The Best BDSM Collars & Leashes (Beginners to Advanced)

I’m very excited to start this article, I’ve been organizing it for months now and it’s finally time to be able to share it with you.

A few months ago, a reader sent me a message telling me all about what he had experienced with a BDSM collar and how it was turned on. I was delighted to read their message, but it also made me think that I should try more of these BDSM collars, I only had a few that were used and d & # 39; others who were sitting in storage boxes.

I love BDSM, I like to be submissive and dominant, I like to be told what to do in the bedroom and I am certainly more excited by the idea of the more necklace I read and how fun they can be, I was so excited to open the storage boxes and discover the lost art of BDSM necklaces.

What is a BDSM collar?

woman in day collar

A BDSM collar is a collar that is worn around the neck, with or without a leash. Often, the collar indicates slave status and indicates the submissive role of the wearer of the collar. Some people like to wear these necklaces in the bedroom and others go even further and wear their necklaces at all times as they serve their master 24/7.

BDSM collars are also used as fashion accessories, for role play, that is puppy / kitten play and slave play, during possession play and the list goes on .

Different types of necklaces

different types of bondage collars

There are a lot of necklaces out there, people have their own preferences, but I like to stick with the ones I describe later in this article.

However, here are some examples of BDSM collars that you can expect to see:

Dog collars or & # 39;Play necklaces‘: Yes, real dog collars. You can buy them in any pet store, obviously, try to be discreet when testing whether it is suitable or not.

Jewelry necklaces: These types of necklaces that you have probably seen and not really noticed. They don’t exactly look like the fashionable choker of the 2000s, they’re like a normal collar but with a BDSM influence, so it could be something like a huge leash ring, spikes, nails, etc.

Day necklace: Daytime necklaces are a little more discreet than the others we have seen, they are intended for everyday use. Often it will be a simple necklace with a padlock or something that symbolizes that this submarine is caught.

Toy compatible necklaces: These types of collars will have a leash clip, ball gag, nipple clamps, etc.

Posture necklace: These are generally quite large covering the whole neck, these types of collars improve the posture of the submarines and limit the movements of the neck.

The best BDSM necklaces

I have described all of my favorite BDSM necklaces below if you are a water testing beginner or a professional looking for something new you will find something you like in my collection. My boyfriend and I love these collars and leashes, they add an extra pinch of kink to our room.

Collar and leash in faux leather

faux leather leash and collar

Made of faux leather (something you don’t always find with velcro fasteners), it’s a strong leash and collar which is comfortable to wear and does not require any care or maintenance of the leather to keep it in perfect condition.

You can wear the collar alone and when you are ready to attach the sturdy leash or you can wear them together at any time.

Faux leather necklace and cuff set

Woman in red lingerie wearing leather collar with cuff holdbacks

use this faux leather collar with or without cuffs and removable collar. It is a fantastic set that allows you to easily explore restraint, submission and patience. The cuffs, collar and leash are all made from high quality materials that are soft and ready to go as soon as you remove their packaging, this set is sturdy and reliable and a great addition to any kinks room.

Soft collar and leash

collar and leash

J & # 39; love this flexible collar and leash, again, this leash is completely detachable, so you can replace it with a chain or even a leatherette leash. This flexible leash is 1 meter long so you can also keep your submissive by your side by leaving him enough space to move around.

The collar has a velcro closure, so although your collar is securely fastened, it also facilitates quick release. Another thing that I like about this leash and this collar is the fact that it is not intimidating, that it is pleasing to the eye and that someone falling on it could be for your dog.

Collar with nipple clamps

necklaces and nipple clamps

Made from solid velcro this bondage necklace comes with a D-ring so you can attach a leash and it also includes two chains with crocodile nipple clips so you can enjoy sensory pleasure and pain. You can easily adjust the intensity of the nipple clamps, adjusting the pressure and intensity to your needs.

The nipple clamps are such an ignition for me, I like the fact that my partner can adjust them to my needs and bring me pleasure without me doing anything. They also look so frizzy.

Warp thread with leather handle

man holding lead womans bondage collar

A very bondage-esque warp which attaches to most collars, cuffs and fasteners. The leather handle gives and borders the enchanting warp. The leather handle is used to guide your sub into the bedroom. This leash is of excellent quality and the quick release clip means you can easily release your sub without any problem.

Soft leather collar

soft leather bondage collar

Made of genuine leather, this necklace is incredibly soft and fully adjustable with the 12-hole buckle. It also comes with a D-ring that can be attached with most leashes. If cared for properly, this necklace should last you a lifetime thanks to the genuine leather and nickel-free metal.

The cutest BDSM necklace of the day

bdsm day pass

This collar is the perfect example of a day necklace, it is small and discreet but enough to wear in public to display your dom / sub relationship that you may have. It is soft and velvety attached with Velcro and it also has a small O-ring which can be attached to most leashes and other fasteners.

Slave necklace

necklace with slave written on it

This slave necklace it’s about showing what you are rather than being controlled by a leash. Wear it in public, at sex parties, online or in the bedroom. The necklace is made of super soft silicone, so it is comfortable to wear for long periods, the lettering “SLAVE” is also incredibly frizzy and allows you to project your intentions in the world, no matter where you wear it.

How my boyfriend and I use our sexy BDSM collars

I like to be submissive to him but we swap roles from time to time. We slip the collar around my neck, tie the leash and head to the room where my boyfriend guides me, tells me what to do and walks with the leash. He tells me to get on my knees, suck his dick, get on all fours and do exactly what he says and having the lead there makes things 10 times more fun .

I don’t often wear a collar in public, but I like to wear one from time to time when we head out for sex parties or dungeons. This is really a problem and you get people to ask questions about the necklace and about my “master”.