down a little work my anal ring open. It’s been a while since I was fucked for the last time. After several short thrusts and pulls, I began to let the weight of my body flow down, forcing his tree into my. I raised my hands in my hair as I felt my being filled. Bob put his hands around my waist as I began to smile in ecstasy.

When I was completely down with my weight entirely on Bob, I started moving my body back and forth, feeling his cock move through my ass. Then I leaned back a little bit pushing it as far up my as possible. My knees were slightly out of bed as I moved all my weight to my ass as I was literally sitting on his dick. Bob started swinging his pelvis while pulling my waist towards him in perfect rhythm. I advanced as he pulled until my knees touched the bed, followed by me leaning back, as he pushed me down, again. Now I understand the term “mount it.” We went on like this for at least 20 minutes. The heat was rising in my of continuous friction. His dick looked like a hot potato in me. I lowered my hands with my hair and placed it on Bob’s top to set the pace. I urged him to switch faster for a few minutes, then a slow and deliberate movement, alternating back and forth.

As I felt close to an orgasm, I took Bob’s hands into mine and used them to balance me as I grew at an infuriating pace. I could feel him starting to unravel. I leaned over him, from the chest to the chest, who pulled his cock almost out of me when he said he was cumming. I stuck my little dick in her abdomen, triggering her and pulling her cock out of my ass at the same time. I could feel him pulling his last stream of between my cheeks as I pulled my load between our well-nestled bodies. I collapsed on him as he wrapped his arms around me. We stayed like this for a while as we started to cool down a bit. When I finally had the energy to move, I got up on my hands and knees moving down to lick my semen that soaked through my panties from her pelvis. I pulled up my panties as I lay on my side, still feeling his between my cheeks. Bob got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back, we fell asleep until morning.

When Bob woke up, he whispered to me, “I have to go to work in a few hours. Can I use your shower?

I said, “Of course you can. Your bag is in my office. Looks like Mandy and Michelle kept their promise. We didn’t have any visits during the night. After Bob went to the bathroom, I got up. My was still sticky with his. I didn’t want to give up that feeling, so I put on a silk dress and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. If it’s supposed to be “the walk of shame,” then shame on me. I love the feeling of squishing between my cheeks and the moisture in my. In fact, I wriggled my to feel better.

Suddenly a voice rang out: “Interesting movements.” It was Michelle. She approached and rubbed my with her hand. “Feeling good, isn’t it? Has anyone ever told you that you have a nice? She gave me a little kiss on the lips.

I said, “Yes, both questions. I feel good and I was told I had a nice. I made breakfast. Are you and Sis going to eat?

“Of course. Where’s Bob? Before I could answer him, Bob and Sis went into the kitchen. We all sat down and ate breakfast before Bob had to leave for work. Then I drove him to the door. This time I gave him a big kiss inside before opening the door, in case there were neighbors upstairs and about. As I went back to the kitchen, I swayed my hips to move my cheeks thinking about the there from last night. Michelle and Sis were all smiles looking at me.

“I have to get some of what you got last night,” Michelle said.

I just smiled and said, “I’m going to take a shower and get dressed.”

After peeing and cleaning my face, Michelle walked into the bathroom. She pulled down my panties and put my little dick in her mouth. It began to become difficult as she licked it. She got up, gave me a little kiss on the lips, turned her back, and rubbed her ass against my cock. Then she pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it to the floor. She was completely naked now that she kept rubbing her ass against my dick. Instinctively, I put my hands on his hips. She responded by pushing her even tighter against my crotch as she leaned over the sink. Please me in the, she said. “I’ve always wanted to feel a real dick semen in my ass and I feel safe with you. Please, Jo.

How could I say “no” when I enjoyed it myself a few hours ago? I know how much I needed Bob last night. I backed off a little bit and rubbed his cheeks. She had a nice. I pushed her cheeks aside revealing her cute little rose button. I put the tip of my cock against her and started pushing as I held her by her hips. While there was a bit of resistance, I was able to push into her quite easily. She gave a little moan as she pushed her back into my crotch, once again. I pulled out a little bit, then pushed back. Michelle began to move back and forth impatiently. I knew what she wanted. I started moving my hips back and forth with hard forward thrusts pushing up her. She said, “Oh yes, Jo. You know what I want. I could feel the heat piling up in her. We were moving together in opposite directions. As I withdrew, she moved on. When I pushed forward, she pushed back.

