I Got Seduced By A Sugar Momma (A Family Friend)

Today, a man in his twenties tells us all about an erotic event that happened to him. He has never done anything like this before, so he is nervous for me to publish this. Let him know what you think in the comments below or by sharing your thoughts.

Hi everyone, I am delighted to finally share this story with the world. I know Jess has loyal readers and when I came across her and sent her a message, I was intrigued and delighted to find out that she wanted to hear my story and allow me to share. So let me start …

It happened a few years ago, but it’s still as fresh in my mind. I was in college, new to the world of being a little more independent, my jaw was finally out of the depths of my round face, my very thin body was in good shape, my acne had gone cleared up and I had new self-confidence, ready to embark on a new adventure.

I loved college, I loved my class and I loved meeting all the new people. I made friends fairly quickly, a group of us all agreed and not incredibly great with women. It is actually quite funny to see how terrible we were all about engaging with the other sex, we just didn’t know how to act naturally or how to woo them.

Over the months, we found our feet and a few of us even met female students, including me. She was the same age as me, blonde and fucked me because she thought I was funny. We fucked in my dorm room, we didn’t undress, she just dropped her panties and lifted her skirt, I put my shorts down and let my penis hang out, she got on me, her pussy was wet, I could feel it as she started to relieve my dick inside of me, just the tip came in before she stopped me and told me to get myself a condom.

It wasn’t very passionate, it was just damn. She slid on my dick and started riding me, the sides of her pussy gripping my dick, her breasts bouncing off my face. I tried not to watch her and focus on something else but unfortunately my dick couldn’t stand it, she needed to cum.

I came and she came down from my dick, kissed me, rolled up her panties and left and that’s how it was and that’s how it went with most of my hookups (the two that i had), we just fucked and that was it.

Christmas holidays are here

beautiful burning fireplace

I came home for the holidays, I was excited to have a homemade meal for the first time in a long time. I could taste it on my tongue when entering my front door, my mother had decorated the house, it was hot and smelled of cinnamon, the fire crackled and I smiled when I closed the front door entry behind me.

I called my mom as I headed for the kitchen, she was nowhere in sight. I went to the kitchen and my mother’s best friend was there, in a red Christmas sweater and tight black leather pants, she stirred something on the stove, she looked up and gasped, running to hug me in his arms with a huge smile on his face. It was nice to see her, I dropped my bags and hugged her.

Where’s Mom?

“She must have run errands on the other side of town, she will not come back for centuries”

I was disappointed, I was so looking forward to seeing my mom. His best friend noticed him and told me that we could enjoy the day together. I agreed, I loved this woman and I had known her for a long time, I also knew that my mom would be happy that we spend time together so I thought why not?

I took my luggage upstairs, I took a quick shower, then I went back downstairs to join her. When I got off, she smiled at me, told me that I had become a magnificent man

“How do you keep the students?”

I smile, she had a twinkle in her eyes. She got close to me, she had an incredible smell. I noticed that her breasts stretched against her Christmas sweater, she looked good for her age, she wore sparkling diamonds, she was definitely a sugar mom.

At that moment, my dick decided to make a decision for me, it became difficult as she looked at me carefully, she held out her hand and led me to the couch. She asked me a few questions but all I could think of was seeing her mom’s mature breasts in sugar, I wanted her to fuck me but I was afraid of reading the signals badly.

We sat on the couch and she put down her glass and propped up her head with her hand resting against the back of the couch. I sit there, my legs open for comfort, the fire was crackling and my cheeks had turned red due to the glaring temperature difference from the outside.

She traced her finger along my leg, starting at my knee and then slowly reaching my crotch.

“You really have grown up, haven’t you?”

I nodded, she started unbuttoning my pants, my dick was shaking now. She stopped abruptly and apologized

“How silly on my part, you wanted to see me, right?”

I nodded again, she stood up, took her hands and lifted her Christmas sweater, removing it from her body and tossing it aside. She was standing there in her pink bra, she started unbuttoning her tight black leather pants, sliding it down her legs and then throwing it aside. Her panties matched her pink bra, her figure was sensational. She was a sugar mom who visibly visited the gym, despite her two children, she looked amazing.

I sat there in awe of this woman, she walked over to me and told me to take off her bra, I did what I was told said and her breasts fell out. I threw down her pretty pink bra and looked at her big natural breasts. Her big and erect nipples, she took my hand and squeezed her left breast, they felt incredible.

This sugar mom got up again and started to slip her panties, I don’t know how I didn’t just enjoy here and there. By lowering her panties, she revealed a small tuft of hair at the top of her pussy, she was dark as the hair on her head. Seeing her standing in front of the fireplace was so erotic, the only thing she was wearing now was her diamond rings.

This sugar mom wanted to show me things

sugar mom wearing flowery lingerie

It had left my head that he was my mother’s best friend I had known for years. She came towards me, completely naked and started to undress me. Take off my shirt and marvel at the hair on my chest, then drop my pants and stay on my knees to inspect my cock. She wrapped her hand around my tree and told me her size.

woman with red lips

I encouraged her to be careful because I was going to cum if she touched him too much.

She giggled and pushed my cock into her mouth, looking at me intently. I couldn’t help but moan, pushing my hand through her soft hair. I knew I was going to blow, I kept telling her but she kept sucking and with that, I started to cum in her mouth, she swallowed everything before I wipe his mouth with the back of his hand. She told me to recover and then she showed me what a real mature woman could do.

It took me a few minutes before my dick was ready to go again, she lay in front of me and played with her pussy, she told me that was what women loved. She swirled her finger around her clitoris before sliding two fingers inside of herself, I could see her juice glisten and cover her pussy.

I couldn’t bear the teasing anymore, I wanted to. She got on all fours, I had never fucked a woman in this position before. The fire crackled as she opened my pussy. I clung to her sugar mom mature hips as I gently slid my cock inside of her, I was sweating from anticipation. She felt so good, I felt like my dick could keep filling it up and she moaned my name as I started to push, faster and faster.

After a while, she told me to stop and lie on my back. I did what I was told and she straddled me, my shaky cock entered her as she started to slowly swing her hips back and forth, she gently told me that girls could come like that, you just had to be patient.

I let her do all the work, she was really going down on my dick, I reached out and grabbed her breasts, they were so soft.

She began to tremble, her eyes closed, her thrusts becoming faster. She told me not to move a muscle that she was going to enjoy, it seemed fascinating to me, I had never made a woman cum before. Her moans got louder when she started to cum, her pussy trembled as she grabbed my cock, sending me overdrive. Her sperm ran down my tree as she gasped and then opened her eyes, smiling. Then she started riding me again, how much I liked it, her ass doing most of the work.

I could feel my own orgasm, I told her I didn’t have a condom and she laughed. She kept riding me before my orgasm came out of nowhere and I had to stand on her legs to stabilize myself, I filled her with my sperm and I screamed in pleasure .

She leaned over and kissed my neck before thanking me. She came down slowly from my cock and my sperm ran down her thigh, she disappeared in the shower and I stayed on the floor wondering if all of this had been just a wet dream.

Christmas holidays

She came almost every day during the winter holidays and it was as if nothing had happened. From time to time, she winked at me and one night, she stayed round and dropped her towel when entering the guest room, my mother was just out of sight but I & # 39; have seen it all.

I jerked off so many times thinking about her, my mom never suspected anything about me and the sugar mom (her best friend!). She showed me something that I don’t think I will ever see again.

Sugar Momma taking selfie in lingerie
She always sends me photos like that.