Our tempo increased until we were both panting. I couldn’t believe how hot my dick and ass had gotten. I couldn’t believe how long it took. I mean, I could feel it being built. I let out a few gasps before holding his hips tight against me and moaning a stable, “uh!” I could feel my dick pumping my cum up his ass, but I couldn’t move. I just held it tight in it so I could feel the energy in my body flowing into it. I thought my knees were going to buckle. After a few minutes, I pulled my sweet cock out of his ass. She got up, turned, and kissed me. She seemed dissatisfied. I took her hand and took her to my room, where I pushed her on her back on my bed.

I spread her legs and started licking her. I moved my tongue up and down from his adornment. Then I shunned my tongue on her clitipeux as I put three fingers in her as deep as I could. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face tightly against her cunt as she raised her hips from the bed. I kept licking as best I could with my tongue because I couldn’t move my head. Then she moved her hips up and down, forcing my tongue up and down from her floor. I could feel her starting to get tense. Finally, she started letting out a long sifted moan as my face became soaked with her juice. The muscles around her tight opening around my fingers still inside her. After a minute or two of constant tension, his whole body relaxed. When she loosened her grip on my head, I started to get up. She pulled me down on it until we were face to face. Then she started licking my lips and face before kissing me while slipping her tongue into my mouth. She ended by declaring, “It was fun.”

I said, “What’s going on here?”

She replied, “What are you talking about?”

I asked, “Why the sudden interest in me? I thought you were a lesbian. Did Sis put you to this?

She replied: “I’m sorry, Mandy is just worried about you. But, that was actually my idea. I thought it might help you and she agreed.

“It was docaring and caring. You’re a good friend to Mandy and me. But I know what I want. Did it change your mind about being a lesbian? I asked. She reached down and pushed two of her fingers into her, then put them in her mouth as she smiled. I said, “I didn’t mean it.”

I went into the bathroom, started the shower, and undressed. Michelle came in, sat on the toilet, and peed. Before entering Sis’s room, she whispered in my ear, “It was really fun.”

Michelle had to talk to Sis because there were no more problems after that. In fact, the following months went well. I started buying a wardrobe in hot weather, including shorts, tank tops, sandals, and even a couple of swimsuits. My breasts and hips were growing a bit from the hormones and I lightened my hair from dark brown to a much lighter brown. The laser hair cleaner appeared to work, requiring less time and effort than constant shaving. My skin was also getting smoother, whether from lotions or hormones. I don’t know which one.

I started spending more time on the Internet. I found several transgender sites, joining a few of them and participating in some chat rooms. One day, while surfing some of the sites, I found an invitation to play football in a team in a transgender league. That was great. I loved football and it kept me in my best shape. It would also give me a chance to interact with others like me. I immediately asked for information on the site. They were starting a fourth team in a private league. The practices and some of the games were at an indoor/outdoor establishment about 45 minutes away every Monday night. I signed up to start in July when I finished school.

June was a month of madness. Bob graduated and went home. Sis and I were both graduates and Mom wanted to go home for the week to attend our graduation ceremonies. She and Dave were going to fly on Monday and stay until Saturday. I invited Bob on friday night before Mom came for one last adventure together.

I finished programming at 4:00 on Friday to get ready for Bob. I went into the bathroom and showered with my laema bag before taking a shower. I put on my favorite pair of breast shapes with a plunging red lace bra and matching bikini cut panties. Then I put on a yellow and white sun dress. I styled my hair and put on some makeup and lipstick. Sis and Michelle went to a graduation party, so I got home for me and Bob for most of the night. I went back to my office and surfed the web waiting for Bob to arrive. When I heard knocking on the door, I was excited as if it was our first time. Although, I knew it was probably the last. As I opened the door, Bob exclaimed, “You don’t know how much I’m going to miss this. You look warmer every time more than the last one. He hugged me more than ever. We French kissed for a few minutes as he worked his hands down to my cheeks. “I have a surprise for you,” he says, “I took a pill to prolong our sex and I think it’s already starting to have an effect on me.” I could feel the effect against my pelvis.

We went straight to my room and laid out on the bed where we continued to kiss and hug like two teenagers in love. He even felt me, to my delight. Then I got up, took off my dress, and put on a silk teddy bear. I jumped on the bed and pulled down his shorts and underpants in a quick motion before stroking his cock with my hand. It didn’t take long for a pre-cum to ooze from his pee hole. I leaned over and licked his dick like a lollipop producing a little more of my favorite syrup. As usual, I pushed my mouth down on his tree until it entered my throat. It wasn’t long before his cock was slippery with my drooling. I ran away from him and lay on my belly with my legs spread a little. He knew what I wanted.

He sat on his lap and rode me as he pulled my panties down his back under my cheeks. He rubbed his cock up and down my crack several times before looking for my hole with the tip of his dick. I could feel it starting to penetrate me as he held my cheeks apart to facilitate his entry. I unwittingly let out a groan that I could feel his cock pushing up my ass. The drooling provided just enough lubrication to let it slide a little, but still accumulate friction inside. The heat was almost immediate. I could feel her on my cheeks, indicating full penetration. I tightened the muscles of my anus to tighten on his tree. He responded with a small sigh before slowly retiring. When he was almost out, he started to push back, prompting me to push my towards him. He started swivelling his hips by doing his tree piston in and out of my. I was pushing on every shot before to get as much of his cock as possible.

Our pace began to increase as we entered full lust mode. We were both sweating and he was starting to pants up the cardio workout he was doing on me. I don’t know what pill he took, but it worked very well. He kept pumping me for a long time. The heat in my was spreading all over my body. It was the longest we’ve ever fucked and I felt an orgasm build inside me, rather than just in my little dick. I closed my tight legs, squeezing his dick up his ass. I could feel it working to overcome the extra resistance. It was reduced to more than one push action as his cock tried to get deeper into my ass. My hands were holding the top edge of the mattress as I reached a top beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I lost control when the orgasm passed me. It seemed to come from my ass instead of my dick. My whole body stretched out. I could feel the humidity of my coming. A groan came out of my mouth without my permission.

Bob was still pushing his hard tree up my with all his remaining efforts. Finally, I was able to detect its climax. I could feel his dick beating, knowing he was pumping his cum into my ass. His knees were spread as far as possible to let all his weight force his tree as deep as he could up my. He moved his hands from my waist to bed as he moved his knees back, lying on top of me. Then he reached under me with his hands, grabbing my shoulders, pulling himself up a little. His cock recovered part of my ass that was lost as he repositioned himself. He kissed my ear and whispered, “Do you think the pill worked?”

“Oh, yes,” I murmured. “I think it still works.” He was always as hard as a rock and held my. We’ve been sitting there in this position for a while as we’ve both recovered from the most intense training we’ve ever had. I was wondering how long the pill would keep it hard and if it would be able to sperm, again. When we became uncomfortable in this position, Bob rolled me to the side, pulling me with him. His dick was still partially in my ass. I pushed my back into him, trying to force him back. He, in turn, spooned me tightly by pushing him deeper.

As my euphoria subsided, I was ready for more. I started to tighten my muscles and then relax them over and over again. My ass was like a milking machine on Bob’s dick. He wrapped his right arm around me between my breasts and grabbed my left shoulder with his hand pulling deeper into me. Then he started using his hips to push and pull his still hard limb inside me. Being on my side, my legs and cheeks were already closed on him. The lubrication of my oral sex on him hours earlier was long dried, but since he stayed inside me and there was no need for him to penetrate me, again it didn’t matter. However, this time it was a different feeling. His dick didn’t slip into my tunnel; the outer skin seemed to be glued to the walls of my ass while the inside of his cock slipped into his outer skin. It was a bit like a vibrator, except that only the forward thrusts had an impact, more like a jackhammer. I felt like he was drilling oil in my. In this position, I could only ask myself and take advantage of this new feeling that Bob had to do all the work.

The heat radiated from his cock in my ass in a slow but steady rise. I felt that it was going to reach its climax first since it generated all the heat. This would be the second time tonight that we have been fucking for more than an hour. Bob was getting exhausted when he finally started to get tense. I could feel his dick, once again, pumping cum into my ass. But this time, he was missing his moaning signature. His skin was warm and moist. He pushed me on the stomach, rolling with me, so he was on top. He put his two arms under my body with his hands on my shoulders so he could use them to shoot. My were against her arms. My pelvis grew in bed. He used the last of his energy to push my ass as far as possible while forcing my cock against the mattress. He was such a gentleman. He wanted to make sure I was going down. It worked. I came in less than five minutes with a grateful moan.

After a few minutes, Bob got up, pulling out of my. It was the longest I’ve ever had in me. His dick was still hard on the pill. I had this empty feeling that I was getting with a vibrator or a plumb and I think my may have stayed dilated for a short time as I could feel Bob coming around my rose button. Bob collapsed next to me on his back. I asked, “Are you okay?”

He said, “I’m exhausted. What a farewell. I’m a little worried about being still picky though.

I pulled my panties and sat down. “Why not jump in the shower,” I suggested. “Maybe it’ll help.” I took his hand and took him to the toilet. While he was showering, I took out a towel and peed while I waited. When he came out of the shower, he smiled with relief. It was starting to soften. I helped him dry and we went back to bed. I had to lie down in the wet spot. Bob kissed my neck and rubbed my back. We both knew it was probably the last time we would be together.

It was late in the morning when we woke up. Bob got dressed and I put on a dress. We kissed before going to the door saying our last goodbye. Michelle and Sis came out of the room as I closed the door, both dressed in short and pure camisoles leaving nothing to the imagination. Sis put his arms around me from behind, asking me if I was okay. Michelle hugged me from the front sandwiching me as she said, “Of course she’s fine; She got us. I smiled, then Michelle gave me a little kiss on the lips. It was the first time I felt a pair of breasts against mine, let alone being pressed by breasts from the back and front. I couldn’t resist getting my hands on Michelle’s beautiful. Michelle said, “Nothing like a three-lesbian sandwich.”

On Sunday, I had to get ready for Mom’s visit. I took all of Joann’s clothes out of my drawers and put them in boxes in Sis’s closet. I put my laema bag, dildos, and makeup in another box that I put in the basement. I had to comb my hair and put some of Joseph’s clothes in my drawers. Sis and I agreed that it was too early to pass on one of our secrets about Mom. We were going to be the perfect kids for her this week. Fortunately, Sis reminded me that I had lightened my hair and helped me darken it that night.

On Monday morning, Sis and I went to the airport to pick up Mom and Dave. When we came back, they were placed in Mom’s room. We were going to make dinner, but Dave insisted on taking us out. It was clear that Mom was happy to be with Dave and moving away from the house where she lived with Dad was really good for her. I felt Dave didn’t like spending time at home, either. We ate on Tuesday and Thursday as well. Wednesday was my opening ceremony and Friday was the graduation of Sis. I have now obtained a certificate in CNC programming and a partner degree in mechanical engineering. Sis had his cosmetology certificate and was eligible to take his state license exam to cut hair. It was a great week, but I missed Joann.

S (in)aturday morning, we all ate breakfast before we had to take Mom and Dave to the airport. When Dave was upstairs, collecting their bags, Mom told us she was uncomfortable being back here. He brought back too many bad memories with Dad. She asked us if we didn’t mind visiting her in the future. We told him that we understand and that we would like to come and visit him from now on. She said you could keep the house for as long as you wanted. She and Dave were doing well financially. We took them to the airport. While I was sad to see Mom leave, I couldn’t wait to go back to Joann. It was a great year for Joann and it was only half finished. The best was yet to come.

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Seventh step of my journey to become Joann